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We versus me…

Posted on: July 29, 2016

I was nervous tonight.  Terribly, inexplicably nervous.   It wasn’t that I thought Hillary couldn’t do what she needed to do.  I knew she could.  I feared no one would get her like “I get her”.  My anxiety was over the punditocracy focusing on performance as opposed to substance.Hillary and Tim Kaine 2

I’ve never met or talked with Hillary.  I can claim no special relationship, but I get her.  I understand, “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you can.”  From personal experience, I understand the “uncoolness” of being a goody two shoes.

The speech wasn’t flashy or sexy.  It was a speech about good works without an audience or a reality show laugh track.   It was about the simplicity of, “good policies make good politics”.  It was Hillary Clinton.

As I sat here this evening, with tears in my eyes, my heart was filled with pride.  Finally, our country will consider electing a leader who happens to be a woman despite the self-defeating limitation that only “all men are created equal”.

Tonight’s speech was brilliant.  It wasn’t flowery.  It didn’t soar.  It was straightforward.  It was written in the language of someone who is ready to work, not perform.  It was Hillary.

It was a speech of “we” instead of “me”.gif hillary alone balloons

It was written in the unwieldy prose of a “democracy” instead of the inflexible coarseness of “authoritarianism”.

It was delivered by a person thinking of doing good “for us” as opposed to the egotism of “doing to us”.

It was the product of deep roots rather than shallow contrivance and artifice.

It was people-centric, not ethnocentric.

It was fearless, not fearful.

The speech was written from an understanding that leadership is a series of day after day behaviors instead of renting a caped costume and proclaiming yourself a hero.HRC Red Balloons

It was about the confidence found in humility, not the weakness of arrogance.

It was a speech of lifting up, not tearing down.

It was Hillary.

We have 102 days – 2,448 hours, until Election Day.

As Hillary would say, “Let’s get to work.”


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43 Responses to "We versus me…"

Beautiful, Prolix.
I, too, was nervous but Hillary delivered like she always does.
Now, we’ll deliver for her.

Great post, Prolix. I feel like I get her too, although we’ve never met. Last night was the first time I had heard the Methodist creed, and I found it beautiful. It fits with what I’d always thought of as her key motivation, “wonky goodness.” 😀

After her speech last night, my husband said, “You know what? She’s not a politician.” What an odd thing to say about someone who has been in politics for decades, right? But I think it’s right, in the sense that she is not doing this for political reasons. She is a public servant of the old Eleanor Roosevelt school, a strong woman who wants to make the world a better place, and sees politics as the most effective vehicle for change. A public servant is not a politician, at least not in today’s world; but public servants are, in fact, what we desperately need now.

I feel inspired and hopeful after her speech, and look forward to the millions of activists, especially millennials, who will follow her example. It’s an incredible moment in our country’s history, and we are so fortunate to be a part of it!!

@1, thank you Sue. I was nervous like having a child giving a speech at a school assembly even though I have no children. She made us proud.

@4, I think your hubby is right MB.

Here’s a book recommendation for you and anyone else who is an Eleanor Roosevelt fan, it’s Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt way by Robin Gerber. I got to meet Robin and spend some time with her during my former life. It is a wonderful read and yes, it does describe Hillary’s vision of her role as a leader.

Hillary’s presidency could lead to service just as Kennedy’s did and Bill’s did through Americorps.

Beautiful post, Prolix! I don’t know whats on my mind today, I’m still in a happy haze over the greatness of the convention. I thought it was magnificent. I think Hillary will be an amazing president. I’m ignoring the sad-sack Bernie losers, cnn, msnbc.

I do hope that the feds officially investigate Trumps ties to Putin.

@5, thanks Annie. It looks like the DCCC has been hacked and it, too, looks like the Russians. Perhaps they are listening to the “Spy Who Knows Too Little,” der Drumpf.

Yay! Balloons!! I dreamed about balloons last night! I love your last gif of Bill with a balloon in both hands. He looks like a little kid playing behind his parents back. I think I saw Chelsea grab up one of the big blue ones with stars to take home to Charlotte. I look forward to the pictures of her with her giant balloon.

As for me, I feel like a wrung out dishrag, as my Grandma used to say. (God rest her church-going soul) The ups, downs, joy and just raw emotion of the last week, the last few months, the last eight years… No wonder I feel like I could sleep for a week. It was just too much – and yet, SO worth it.

@7, GAgal, it’s been so long since I’ve heard, “wrung out like a dishrag,” — that was a saying I grew up hearing. LOL — I love it.

I saw the beginning of the bus trip and Hillary seems so comfortable. She really has hit her stride. She’s at home in this role. There’s no forced “trying” — she is demonstrating her confidence in the role.

Heads are beginning to roll concerning the Flint water crisis. Six people criminally charged.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and Todd Flood, the Royal Oak attorney heading the AG’s investigation, discussed the charges at an 11:30 a.m. news conference at U-M Flint.

“Some people failed to act, others minimized harm done and arrogantly chose to ignore data, some intentionally altered figures … and covered up significant health risks,” he said.

It’s been a long 8 years. Finally.
Thanks, Widdershins.

Thank you, Sophie. I see you everywhere across the webs working hard for Hillary and pulling no punches. You are fearless, just like Hillary, and I really respect that. She’s lucky to have you working so hard for her campaign.

Hey y’all. Check out my new gravatar.

@10, Sophie, thanks for stopping by. Please come back often.

@12, who is that cute faced baby?

Thanks GAgal. As you can tell, I destet liars and think it’s my job to correct every wrong on the Interwebs!

Waving to Prolix–Hi!!!!

Phew! Busy day today. I’ll be back in just a bit.

GAgal, love your gravatar! 🙂

@15, Hi and hey Sophie. I pity the liars you catch. There’ll be nothing left of them but a greasy spot.

@12 That’s my sister’s dog, Zorro. He’s one of her bulldogs that I dog-sit a lot. I’m his favorite aunt!

Okay folks, here’s an after-action story by Politico. Some Bernie supporters are blaming Bernie for not preparing them for what was going to happen at the convention. They are claiming they didn’t know Hillary would win on the first ballot.

Really, do these people live under a rock in a cave? To claim that they didn’t know Hillary had won! Crazy.

There’s was even a group called Occupy DNC Convention. That sounds like the official Beasts of Bernie. There wasn’t any revolution. There were a bunch of professional agitators just spoiling for a fight. They had plans to cause a disruption on Thursday night during Hillary’s speech. These people were raised by wild dogs.

@18, Zorro is a sweetie. He has a great face.

GAgal, did Zorro’s mom possibly attend U.GA? 😉

Prolix @19 said: Some Bernie supporters are blaming Bernie for not preparing them for what was going to happen at the convention.

Face plant right there. And to think that they vote and possibly (shudder) reproduce.

That’s one reason I LOL at them. “Movement” ? Really ?? Let’s see where the hell they are when the mid-terms roll around. That is when they could possibly make a difference but I believe they will have found a new, shiny object by then.

@19, Just read the article and the comments. I saw a lot of comments by B Broz that indicated what the article says, that some of them really thought that Bernie still had a chance at the convention. Incredible.

@23: annie, I’m almost afraid to read the article.

FWIW, Khizr Kahn who spoke at the convention last night is going to be on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show at the top of the hour.

Larimone-Hall…said the Clinton campaign and the DNC, too, should have been more thoughtful about the convention planning, which could have reduced the chaos among delegates.

What on earth did he want? And really, he is not an inexperienced political person.

@19 I am LMAO at that politico article. They do have a point since Bernie and his people were talking about a contested convention and flipping superdelgates up until a couple of weeks ago. I saw a CNN reporter correct a woman with “To be accurate, this not really a contested convention”. When are we going to get to the more important stuff – like how did the fart-in go?

Fredster, my sister’s ex husband went to UGA and he’s fanatical about his BullDawgs.

@27: like how did the fart-in go?

The Clinton delegates showed up with BICs and it was explosive.

@28: Ah, I see.

Just watched Bill Maher’s show. He had Cornell West on there. Don’t know why other than watching the “caged hyena howl.”

Someone should explain to the good Dr. West that when you are howling at the moon, howling louder won’t make the moon closer.

He was yammering on about Hillary being without any integrity and his constant patter about her scheming ways. He, of course, is a Jill Stein advocate since his hero, Bernie “Grumpy Cat” Sanders has sold out.

@31 Jill can have him. We don’t want him. Will someone ask Jill her thoughts on West’s remarks about Obama?

@31, I don’t know who is more unlikeable, Cornell or Jill. Oh wait, Trump!

@31-33: Yeah but the interactions between West and Barney Frank were good. 😆

And I kinda liked his New Rules with his idea of Notorious HRC.

@33, that is some list. That list is why reporters and opinion writers have been saying, “If Trump were president, he couldn’t fill the Cabinet because no one would be willing to work with him.”

@34, Cornell West is the guy who brings the gasoline and lighter to someone else’s immolation and then complains the flames aren’t bright enough.

From the Daily Beast article, here’s that Eleanor Roosevelt thing again:

Arne Carlson, former Minnesota Republican governor, worked with Clinton when she was first lady and praised her for doing “something first ladies since Eleanor Roosevelt haven’t done. And that was engage in public policy… She really drove the healthcare debate, and that was the first concerted effort to demonize her, orchestrated by the insurance companies.”

Just a note folks, the weekend post is going to be late today. I’ve got to learn that even if I like late-night hours, my stomach may not agree with my choices for a late dinner.

@33 -SoCal, by far the most shocking name on that list (to me) is Robert Kagan. He is the “New American Century’ guy!! Neocon extraordinaire.

I know Hillary is more hawkish than I would like, but she isn’t in that league. Kagan’s support must mean that he’s terrified of a Trump presidency – as are we all!

Love those balloon pix. she looked soooo happy!

@29, LOL!

That’s all the Berniebrats are good for: stink and chaos.

Weekend post is up!

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