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Who are these people?

Posted on: August 13, 2016

I’ve lived my entire life in the South, the majority of that in Georgia. There are plenty of wonderful reasons to live in the South – until you run into that solid Red brick wall of politics. The dynamics of politics at the State level are one thing, but the local yokels are another. You often hear of the Republican party as God, Guns and Gay. ‘Round these here parts, I tend to think of it as the three Rs. Redneck, Religious and Rich. The Rednecks cover the racists and the guns. The Religious cover the Gays. The Rich don’t care about either, they just vote with their wallets.

For all the stereotypical Southern behavior we hear about, I very seldom encounter it.rednecks But when I do, it stays with me a long time. In the late 1990’s, I was sitting at a traffic light, here in this small town, when I noticed the bumper sticker on the car in front of me. “Too bad Hillary wasn’t married to OJ”. I could not, for the life of me, figure out what this redneck thought Hillary had done that would provoke such a message. At that time, she had tried to get healthcare for all and had failed, she refused to stay home and bake cookies, she had written a book, she gave her “women’s rights are human rights” speech and oh yeah, her husband had been a cad. I had to assume he just didn’t like an uppity woman and he thought his sticker was a hilarious joke. I have to admit, the parking lot scene with Kathy Bates in Fried Green Tomatoes crossed my mind.

Religious Republicans are much different and have to be divided into at least two groups. The fundamentalists/evangelicals and the “normal” – who are mostly just nosy and rude. When a new, quaint little store opened on our little town square, my sister insisted I come with her to see it and meet the  really nice proprietor. When she introduced me as her sister, the woman cocked her head and said, “You look familiar. What church do you go to?” Whatever happened to Hello, nice to meet you? I said, “Well, it’s certainly not yours, is it?” I can be rude too, if need be. We Southerners are not all syrupy charm.

Fundamentalists and evangelicals are a different breed and need to be avoided, if at all possible. Once, a friend of mine had an emergency appendectomy. Her mother in law visited her in the BARSOTTI-2-obit-articleLargehospital and brought a Get Well card. Her handwritten note inside started “Now that the devil has been expelled from you…” That’s just creepy. But it gets worse. Another friend called me years ago to tell me the mother of a mutual friend was dying. When I asked why, she said – um, err, well… it’s leukemia, but don’t tell anybody – you know how these old folks are.

You see, if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from a disease or a disorder, it’s because you have sinned sometime in your life. So, this elderly lady who did everything she thought she was suppose to – married, went to church, stayed home to raise her kids (who took care of her in her old age), lived many years as a widow – was now feeling shamed on her death bed. That’s messed up. Like I said, avoid at all cost and hope they go the way of the dodo bird.

There’s not much to say about the Rich Republicans. They have nothing in common with the Rednecks and Religious, even if they attend church. It’s only about their bottom line. I do know a few well-to-do liberals. They do exist, but they tend to live in their own little world away from the rest of us. I also know Christians who are liberal and loyal Democrats. They are the ones who walk the walk by seeking out need and doing what they can to help without judgment.

Now, the local newspaper is a great source of entertainment for me. Sure, sometimes I get irritated, but what’s the use? It’s better to just point and laugh. Even the “Publisher” of the paper has to write a column occasionally to get in a few digs. His typical Republican Trump whine is – Trump is short on manners and needs a bar of soap for his mouth, but he’s a successful businessman who could turn Washington on it’s ear. *double splutter* At least he can say his name. He has some trouble with that when it comes to Hillary.

And the former first lady, well, I’ve never witnessed such a calamity. I like her campaign logo, and that’s all I can say positive about her. She needs to go on a long, private vacation. You know what I mean?

Dude. You are an educated man with a long career in journalism. You might want to grab a dictionary and look up the word calamity. (hint, Hillary ain’t it) While you’re at it, educate yourself on the proper use of titles and rein in that white male privilege thang. Ya’ know what I mean?

Speaking of calamities, the paper did a man-on-the-street piece. In this case, it was a woman who was 70 years old if she was a day. She got the oft-asked question “What three events have happened in your lifetime that you will never forget where you were when you heard about it?” She said “the assassination of JFK, the attacks on 9/11 and Benghazi.” Really? Of all the events that have happened over all the years and Benghazi is in her top three. Not the Beirut bombings in ’83 that killed 241 of our servicemen and 58 French soldiers? Not the 2,000 people who died in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? How about Sandy Hook when 20 children and 6 teachers were murdered at school? Any of that ring a bell? Nope. Benghazi. I’m pretty sure I, too, know where she was when she heard about it. On her couch watching FOX “news”.

The best part is always the Letter to the Editor. There are plenty who are just plain loco en la cabeza. But, there’s one guy I look forward to. He’s a prolific writer of 8910f0d91c5b62f1dd17a26c757781fdLetters and he never lets me down. Over the years, he has called President Obama evil, immoral, communist, Kenyan and Muslim. I guess he likes to mix it up. For the past two years, all his letters have come with a warning – I’m not saying it’s time to take up arms, but you might want to stockpile some ammo! Now, I’m getting a little worried about the fella’. His latest:

If Clinton wins this election with the promises of free college, etc, our beautiful country is doomed. Buy all the guns and ammo you can, because you are going to need them to protect your family when the government bankrupts the country.

Trump may not be the best, but he is the best to survive the coming of more fascism. Obama could have  really moved the country forward instead of back 100 years. Now the choice is ours to make.

There is sooo much wrong with that, but why bother to break it down? It would be futile, since this man’s mind is set in stone. I hope he has a family member who can check in on him. Or a nurse…

So, that’s a few of my experiences of dealing with the zealots with a little gossip thrown in. Thank goodness they are few, even if they leave a lasting impression. I guess I’ll have to wait patiently for the demographics to change. I hope y’all don’t have to deal with this in your neck of the woods. Who are these people? Apparently, they are my neighbors and they vote. With a vengeance.

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Good stories, challenging area to live in. Not to be outdone but I live in bluest Mass- about a mile from lesbian capital of US- and my town has lots of Trump supporters. They’re all racist is my impression, although in the recent newspaper article on one guy with lots of trump love/signs down the street, he says Trump is a good businessman.Sure he is!Ha!

Great stories GAgal. Being a psuedo-Southerner, I know there are more than a few great things about the South to make one stay in bed with the covers over your head.

I like “the three Rs. Redneck, Religious and Rich.” I’ll steal that with the appropriate attribution of course.

I tend to think of the great Southern political philosophy as the “Theory of Everything.” To Rs, everything bad started happening under FDR and has continued to this day to the ninth circle of hell signified by Obama’s name starting with an “O”.

For Ds, everything bad could be cured, as my grandfather used to say, by the Radicals being locked up. He couldn’t even say the word Republicans, they were Radicals.

Great post GAgal!

I’ve always loved that Kathy Bates scene down at the Winn-Dixie. 😆

And I’ve got to say in defense of the Bubba-s…if you are broke down on the highway, when a Bubba and his friends stop to help, it’s amazing what they can do with pliers, a screwdriver, hammer and duct tape. 🙂

@3 Oh yeah. If you’re on the side of the road it won’t be long before someone stops and say “Here, Let me take a look…”

This is from a Republican who wants to see Trump lose in a landslide. I like this part.

My Southern grandmother often used a phrase that a lot of folks south of the Mason-Dixon line of a certain age will remember. It was always delivered in a low, calm voice: “Go outside get a switch.” You knew at that point that whatever childhood misbehavior you were engaged in was about to come to a halt, painfully.

Well, Trump voters, it’s your turn. Go get a switch. I’m not going to coddle you and say you’re really smart and good people and this is just a misunderstanding. That’s just what the PC crowd does on the left.

That sounds like my grandmother except she said “Go cut me a hickory”. (pronounced hick-ree) She seldom used it, but we always knew it was there!

A little more progress against ISIS in Syria

Manbij residents finally freed from the stranglehold of ISIS occupation celebrated in the streets Saturday, cutting off beards, burning niqabs and smoking cigarettes, things they weren’t allowed to do during the terror group’s two-year rule over the city.

@5, “Get me a switch,” was the female declaration around these parts. “I’m taking my belt off,” was the male equivalent. “I’m calling child protective services,” was a bit too progressive a rejoinder for Papa Prolix and I spent quality time with the belt.

Did y’all see the banshee Katrina Pierson doing her best “to turn back time”? In true stumped Trump surrogate form, she declared Afghanistan to be “Obama’s War” given that he invaded the country in 2009, or some such silliness. Obviously she has an advanced history degree from Trump U.

Ms. Pierson is one angry person. Being the Tea Party debutante she is, she needs to be introduced to Chamomile.

@7 I think there for a second she realized what she said. It was like ‘what is this garbage spewing out of my mouth’. That’s the first time I’ve seen her try to think.

@5: “Go outside get a switch.”

And if that switch wasn’t of sufficient girth and strength, sometimes you had to go back out and get another one.

Excuse the absence folks, I did not run away. I was watching news reports on the computer from La on all of the catastrophic flooding going on there. It’s terrible down there still. Then later there was a football game on.

@7: Being the Tea Party debutante she is, she needs to be introduced to Chamomile.

Perhaps someone could also introduce her to the facts.

@5: I was in real agreement with Mr. Wilson until I got here:

I want to be clear here. As a principled conservative, I loathe the high likelihood that Hillary Clinton will — barring a bear attack or some other unforeseen externality — win this election.

She’ll nominate liberal Supreme Court justices. We’ll lose religious liberty. We’ll have our Second Amendment freedoms compromised. Chuck Schumer’s immigration bill is going to be so bad it will make many of us beg for the Gang of Eight.

liberal Supreme Court justices? As compared to conservative justices? How about fair Supreme Court justices?

I always love the “religious liberty” schtick. Is someone going to stop you from going to the church of your choice?

Second amendment freedoms? Puhleeze! You mean the freedom to go buy an AR-15 type rifle to go blow away some kids, or people in a movie theater, or in a dance club?

Again: Puhleeze!



Donald J. Trump Verified account

It is not “freedom of the press” when newspapers and others are allowed to say and write whatever they want even if it is completely false!

Video of the flooding around Baton Rouge and Denham Springs.

@13 I can’t believe Stephanopolus dragged that guy out again. He’s admitted he has no evidence 10 times. That guy must like making an a** out of himself.

They’re saying when the flooding recedes it will drain into other areas and they will have the same problems.

I read an WaPo article about how glum the millienials are feeling about the election choices. ‘It’ a bad joke’. Then I read this one. I thought this was interesting:

Despite her groundbreaking status as the first female presidential nominee of a major party, Clinton does a bit better among young men (58%-22%) than she does among young women (53%-17%). Women are somewhat more likely to say they won’t vote for either, 17% compared with 13% for men.

Interestingly, young men are more likely to say sexism is a major reason for hostility toward Clinton: 42% of men compared to 37% of women. Women are a bit more likely to say sexism plays no role at all, 30% compared with 28%.

@17: Oh yes probably. It will most likely drain into either the Miss..River or on down into the gulf.

@18: I think I read that same WaPo. piece.

Those younger women are clueless as to what’s been done to get them where they are today.


Donald Trump’s presidential campaign woes have gotten bigger as his campaign manager Paul Manafort’s name has turned up in a ledger of illegal payments that were made by a network in Putin’s sphere of influence in Ukraine.

The New York Times reported:

Handwritten ledgers show $12.7 million in undisclosed cash payments designated for Mr. Manafort from Mr. Yanukovych’s pro-Russian political party from 2007 to 2012, according to Ukraine’s newly formed National Anti-Corruption Bureau. Investigators assert that the disbursements were part of an illegal off-the-books system whose recipients also included election officials.

Lewandowski is tweeting up a little storm about this. He’ll have thumb blisters by the morning.

Donald is about to have another week where he wishes the covers of magazines had pictures of his naked wife instead of what is heading his way.

I’m watching a live-stream from a Baton Rouge teevee station. The guv just had a press conference and said they have rescued people in the thousands. Just incredible.

@24 everyone should have thought of that the minute Manafort said he was working pro bono. I can’t wait to watch Trump people having to deal with this. We should start a contest. Which one can go from the subject of Manafort to the Foundation being a slush fund/pay-for-play the fastest? Count the seconds it takes. I will predict it is less than ten.

If you can stand to watch Katrina for a few minutes, check out this Fox reporter who knows she’s full of it. My favorite part is when Katrina tells the woman “You have the luxury of working for Fox news instead of CNN”… Hilarious.

Oh the talk shows are going to be busy tomorrow. 😝

@26: Well I got through three minutes of that.

New phrase: Novelty tradition. The mind boggles. o_O

@26, notice how she, the demon Pierson, will close her eyes for the longest time and just keep on talking. Whatever causes that, obviously, Ben Carson is a carrier and is infecting the population starting with the Trumpkin hobbits.

@27, the coffee klatch will just be a’buzz this morning. #socklessdeadintern most likely has already nudged #drunkmika and awakened her to tell her about it.

There’s the old saying, “There’s nothing that concentrates the mind so wonderfully as the sound of gallows being constructed.”

Manafort’s mind will be wonderfully concentrated by the paper delivery boy.

@29: I keep hoping she’ll wear her bullet necklace again. If we’re lucky she’ll start to nod her head and sever an artery.

@30: and awakened her to tell her about it.

Afterwards #drunkmika reached for a handy miniature of Sky vodka, unscrewed the cap, slugged it back and tossed the empty onto the floor murmuring “what have I done, what have I done!”.

In my new Non-Southern neighborhood, there is a big, beautiful mansion on the corner. Based on the size and maintenance of this lovely home, I am guessing it is owned by a Rich Republican, because until last week there was a big ol’ Trump lawn sign in the front yard.

We noticed when it was suddenly gone. I wonder, after all this time, just what it was that finally changed the owner’s mind? How do you get through this much racism, misogyny, xenophobia and personality disorder on display, and then suddenly find your limit?

I always had this question about Dubya, too. You look into those chimpanzee eyes and you see there is absolutely nothing looking back at you. If you can’t do a gut-check on Drumpf and realize that this is not someone who should be President (in fact, it’s not someone who should ever have any power over any other human being), then there is something seriously wrong with you. “Go get a switch” indeed.

Sadly, young women these days find it “cool” to claim there is no such thing as sexism. In my experience, they think it makes them attractive to men, because feminists don’t shave their legs and wear granny panties. Their denial is just that retro and embarrassing.

I wish I were kidding.

I’m sure it’s all on the up and up, but it just has “the appearance of”….

Yeah, I can see why there would be a problem here.

The rhetorical challenges of Trump are not just those of substance — or the lack thereof, but of syntax — and the lack thereof.

His unscripted speaking style, with its spasmodic, self-interrupting sentence structure, has increasingly come to overwhelm the human brains and tape recorders attempting to quote him.

Trump is, simply put, a transcriptionist’s worst nightmare: severely unintelligible, and yet, incredibly important to understand.

With the latest polls, NBC has updated it’s electoral map. Clinton at 288. Trump at 174 with 76 considered toss up. Even if he got all the toss up, he still wouldn’t have enough to win. Please, please, please let it hold! Better yet, take some of those toss ups too!

Dear gawd, make it stop… Not surprising that Jason Chaffetz is pushing the DOJ to charge Hillary with perjury. Who can shut this nonsense down? (besides the DOJ of course)

GAgal, love the post! You are so right, most Southerners are the nicest people anywhere, kind, generous, helpful. It boggles the mind that they have sadly been taken in by rethug dogma.

And while I have had people stop and help me when I’ve needed it here in SoCal (Charlie Sheen even!), I remember when hubs & I took the boys to Florida one Fall and were about to drive over one of those huge bridges that cross Tampa Bay, our rental van’s tire exploded. Fortunately, there was this huge swath of greenbelt next to the highway (and studded with Palm trees) and we pulled over into it and called the rental company. I think we had like 10 cars pull over with friendly people wanting to know how they could help us. Some of them stayed with us til the tow truck showed up and that took awhile. We were overwhelmed by their kindness and concern.

@38: from the link:

A pair of leading House Republicans on Monday laid out detailed instructions for the Justice Department to file perjury charges against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The good thing is that it’s so nice that the legislative can’t tell or instruct the executive branch dept. jack sh!t. So you can instruct this Chaffetz.

They also want the interview notes from her interview with the FBI.

I apologize for being absent today. Was reading stuff about the flooding down back home. It’s still just a mess. And some areas that had not flooded yet are going to get it from “backstream” flooding. In other words, some of the creeks and bayous won’t be able to flow/drain into the rivers and so they are going to start backing up. The good thing for some of these folks is that it will give them time to possibly get some ofo their household and personal items out of the flooding areas and into someplace safer.

Fredster, the flooding in LA is horrifying. I wonder if the govt will start relocating the populations in these areas.

Can you believe these rethugs, Chaffetz and the other one? All the money wasted on their nonsense “committee investigations” and they still won’t give it up. I would love it if the feds would start investigating them.

@34, word!

I think the Manafort scandal could well become one of the biggest political scandals of modern times. It sounds like he’s Putins #1 stooge in America.

@42: Fredster, the flooding in LA is horrifying. I wonder if the govt will start relocating the populations in these areas.

Why? Does the govt relocate people in Cali who live in earthquake or forest fire zones, or people in Oklahoma who go through tornadoes?

Baton Rouge is ninety miles north of New Orleans. It and the places around it like Denham Springs, and other towns are considered on high ground. What happened was that area sustained more than 20 to 30 inches of rain in a day and a half.

Here’s an article that explains the setup of the event and what happened.

The greatest rain volumes for the three-day period ending Sunday at 7 a.m. were recorded at White Bayou in Zachary, more than 26 inches, and in Livingston, more than 25 1/2 inches. Other stations with more than 20 inches were Norwood, at the Comite River near Baker and on Hooper Road northeast of Baton Rouge.

“The intense rainfall rates were probably well in excess of 3 inches an hour for some spots Thursday night and Friday morning, and that overwhelmed local drainage, causing flash flooding,” Revitte said. “Then all that water has to flow into larger rivers — the Amite, Comite, and Tangipahoa — and that flows down to lakes Pontchartrain and Maurepas, and to the Pearl River for the Bogue Chitto.”

This event wasn’t anything that could be planned for annie. Flooding like this is not anything that happens on a regular or routine basis in that part of the state. It’s just a combination of things that all happened at one time and may not ever happen again.

@annie: People down there, when they see something like this happen, they just pull on their shrimp boots and go to work!

Rudy Whoring

Rudy is a despicable human who would peddle his grandmother for an additional five minutes of relevance.

Flooding due to intense rain has been deadly all over the South recently. It was terrible in Texas in the winter, when I was still going there..I agree that it’s nothing you can plan for. Something in your area that I see as somewhat analogous, Annie, is wildfires or mudslides (NorCal).

About Rudy and all of Drumpf’s defenders, they’re losing their pitiful slice of credibility faster than you can say “Democratic landslide.” The Republicans have finally become as toxic as they deserve.

@18 GAGal, on young women being in deeper denial about sexism than young men. Kind of what I would expect. Young women can look forward to a lifetime of being crushed by that garbage. (Men just get parts of themselves amputated, but they’re told that’s great.) Small wonder women try harder to pretend there’s nothing to see here.

@47: Oh that’s right mb. I forgot you were over there during those events in Texas.

@46: Rudy needs to go back into whatever corner he’s bean sitting in and keep his mouth shut. Him running his mouth right now might make people recall that it was his brilliant idea to put the NYC OEM Command Center in one of the World Trade Center buildings.

Sorry Fredster, didn’t mean to cause offense. I know that the recent flooding was caused by the insane, almost biblical rain recently, and my breaks when I see what those poor people are going through. I was wondering if the people who lost their homes would be moved into mobiles or something, like after Katrina. I figured no one knows more about that than you.

Regarding California, like many of the population here, I think we need to have even stricter building codes (they’re pretty strict now) and moratoriums on new building, especially in risky areas, and along the coast. The water situation here is still critical. And even though a lot of Californians have migrated north to Oregon and Washington, and we have less migration from the south. the population here has almost doubled since the 70s! Basically, I think our beautiful planet is being ruined by overpopulation, and I think a lot of the blame goes to the worlds religions with their crazy bans on contraception and urging their members to have as many kids as possible.

“Why? Does the govt relocate people in Cali who live in earthquake or forest fire zones, or people in Oklahoma who go through tornadoes?”

Don’t know what the people in Oklahoma do after their neighborhood has been ravaged by tornadoes–I’ve never been there and my mom got out of OK as soon as she graduated High School, didn’t even wait to turn 18, but that had do to the prejudice she had to deal with there, not tornadoes, although she saw a few. In California, a lot of people relocate themselves after an earthquake or fire, and some rebuild where they are. We live in a rocky area, and haven’t yet experienced earthquake or flood, or hurricane damage. I know after the 1994 earthquake, a lot of people in the area of the epicenter moved out of LA country to Ventura county or other areas, but then other people eventually took their place. I was 6 1/2 months preggers with Laker when the ’94 quake hit and it was the worst one I can remember. There were constant aftershocks and the stress of it caused me to have labor pains and I had to take those meds that stop them, then my boss made me go on early maternity leave, which was annoying, but he didn’t want to be responsible for my having my kid early. And in fact, he was born a month early, but not considered preemie.

Ugh. Trump gets his first classified briefing tomorrow. If that’s not bad enough, look who he’s taking along.

Trump is planning to take with him New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a former Defense Intelligence Agency director who has become an outspoken supporter of Trump, a senior campaign official said.

@34, agree with you. There are a lot of articles lately regarding young women not wanting to consider themselves “feminists”, like its uncool or will make them unattractive to men. I’m always seeing young celebrity women spouting this stupid line: “I’m for equality but don’t consider myself a feminist.” (the latest is kim kartrashian) They trivialize the very movement and the women that made it happen with this kind of bs. These young women claim to want equal rights but the fact that they are afraid of the word “feminist” shows that we still have a long way to go. These young women sicken me. My son is more feminist than they are.

@52, that’s frightening, considering his campaign mgr is Putin’s stooge. Shameful that the govt would give him classified information, he is clearly a security risk. I wish Obama would just refuse. What would be the worst thing that could happen?

Condensed version of latest Letter to the Editor here (about the Convention):

“When a monument of silence was asked for the recent murdered police officers, there were jeers. When a minister was attempting to deliver a prayer to the delegates he was heckled. Why do people heckle a representative of God? Why do people jeer the death of police officers?They nominated a woman who has proven to be a habitual liar.”

Puleeze! This man and every one else knows those were Bernie supporters. Instead he blames Obama.

“Why is there now more hate between the races than ever? I believe it comes from the leadership provided by Barack Hussein Obama. If you wish for more of the same, by all means vote for Hillary as she will continue the destruction of America Barack Hussein did not quite have time to finish.”

It makes me wonder if he watched the RNC at all.

I don’t know what it is with Van Jones when it comes to Hillary’s emails. The issue with the Foundation, he has no problem “defending”. But with the other issues, he seems to have a burr under his skin. It’s like he’s POed at Hillary for it and he acts likes she guilty. Christine Quinn, Jennifer Granholm and others are really good at it, but Van looks like he just doesn’t want to talk about it. Frankly, I wish they wouldn’t ask him because he’s not helpful.

@51: Annie said: Sorry Fredster, didn’t mean to cause offense. I know that the recent flooding was caused by the insane, almost biblical rain recently, and my breaks when I see what those poor people are going through. I was wondering if the people who lost their homes would be moved into mobiles or something, like after Katrina. I figured no one knows more about that than you.

No problem and I just emailed you. It was my mistake thinking you were asking if the govt was going to move those people out of the area, like forever or something.

I’m not sure what they will do for temporary housing for these folks. The travel trailer thing after Katrina was a complete mess (but look who was Prez and who was running FEMA then). Craig Fugate is running FEMA now and he is a total professional when it comes to disaster stuff.

A reporter asked Gov. Edwards the other night about housing for all of these people and he said honestly they didn’t know then because the flood was still ongoing.

I hope they don’t go the travel trailer route again. Those things were slapped together too quickly and people had trouble with formaldehyde in them.

Serbians for Trump. Because “Trump is the alternative to globalization, he will destroy all centers of power in the United States and he is a supporter of Russia…” Like that’s a good thing.

@55: GAgal, someone needs to change that man’s medication. And, I’m surprised he didn’t get BENGHAZI! in there someplace.

There’s a NYT article up (that I can’t read because I’m over my limit) that looks interesting. Trump Casino’s Tax Debt was $30 million. Then Chris Christie took office.

@60: I’ll try to check it out although I’m probably close to my monthly free reads too.

Hey Widdershins: I put a link up on the right side that will take you to a page providing donation info for people (and animals!) affected by the La. flooding. There’s any number of groups you can donate to online listed at the link.

When we evacuated for Katrina we took a total of three days worth of clothes with us since we figured we’d be away for maybe a couple of days. Some of these folks didn’t even have a chance to do that. So if you’re in a position to help out I know it will be appreciated.

What the hell is with this Al Baldasaro guy? Hasn’t he already had a visit by Secret Service once?

“The liberal media took what I said and went against the law and the Constitution and ran with it, and they said that I wanted her assassinated, which I never did,” Baldasaro told The Republican/ “I said I spoke as a veteran, and she should be shot in a firing squad for treason.”

@64: Silly people! He doesn’t want her assassinated, he wants her shot. Don’t you know there’s a difference? o_O

Here’s what I was talking about earlier with Van Jones. Over and over about her big mistake. Also, he deflected off to Bush/Cheney emails instead of countering Boris’ lie about the “billion dollar donation to the Foundation”.

Van Jones is so useless, I don’t even consider him good looking, now.

I wonder how many POC were at this event when Trump said this:

Donald Trump made a new and explicit plea for the support of black voters on Tuesday, saying the Democratic Party had “failed and betrayed” them and accusing Hillary Clinton of “bigotry” in the pursuit of minority voters.

“We reject the bigotry of Hillary Clinton which panders to and talks down to communities of color and sees them only as votes — that’s all they care about — not as individual human beings worthy of a better future,” Trump said at a rally in Wisconsin.

@68: Damned few from what I heard some of the talking heads say.

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