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Posted on: July 27, 2016

Imagine a time when you can celebrate a person who has lived by the maxim:  Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you can.

Imagine a time when you can celebrate an accomplished servant of the people who happens to be a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother without first prefacing she happens to be a woman.

Imagine a time when ambition is as welcomed a characteristic for a woman as it is expected of a man.

Imagine a time when we appreciate that equality is only an ideal in the Constitution until the concept has practical application.

Imagine a time when we are free and fearless to be followers of a leader who happens to be grandmother.

Imagine how much better the world will be when our imagination gives way to reality.


That world, that reality, began last night.

Hillary Breaking the Glass


Hillary Bumper Sticker


This is an open celebration.  What’s on your mind?



74 Responses to "Imagine…"

I watched Hillary break that glass wall over and over last night. What stood out was that she stood there smiling at everyone for a while rather than starting to speak right away. She let people celebrate her, and celebrate the moment. When she spoke, it was about how this is our victory, our hard work which made this happen. And then her comment about the young girls and the future. Classic Hillary. I’m so proud of her. What a President she will be!

Contrast that with what Trump would do. No, not going to think about that empty pompous bilious man. We have a healthy, sane, smart, and compassionate candidate. On to November!

Could this be real? *pinches self* Yep, it’s real. It’s really, really happening!!

@1, Luna, I noticed that too, she just stood there, in silence on her end, without speaking. Here’s what I watch with people — psychologically humans are such social animals, we abhor silence by our nature. This is exacerbated by insecurity. The more insecure, the less you like silence, the less you feel comfortable.

Hillary proved she is secure and comfortable in her own skin. She didn’t fill up the air with her words, she didn’t have to. Like you say, just imagine how quickly and for how long Trump would have bellowed. The difference is frightening and jarring.

@2, it’s real, but it doesn’t feel like it. I know exactly what you are saying. It’s weird.

@4 It’s like I’m in a state of shock. I don’t know why because my head has been telling me for months that Hillary would be there, but my heart was afraid to hope. Yet, here we are!!

Trump is urging Russia to find Hillary’s deleted personal email. (or as he refers to them “illegal emails”) He was questioned about his business ties to Russia and it was all deny, deny, deny. Also, Manafort said that Trump will not release his tax returns – ever.

@6, this “hack” story might have legs. It paints a good, simple picture for the media to follow. Interesting sub-note, just after der Drumpf crapped on himself with the comments about Russia hacking, Nonsense Pence sent out a statement, through the campaign, contradicting what der Drumpf said.

We might be seeing Nonsense Pence wishing for the Hoosier cornfields in pretty short order.

Here’s the WaPo article covering Trump’s presser(?) with this forward from them:

On Wednesday, Donald Trump held a press conference in Florida, focused largely on questions about his possible relationships with Russian business interests. True to form, the conversation ranged much more widely than that, resulting in enough misrepresentations and falsehoods that we decided to simply post the full transcript and annotate what Trump said.

It’s okay WaPo, you can say it: Trump lied.

GAgal said: Also, Manafort said that Trump will not release his tax returns – ever.

Too bad we can’t do a FOIA on those.

@2, GAgal, lol, lots of us have been asking that the last couple of days!

Apparently the berniejerks are not going quietly into the night.


@11, their little stunt could lead us to a new saying by combining Bernie and rat — “I smell a Brat.” It works.

@12: Hee-hee!!

Okay, just heard this on MisfitNBC, Nina Turner was originally scheduled to be one of the speaking nominators for BerningBum. Shortly before it was to happen, BerningBum told her, “Not gonna happen.”

Of course, ever the victim, Nina said, “It was for reasons I won’t go into.” Chuckles Todd was saying he was getting lots of emails from the Bernie people about where is Nina? Have you taken her credentials?

Well, just surmising here, but that tells me: (1) She’s out fanning the flames of dissension; (2) She’s encouraging her victimhood for a permanent contract with NBC; (3) Someone on the Clinton campaign, and bless their heart, said, “Nina you ain’t gonna be on this stage:” and (4) They are so disgusted with her they won’t even talk with her and made Bernie do it. Of course, he didn’t fight for her like you know he wouldn’t because he’s always for himself first.

When you take the goodness of the Clintons for granted, then turn around and bite the hand that has fed you, and expect to come back — ain’t gonna happen.

MisfitsNBC is using her to appeal to the Bernie demographic. She best make do with her little celebrity stint because she has crapped the bed.

@11, More proof they belong with T-rump.

@14: When I was watching MisfitsNBC (love that!) it was either Tweety or lil Chris that had her on or about to be on and called her a “political analyst” for the network. Analyst my @ss. (I’m trying to be good and nice)

MisfitsNBC is using her to appeal to the Bernie demographic. She best make do with her little celebrity stint because she has crapped the bed.

Don’t know why. I’m willing to bet the Bernie demo and “movement” is going to be a footnote in a year or two.

Damn! That only took me about six tries to get that “compare the candidates” thing close to being right. Oy!

@16, when your median age is 64 like it is with the MisfitsNBC, second only to the 68 years of Fox, if they can entice 30K or 50K farting 20-somethings, they raise their rates at least for a quarter. This month is a sweeps month and they won’t be adjusted until November. So this is their chance to goose their rates. Fox never has to worry because they got gold coin/erectile dysfunction kits for sale all year long.

@17, that looks good — good job.

@18 Thanks for the explanation Prolix.

I’m taking some of this about Nina with a grain of salt.

And then this:

A group of Sanders supporters — including Hollywood stars Danny Glover and Susan Sarandon — protested Turner’s exclusion at a Wednesday evening rally and news conference staged inside the convention’s media filing center.

Reporters outnumbered the demonstrators. Many in the crowd could be heard asking, “Who is Nina Turner?” or incorrectly describing her biography.

Turner and a spokeswoman both told earlier Wednesday that she had no involvement in the event and would not attend. But Turner arrived about an hour after it began, as only Sarandon a few stragglers remained.


Don’t forget that Bill Maher will have his live convention coverage at 11:00 Eastern time and it will be live streamed on his youtube channel.

Maher was supposed to be on. Did anyone see him? I might have missed it.

Fredster, I missed everything tonight. But I plan to watch every single speech and what-not I missed tomorrow. By the way, I see lots of new links in the side bar. I need to catch up on those, too. Looking forward to them.

@24: Hey GAgal!! No biggie because real life happens.

The speeches are supposed to be on cspan and I need to find a link for that and add it in for quick reference.

The Real Time thing is on now on youtube. See link above.

Watching MSNBC and this is cute: They have Chris Hayes sitting next to Joy Reid. That reminds me of the I.T. situation when they bring in your replacement and you have to train them.

I’m not sure who Nina Turner is, cuz I don’t watch msnbs, but enjoyed your posts about her. She sounds obnoxious.

I am also catching up on a bunch of speeches that I missed. This is the most amazing political convention I ever saw. Am really enjoying it–even my husband is, which is amazing.

Fredster, yeah, I remember seeing her. She seems annoying.

@30: Yes, she is.

I’ve put a link under Politics to the c-span site where you can see all of the convention speeches.

Thanks Fredster! You’re a very talented blog manager! Going to check out your Bill Maher link now.

@32: Oh I don’t know about that but thanks. ☺️

Oh! Take a look at this about Drumpf.

The presidential candidate is seeking to bring in 78 more servers, housekeepers, and cooks for his Mar-a-Lago resort and nearby golf course. The controversial guest worker program allows employers to import foreign workers, but only when there are no Americans who want the jobs.

Because I’m sure it’s difficult to find servers/housekeepers/cooks in Palm Beach county. Let’s say this: it shouldn’t be difficult if you pay them a decent wage.

@33, I saw that. He is utterly repulsive. I don’t doubt that he breaks the law several times a day.

@34: And yet disaffected white males want to believe he’s going to be on their side and “bring jobs back”. And I don’t want to hear any b.s. about “Americans won’t take these jobs”.

Shinners!!!! MadamaB, Prolix, Fredster, check your email :)!

SO EFFIN HAPPY! Been busy volunteering until I can’t no more at Hillary’s Tampa office. Big push on voter registration and local events.

Let’s welcome our girl!!!!!!

Aww look. Aren’t they just precious?

Tell ya what: Y’all just hold your breath and we’ll get back to you, m’kay?

{{{SM!!!! }}} Hugs!!

Glad to hear you’ve been working for our girl in Tampa. Hope the voter registration is going well. 🙂

***EDIT*** Will check the email.

Hello Widdershins! I’m in my new place and without TeeVee. Will be watching Our Girl on Teh Interwebz!

It’s an amazing night!!!

@39: Getting settled in?

Getting there!!! 🙂

That was an awesome speech that gentleman just made.

@41: I remember some of those settling in deals. LOL

It’s almost time!! I’m Ready for Hillary!!!!

I hope Katy Perry sings “Roar”. She just has to…

Redemption is in DA HOUSE. I think I woke up everybody in a 5 block radius when Obama said that Hillary was qualified more than him and more qualified than Bill. Thank you, finally.

BTW, laptop issues, my icon changed from my normal purple blobby thingy to my tabby cat.

Katy’s song, “still I rise,” reminds me of Maya Angelou’s poem “I Rise.”


Papa Clinton’s in da HOUSE 🙂

Our baby girl Chelsea!!

Chelsea through her dad under the Bubba bus….mom and me Pride and Prejudice….dad, Police Academy, LMAO!!!!

Through = threw, UGH, autotext 😦

Papa Bill is crying!!!!!!!! So am I

Not sure if Chelsea was nervous or if it was emotions but it sounded like her voice broke on a few words.

Our PRESIDENT is on fi-yaaaahhhhh!!! And I won’t throw a glass of water on it.

@55: Oh hell no!

“A man you can bait with a tweet is one that you can’t trust with nuclear weapons.” AND THAT IS A SMART POWER BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!

Hillary is killing it. She looks fabulous btw. I can’t believe this event is finally happening!

She is Harry Truman, FDR, Bobby Kennedy, Hermoine Granger, RuPaul, Pokemon Gym Leader Cynthia, GO HILLZ!!!

@59, YEAH!

socalannie: My mom is an angel-believing person and on Thursdays she always wear white for some angel, and when Hillary walks out in the white suit, I call mom and said to her…uh, Mami, did you call Hillary about wearing white on Thursdays?? And Mami said, she has angels already talking to her, 🙂

Gotta have us some fireworks here!

REDEMPTION!!!!!!! That is what I feel. SOmebody who worked their whole life, did the homework, passed every test, represents her country and her people with love and passion and KNOWLEDGE…..this feels so effing good. More like a leg that isn’t fully healed, but it’s functioning fully again, but because we experienced pain/hurt/damage, we work it better to never let it happen again. We can’t go back. Never. SI SE PUEDE.

Oh my gosh. My husband and I were bawling like babies! What an amazing speech, and she DEVASTATED Drumpf.

I KNOW y’all noticed that she said she was putting in a New New Deal in her first 100 days, right?! She opened her campaign in FDR park for a REASON, people!!! Preach it girrrrrrrl!

I’m out, Widdershins. Hugs all ’round. It was a great night for us PUMAs, and an even greater night for America! See you all again soon!

And we can have our balloon drop.

@61, that’s awesome. We thought the white pantsuit was a great choice. Made her seem like a white knight.

Nice to see you MB! Loved your comments!

but because we experienced pain/hurt/damage, we work it better to never let it happen again

Excellent comparison SM, I love it.

@64: We’ll see ya soon MB.

Aw geez…”Standing by for first instant poll”.


That was awe-inducing, phenomenal and just an absolute pleasure to watch!! HILL A REE!!! HILL A REE!!! HILL A REE!!!

*waves as madamab passes by*

I loved watching Hillary play with the balloons! 😀

YES!!! Fredster!!! Fireworks all the way!!! Balloons have dropped and did it!!! Democrats have taken back patriotism, serving our military, Black Lives Matter, just everything and keeping it real without a fake sheen…LOVED IT. OK, now we all have to get to work. There are many Hillary offices opening up soon in your area to phonebank, or whatever….SHE IS IN, a good post would be to show where to sign up for volunteering.

Bill Maher is streaming now on youtube.

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