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Posted on: August 17, 2016

Trump head atomic bomb

Since last we gathered around the Widdershin campfire, we have seen “Reboot No. 2,562” of the clamoring Yam’s campaign. Last night was a great example. Screeching about “Democratic indifference to people of color,” der Drumpf spoke to a predominately white, cheese-loving audience in Wisconsin. It was virtually unanimous in this translucent audience; people of color should be Trump supporting Republicans. For people of color, it was obvious that Trump saw he was polling about 1% in the African-American community and decided that was too high.

Picking such a melanin deprived audience was in keeping with the record-breaking 18 delegates of color at the Republican National Convention. This same type of racial sensitivity was apparent the day before in the Circus Peanut’s terrorism policy. His policy, personally dubbed the, “Extreme, Extreme Vetting” policy or EEV, for short, might just as well be called, “Let’s hurt brown people bad, real bad, really, really bad” policy.

This “terrorism policy” must have been envisioned by someone who just got a Netflix subscription and saw Minority Report. Trump’s terrorism policy relies on something akin to the “Precrime Bureau”.  It will probably be called the “Preterror Bureau” and be staffed by sideshow acquaintances of the Circus Peanut – most likely Antonio Sabato, Jr., Scott Baio, and least liked daughter, Tiffany. Finding functioning “precogs” will prove impossible since I’m not sure anyone within the Trump Organization and Petting Zoo are even competent “postcogs”.

Last week when the Manhattan Meerkat popped his head up and unveiled his tax plan, the pack of media jackals immediately laid down and began grooming their private parts since the speech was policy-based. It is so much easier to capture vote suppressing insults and revel in their witlessness than to discuss policy — “cuz, policy are hard.”

In any event, one of the Trump Loopholes contained in his tax policy can’t go unchallenged. It has to do with the inheritance tax or if you are wildly rich and a Republican, “the death tax.”  Without any tax planning whatsoever, it only affects two families out of 1,000.  With tax planning, you can pass One Billion Dollars without tax implication.Trump Mexicans

Let that sink in.  A rich individual, with a little tax planning, can pass a billion dollars without any tax implication. So, the quarrel these rich Republicans have with the “death tax” is whether or not they will have to pay for tax planning.  Mark another one up for constitutional conservatism and white privilege.

This past week has been chocked full of what I call the “yeah, but” syndrome.  This is how it works.  In their divinely granted laziness, the media must find equivalencies from which to prove they are “fair and balanced and unafraid.” To be criticized in any fashion might prove fatal to the thin-skinned journalistic class of leeches.

To find fictitious equivalencies by comparing the clamoring Yam and Hillary is like comparing directions for a potty seat and the Large Hadron Collider.  There is no comparison beyond both being concepts occurring on the planet Earth.

One of the cable news techniques that is admittedly ingenious is this: On panels, have non-Hillary supporters or recent electroshock therapy patients serve as the Hillary advocates.  This does two things.  Provide jobs to the chronically unemployed and by their folly, give hope to the Trumpeters so they will tune in again.Trump Putin Bumper Sticker

The other technique is just as insidious.  Here are a few examples:

And if nothing else will work, throw out that Trump wins the “honest and trustworthy” sweepstakes by a few points while never mentioning he loses each and every other Presidential characteristic being polled.Trump tongue

Sorry if this has read as a fulminating philippic. One more thing catching my attention this week that I must mention:  What is it with Mike Pence and shoulders?  I watched his Faux News interview last weekend and within the seven minutes or so, he mentioned shoulders at least five times.  It was “shoulder to shoulder with Donald Trump,” or “the strong shoulders of Donald Trump,” or “shouldering the leadership” – five times with the shoulders. Here’s my best bet: Inside the boring and corn-fed Mike Pence lingers a cross-dressing Asian massage therapist.

Is that any worse than the equivalencies hatched by the media and soon to be Ailes inspired lies about Hillary?


What’s on your mind today?





68 Responses to "Yeah, but…"

Hilarious post! I am thinking about that campaign shakeup you linked to. Trump is now putting a guy from Breitbart in charge. Let’s just take a minute to ponder that one. In order to reach out to more voters and win, der Trumperer has enlisted a like-minded RWNJ who is going to save the campaign by doubling down on the racism, misogyny, xenophobia and proud know-nothingness of the primary…all of which have earned him a historic poll deficit and high unlikable numbers. If at first you fall in a hole, just keep digging! I’m sure China (or is it Russia?) is there somewhere!!!

What really boggles my mind is that during the massive meltdown of the past few weeks, when all of Drumpf’s above characteristics were on full display, he complained he was feeling boxed in by the pressure to pivot to a more moderate presidential election strategy. If that was him trying to pivot, it’s really hard to imagine the nuclear implosion that is soon to come…

@1, MB, the nuclear implosion is the one going on in the Yam’s head — I thought that picture was a perfect synopsis of his campaign.

This Bannon cretin from Breitbart is a piece of work. He hates the Republican Party almost as much as he hates the Dems. Now this should be fun — flame throwing while juggling kerosene.

Trump is down 23% among women with college degrees. Mittens won that group by 14% and still lost. What makes more sense than bringing in someone who doubted a woman reporter when she was assaulted by Lewandowski. That is who Bannon is.

All I can say is grab the popcorn and giddy up.

Clamorous Yam. hahahahahahaheeheeheeheehohohoho.

Have you seen the side-by-side pics of the CY and his new Breitbart droog? They have the same hair! Really. Go look. Is this a new requirement of working for the Drumpfsterfire? Thou, too, shalt get a hideous weave? Or is it that they’re both hiding clones of He-who-must-not-be-named under all that hairspray?

In a superb post, this line wins the internet!

To find fictitious equivalencies by comparing the clamoring Yam and Hillary is like comparing directions for a potty seat and the Large Hadron Collider. There is no comparison beyond both being concepts occurring on the planet Earth.


(MB, I looked up the antipodes to New York. It’s out in the southern Indian Ocean off Australia. So the problem will solve itself IF these overripe bananas can dig in a straight line.)

@3, Q, thanks so much. Yes, I have seen pictures of this Breitbart buffoon. Both with makeup and without. While it ain’t much, I vote for the “with makeup” look. Without makeup his rosacea blossoms into a shade most often seen in the fire mouth of Mauna Loa.

He looks like someone who has lived a hard life. I’ve always thought Breitbart blew his heart apart with blow and from the looks of Bannon, that train looks as if his ticket is about to be punched as well.

Just heard this on CNN — they said it on CNN. A reporter who did a long story about Bannon a couple of years ago was on there. Yada, yada, yada, constant energy, loves conspiracies, hates Republicans and Democrats, yada, yada, yada.

Interviewer to reporter: What is Bannon’s personal motto?

Reporter: Honey badger don’t give a sh!t.

Live, on air. I feel edified.

Here are Frick and Frack, don’t hate them because their hair is beautiful.


Who says government doesn’t work?

Donald Trump’s casinos owed a tax bill of almost $30 million to New Jersey. Then his friend Chris Christie became governor.

By the time Chris Christie became governor of New Jersey, the state’s auditors and lawyers had been battling for several years to collect long-overdue taxes owed by the casinos founded by his friend Donald J. Trump.

The total, with interest, had grown to almost $30 million. The state had doggedly pursued the matter through two of the casinos’ bankruptcy cases and even accused the company led by Mr. Trump of filing false reports with state casino regulators about the amount of taxes it had paid.

But the year after Governor Christie, a Republican, took office, the tone of the litigation shifted. The state entertained settlement offers. And in December 2011, after six years in court, the state agreed to accept just $5 million, roughly 17 cents on the dollar of what auditors said the casinos owed.

Fredster, I was wondering how you are doing. Please stop by! xo

@9: Hey upps! I just sent u a private tweet.


Trump/Putin ’16- great bumper sticker!!

Hello Blog Wife!! Xo

Quixote…from your lips to the Twin Weavers’ ears. Just keep digging, boys. 😇

“Honey badger don’t give a sh*t!” Oh my Gawd. I finally understand how Drumpf is going to win – he will capture the elusive Honey Boo Boo/Hillbilly hand-fishin’ demographic!!!

@11 – Jeezus Christmas, these Republicans live in a parallel universe. Where have they been for the past 30 years?! Did they miss Rove, Dubya and the Tea Party?!! Where do they think the ugliness they bemoan so dramatically came from?

I love how with one breath the guy cries crocodile tears about how nasty politics have become, and in the next refers to Hillary as both Mothra and Dracula. Does every establishment Republican consciously emulate Eddie Haskell, or is it just a side effect of lacking critical thinking skills and empathy?!

What I like most? Last night the Yam gave his, “I love me some black and brown people.” Dem Dems are bad. They have treated you badly. They have not respected you.

That speech before a white audience ended at about 11:00 p.m. EDT.

This morning at around 5:30 a.m. — six and one-half hours after the speech — he appoints Bannon as his Executive Executive Executive — whatever. Bannon, from Breitbart the home of the Alt Right, the white supremacy movement of the 20-somethings whose philosophical leader is Milo Yiannopoulos who was just permanently banned by Twitter for coordinating the racist attack on Leslie Jones.

That 1% of African American support just went into the negative numbers.

It figures Tiffany is the least liked child of Trump. I watched about 5 minutes of each kid from the convention and she was the only one who seemed human.

All my effort to avoid anything Deadbart has now flown out the window. Now I’ll be forced to check out the crazy. I hope Hill’s oppo research on Trump is ready to go.

All morning CNN had Roger Stone’s picture up as if he’s been brought back on too, but they never said anything except his name. He and Deadbart guy are thick as thieves. They have a fascination with Huma because of her “muslim ties”.

Abedin’s background has been a favorite topic of Stone’s. A month earlier, also on Bannon’s XM show, Stone said, “Most of the experts I look at, I’ve spoken to, looking at the various facts regarding Huma and her rise, where she came from, her family background, her various connections, conclude that she is most likely a Saudi spy, which is my own conclusion.”

@16 & 17, I’m just waiting for the first Repub who says, “I love my country.” Yeah, right. These people who are ready to turn the country over to crackpots and crazies. The Alt Right is just one click away from the Aryans and Hitler Youth.

Now that the “Hillary has seizures” thing didn’t work, they’ve moved on. Now it’s “Hillary has to be propped up by a pillow!!!” They have picture after picture of Hillary sitting in chairs with a chair cushion behind her back. Or her arm draped casually over a small pillow. Never mind any one sitting next to her also has a pillow behind their back. Someone inform Sean Hannity! STAT!

The funniest thing all day.

I’ve been trying to figure out what will happen with Bannon and Trump in the same pen for any length of time. There’s a line in Jurassic World when they go to see the Indominus Rex for the first time.

The lines go: There were two of them. What happened to the sibling?

Answer: She ate it.

One of the two will not survive.

@20: Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, is a graduate of Thomas M. Cooley Law School, a bottom-tier law school that is so bad it is listed as “Rank Not Published” by U.S. News. The law school is best known for suing its own students when they dare to criticize how horrible it is.

Hi, everyone. I see Fredster has been on a decorating spree. The site looks very nice.

@22 Beata, that’s hilarious and exactly what I would have expected. Before that clip he was ranting – I mean really ranting – about the “disgusting liberal media!”.

@22, As far as famous cases featuring an opinion by Thomas M. Cooley, there is one. Not a lot of heavy lifting in that case. It said that you can’t use public money for a private railroad.

Mr. Cohen, on behalf of great orange maw, would probably see that case the other way. I’ve heard Cohen interviewed before and he makes a big deal out of being “Special” counsel.

@23, hiya Beata, good to see you.

@19, GAgal, Rachel did a whole segment about the pillows and the various and sundry illnesses plaguing Hillary. I had no idea Hillary was autistic and had syphilis.

I agree with this article that when Hillary is elected, the misogyny is going to go off the charts. I have a little something to say about this though:

To avoid further pressurizing the situation—and setting Hillary up for massive failure—Clinton supporters (especially women) should try to control their expectations in terms of what the first woman president can accomplish. “You can have a woman in the highest office in the land, but that office is still a highly masculinized office,” said Dittmar, noting that Americans have typically looked for presidents who are “heroic, singular leaders” and somewhat “paternal.” Thus one challenge for Clinton will be to strike a balance between living up to the existing cultural norms of the institution even as she redefines it.

Ya’ know what? Eff that noise. I’m not lowering(or controlling) my expectations for any one. We won’t be asking what you’re willing to give – we’re gonna take it. 240 years – so STFU.

For what it’s worth, my post last week about Trump’s personality characteristics — today’s events are what happens when things don’t go according to their needs of self-esteem and being “large and in charge”.

Emotional fragility takes hold and like a cornered rat, they just lose it. They rush and gush. They are essentially a basket case. Their best friend is the person they are with at the moment. There is no judgment involved. Just survival. If their self-esteem is going to take a hit, it is the same as having their oxygen cut off. Survival means doing something, anything, even if its wrong.

The Command piece of Trump’s personality hated Manafort being seen as being “in charge” of the campaign. That ate at the very core of Trump. He had to bring that to an end.

Now he has two new people to tell him how wonderful he is — he is the bestest person in the whole world — for a few days at least.

@30 I can easily see why Trump would resent Manafort. The second he came on board everyone, especially the media, was like – Whew, thank God. Finally, there’s adult in charge.

@30, I was talking with some folks over the weekend and I told them I didn’t think “Teleprompter Trump” would last too long because he’s so flat. He’s not getting that adulation he so desperately needs.

He’s got to have that love.

Okay, just watched about 3 minutes of the Green Party Town Hoedown on CNN.

Impressions: Jill Stein is one of those bobbleheads you buy at the souvenir shop at the ballpark.

Her running mate, Baraka, was an extra in the Star Trek movie, Wrath of Khan.

Changing channels now.

Trump will get love from Conway, Bannon, FOX, Hannnity, Stone, Ailes and Alex Jones. I just don’t see Manafort giving a care. Manafort will leave on his own terms, whenever he decides to. He could walk up and thunk Trump on his forehead and Trump would sit down and shut up.


Very funny stuff Prolix! When I was a teenager, I started using the word “cretins” and people loved it. Anyway, Laker sends you all this goofy little video, Darth Trump. (Laker is a Star Wars geek) Its actually very funny if you’ve seen the movies. I laughed my fool head off. PS: don’t read the comments on the youtube page. Insipid stuff.

#28 – WORD. Just because Obama, as the first black President, did nothing to address institutional racism, it doesn’t mean Hillary will be as ineffective as the first female President. Obama never gave a sh*t about racism. He gave one “big speech” on that topic during the campaign, which was disappointing and had no effect. Once he became President he did absolutely nothing about it. He was too busy following the policies Bush had set up for the “stimulus package” and Iraq withdrawal. And when he came into office, he had a Democratic Congress and a massive approval number. Nothing was stopping him from working on reforming the criminal “justice” system. He just didn’t.

Hillary is the opposite of Obama. She is a great governor, not a great campaigner. You can bet your @$$ she’s had her entire two terms planned out for eight years now…and equality for women is going to be top of her list.

So no, we won’t lower our expectations of Hillary just because Obama was a disappointment. Sexism won’t.stop her. She is the Titanium pantsuit, and she is my hero. F*ck That “Americans are looking for a Big Daddy” Republican BS. We’re evolving in America, and it’s about freaking time.

@36, Annie, tell Laker the video is most excellent. I laughed and laughed — that is a load of work to make something like this, but well worth it.

Here’s my bet — the excavation of a bunker in the basement of Trump Tower will begin any day now.

@28 & 37, agree with both of you! Right on!

Prolix, I’ll tell him–he’ll be glad you like it!

Did you all see the naked Trump statues in several cities around the country? Tiny penis, no testicles. In NYC (it was in Union Square) they had to rip it off the pedestal to remove it, severing Trump’s legs. In one video a woman took of the process she yelled to the sanitation workers: “Take his stinky legs too!” The Parks department then tweeted: “NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.”

BTW, I was away for a while, but is chat still around? Just wondering.

Oh no! 😦

@43: Chat is still around in spirit. Always.

At what point does this become abuse of power? There’s also a legal term (I’m sure Prolix can tell us) for trying to accuse or convict someone outside the legal parameters of a court room without the accusers or their counsel being present.

@43…that is why I LOVE NEW YORK. Yes, we have lost our chatblu, but Beata is right, her incredible spirit will always be with us.

I’m sure she would have come up with some amazing, pithy witticisms about Der Trumperer.

Shinners! How I’ve missed you! I’m a hot stinkin’ mess with work, the commute and life in general, but every free moment that I have with energy to give is for the Hillz. HRC Campaign in bellwether Hillz-borough County is on fiyah…the cub was made a volunteer team captain :)! Just did a 2 hour phone bank (mostly in Spanish) and what we need the most are bilingual volunteers, so that’s the challenge. The list we call from are from are voters who voted for Democrats or registered Democrats. Everyone I speak to is THRILLED about our girl. WE GOT THIS.

BTW, we are not alone. Many NPOs and political grassroots orgs have hired staffers here in Tampa—and in my marketing research mind they must also have them in places that are demographically significant as well. One example: National Council of La Raza have teams here too, in fact, I go to my local Latino grocery store and got intercepted to register to vote and vote as a Democrat, told the canvasser she was preaching to the choir and I’m also volunteering and we had the best laugh.

HRC’s campaign and affiliate groups have done their homework and they are on FIYAH. We got this.

@36 – Annie, that is one talented son you have. “The banality of evil,” indeed. 😀

@49 – SM! Our Hot Latina for Hillz!! You are so awesome.

@47, GAgal, in the vernacular, it’s a “kangaroo court,” and if you are sitting at the “fancy eatin’ table,” it’s being “tried in absentia.”

@49, SM, we’ve been missin’ you something fierce, but we knew you were carrying Florida for Hillary.

Hope everything is great for you and your lovely graduate!

OMG, I was typing and I meant to say: demographically significant AREAS as…

Beata :(, ChatBlu will live forever on the internet and in our hearts. Her love, her words, her joy are eternal.

Just to keep y’all in the loop as to Hillary’s medical condition as of today. As you might know, yesterday Hillary was autistic and had syphilis.

Today, Katrina Pierson, bug-eyed ammo-wearing mind-on-spin-cycle looney tune, said, “Hillary was having daily aneurysms and dysphasia.”

I looked dysphasia up because I knew the over-chewed wad of gum that calls itself Katrina didn’t know what the word meant. Dysphasia is a degeneration of language skills due to brain damage.

Perhaps in her shop lifting career, Katrina lifted a self-help diagnostic manual or perhaps she just watched Hannity and his nightly panel of quacks.

Thank you Madama B, Fredster and the amazing Prolix! You are always in my heart :)!

Thanks for your hard work SM! Speaking of FL check out this fake poll that has Trump at 74%. I didn’t realize the PPP were such good trolls.

Prolix, then Hillary must be a friggin’ 5th level super-mutant Xmen, Wonder Woman goddess, because if she can function so strongly and skillfully with all that illness…well, I’ll leave to the amazing Betty White:

Because I missed Chat’s passing and tributes, I’ll post something now. One of the most beautiful songs in all of Western art music, the last of Strauss’ “Four Last Songs.” “At gloaming.”

Through sorrow and joy
we have gone hand in hand;
from our wanderings, we will rest
in this quiet land.

Around us, the valleys bow,
the air is now darkening.
Only two larks soar upwards
dreamily into the haze.

Come close, and let them twitter,
soon it will be time for sleep –
so that we don’t get lost
in this solitude.

O vast, tranquil peace,
so deep in the sunset!
How weary we are of wandering–
Is this perhaps death?

GAGal, hey lady!

Regarding that poll, OH PAH-LEEZ, that was a fake-out bait to see how these drumpf-azzes take a little bait without fact-checking the source.

@55 wow daily aneurysms? LOL! Someone should ask Katrina if she knows how to spell dysphasia. I’m not that great at spelling, but neither am I on TV spouting nonsense.

@58, LOL — I lovin’ me some Ms. Betty.

@59, DYB, perfect. Thanks for posting that.

DYB, Chatblu’s Lazy Weekends are still here. What I love about her is her ability to acknowledge that we all need a palate cleanser, and she did with music…with a message. Maybe it was soothing, disruptive or brassy, it was always right-on-time.

I was thinking about Chat earlier today, that football is starting soon, and here everyone is talking about her. I do believe in some kind of telepathy.

Guys, I think I caused a misunderstanding about the Darth Trump vid. Laker didn’t create it, he found it and we laughed about it and he asked me to post it here and at Upps, from him. He said to tell you he could never do that to Darth Vader, and he doesn’t have that kind of editing skills!

Nice to see Beata, and DYB (gosh, that must have been a shock to hear about Chat!), yes, that tribute was lovely; and SM, thanks for all your hard work, you rock Girl!

@58, LOLOL!

DYB:; I’ve sort of taken on the Lazy Weekend things although I may not use that title all of the time. We will have one coming up this weekend.

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