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Feather dancing…

Posted on: August 1, 2016

Fan dancer

Back in the day, way back in the day, there were Burlesque fan dancers.  Mind you, I’ve only seen reenactments.  An original “fan boy” I was not.  There were huge feathered fans and the performers would dance behind gauzy skenes.  It was all very racy for the time, but acceptable entertainment that didn’t offend genteel sensibilities.

Audiences relished the performances without considering what happened when the feathers and skenes went away.  What you had left was a naked lady dancing.  Feathers and skenes – okay.  No feathers and skenes – not okay.  Eventually, Burlesque died a slow, ignominious death and was replaced by other forms of entertainment.

There, in a nutshell, is my simple-minded analogy to the Republican Party.  For six decades now, the Republican dance has been one with feathers and skenes disguising what was actually happening.  Now featherless, everyone seems shocked there’s a naked performer on stage.  No pretense, no artifice, no empathy, and no nuance – what was happening all along is now shocking when draped in the visage and embodiment of one Donald J. Trump. It shouldn’t be.

Nixon’s southern strategy, Reagan’s speech at Philadelphia, Mississippi, Bush’s Willie Horton, and Dubya’s same-sex marriage crisis are no longer camouflaged by feathers or softened by a gauzy skene.  Is there any question that the naked bigotry of banning Muslims or immigrants was far behind?

The list of the “others” just expands as the bigotry is wrung out of groups who have served their usefulness as the music for the prejudicial dances of the Republican Party.  It is not often in political science we are fortunate enough to find clear-cut evidence of such prejudicial theories, but in this instance we are.  In fact, just last week we had two instances of such evidence.Trump Silent Majority

The first is from the Tar Heel State.  The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals said there was no doubt about the legislature’s goal by changing voting laws.  The goal was to solve a non-existent problem:

One of the most comprehensive studies on the subject found only 31 individual cases of voter impersonation out of more than 1 billion votes cast in the United States since the year 2000. Researchers have found that reports of voter fraud are roughly as common as reports of alien abduction.

Here are the actions of the ever-responsive bigots of the North Carolina legislature.  First, they asked who used what type of voter identification?  When they found out, they outlawed the types used by the African American community.  Next, the legislature asked how the seventeen days of early voting were used and by whom?  When they found out minorities were most likely to use the first seven days, they promptly abolished them.

Leaving no stone unturned, these legislators then asked, “Who uses Sunday voting?  Who uses same day registration?”  Check and check.  African Americans in both cases and both were outlawed.

The Court found:

Thus, in what comes as close to a smoking gun as we are likely to see in modern times, the State’s very justification for a challenged statute hinges explicitly on race — specifically its concern that African Americans, who had overwhelmingly voted for Democrats, had too much access to the franchise.

Trump half picture

Get that?  Not only was the smoking gun still smoldering, but the specific finding was that the Republican legislators of North Carolina thought, in their miniscule and discriminatory finite wisdom, African Americans had too much access to voting.  So with “almost surgical precision” they targeted African American voters who dared exercise their rights.

In Wisconsin, the land of cheese where people follow the guy with the ever-expanding bald spot because it is easy to spot him in a crowd, the court found “the cure was worse than the disease.”  The Wisconsin legislature wanted to demonstrate their even-handedness by discriminating against both African Americans and Hispanics.  Congratulations Wisconsin, you are equally discriminatory.

The feathers are gone and what is left is a party of exclusion.  It’s a party on a death watch no longer disguised by a gauzy skene.  Even its most popular cable news celebrity decided it was imperative to fact check the First Lady on whether or not slaves were on the Continental or European plan while building the White House.RNC dinosaur

A featherless Republican Party reveals the ugliness of a time where disguises once protected the shameful practices of bias and prejudice.  The disguises are no longer effective so why even go to the trouble?  The disease plaguing the Republican Party is a chronic problem for which there is no cure outside of Whig-like euthanasia.  It is unlikely to be painless, but fortunately, discarded skenes can be repurposed as burial shrouds.


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72 Responses to "Feather dancing…"


CNN Polling Post Convention

Hillary: 52%

Yam Flambe: 43%

Now featherless, everyone seems shocked there’s a naked performer on stage.


Add in the ruling on the Texas voter thing (and this in the 5th Circuit C.o.A. – not many more that conservative) and the Repubs hit the Trifecta. Can these courts say it any louder to these idiots?

@2, I had to use eye bleach at one point in the drafting when I wrote about the Yam Flambe being “neeked”.

@3, the person who got a flaming bag of smelly old poo on his front porch, or better yet, right in front of him on his bench, is none other than Chief Justice Roberts. He’s the one in Shelby County v. Holder who said:

“Our country has changed,” Roberts wrote in the opinion he delivered that day, Shelby County v. Holder. It has wiped away so much of its racist past that the “extraordinary measures” employed by a key provision of the Voting Rights Act could no longer be justified.

An interesting side note, Roberts actually made mention of Philadelphia, Mississippi where the civil rights workers were murdered in the 60s.

If anyone is counting, the chances of a fraudulent voter voting before or after you are:


Or abducted by aliens. Here’s a quiz to figure out if you have dated a little green person from beyond:

I saw the CNN/ORC poll and another one mentioned on Tweety’s show and our girl is doing fantastic! Trump can’t let it go with the father, Mr. Kahn and he’s only digging himself in deeper.

@5: And Roberts should be so clueless as to try to stomp out that flaming bag.

It has wiped away so much of its racist past
Sadly, no. People/lawmakers are just trying to get a bit more sneaky with it.

I see the media is having a hey day with Trump’s inability to shut his fat trap. He slaps at the Kahns and they slap back. Good for them. They’ve stood up to him more than anyone – primary opponents, establishment Republicans and media combined. And they don’t seem to be the type to back down. Keep digging that hole Trump.

Maybe someone could ask Trump if he is the bestest , bigglyist, yoouugeist narcissist that ever lived.

@9: I was going to say GAgal that with Trump, I don’t think it fits into the pathology of his personality to leave things alone. He just can’t do it.

You know, the sad part is that someone out there in right-wing world is going to believe this is totally true.

Love the imagery of the fan dancing!! much the thought of Drumpf sans camouflage, but a good metaphor is worth a bit of discomfort.

I saw a poll on Anderson Cooper’s show in which they broke out the “honest” question from other personal characteristics. The numbers for the other questions, about whether the candidate would make a good President, favored Our Girl in double digits. John King was pointing out that Obama only led Romney by 4 points at this time in 2012. We all that turned out.

I really, really wonder if the Repubs will do something unprecedented to dump Trump. Surely they can’t continue with this soulless freak as their nominee. Can they????

Whoa. Hillary and Trump in dead heat at 46% in Georgia. Plus, Hill has 67% of independents and they usually vote red.

I’ve heard more than one pundit today lament “We could be talking about Hillary’s “truthful” lie if only Trump could stop tweeting.”

@13: I really wonder how long they (as a party) are going to be able to tolerate this? I can see an electoral route coming at the rate it’s going.

@14: GAgal that is simply amazing for Ga. I’m guessing that the Atlanta area really helps with those numbers.

I recently got an email from Hillary’s camp “do you have a spare bedroom”. I forwarded it to my sister because she does. We had this discussion about how far out from Atlanta we are and thought it probably wouldn’t be that helpful if someone had to drive over an hour to spend the night in a county that votes 75% R. I’m gonna send her that link with the poll numbers ’cause it looks like Hillary’s campaign may really spend some time here. Maybe it could be of help from someone driving down, from the north maybe, who needed a place to sleep on their way elsewhere in Georgia.

@12 I finally checked your link, Fredster. It’s Jade Helm all over again!! Must go to the Blaze and stock more prepper supplies…If I’m not back in a few minutes, it’s been nice knowing ‘ya.

@18: That’s a good possibility about someone needing an overnight stay on the way to Atlanta. And it could be useful for someone going from, say, Florida back up north.

@19: And you know, the “true believers” will never bother to read this on that HuffPo column:

James Schlarmann Comedian, writer, founding contributor of The Political Garbage Chute, holder of zero world records or lifetime achievement awards.

Gasp! Fareed Zakaria said what ? 😱


Fredster I thought about FL too, but I think Hillary’s got FL locked up. Plus, we’re not close to the Interstate. They would have to go out of their way quite a bit. We’ll see. I’m gonna look into it.

@23: Oh okay then. It was a thought that went through my mind that they were possibly lining up stay over places along a route.

@24 Hey, if it’s on their way back somewhere, it might be worth it to spend a couple days here. My sister’s house is practically a B&B and she would spoil them with good food, good conversation, relaxation, a beautiful view and a couple of stinky dogs. What more can anyone ask for?

@25: LOL! Well…run that by your sister before offering up her home. 🙂

Well, well, well. My comment earlier about the pundits who were so sad and distressed they couldn’t get their Hillary hate on…because Trump wouldn’t stop tweeting. It wasn’t about the Khan family at all. It wasn’t about Russia. It was about CNN.

Speaking of CNN, this one was quite fun to watch this morning.

Corey Lewandowski just didn’t realize who he was tangling with when he started in with Christine Quinn.

#FiredCorey is not really fired. He’s on Trump payroll and CNN payroll. Quite a gig he has going on there.

@29: Yeah I think Poppy Harlow said something about he was still getting severance from Trump. They-CNN should be required to announce that every time he is on and before he opens his mouth.

Morning folks.

You are being given a well-deserved respite — I’m going to be away for a few days. Be advised the clarity of thought on the blog will be much improved, at least until I get back.

Also, be advised I have checked the odometer on the PT Cruiser and marked all the liquor bottles after generous sampling to make sure they were still potent. So I’ll know if y’all get liquored up and go joy-riding around the intertubz.

I hope y’all saw der Drumpf’s latest edict. He have proclaims, “Maggie Haberman of the NYT don’t write good.” I’m sure der Drumpf are concerned about whether the children is safe. Guess there are no spell check is on Twitter, but Russians is not in Crimea, but Putin are not going there, but are there as he see the world stage as not in geography class in Trump U.*

* Word salad courtesy of Trump Tower Taco Bowl cafe.

One last thing — I hope y’all saw Warren Buffett’s comment yesterday:

After Trump listed his casino and hotel company on the New York Stock Exchange in 1995, investors lost money, even though “in 1995 when he offered this company, if a monkey had thrown a dart at the stock page, the monkey on average would have made 150 percent.”

My question to Mr. Buffett: When it comes to dart throwing, why bother a monkey when Trump is only slightly less qualified to perform such tasks than an average simian?

Prolix said: Also, be advised I have checked the odometer on the PT Cruiser and marked all the liquor bottles after generous sampling to make sure they were still potent. So I’ll know if y’all get liquored up and go joy-riding around the intertubz.

(Grumblng…) Some people are just no fun at all.

but Putin are not going there, but are there as he see the world stage as not in geography class in Trump U.*


Apparently there is a new thing happening on twitter:

People upset with the Republican presidential nominee have used the hashtag #DonaldTrumpTheMovie to suggest titles of films the 70-year-old businessman should star in.

I’m going to put a few of them up here.




Prolix, hope you have fun during your vacation from us! Seriously, you deserve it.

Love the post and the fan dancer analogy.

God, I cannot stand that creep lewandowski. He’s a horrible, horrible woman. And his personality is just like Trumps. CNN sucks to give him air time.

@38, LOLOL! Screamingly funny!

Fredster, all of those tweets are hysterical!

Prolix, I hope you’re going on vacation and that you’ll have a wonderful time.

I knew it was only a matter of time before a picture of shirtless Putin and Trump on a horse was gonna pop up!

annie@42: The site had more of them but I didn’t want to add too many in and make the page slow to load.

I’ve got to add one more.


GAgal said: I knew it was only a matter of time before a picture of shirtless Putin and Trump on a horse was gonna pop up!

It was a given, wasn’t it? Just had to be.

Senate Democrats in swing states ask for Bernie’s help.

It’s not difficult to see where Sanders’ progressive, populist message could take hold: Ohio and Pennsylvania, two Rust Belt states where Democratic candidates are hammering their Republican opponents with Sanders-esque anti-trade rhetoric; and Iowa and Wisconsin, both home to liberal college towns that are deep enclaves of Sanders supporters.

Well, you can rant all you want about trade (and all the other things Bernie’s against) but where is your actual plan to create jobs? That’s the problem and one that Bernie could never answer. Even if TPP goes down in flames, those jobs are not ever coming back. It’s like the Republicans trying to repeal the ACA with nothing to replace it.

If it were me, I’d be talking about finding new industries for jobs and stop talking about jobs lost 20 or more years ago. And if you’re gonna be against this trade deal, be more specific than ‘you’ll lose your job if it passes’. Otherwise, you’re just fear mongering.

@48: Excellent comment there.

#48- do you honestly think Sanders would help anyone down-ticket? He’s really a party of one- just like the Cheeto.

@50: MsMass, looking at the Politico article I saw that he, Sanders, has created two organizations:

First step is the formal launch of his new political group, Our Revolution — a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization


The senator is also working on the Sanders Institute, a likely 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit focused on policy. There could be a third Sanders-driven political group aimed at harnessing grass-roots support.

Anytime I start seeing those 501(c) whatevers, it gets my antennae tingling. I’m sure there is going to be a well-paid position for Jane, and possibly others within one of those groups. (rolling eyes)

I hope this resizes to fit into the comment box.

@50 MsMass, I think Bernie can only help with the college vote. Actually a lot of people would be put off by him in certain places. After all, he lost the primary for a reason. I would be surprised if he even lifted a finger (HA! pun intended) for Russ Feingold.

Good grief.

A school-age child at a Donald Trump rally on Tuesday stood up and yelled “Take the bitch down” after the candidate mentioned Hillary Clinton. His mother later defended the child’s right to speak and blamed his language on “Democratic schools.”

@54: Oh like he didn’t hear that phrase around the table with mom and dad. Puhleeze.

Trump camp sends out talking points to spin his horrible remarks about the Khans.

“We are asking you to review and use the attached talking points in your daily messaging, including a release and/or statements you can put out in your social media immediately to support Mr. Trump and OUR message, that we must end radical Islamic terror so that soldiers like Capt. Khan, and all Americans, will be safe.”


The four-page memo also contained talking points blaming the policies of President Obama and Clinton for Russian aggression; accusing Clinton of treating the State Department like her personal hedge fund; drawing attention to the email leak at the Democratic National Committee; and attacking last week’s Democratic convention.

I doubt the media will allow much of pivot – until the next disgraceful thing he does. Yeah, that’s what he needs to do. Make a bigger mess!

@55 Wow! Even the South. (even tho, the last time I checked 46 – 41 = 5, not 4) 🙂

While Trump won this region both weeks, his lead dropped significantly this week compared to last week. He was up 10 points -51 percent to 41 percent—among Southern voters last week. This week he is up 2 points among the group—48 percent to 46 percent. Clinton’s support among Southern voters is up 4 points from last week—41 percent to 46 percent.

@51 – those 501(c)3s are for three purposes only: 1) Funnel his unspent campaign contributions into them so he doesn’t have to pay taxes on them; 2) as Fredster said, provide high-ranking jobs for family and friends; and 3) room his supporters out of more money. He’s tasted the gravy, and he wants more.

There is no chance in hell that Hillary will lose a single swing state to Drumpf. Bernie Sanders only does well with a teeny portion of the voters in those states, and his “assistance” will do more harm than good. I agree he won’t a actually provide any, though. Why change his MO now?

Tim Canova (B -as in Berniecrat) who is DWS’ opponent in the primary has hired Tad Devine. Who would have guessed?

@60 – yes, there’s a shocker.

How long do we think it will take for Trump to withdraw? He’s already saying that the election will be rigged. I feel he’s laying the groundwork.

My sister’s house is practically a B&B and she would spoil them with good food, good conversation, relaxation, a beautiful view and a couple of stinky dogs. What more can anyone ask for?

A bath for the dogs?
Sorry, only kidding.

@62 Ha! They go to the groomers once a week. It just doesn’t help much. So many wrinkles… so much stink!

@63 Sheesh – the poor things!

Whoa, that’s big.

Check out the Paul Manafort clip about one minute in here.

@58: Yeah that caught my attention too. Amazing that’s happening in the south.

@61: I saw a clip of morning schmoe and Donny Deutsch. Deutsch said he thinks Trump has never intended to actually try to win. He said he would not be surprised to see him drop out or lose. An then for all of his fans/admirers/followers do something like startup a pay tv channel so they can see him sitting on his golden chair and simply talk about how great he himself is and generally run his mouth. Deutsch threw out some theoretical numbers and came up with Trump pulling in maybe $600 million from it.

@60: Devine did have a media business handling work for mainstream Democrats. He may have so screwed that pooch that he figures he better get whatever he can right now.

@67: Tee-hee! 🙂

@65, LOLOL! So many funny comments!

Oooh! Hillary getting more prominent republicans:

I also saw on fluffy that #SocklessDeadIntern said that Trump ask his advisors why couldn’t he use nukes!?!?

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