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Posted on: July 25, 2016

Good morning Widdershins.  Welcome to the week that should have happened eight years ago.  Did you think it was going to be an easy week?Hillary and Tim Kaine

Hillary has had to fight every step of the way.  This week will be no different.

Lazy people who call themselves journalists are in full-tilt false equivalency mode.  Here’s the way it works – they have to be meaner to Hillary to prove they are fair because last week’s RNC was such an unmitigated crapfest.  Even though the RNC couldn’t stick a finger in their butts with the help of a Hellfire missile fired from a sexually ambiguous Predator drone, the faux journalists have to even up the fight to ensure ratings.

Folks, this week is going to be difficult for us.  Case in point:  The last 24-hours.  The rollout of Tim Kaine was near perfect (I subtracted a half-point for the oversized red and white stripes as a background).  Tim Kaine was excellent.  Hillary was as happy as I’ve ever seen her.  It was the opposite of the reenactment of, “The Man Who Knew Too Little,” by the Yam and Nonsense Pence last week.

The lazy forlornalists have to create a narrative.  They jumped on a few emails in tens of thousands released by alleged rapist and pigment-challenged Julian Assange courtesy of proven liar and Putin playmate Guccifer 2.0.

Seig Heil from Trump and woman

I’m not going to get into the issue beyond this:  If someone attacks an organization, it doesn’t sit well with the natives.  BerningBum, a Democrat by contrivance for about 30 seconds, had attacked the DNC, DWS, and senior staff members.  He attacked them to deflect attention from his own unethical and illegal behavior.  As with any organism, a foreign object is always attacked by a body’s defenses.  Emails were written.  Venting took place.  It happens in every organization.

It turned a “nothing burger” into a “thing,” but like the seasoned leader she is, Hillary dealt with it.  She didn’t spend 36 hours denying it like Manafort did with the plagiarism.  She worked the problem.

What was different from the way Hillary handled it?  Unlike Obama, she doesn’t use people as fodder for bus speed bumps.  Hillary is loyal to her friends.  She created a title for DWS.  Hillary honored the loyalty of DWS.

So this is just the first of much brouhaha for the week.  Hillary faced it.  Overcame it.  Bested the ninnies.  There will be more.

Remember this – Hillary never stops.  Think about getting up and facing what she has faced for at least 25 years.  Think about what we faced eight years ago.  We were called “dead-enders”.  This is our week.  I intend to enjoy every second of it.

I leave you with this:  The Washington Post has declared Trump a “unique threat to American democracy.”  They unequivocally said, “They will never endorse Trump.”  Here is a bit of it:unnamed

The lack of experience might be overcome if Mr. Trump saw it as a handicap worth overcoming. But he displays no curiosity, reads no books and appears to believe he needs no advice. In fact, what makes Mr. Trump so unusual is his combination of extreme neediness and unbridled arrogance. He is desperate for affirmation but contemptuous of other views. He also is contemptuous of fact. Throughout the campaign, he has unspooled one lie after another — that Muslims in New Jersey celebrated after 9/11, that his tax-cut plan would not worsen the deficit, that he opposed the Iraq War before it started — and when confronted with contrary evidence, he simply repeats the lie. It is impossible to know whether he convinces himself of his own untruths or knows that he is wrong and does not care. It is also difficult to know which trait would be more frightening in a commander in chief.


That is the competition.  It is clear the bombastic Circus Peanut is going to be graded on a curve.  There’s nothing we can do to change that because “perfect self-confidence is reserved for the less talented as a consolation prize.”


What’s on your mind today?


142 Responses to "This week…"

Here’s an interesting post on The People’s View entitled:

“Progressive” Drama Queens Freaking Out Over DNC Emails Need to Grow Up

The always-angry delicate flowers on the Left’s end zone are at it again. This time, their freakout comes from the fact that people at the DNC are allowed to have thoughts which they believe automatically biased the process against their boyfriend, I mean candidate, even though no such evidence exists.

@1: Speaking of Drama Queens, that was the file name of that picture I used for the weekend post. 😆

There’s now a link to the schedule and speakers over on the right side.

If it weren’t for CSpan, I wouldn’t even know Barney Frank was in the building. CNN and SNBC are too busy chasing around Bernie Whiners. CSpan it is.

GAgal, check your email.

Apropos of nothing really, but I get this email about notable obituaries. In the one this week, three of the notices had to do with shooting or other mass deaths from shootings, bombing, or other attacks. Sad.

Just heard something on the coverage — there were just seven people on these terrible, awful, horrible, primary stealing emails. Seven people on the thread. Seven.

If this is the only thing the media has to make a problem, what are they going to do for the rest of the week? Look up old Blockbuster rentals maybe?

Prolix, great post, as always. Completely agree.

@3, thanks Fredster!

I read someplace that our gov is investigating the email theft. I hope they can make some people pay for it, the “alleged rapist and pigment challenged” creep being one of them.

annie@9: I hope they’re able to do something about it too.

@8, thanks Annie.

I saw video of some of the bernie folks with blue tape over their mouths and written on the tape: Silenced by the DNC. Meh. Then on MSNBS, Williams and Maddow brought in Nina Turner to spew her vile nonsense. So, click.

Let’s spread the word: Trump is the Manchurian Candidate, paid for and sponsored by Vladimir Putin.

@13: Hey Sweet Sue: Should we pool some $$s and get a billboard? 😉

@13, we should use a knockoff of the “Intel Inside” with “Trump: Powered by Putin.”

Or here’s one: With Assange it’s always A$$ first.

Oh geez, I better find something to switch to; Bernie is getting ready to speak and I have no desire to listen to him.

Prolix at 15 & 16: Oh those are great.

@5 Wow fredster. That’s really flattering. I’m not computer savvy at all. (Here is where I cry over the loss of my Mac again.) I would need some big-time tutoring. I’ll let you know soon. Thanks so much, guys.

@16 Prolix, you win!!

Didn’t I read that the WikiLeaks also exposed SS# and credit card info of donors? Maybe the media should be talking about that, although the DNC would not be happy for their donors to hear that.

@19: GAgal, none of us except for MB were or are that computer “savvy”. I’ll send you an email with a little more info.

@20, yep, there were SS#s and credit card info pilfered. This Guccifer scum is a proven liar. I’m even thinking he might just be the “launderer” of these emails. The emails could have been collected by other means, i.e. Russian cyber intel forces, and passed to Guccifer to legitimize the “hack”. Just sayin’.

GAgal I just sent you a personal email.

@22: Aw geez, and I made some donations to the DNCCC thingie. Yikes!

Is Bernie finished yammering yet? I don’t want to switch back to any coverage until he’s off the stage.

Damn I didn’t know Franken was on. I wold have watched him.

@23 Will do, Fredster. I’ll check it out.

@27: Okie-doke! 🙂

Van Jones was sort of speechless at Silverman’s comment. >:D

@29, at least someone said it, “You Bernie or Bust people are being ridiculous.” Someone had to say it.

I saw Susan Sarandon there. She’s got a lot of business showing her face at that convention. As the Liberal Redneck says, “That gets my red up.”

@30: So I wonder if she’ll leave Philly after Bernie gives his speech? She’s not a delegate or anything like that is she?

Good comment by Michelle about 140 characters. LOL

That was a wonderful speech that Michelle gave.

@31, the only place Sarandon could be a delegate is the 9th Circle of Hell since they had a caucus.

Wouldn’t you have to be a delegate to be there? Do they let the delegates bring a date? Is Sarandon a delegate? She has a nasty expression on her face.

Well, we’ve had it on all afternoon and evening, (cspan) and I think they’ve done a great job. The speakers have all been great, especially loved Franken & Silverman, Cory Booker was freaking amazing, Michelle was wonderful and beautiful and now EW is kicking ass.

I guess Bernie will be up next.

Someone at Upps said something like that msnbc had mikes near the few booing people for added drama. Cspan is better and no commercials.

@36: I guess she could have been someone’s guest.

Looks like Bernie’s prime time speech is going to be the Late Show speech.

@36, there are “VIP” passes or “VIP + one” passes.

She has a nasty look on her face. It just goes to show how these BernBeasts are not Democrats. They might be Independents at best and at worst, agitators who could care less about the Democratic party or its ideals. They are “me first, selfie obsessed, non-thinking, impulse control missing” hooligans. They are looking for a soccer game so they can start a hockey fight.

@37: Won’t matter to me cuz once he walks out (on the stage) so am I.

@40: Let’s see: She supported Nader in 2000 (we know how that turned out). In 2004 I’m not sure. In 2008 she and Robbins were for John Edwards. Wow, they always go with the losers don’t they?

This behavior is what you get when you stay in the race long after there is not a chance in hell of winning and feeding the narrative that everything is rigged. This is Bernie’s fault.

Bernie is Chris Pratt in Jurassic World who tried to train wild, killer, BernBeasts and failed. The only way around them was to have a bigger beast kill them or throw them on a “BernieHana” grill.

These BernBeasts have never been outside their enclosures. They don’t know how to act among the civilized.

Fredster & Prolix, agree with you both. His speech so far has been all about himself. Pretentious and tiresome. A disappointment after the amazing speeches that went before it.

Bernie into his stump speech. You have got to be kidding me.

Laker says he’s such a one-trick-pony.

GAgal, thanks, I needed a good laugh!!!

@42 Another loser in 2004. You know… that guy who voted for the war.

During the 2000 election, Sarandon supported Ralph Nader’s run for president, serving as a co-chair of the National Steering Committee of Nader 2000.[28] During the 2004 election campaign, she withheld support for Nader’s bid, being among several “Nader Raiders” who urged Nader to drop out and his voters offer their support for Democratic Party candidate John Kerry.

@47, I’m with Laker! How’s he feeling by the way? Better I hope.

@46, thanks for posting that GAgal. I was worried about the rats living in Sarandon’s hair, I can see they haven’t moved out.

Bernie finally endorsing Hillary, but in a way too dragged out way.

Yesterday I commented on the CNN panel’s meltdown when they found out DWS would stay on until the end of the convention. Especially Van Jones. When one of them mentioned the possibility that it was a Russian hack, Jones lost it and yelled Conspiracy Theory!! I wonder what he thinks today now that print and online media are all over this story? I think SM needs to switch boyfriends to Cory Booker. 😀

@44: I’ve got him muted and switching between local news and him on span.

@46: Well she can pack her duds and I’m sure there are flights between Philly and LAX several times daily. In fact there may be a red-eye she can catch tonight.

Just checked expedia. She can hop on a flight tomorrow at 7 a.m. An all nighter to be ready for the a.m. won’t affect her appearance in the least.

@46: I’d love to know where she was sitting.

@53: GAgal, today schmoe was having a fit about the Russian thing until one of the Bloomberg guys pointed out all of the associations between Trump and a number of the Russians and Paul Manafort. Schmoe shut up and I put the tv on TCM.

@53: SM, if you’re reading, take note! 😉

Okay I see it’s ovah. I don’t have the stomach to go to post-game analysis on CN/MS/bullshite talking heads.

I wasn’t watching the past few hours, so I will have to catch clips from Booker, Warren and Michelle. Maybe Bernie. I’ve been flittering around the blogosphere checking out reactions. It sounds like Booker was a hit, Michelle got an A+, Warren was good and Bernie, for the most part, did his stump speech.

@60: I think you summed it up pretty well.

@59, we watched it, and yep, that sums It up nicely.

I flipped over to MSNBS and there was Tweety, Chris Hayes and Nina Turner. Flipped it right back to TCM. Pointless and useless with those last two – no need to watch that.

Totally OT, but this is bizarre. Not only the defense attorney, but the prosecution and judge agree to allow this neo-nazi’s tattoos to be hidden, covered in makeup, in order to seat a jury. Even worse, while this trial is for armed robbery of a motorcycle (is that bike-jacking?) the next trial is for the murder of a 75 year old woman.

@63: OMG. I’m at a loss with that one.

However ladies, the article does say he’s looking for a female penpal. 😆

@63 & 64, the way he corresponds is to get tattoos and then send Instagrams of them.

@65: Splutter!!

Good post over at Mr. Rude’s place.

Some choice parts (talking about the DNC hack) :

And what did the mighty hack show us? What horrors did it reveal? Was it that Hillary Clinton really is a lizard woman who threatened to unhinge her jaw and devour Bernie Sanders whole? From everything you can read so far, it seems like the big revelation is that…political operatives acted just like you’d expect political operatives to act. And, yeah, the Democratic National Committee was biased towards the lifelong Democrat who has worked tirelessly to get Democrats elected. To Sanders’ supporters, this was confirmation of something that Sanders said in the campaign. To anyone who has ever paid attention to an election ever, the reaction was “Yeah, and?”

Excellent piece about the “Bernie holdouts” not being voters in the first place. It seems that the “Bernie or Busters” like the bust part better. They don’t vote — for anyone — ever — other than those who can cut through their entitled, male, white privileged static.

@67, I agree with with Mr. Rude, and have been saying the same thing. The emails were nothing.

Our fabulous Sophie CT put this up next door:

View story at

@68, great article. I like that site.

I so wish chatblu was here to share this with us. Dammit, I’m a little bit mad about it, I guess because it should have happened 8 years ago.

@71, THIS! It would have been wonderful to have chatblu here with us.

Did wordpress just freeze for a few minutes or was it my computer?

@71 & 72, I was just thinking about Chat along with other dear departed women who would have so loved to have experienced this from this side.

@74 Dorothy Rodham, too.

@75, absolutely. My mother’s name was Dorothy too. She would have loved this. She would have danced, hooted and hollered.

Vermont passes.

I’m watching the roll call on Cspan and they have an alert on there that Hillary is offically nominated as the Dem nominee. 🙂 What a great day and it will be an even better day in November when she’s elected.

@71 and 72: My eyes have gotten “full” just a bit thinking about our other gal chat and yep I sooo wish she was here to celebrate this with us.

@75: Oh yes definitely GAgal.

@73: Wasn’t on at the time but wp is known to act up (sometimes just when you don’t want it to).

Wind it up Vermont and get it over with.

Shit! I just had to mute the tv cuz they gave Berniebum the mic.

Woo Hoo!! HILL A REE!!!! Dancing here! Happy!!

Tears in my eyes!!!

So glad to see Gov McAuliffe up first. He’s been such a good friend to the Clintons for so many years. HILL A REE!!

What happened with Vermont? I have been working and listeing when I could, but missed Vermont.

Fredster love @86!

I am so happy right now! This makes me over the top happy. This should have happened eight years ago, but all things happen for a reason and Hillary is taking office in “her time to tell her story and change herstory.”

Hey peeps- hope you are all celebrating tonight. She made it!!!

@90: Hey MsMass! Glad you came by. Isn’t it wonderful? I got chills down my spine when they announced it.

@89: Well said Prolix.

@socalannie, Vermont passed so they could be last to cast their vote. Then adhering to tradition, Sanders moved to make Hillary the nominee by acclamation.

Roz in NJ/NYC

I hope SM decides to come by. Would love to have her here celebrating with us.

Thanks Roz! I did catch the part with Bernie. Missed the pass part.

@93: Thanks for the info roz. To be honest I saw they were giving Bernie the mic so I switched the channel.

Okay, has anyone had the strength to watch CNN/MSNC-Bee-S ?

@97, sorry, no. Life is too short.

George Will says that Rump’s taxes may show he is heavily involved with the Russians.

@98: Oh I was hoping for one brave soul who would take on the challenge. 😉

Guess I’ll keep it on Cspan or maybe PBS, but then at 8 Central time I have to watch TNT and that wonderful Cali family in Animal Kingdom. 😎

The Big Dawg is going to be on at 10 EDT ?

Should we take an informal poll to see how many times he bites his lip? LOL

@74 Dorothy Rodham, too.

My mother would have loved to see this day too! She was born on June 4, 1919, the same day as Dorothy Rodham and the day congress passed the 19th amendment to the Constitution giving women the right to vote.

I can hardly believe this day has finally come. It feels very healing to me!

@102: Thanks for sharing that branjour. Hugs!

@102, wonderful remembrance!

We made it, everyone!! We have seen Our Girl make history. The sweetness and sadness of this moment are astounding. Thanks for being with us tonight.

@105: I put up an image on the right with a broken glass ceiling. One down, one more to go.

@102 branjor, that’s so special! I think it was the first time I was dancing and crying at the same time. I plan to do it again in November and once more in January. HILL A REE!!!

Has anyone seen Susan Sarandon? Is she still in the bldg or did she maybe take that early a.m. A.A. flight to LAX?

We might have to check international flights. She said back in 2004 she would move out of the country if Bush was reelected. Hopefully, she ran as far away as she could.

Fredster, got a question. In trying to create a wordpress account, I can’t use GAgal or gagal as my user name. I created an account using imgagal. Does that mean I won’t be GAgal on wordpress blogs anymore or is it just a sign-in thing? I’m kinda partial to my GAgal since that’s been me for so long.

@109: If she did leave the country maybe they won’t let he back in should she decide to make a visit back.

GAgal, I’m seeing your gravatar account as imgagal. Did you try using GAgal? Did it say that was taken or something similar?

If I recall correctly I’m actually nolafredster but got it to display as Fredster.

Take a look here, this may help:

Gravatar is a part of the network. If you have registered for an account on, you will also have a Gravatar account, and can log in to Gravatar at any time using your credentials. If you don’t yet have a account, you’ll need to sign up for one to use Gravatar.

Had to go run a quick errand but not quick enough. I missed the first part of his speech. How many lip bites so far?

@103: Hey there, Fredster, hugs to you too!

@107: GAgal, thanks! I feel connected to Hillary in some important ways, not the least of which is the horrendous treatment she has undergone at the hands of very negative and judgmental people.

@115: I believe there are a number of women who feel that way and sadly those women can probably identify with that from some personal experiences.

Bill still has it. And he looked good too. Back during the primaries he really looked tired at times.


I loved that graphic with the glass shattering and then Hilz coming in on satellite!

Happy day! Is this real? Finally!

@118 Oh no! I missed it! I did catch Bill. Great! That Fight Song montage was WOW! Loved Meryl Streep’s whoop!

@119: Yaaaas gurl! It’s r e a l!

@120: GAgal, I saw on cspan that they had a thing about all of the speeches being available on

I think Frankie Valli and the other three seasons sang it best: “Oh What A Night!”

gotta find something else for background noise/nuisance things. Can’t handle the bloviating blowhards on the newz networks.

Sweet Sue, excellent choice.

GAgal, check your email when you have a chance.

Fredster, thanks for the tip on the c-span vids of the speeches. Couldn’t follow anything while at work…

@127: Oh hey, no problem. Don’t know exactly what all they will have but they did have a little info box with that in it.

@128 Plus I am TV-free, so if I can’t catch a live-stream I’m dependent on the Hillary blogs and internetz archives. Heh, I miss most of the inane talking heads that way.

I hope Cspan creates their own history over these four days with record breaking viewers. I haven’t watched anything else since early yesterday. If I could, I’d turn every TV in the house on Cspan and let it run 24/7 for the next few days.

Found this tweet over at Upp’s with the glass breaking.

@126 Yay! It worked!

Better with Hill’s remarks:

@131: I got kind of choked up watching that again.

She has *got* to win in November. GOT to win…that’s all there is to it.

@132: YAY! So was it the Display name that took care of it?

Dear Widdershins readers

If you look over on the right-hand side under Our Front Pagers, you’ll see a new gravatar there.


I know that Prolix, MB and I are looking forward to your contributions to the blog!

@136, welcome GAgal. You will class up the place! We are so happy to have you with us.

Thanks so much Fredster. I’ve been in and out a lot over the past couple of days because of my own drama queens on the home front. I don’t know why – but for some reason – when something really important is going on for me, like the Democratic Convention, someone comes along and acts like an ass. I ignore it as long as I can. Then finally, I lay down the law.

I did have a good laugh today. I need to start one of those trends… Things My 82 Year Old FOX watching Step-Dad Says… Today it was this:

He: Wow, I can’t believe the nomination was so close.
Me: Close? It was almost a 1,000 delegate win. In 2008, Hillary was 160 less than Obama.
He: Yeah, well… I’m just surprised he got as many as he did.

@138: LOL! You need to make a little list of those bon mots and possibly do a post of them.

Thank you Prolix (and madamab). Eventually, I’ll get there.

I want to add to my last comment about my stepdad. I believe that he will vote for Hillary and I’m certain my mother will. No, I haven’t actually asked either of them. They may be old, but they are not stupid. FOX has convinced them the Democrats are going to take away their Social Security and Medicare. They are not religious. At all. My Mom marched with me in DC in the ’90s for abortion rights and again and again in Atlanta. LGBT is not their concern. FOX has freaked them into a delusional world of ISIS and Black Lives Matter as a racial, ethnic and religious war.

They despised Cruz, but would have voted for Jeb. There is no way they vote for Trump. Give me a month, we will have Clinton/Kaine signs in our yard. Not that many people will see it. But I will. EVERY DAY.

@141: GAgal, a lot of us have friends or families who swear by the Fox News version of things. Mention to them (and if you can show them, that’s better) that Trump’s tax plan gives even more tax cuts to the 1% and once again brings out the infamous “trickle down” theory which we know doesn’t work worth squat for anyone but the rich.

Of course if you happen to mention that Trump’s businesses have gotten lots of money from the Russians and his pal Putin that can’t hurt if they are of a certain age.

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