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I was nervous tonight.  Terribly, inexplicably nervous.   It wasn’t that I thought Hillary couldn’t do what she needed to do.  I knew she could.  I feared no one would get her like “I get her”.  My anxiety was over the punditocracy focusing on performance as opposed to substance.Hillary and Tim Kaine 2

I’ve never met or talked with Hillary.  I can claim no special relationship, but I get her.  I understand, “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you can.”  From personal experience, I understand the “uncoolness” of being a goody two shoes.

The speech wasn’t flashy or sexy.  It was a speech about good works without an audience or a reality show laugh track.   It was about the simplicity of, “good policies make good politics”.  It was Hillary Clinton.

As I sat here this evening, with tears in my eyes, my heart was filled with pride.  Finally, our country will consider electing a leader who happens to be a woman despite the self-defeating limitation that only “all men are created equal”.

Tonight’s speech was brilliant.  It wasn’t flowery.  It didn’t soar.  It was straightforward.  It was written in the language of someone who is ready to work, not perform.  It was Hillary.

It was a speech of “we” instead of “me”.gif hillary alone balloons

It was written in the unwieldy prose of a “democracy” instead of the inflexible coarseness of “authoritarianism”.

It was delivered by a person thinking of doing good “for us” as opposed to the egotism of “doing to us”.

It was the product of deep roots rather than shallow contrivance and artifice.

It was people-centric, not ethnocentric.

It was fearless, not fearful.

The speech was written from an understanding that leadership is a series of day after day behaviors instead of renting a caped costume and proclaiming yourself a hero.HRC Red Balloons

It was about the confidence found in humility, not the weakness of arrogance.

It was a speech of lifting up, not tearing down.

It was Hillary.

We have 102 days – 2,448 hours, until Election Day.

As Hillary would say, “Let’s get to work.”


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