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Table for one in Hell…

Posted on: August 24, 2016

Good morning Widdershins.Bank of China

What say we start with a little thought experiment? Let’s say that Barack and Michelle Obama had a credit card or car loan from the Bank of Bahrain. How would Fox, Drudge, Breitbart, Blimpbaugh, or Hannity react?

Now you are thinking, “Prolix, that is just plain three-legged dog stupid. Of course they would never shut up about it.” For example, Hannity, the dumbest man to ever be paid to talk on teevee and proud Trump adviser, still mentions Bill Ayers every third breath and that illicit entanglement is based on a chance meeting at a 1995 cocktail party.

So where is the outrage when the Republican nominee is in hock to the Bank of China and Russian oligarchs?  In a backbreaking piece of research journalism, the New York Times article: Trump’s Empire: A Maze of Debt and Opaque Ties found:

Beyond finding that companies owned by Mr. Trump had debts of at least $650 million to the Bank of China among others, The Times discovered that a substantial portion of his wealth is tied up in three passive partnerships that owe an additional $2 billion to a string of lenders, including those that hold the loan on the Avenue of the Americas building.  (A building that alone carries $950 million in loans.)

So where is the outrage when the clamoring Yam doesn’t make good on his commitments to charities, particularly, veteran charities?  Or how about a little outrage over evidence of self-dealing when he jacked-up the rent on his own campaign five times higher when contributors started footing the bill?

When there are daily, even hourly, outrages the tongue-wagging press becomes anesthetized to them.  Just like beekeepers being immune to stings, the sting of outrage has ceased to make an impression upon the keepers of the Trump press.Clinton Foundation

Instead the Yam and his Trumpanzees want to focus on the Clinton Foundation. It’s a charity with an “A” rating that enjoys contributions from 300,000 contributors, 90% of whom contribute $100 or less.  Its good works have positively affected the lives of 430 million people in over 180 countries, including 31,000 American schools, 11.5 million needing HIV/AIDS drugs, and 85 million people in the U.S. through strategic health partnerships.

And the call is to shut the Clinton Foundation down. Shutter it. Stop the good works – all for a talking point of a two-bit, lying buffoon being choreographed by a racist, nationalistic, purveyor of slime and hatred who wriggled from the fever swamp of Breitbart.

This is the modus operandi of the Alt-right.  Throw so much spaghetti on the wall it makes you think an Olive Garden exploded. It’s a perfect scheme now that a human’s attention span is less than that of a goldfish.  Mother Jones explains Steve Bannon as the head lizard of the Breitbart fever swamp:Swamp

Trump was signaling a wholehearted embrace of the “alt-right,” a once-motley assemblage of anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, ethno-nationalistic provocateurs who have coalesced behind Trump and curried the GOP nominee’s favor on social media. In short, Trump has embraced the core readership of Breitbart News.

Though disavowed by every other major conservative news outlet, the alt-right has been Bannon’s target audience ever since he took over Breitbart News from its late founder, Andrew Breitbart, four years ago. Under Bannon’s leadership, the site has plunged into the fever swamps of conservatism, cheering white nationalist groups as an “eclectic mix of renegades,” accusing President Barack Obama of importing “more hating Muslims,” and waging an incessant war against the purveyors of “political correctness.”

All of this to feed the prying eyes of those hungering for click-bait. It is the last refuge of those wanting to be seen as something genetically similar to journalists, but too lazy to engage in anything beyond false equivalencies.Flying Monkey 1

With the outrage-o-meter in the red courtesy of the flying monkeys led by the wicked Noodleliani, there are those who camouflage their laziness and Clinton derangement syndrome with an intellectualized Mary Kay sampler kit.  A prime case in point is Jonathan Chait, a graduate of the Ryan Lochte Ethics Institute, who writes:

“Give a man a reputation as an early riser,” said Mark Twain, “and he can sleep ‘til noon.” Hillary Clinton finds herself in the opposite situation: She has a reputation for venality — the merits of which we can set aside momentarily — that forces her to a higher ethical standard. Her inadequate response to the conflicts of interest inherent in the Clinton Foundation show that she is not meeting that standard, and has not fully grasped the severity of her reputational problem.

Ultimately, there is no way around this problem without closing down the Clinton Foundation altogether. Passing off management of the foundation to non-relatives or other third parties doesn’t do the trick, either. If the Clinton Foundation is not leveraging the Clinton name, it has no purpose.

Chait is representative of the lazy journalists who pander to the jaundice-eyed skeptics who forego facts for conditional morality. The conditions of their morality are whatever fits their transitory narrative.  Presently, that narrative is to reward the Circus Peanut for keeping his clothes on and not howling at the moon as he spews factless, baseless lies.

It is easy to say in hindsight, why didn’t the Clintons change the Foundation accordingly? Their answer is: Change it to what? Here is a leadership truism: If the objective is randomly subjective, why bother? Just do what is right. The lesson is this: No matter what the Clintons might have done eight years ago, it would have made no difference since the standards by which they are judged are constantly evolving to fit the subjective views of those proclaiming the standards. CDS makes ordinary strategic thinking useless, so the Clintons just did what was right. Not politically expedient, but a methodologically practical plan to provide charitable services.Circus Peanut

When you consider the Trumpanzees, the flying monkeys, the lazy co-opted press, and the attention-grabbing bobbleheads, what you have left is a coalescing Alt-right world embodied by the Republican Party. It is a world of rumor and innuendo with closed captioning of hate and paranoia. The caricatures of bigotry and prejudices are now the reality of the GOP.

And what is missing throughout this:  Not one word about the 430 million poor people whose lives have been made better.  Instead, the good work of the Clinton Foundation has been turned into fodder for the promotion of anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, racist provocateurs.  To quote James Carville, “Someone is going to hell over this.”

What’s on your mind today?


61 Responses to "Table for one in Hell…"

her reputational problem

Snort! I had to read that a couple of times before I figured out what Chait was euphemizing about.

Hillary’s real “reputational” problem for him is that she gets shit done.

@1, what sent this old boy around the bend was Chait’s use of the word, “venality” — the definition of which:

the quality of being open to bribery or overly motivated by money. A government worker’s venality might lead him to exchange state secrets for cash. Criminals are known for their venality, being willing to break the law for a financial reward.

At no point, after over $120 million in investigations over 26 years by rogue RWNJs, has there ever been a whiff of monetary motivation.

For Mr. Chait’s ill-informed use of said word, he now occupies a place at the right hand of Susan Sarandon in my pantheon of people who are dead to me.

@1: I had to laugh at that phrase Luna. It just sounded so odd.

@2: Boy howdy on the venality thing! Well, that and common politician.

As the Pace Picante Salsa commercial says, that really chapped my hide.

Oh man oh man! Great post, and I love the picture of Drumpf as a Cheeto.

The press is constantly saying “This is not about the Clinton Foundation’s good works, we all know that it does good work. This is about pay to play and corruption.” But…there is no evidence of corruption or pay to play.

I’m going to prove to you now (not that you needed proof) that this whole non-scandal is another pile of crap cooked up by the loony tunes surrounding Drumpf: If Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, venal, pay-to-player, then why is shutting down the Foundation the answer? Won’t she just use another avenue for her eeeeevil profiteering?

Obviously the answer would be that she should go to jail. But no one actually believes that will happen, because at the core, everyone knows they can’t prove anything and won’t be able to…in other words, it is all a deranged fantasy cooked up by the lunatic fringe. So what they’re reduced to do is advocating for the closure of a charity that everyone recognizes shouldn’t be closed.

They’re desperate, and they don’t understand why their constant smears aren’t making her go away.

Paul Begala’s take was awesome this morning on CNN: He said that Hillary is backing Trump down, and like the bully and coward he is, he is getting beaten – by a girl! 😀

mb said: If Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, venal, pay-to-player, then why is shutting down the Foundation the answer? Won’t she just use another avenue for her eeeeevil profiteering?

Bingo! Ding-ding-ding!

This isn’t the perfect comparison but did the tawking heads ever ask that Elizabeth Taylor shut down her Aids Foundation or stop being associated with AmfAR because she might be siphoning off dollars? No! And it was precisely because of her celebrity that she was able to get donations to those foundations.

The same goes for the Clinton Foundation, CGI and the rest. His celebrity is what helped to draw people in to begin with. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

@5 & 6, exactly. Wish I had written both of those comments into the post. Perfect.

Here’s the capstone of idiocy writ large. Yesterday, Chuckles the Todd, said, “Yes, the Foundation does good work. People give to the Foundation because of the Clintons. They want to curry favor with them. It doesn’t get them anything tangible other than the belief that they have gained friendship with the Clintons. My question is, ‘What about the person giving?'”

Really now. Really. This is all about some fictitious contributor who gave in order to be BFF with Bill and Hillary and now that contributor realizes they aren’t Bill and Hillary’s BFF.

That is what this is all about? Someone’s feelings might be hurt because they aren’t as “special” as they thought they were?

Give me an effing break!

@7, Chuck Todd is a fool. He just said the same thing he said yesterday, again today. What a fool!

@7: Yes exactly! What about the giving? The main charities I prefer to give to are Doctors Without Borders and a couple of donations to the C.F. I like DWB because, like the Honey Badger, they don’t give a chit. They go where they need to go to take care of sick people. I liked and contributed to the C.F. because of the way the Foundation helped in Haiti after the earthquakes there. And I have appreciated what they’ve done on the medical fronts with AIDS medications and the malaria work they did. If another charity could do what the C.F. has done, why weren’t they doing it before?

And this always stuck in my head too.

That’s not the image of a “common politician” and someone who wants to siphon off funds or engage in a quid-pro-quo for private gain.

Thank goodness the press is on the case of cutting off HIV/AIDS drugs to 11.5 million humans, we wouldn’t want something like that to go unheralded instead of focusing on things like this:

According to his July fundraising report filed to the Federal Elections Commission, Trump has spent at least $7.7 million of his campaign funds toward Trump-owned companies, as well as to his children, who have been a staple on the campaign.

In addition, Donald Trump used $55,000 of campaign funds to buy thousands of copies of his own book from a retail store, a purchase that could be illegal, the Daily Beast reported Wednesday.

In addition, Donald Trump used $55,000 of campaign funds to buy thousands of copies of his own book from a retail store

Someone should look for a connection to the bookstore. It’s probably in there somewhere.

Oh hell, who am I kidding? The media taking a look at that? Never happen.

@10 – of course this is not news. The expectation is that Drumpf is a “savvy businessman” who uses the system to benefit himself. This has already been legitimized by the media as one of his admired qualities.

Too bad for them that the American people don’t agree.

This is the BEST story I have found about the “where’s the beef” allegations about the Clinton Foundation. It is a complete and utter take down of the AP story. After the take down there’s nothing left, not even a greasy spot.

Notable in the story are the “special Clinton Rules” when it comes to sorry reporting.

More than a year ago, Jon Allen wrote for Vox about the special “Clinton Rules” that have governed much reporting on Bill and Hillary Clinton over the past 25 years. On the list are the notions that even the most ridiculous charges are worthy of massive investigation, that the Clintons’ bad faith will always be presumed, and that actions that would normally be deemed banal are newsworthy simply because the Clintons are involved.

Just that HRC is supposed to be on Anderson Cooper later this hour..

@10 From the daily beast link there – Trump bought the books to distribute at the convention. Here’s what else was in those “goody” bags,

A spokesperson for the Republican nominee told The Daily Beast the books were purchased “as part of gifting at the convention, which we have to do.” Sure enough, delegates in attendance at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July were given canvas tote bags, stamped with the Trump slogan, and filled with copies of Crippled America, as well as Kleenex and Make America Great Again! cups, hats, and T-shirts. Delegates were also given plastic fetus figurines.

@15, I’m afraid to even google this, but where would one go to buy a “fetus figurine”?

@17 My guess is a medical supply company that produces them for medical schools or obstetrician offices? I wonder who bought and donated them.

Trumpanzees!!! Omg, I love that. What a brilliant post!

“For Mr. Chait’s ill-informed use of said word, he now occupies a place at the right hand of Susan Sarandon in my pantheon of people who are dead to me.”

Hysterically funny!

@18, I’m guessing fetus figurine isn’t like the official seventh anniversary gift.

I can see a new Kay Jewelers commercial, “Care enough to give the very best fetus figurine.” And instead of the tag line, “Every kiss begins with “K”,” it could be a play on the letter “F” — I won’t finish it.

I apologize for my rudeness.

“Delegates were also given plastic fetus figurines.”

This is a joke right? If not, that is the most disgusting thing I’ve heard in a long time.

Fetus figurines…cannot wrap my head around the thought of someone giving me that as a gift. Reminds me of all my miscarriages. The rethugs are more horrible than I can imagine.

btw, Prolix, my first comment went into spam, but it said that I love the word “Trumpanzees” and this post is brilliant!

Since I’m not watching much media, I’m looking for clips here and there.

Wow. my comments keep disappearing.

Annie, it’s what they throw at women and escorts outside abortion clinics.
(sometimes when I “refresh” my comment shows up. maybe it will work for you)

GAgal, really?!?! What horrible people. Makes me glad I flip them off when I drive past the PP and they’re out in the street waving their stupid signs in front of your windshield.

Well, my comments that disappeared just said that I loved Prolix’ post.

@19 & 24, I found your comments way down in the bottom of Spammy’s lower intestines. I have no idea why he ate them. Usually he only gets hungry if there are links, but for some reason he took a liking to your comments.

And thank you for the nice comments about the post.

Sorry for my absence. Internet got broke again. That was an interesting interview @17 GAgal. I wish they had played the entire thing. I may go looking for it at msnbc.

What a douche. (watch the woman’s face behind him)


@31 My link to crooks and liars (and their link to media matters) left out of the transcript the last minute that was most important. It actually made Alisyn sit back a bit. The last of the transcript:

BEGALA: This is politics at its worst. This is a completely new standard, this is what the press and the Republicans do every time the Clintons run. It’s a different standard for the Clintons. I worked for Bill Clinton against George Bush Sr. He had the Points of Light Foundation, which he himself set up while he was president. And every single day as president, he named a point of light to promote his foundation. We thought that was great. We never attacked it. Just a second. Then the next time, we ran against Bob Dole. Bob Dole’s wife, Bob Dole ran the Senate. Bob Dole’s wife, Elizabeth Dole, very able person, was running the American Red Cross, a great foundation. We never attacked that. The press never attacked that either.

This is what followed: (my typing)

Camerota: Did all the people.. did did did…people giving 156 million to the Red Cross then get a meeting with Bob Dole?
Begala: We didn’t even look. YOU didn’t even look. The press didn’t look because the Doles are honorable people. The Bushs are honorable people…but the Clintons’ are scum. We’re gonna treat them like scum.

@GAgal, I guess I just heard it on the video clip but I recall those words.

I don’t agree with Charles Pierce a lot these days but this is a good one.

Another good piece on the AP “non-story”.

Plastic fetus figurines. Oy. Probably the non-anatomically correct ones I see when the Forced Labor 4 Poor Wimminz groups have a booth somewhere. Always white fetuses, and always a couple of months or more older in developmental stage than labeled. And yuuuge, instead of a realistic jellybean or tadpole size. Every so often I waste my time telling those people that their fetusus aren’t biologically accurate, but the depth of vehement stupidity in their eyes can be shocking.

@35, Wow — he was loaded for bear on that one. The Chris Cillizza quote about him being the dispenser of the most conventional of conventional wisdom and then the stuff about Nicole Wallace being on Squinty and the Meat Puppet Show is perfect. He was unmerciful.

But he’s right. Nothing the Clintons will ever do will satisfy the hordes because there will always be one more question that wasn’t asked, or one more source that wasn’t sourced, or one more e-mail that was lost in the electronic ether. It will never end.

What is so anger-making is that it is the Repub goal to just erase the Clintons. The good the Foundation does, Forget about it! The lives of eleven million souls, just the price you have to pay to erase the evil Clintons.

@37, Good lord, these people are weird.

@33, thanks GAgal, I fell behind on the news last week. How despicable of the rethugs to go after the Clinton’s charity.

@37, Luna:

the depth of vehement stupidity in their eyes can be shocking

Very nicely done!

Just as a reminder.

Hillary is going to tear into the Trump/Bannon/Alt-right connection at 3:00 EDT today. Her speech will originate from Nevada.

Just as an aside, Trump has to sleep in his own bed every night. Hillary pitches a tent and sleeps wherever makes sense. Who is low energy and not up to the job?

@38: Yes, it was a good piece. And I’m going to add in his comments on Nicole Wallace here:

…in the form of a question from Nicolle Wallace, one of those former employees of the Avignon Presidency who has been washed in the light of the cathode ray, so now she gets to ask the following, without apparent irony or self-awareness of any kind, despite having once worked for the most truthless administration in history:

WALLACE: Isn’t the antidote to this to sit her down today in front of your traveling press corps people like Andrea Mitchell, who certainly can appreciate the contributions of people like Melinda Gates and—and others, and let her take questions until there are no more questions to be answered?

MOOK: Well, first of all, Hillary’s done over 300 interviews this year alone.

WALLACE: I’m not—I didn’t talk about—and I know the difference between a three minute ground-ruled interview and a press conference because I—I’ve put on a couple of each. But why wouldn’t you have her do a press conference today just to—you—you have a perception problem on the question of honesty and trustworthiness, why wouldn’t you put her out there to your traveling press corps who knows all the intricacies of sort of the defense you laid out, which is—which is legitimate? But this is about the perception.

MOOK: (in his head) Because fck you, that’s why.

(Pierce) I made up that last part.

HRC is on right now.

@41, Prolix said: Hillary pitches a tent and sleeps wherever makes sense.

I can imagine the points/miles, whatever that the campaign has accrued. LOL

Hillary’s speech today–amazing!

Sorry, there’s a weird ad in the middle of it.

@45: Thanks for posting that annie. I missed the first few minutes of it.

This is unbelievable. Read the story of Laurie Luhn, who was the victim of sexual predator Roger Ailes for decades. Fox finally paid her off with over $3.0 million, but that seems like a paltry amount for the abuse this Ailes animal perpetrated upon her.

@48: Good grief! It’s a pig pen over there at Fox.

That Paul Begala rant was so good. I looked for it yesterday, but it was too soon, I guess. And HoDo! He was incredible.

That woman’s face after the Engorged Cheeto proclaimed Hillary a bigot was shocking. She looked like she was going to be physically ill. Yes, my good woman, that’s who you’re supporting. Deal with it.

Hillary’s speech was great. I was a little surprised she called out even Alex Jones by name. That’s very brave of her, IMO. Her surrogates are super pissed that the media is spending all their time on the Foundation and not enough on the fact that Trump just buddied up with white supremacists. Finally, they are fighting back.

@51, what I think is genius is that this Alt-right bunch of flying monkeys will strike back. They can’t help themselves. They came back at Leslie Jones again because the queen bee Milo just happened to not like the Ghostbusters remake — they just can’t “not” attack.

@49, a pig pen would be classier. The article proves what I have thought all along — they knew this crap was going on. You can’t keep something this sinister a secret. They paid $3.0 million in 2011 to keep their head predator in place for 5 more years.

Just think about how vile and evil that is. They spent $3.0 million of shareholders’ money to keep a sexual predator in power for five years and had it not been for Gretchen Carlson, who for years pretended to be ineducable having to look up simple words in the dictionary, had it not been for her, Ailes would still be in power.

Awww…poor Ann Coulter and her new book. Trumpy just ruined it for her.

@53 Prolix said: They spent $3.0 million of shareholders’ money to keep a sexual predator in power for five years

I’m not feeling sorry for anyone that invested with that group.

@54, if Fox is looking for someone as disgusting as Ailes, but just in a different way, they need look no farther than the talking clothes hanger, Ann Coulter.

@55, trouble is, lots of investors don’t have a choice. Institutional investors make the pick and it is the “widows and orphans” who are left holding the bag.

@57: In that case I don’t know what to say.

Guess I’m up for the duration waiting for Hillary on Morning joe. In the meantime…

HAhaha! just checked FOX and friends as commercials were coming on. First up was Hillary’s ‘Just one wrong move’ ad. Can’t believe I saw that on FOX. Now they’re badmouthing Lotche. And now they’re talking a about a guy who mailed a live snake to his ex. Hard hitting news!

I just watched it. I thought she was marvelous and very Presidential. She was measured, yet firm. No histrionics, just the words of Trump. I can’t believe that Schmoe and #drunkMika were supportive and complimentary.

They both said the criticism had been fierce this week and instead of hiding, she came on and faced them down. Smacked Nicole Wallace right up the side of the head in her trying to criticize Hillary on the press conference issue.

Hillary answered the Foundation question and was very reasonable in explaining it. It takes a while to wind down providing drugs to 11 million people.

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