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Revue of the Weak…

Posted on: August 19, 2016

Good morning Widdershinners. It’s Friday and we have exactly 81 days until Election Day.  Maximus Orangius’ name will actually appear on ballots for President of these United States since “Presidentin’ Ain’t No Big Thing.” At least that’s what he says.

This morning #socklessdeadintern was violating federal law and 11th Republican Commandment by comparing Maximus Orangius to Ronald Reagan.  Eugene Robinson reminded #sockless that he had met Reagan and Orangius was not Reagan.  #sockless is off his game this week because #drunkmika is waking up amongst her Vodka bottles in a vacation kennel at an undisclosed location.

Here’s a picture that just makes me happy!

Three American Winners

From left, bronze medalist Kristi Castlin, gold medalist Brianna Rollins and silver medalist Nia Ali jump for joy.

This week we saw the appointment of Steve Bannon as Trump’s Minister of Propaganda.  Coincidentally, we also saw an interview by a 105-year old lady named Bromhilde Pomsel.  Ms. Pomsel just happened to be Joseph Goebbels secretary.  Among other things she said:

I just cling to the hope that the world doesn’t turn upside down again as it did then, though there have been some ghastly developments, haven’t there?

She describes Goebbels as “short but well-kept”, of a “gentlemanly countenance”, who wore “suits of the best cloth, and always had a light tan”.

She added he had well-groomed hands and probably had a manicure every day.

Nice suits, a tan, and again, with the hands. Remind you of anyone?

All the talking heads are just agog about Kellyanne Conway, the new doyenne of the clamoring Yam whisperers.  Ms. Conway has the ability, just like Paramecium, to just bore ahead in the face of any obstacle or any question, on any subject and automatically shift into the Goebbelsesque drill of “Hillary evil, Bill eviler, and Democrats should be forever condemned to the green room of the Jerry Springer Show.”

So I thought I would share a few of Ms. Conway’s quotes.








As the new chanteuse of the Yam’s kinder, gentler torch song, the chattering class is just atwitter with excitement since there’s been almost twelve hours since last insulting a class of Americans. Hatemongering is difficult to dress up. There are so few things that go with it. In the next 81 days we will see if it is now an acceptable accessory to mainline political discourse.

Here’s a new Hillary ad pointing out the ambulatory Cheetos’ failure to comply with what every modern-day Presidential candidate has done.


Since it looks like we have a new media outlet ejaculating upon the fertile plains of America, here are some of the precursor headlines to NotbrightTrumpbart. The past is prologue.











I leave you with one last video.  WARNING:  Eye bleach recommended.


What’s on your mind?



26 Responses to "Revue of the Weak…"

Looks like Manafort will join Ivana and Marla as recalled models, or is that model recalls.

For a laugh – this is what Olympic coverage should be like. Then I’d watch the Olympics. You have to watch it to the end because…trust me. It’ll be yuuuge.

@2, Hilarious! The guy hasn’t got a clue.

@2: Oh dear, I was sitting here just cracking up at that guy.

Speaking of Olympics and athletes I faithfully follow John Belushi’s diet formula for athletic success.

Keep seeing that name as Brietbarf.

Childish, I know, but still in keeping with that whole campaign’s image.

@6, that’s a good one. And for the record, I proudly claim pre-tween.

You’re the word-meister, for sure. Bernie The Dude Whisperer is one of my all-time favorite epithets.

@8, I saw today that Bernie was supporting the abolition of private “for profit” prisons. I thought he might be angling for a camp-like alternative at his new home on Lake Champlain. It might start a “penal revolution”.

@6 Pdx, I keep seeing the name Bannon and think it’s Barron, Trump’s 10 year old son. Oh well… what’s the difference?

What about Wendy Deng’s luck? Breakup with Rupert Murdoch, have an alleged affair with Tony Blair, go on eHarmony and have a magical match with good old Vlad Putin. What are the odds?

Well, the pundits can swoon for a day maybe but Trump’s first ad looks like it was written by and produced by Mussolini. He went to LA and passed out a package of Play Doh. It was rather funny. He even stayed in a suit while doing it.

@11, and speaking of breakups, that good Christian Ken Starr lost the last of three jobs at Baylor University. Good Baptists won’t tolerate their football teams being mistreated by having them held accountable or even investigated for assault and rape charges. In that vein, Starr was the perfect leader for the University.

@12, what is it that you want Ga6th? Really. The man worked for a full 49-seconds. Forty-nine whole seconds. That Play-Doh doesn’t unload itself.

I just read Rachel Maddow’s show had higher ratings than Megyn Kelley’s three times this month. So I turned on MSNBC even though I won’t be watching right now.

@14 Hey Prolix, that’s Ga6th in the house!

@16, I regret the error. Amendment has been made. Sorry. I’m now picking on Ga6th for the second hardest work Trump has done this week. The hardest work was not insulting anyone for 12-hours.

Did anyone else notice when Trump gave his speech and said “I’ve said some wrong things” his audience all shouted NOooooooooooooooooo! And where normal people would applaud, this crowd was dead silent.

@18, it was right in keeping with Mexicans being rapists, Muslims being terrorists, women being dogs, an Indiana judge of Hispanic decent being unable to judge him, the Khans being unworthy, and any hundreds of other things, being okay. Hard to swallow, but essentially okay. Until Trump wouldn’t endorse Ryan that was the dividing line. That is what broke the orange Popsicle in two. Being racist is okay as long as you are a play-along-to-get-along politician.

The ad that Trump is running that starts with Hillary’s ‘we were dead broke’ comment can be turned back on him so easily. Let’s just go way, way out on a limb and pretend they’re accurate. No doubt even if they were, they would be mixing Hillary and Bill’s personal income with the Foundation, ’cause that’s what they do. But you know why we have those numbers? Because all those financials have been released to the public!! Release your tax returns Trump!!!

I watched both CNN and MSNBC show the clip from this ad. Not one pundit mention Trump’s missing tax returns.

@9 That -would- be appropriate. BTW, according to Women And Words (Casey Miller, Kate Swift), the word roots of “penal” and “testify” are exactly what you’d think they’d be.

@10 If any, it’s a difference without a distinction. Wasn’t Barron’s the financial weekly with the motto “Capitalist Tool?”

I apologize for leapfrogging the comments like this – went out to try to find an hour’s worth of bear bereft and lightening free trail space before sunset in this western NC tourist town and just got back. Going back to lurking now 🙂

Bad lip reading of the Democratic Convention.

PDXPat@21: No need to lurk. Your comments are always welcome here.

Thanks, Fredster!



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