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Late weekend post ~ Let’s celebrate!

Posted on: July 30, 2016

courtesy The Advocate magazine

courtesy The Advocate magazine

Good Saturday and Weekend Widdershins!

What can we say Widdershins?  Our fondest wishes, hopes, and desires are coming true.  Our girl, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is now the Democratic nominee for President of the United States!  It has been the fondest wish, hope, and desire of so many of us.  We and she have reached the penultimate moment, with one more final push to make it to the zenith of what we and she have worked for.  I think the only thing we can do on this celebratory weekend is to take a momentary break and kick back for awhile.  And what better way could we do that than by watching and listening to some of the women who performed at the convention.  So, let’s enjoy some of those fine performances.  I wasn’t able to find the DNC performance of all the singers but I have found other versions of them singing those particular songs.


(1) Alicia Keys ~ In Common at the DNC

(2) Carole King ~ You’ve Got A Friend at the DNC

(3) Demo Lovato ~ Confident at the DNC

(4) Katy Perry ~ Rise and Roar at the DNC

(5) Multiple Artists ~ Our Fight Song

separator-lineSo were there any particular performers and performances that y’all enjoyed?  While I know that Paul Simon and others also performed, my choice was to keep this female centric.  This is a wide open thread so share your thoughts or anything else below.


62 Responses to "Late weekend post ~ Let’s celebrate!"


I just happened to have caught all of those and I saw Alicia Keys rehearsing that afternoon. Awesome. Thanks for bringing them all together in one post.

@2: GAgal, I had tried jotting down some notes on who performed each day. I knew I would forget someone but then youtube came to the rescue. I’m just glad that PBS put the performances up on youtube.

Okay, yes it’s filled with profanities, as usual with Maher, but from last night’s show, I just loved Notorious HRC. 😆

@4 That’s right! B!tches get sh!t done. Maher is funny as heck when he’s not smarmy. Love the “not afraid of a stretch in prison cause I could run this thing from the inside”. Months ago there was some commenter running around from place to place where people kept saying Hillary for Prison. Their reply was “even if that were so, she would be fine. She’d be running the place in the three days time”. LOL!

I remember Hillary’s laugh at that hearing and I laughed too. I remember the sleazy, greasy haired woman who was making those stupid insinuations. She deserved that laugh in her face. And then asking Hill who stayed at her office that night, person by person. It was a looong time between that the night of the attack and this hearing. It was obvious what they were doing. They had already questioned most of those she was listing. They were trying to catch her in a “lie”. They got nothing else.

Well crud! I linked the wrong video. Took me forever to find it.

@GAgal, Do you mean the video where the woman congress critter was asking about capabilities at her house? I think I know the one you’re talking about.

GAgal, if you find the video, the good thing for you now is you can edit your comment and put the one you wanted in there. 🙂

@6: That goofy woman! Does she really think the head of the F.B.I. isn’t familiar with all of that? She was just doing that for show. Pathetic.

**edited to deal with my keyboard which is giving me fits!**

Yes, fredster. I watched it, but it was in a playlist and I got the wrong link. Greasy Hair asked Hillary about that too, but she asked if she was home. Yes. No one else was there? No. All night? Yes? You were alone? That’s when Hill’s laughed at her. I wish Hillary had said “Yes, I was baking cookies and having tea.” Instead she said, “I was awake all night and getting frequent briefings.” She has so much more patience than me.

Fredster, where I messed up was I thought it was Marsha Blackburn, but it was some other woman, so my search didn’t go well and I ended up there.

@11: Oh I remember that! Trying to think, was it the congresswoman from Alabama? I just about have that seared into my brain.

Fredster, thank for posting the performances! I’m glad to be able to watch them at my leisure. I missed many parts of the convention, due to work. Loved the pengys!

GAgal, I watched your link before I scrolled past it, and I kept wondering, when does Hillary come in? Haha! God, that woman sounded so dumb.

Sorry Annie and everyone! I just tried a search on this to fix it and had to run from the cesspool of YT concerning anything Hillary. The whackos and righties have uprated and over taken any decent video, factual video. It’s like the Google Bombs of ’08 again.

@14: Thanks annie. I really wanted to concentrate on the women performers who were there. We’re not gonna beat the woman card to death but it’s historic so let’s celebrate it.

Loved the pengys!

I can watch them for hours (not really) at a time. I just like watching them frolic.

@15: No biggie. You tried. (thumbs up)

Fredster, I don’t think I can comprehend another thing about WP today. Will you fix it in the link before the video so no one wastes their time on it? I promise I’ll learn how later.

I sent you an email earlier.

@15, here you go GAgal and Annie. It’s Martha Roby from Alabama’s Second District, you know the one caught in the 1950 time loop and bad hair continuum.

Sorry folks, I’ve been a member of OES (Occupied Errands Saturday) as opposed to OWS (Occupy Wall Street and poop on the ground).

Fredster, perfect choice of themes for the day. Excellent.

I have to say this: I was listening to Sirius most of the day in the car. Smerconish, I used to tolerate, but his leaving the Republican Party and declaring to be an Independent just doesn’t wash.

Today, just like Thursday evening on CNN, his constant whine was, “If there is an email and if it comes out and if it shows that Hillary should have released it and if it is one that has some classified material in it, it could be bad for her in November.”

Let me count the layers of supposition — at least 5. I so badly wanted to call in and say, “Yes, just like your opportunistic supposition, if Hillary strips naked, runs around the Washington Monument three times and howls at the moon, you have exactly the same number of levels of whimsical conjecture — five — and the chances of them happening are just about the same. So shut your gaping pie hole.

Okay, let’s all learn about Martha, shall we?

And here is her claim to fame on her House website:

In 2013, Roby shepherded the Working Families Flexibility Act, which repealed an outdated federal regulation to give employees in the private sector more options for paid time off, to House passage.

Except that it does nothing really that she says it does.

@Prolix, One, thanks for finding the right video. Two, as I walked by my TV today I stopped, pointed my finger at Smerconish and said out loud “You are the biggest drama queen on CNN, even worse than Wolf. And that’s saying something.” He just is.

Prolix, after Trump taking on Mr. Kahn from the convention today, I’m beginning to think that short of offering a blood sacrifice, there’s not too much that is going to hold HRC back or cause any problems.

@22: Perfect! 😆

@21 The right for companies and corporations to promote someone to Vague Manager, pay a “salary” and then make them do the work of two people, while holding back their pay. Remember when weekly pay turned into every two weeks. As if that wasn’t enough, employers would hire in that sweet spot in between, where they didn’t have to put out a dime for just a few more days. Meanwhile, the worker is struggling to get there everyday.

The Our Fight Song video has over 1.5 million views. There are 2500 more thumbs down than thumbs up right now. What sad people they must be to click an inspiring YT song, no matter what it is, just to thumb it down. Oh well.

@22, glad to help. I remember that exchange quite clearly. Roby reminded me of the lady at the church picnic who was always quick to point out a little dribble on your chin while she had a big old booger hanging out her nose.

Fredster, thanks for the opportunity to rock out yet again to the Demopalooza. I was dancing all evening! (and not, I fervently pray, like a Republican).

Prolix @ 20: CNN, along with most of the MSM, has been nothing more than a supposium when it comes to HRC.

@23, what is the saddest piece in all this, and there are many sad pieces running amok in der Drumpf’s pea brain, he can’t just let it go without being the center of his attention. Imagine comparing the agony of the loss of a child to the agony of not making an extra dollar by hiring someone. He couldn’t just say, “Their pain is inconceivable to anything I might have ever experienced.” But no, he had to compete for the spotlight.

The man is a sociopath.

@15, no worries, it was funny!

I really like that Advocate cover. Great picture of Hillary. Good choice, Fredster.

@28, Pat, I love the supposium and you are exactly right.

@19, yeah, I remember that pathetic woman whining about how her stupid questions weren’t funny. Thick headed rethuglicans.

@25: Exactly!

@28: Happy to provide the dancing music. 🙂

@29: I saw a piece of that interview and read a couple of things about it and all I could think was “There is something seriously wrong with this man”.

The more I read about him and watch him, this so easily comes to mind:

I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed:
And on the pedestal these words appear:
‘My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

@35 How can -anyone- with a pair of dancing shoes in their closet possibly vote Republican??? Between that nothing of convention in whereever it was, and Philly’s Demopalozza – no contest.

@32 And here I thought I was such a logadaedalist. Just before hitting “Post Comment” I ixquicked supposium, the MSM’s version of Plato, and got hundreds of results, some years old :<

Related to #TrumpSacrifices, in a lightening round with the infamous MoDo, Trump said:

“I’d like to hear his wife say something.”

That was the refrain from all the haters on Thursday evening Twitter, “Why doesn’t the mother/wife break down publicly?” These people are just detestable.

GaGal, that laugh is one for the ages. Thanks for reminding us of how to respond when they “go low”.

@37, who’d have thunk it? I will still give you all the credit when I steal it.

@36 “The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed”. I got chills reading that again, and in these times.

@40 Those 10,000 monkeys, ya know. Like my oh so clever nym – taken by the time I got to Google.

#TrumpSacrifices. Users wrote satirically that the candidate had, among other things, been subjected to such hardships as flying commercial, playing golf on a public course and staying at a three-star hotel.

@41: Watching his boasting and reading some articles, that sonnet popped into my head.

Perhaps we could start referring to him as #Trumpymandias.

@43 Love it!

Finally, the media has figured out just because Trump says it, doesn’t make it so.

Trump said in the interview he doesn’t think the debates should be held at the same time as NFL games. But he said “I like three debates, I think that’s fine. I think it’s enough — if somebody said one debate, I’d rather have three. I think they’ll be very interesting.”

It’s the second time this week that Trump has made claims that were either directly or indirectly contradicted by those he said were involved.

Trump on Saturday said on Twitter he “turned down” a meeting with influential conservative donors Charles and David Koch. The brothers have repeatedly rebuffed Trump’s efforts to get in their good graces.

Officials with Freedom Works, Charles and David Koch’s political arm, indicated on Saturday they requested no meeting. Politico reported on Friday that Trump’s finance team asked for a meeting but that the request was denied by the Koch organization.

“We are not engaging in the presidential,” James Davis, spokesman for Freedom Partners, said at a weekend gathering of conservative donors in the Koch network in Colorado Springs.

Politico reported on Friday that Trump’s finance team asked for a meeting but that the request was denied by the Koch organization.


I tried reeaally hard to refrain, but y’all know I’m just gonna do it. Again. *sticks tongue out*

@47: LOL! That’s perfectly fine. 🙂

Trumpymandias!! Perfect.

@49: The Y makes it sound goofy but what the heck. It was in the sonnet.

Donald knows how to climb a ladder? I’m impressed.

@51: Should we go for the obvious about just leaving him in the elevator? 😉

Imagine the horror of being stuck in there with him.

@53: Oh ewwwww!

The “3:00 a.m.” question with Marge and Homer.

Ha! That made me wonder what Trump’s hair looks like when he gets up in the morning. Only Melania knows.

Well, we know who didn’t get a MiSfitNBC contract. Nina Turner is “thinking” about being Jill Stein’s running mate.

She needs to be purged from the Democratic Party. It is all about her — eff the election, eff the Party, eff the country. If it means Nina gets another 15 minutes of fame so be it, make it harder on Hillary and Tim, and up the ante for Trump.


Nina sure thinks highly of herself. She’ll never have an influential role in the Dem party (not that she ever did) so she may as well self-purge.

What was it Barney Frank said about Ralph Nader? Something like – ‘he was now free to luxuriate and bask in the glow of his irrelevance’. That’s goes for Nina, too.

@58: Ya know, there were a few “Turner said” things in that article:

Massachusetts physician Jill Stein, the party’s presumptive presidential nominee, reached out with the pitch, Turner told

Turner has said that she had been scheduled to give one of the speeches nominating Sanders

It might be interesting to fact check those things. I would love it if this was just Turner spouting off some nonsense.

I think I just screwed up and published my post that was suppose to wait til Wednesday. I hope not I’ll try to delete.

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