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Post-convention weekend ~ Recuperation and Recovery

Posted on: July 23, 2016

I survived the Republican Convention ?

Gosh I survived the Republican Convention ?

Good Saturday and weekend Widdershins!

And  yes, it’s true!  We made it through the entire shebang.  We got through all of the pontificating, the pomposity, and the pretension.  And I’m just talking about the political commenters that we watched!  We saw the stellar lineup that Trump promised, which included Scott Baio and Duck guy junior.

So enough of that, it’s behind us.   We need this bit of r & r before the good political convention starts this week.  To give us all a break I’m going to put up a few political cartoons and the cartoonists’ takes on the convention.  And lastly I’m going to add Trump’s epic rant about Ted Cruz.  The National Enquirer?  Really Donald?  He must have watched Men in Black too many times and like Agent K,  believes that all truth lies in the tabloids.














As you can see, some of these were really playing up the Melania speech incident.  However, it was handled so badly by Trump and his people that it begged for a good mocking.

Lastly, Trump’s epic rant about Ted Cruz.  There are two good writeups about here and here.   Most nominees would hold their first presser and start talking about the campaign, their opponent and things like that.  But then there’s Trump.  This is going to be interesting folks. (this is a long clip – be prepared)

splash-page-separator-fade-lineSo what’s on your minds today Widdershins?  This is an open thread/post so take the conversation in any direction you wish.



59 Responses to "Post-convention weekend ~ Recuperation and Recovery"

Excellent selections Fredster.

I think my favorite is the “lyin’ Ted,” one. Imagine all the stuff der Drumpf has done and said and then he’s insulted. Really. Really?

And for Trump, within 12 hours, to go on a rant about the “National Enquirer” not having won a Pulitzer Prize — the man is unhinged. The guy who ghost wrote his book said he was clinically a sociopath. As a rule, I don’t like to throw clinical diagnoses around like that, but when you look at der Drumpf’s behavior over such an extended period with consistent triggers — he probably is on “the spectrum”.

Just sitting here thinking — during the dystopian Amway convention we just witnessed, the only real character witnesses were his children. Fifty years in business in NYC and the only character witnesses were his children. His children seem fine, but they were raised in boarding schools, summer camps, and by nannies. Melania is playing a role with Baron, but the others, they were all farmed out.

But, my point is this — all the Republicans were over the top about his children and what a great and decent parent he has been. These same people who have never, not once, ever said a nice thing about the Obamas’ parenting skills and what fine young ladies they have raised.

Selective much?

Love the cartoons! LOL funny! And totally true!

Prolix, good points about the kids.

@1: And Schwartz (the ghostwriter) also said it was difficult to keep Trump focused for very long when he was working with him to write the book. I found this under “symptoms of a.d.d. in adults”.

Lack of Focus

Possibly the most telltale sign of ADHD, “lack of focus” goes beyond difficulty paying attention. It means being easily distracted, finding it hard to listen to others in a conversation, overlooking details, and not completing tasks or projects. The flip side to that is hyperfocus

We don’t really know much about his health other than that b.s. letter released by one doctor.

@2: One thing we know about Junior and maybe Eric, is that they like to shoot and kill large animals.

LOVE the Melania/Michelle cartoons especially!

I just have to say something about this wikileak thing, where a DNC guy said someone should ask about ‘his’ religious beliefs assuming it’s Bernie. Personally, I don’t care if Bernie worships a maple tree in his backyard, but a major portion of the electorate do. He was talking about WV and KY here.

So, yeah… I think it is perfectly appropriate to ask a potential presidential nominee how he would answer such a question. The DNC needs to vet our candidates to be prepared for anything. How about sit them down and ask them… You know you will be asked about your faith and beliefs, don’t ‘ya? You know you will be expected to show your tax returns, don’t ‘ya? You know you will be asked for details on your policies and their implementation, don’t ‘ya?

If Bernie had won the nomination, we would have had a self-described socialist with vague mumblings about his faith on the top of our ticket. So these critics need to grow the hell up. This is politics. Trying to not hurt the fee fees of special snowflakes is a way to lose an election.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

@5 There’s also a picture out there of one of Trump’s sons holding an elephant tail cut off a dead elephant. Kind of ironic.

Not sure why this isn’t on the news 24/7. Josh Marshall “Trump & Putin. Yes, it’s really a thing.”

Apparently, after his bankruptcies and blackballing by US banks, tRump bankrolled himself with money from Russian oligarchs close to Putin.

No, this is not tin foil hat stuff. Sourced from Bloomberg, WashPo, and NYTimes. 😯

Add to that: the only part of the Repug platform The Donald was interested in was changing the bit about arming Ukraine. That was changed to a Putin-friendly stance.

The Manchurian Candidate. Except it’s not a movie. more 😯

@7, YEAH! Right on GAgal!

In any event, the wikileaks dump is all kinds of wrong, illegal, traitorous, pathetic. I rate right to privacy right up there with freedom of speech and freedom of religion, freedom of choice. We should be able to email our thoughts and opinions without these hacker creeps being able to break in. We should be able to have our social security and bank account #s kept private. That wikileaks douchebag released peoples ssn and other private info. I wish they lure him out of that embassy and arrest his ass. His self righteous spiel about why he does this is a crock of shit. He injures innocent people. I think he’s a narcisscist and sociopath like Trump.

@9, yes, the media should be blaring this story 24/7.

From the NYT op-ed from Ambassador Stevens mother: (This is the entire letter.

To the Editor:

As Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens’s mother, I am writing to object to any mention of his name and death in Benghazi, Libya, by Donald Trump’s campaign and the Republican Party.

I know for certain that Chris would not have wanted his name or memory used in that connection. I hope that there will be an immediate and permanent stop to this opportunistic and cynical use by the campaign.


Oakland, Calif.

LOL The Gateway Pundits have two headlines on memorandum right now.

NOTE TO SANDERS SUPPORTERS: Bernie would have won if not for the superdelegate system!

and my favorite *snicker*

WOW! Did Hillary just have a seizure on camera?

@8: Yes, I saw that one. Indeed the irony is strong with that one. 🙂

@9: Quixote, add that to his comments about NATO and Putin and his gang must be creamin’ their jeans.

@5, ugh. Yeah, a high-powered rifle, scope, guides. Really sporting there.

@5, Obviously, without a doubt, tiny hands run in the Trump family.

@16: but, but he said: I HUNT & EAT game.” and “you’re sure to learn hunting isn’t about killing.”.

Then why all the posing with the dead animals? Oh and if you look at that picture of the knife and the elephant tail, that knife is totally clean. Probably had someone else do the actual cutting.

@7, out of the thousands, what maybe a handful of memos are juicy enough to merit mention through innuendo as supporting the underlying premise of “DNC palace intrigue”. And it’s not like people who work at the DNC are political eunuchs, they are all players and wannabes. So one person writes his or her buddy about something — we all do it, have done it in every job we have ever had.

The big scandal that wasn’t needs a hit of Viagra and some Red Bull.

@8 GAgal said, “There’s also a picture out there of one of Trump’s sons holding an elephant tail cut off a dead elephant.”

Hate to contradict you, but GAgal, that wasn’t from an elephant, that was Reince Preibus’ vestigial tail. They had to cut if off because it was attracting too many sniffers.

@20: Splutter!

@9 quixote, Josh Marshall is pretty much an unimpeachable source. He’s never one to get egg on his face.

Pretty much of a nothingburger here with this article from WaPo.

but after his votes in the Senate in favor of abortion rights – Planned Parenthood gives him a 100% rating, covering 13 votes in the past four years – Prior said she can’t imagine conservative evangelicals will still be willing to support him.

“Evangelical Christians” aren’t going to give the Democratic ticket the slightest of glances.

Fredster, I love the cartoons, especially the live action one at the bottom.

@24: Sweet Sue, that indeed may have been the best of them all. LOL

(sigh) If I had $3.2 million to buy a penthouse condo I really don’t think I would be interested in one that I could just hose down to clean it. This is just a tad too sparse looking for me.

@18, makes ya wonder if he killed the elephant just for the tail. Since when does a rich white ‘Murikan dude need to hunt and eat exotic animals?

@20, spew!

Charles Pierce seems to have come around to the one I used to read. Good piece here.

Oh and for the Berniebots, Ben Jealous and Nina Turner this one is for you:

I expect the usual suspects to be dissatisfied. I expect the usual suspects to raise a kind of hell for a couple of days. I expect the usual suspects who cover the usual suspects to try and make a Trump-Cruz blood feud out of Sanders-Clinton over this decision. I expect that all of this is wrong. Anybody who lived in Cleveland this past week would feel the same. I don’t mind looking both ways when I cross the street for a while.

That bolded part is for you Chris Hayes.

I added a pic of our candidates over on the right.

Hi Widdershins! Just one more day till the big move. I’m missing you all! Fredster, great selection of cartoons. I’m still catching up with the rest of this week’s posts and comments.

If the Krug has picked up on the Putin love, then you know Hillary has not missed it. I can’t wait for her speech!

Tim Kaine was a safe and smart choice for Hillary. I’m happy with what she did. I will bet that in her heart of hearts she would have preferred a bolder choice, but this year we can’t afford to take any chances.

Oh look. Bernie supporters wearing Hillary For Prison 2016 shirts and others carrying Stop Killary signs. Aren’t they precious?

@32: Thanks MB, hope things are going well with you and hubby.

GAgal, do you have a link to any of that?

Oh lookie here, Sanders says he would have preferred Warren as Clinton’s VP pick.

As Uppity Woman likes to say “well boo effing hoo” to you Bernie. No one cares who you would have “preferred”. You lost Bernie! Go on back to Vermont and hug a maple tree or something. 👿

I wish someone could explain what unpardonable sin/crime DSW committed.
Looks like the Bernie Bros finally got the female scalp they were hunting, just not Hillary’s.
Debbie was pulled over for leading while female.
Bernie better make nice this week, or he’ll never sit on another Senate committee again-I hope.

Sweet Sue said Debbie was pulled over for leading while female.
And the thing is, this was already in the works:

And this has me really thrilled:

Interim chair through the election will be DNC vice chair Donna Brazile. Housing Secretary Julian Castro has been discussed as a possible successor.

@35 saw it live while protesters were standing behind the reporter. CNN was with protestors. MSNBC had the loudly chanting in background.

Entire CNN panel nearly levitated off their chairs when they found out DWS would stay until the end of the convention. Van Jones was furious. I noticed after Obama said DWS had his back for eight years and he was grateful to her, they all backed off a little, but you could tell Jones was still boiling underneath, just didn’t want to step on Obama’s statement.

@39: Oh okay, thanks for the info. I really hate to watch any of the news channels on Sunday if possible I want one day of rest from the tawking heads.

Van Jones was furious.
He’s going to have to learn to get over himself. 😉

In case anyone missed it (like me), here is Jon Stewart on Stephen Colbert’s show on Thursday. Great epic rant and Lumpy was not a happy camper afterward.

@38 yeah, this is all normal after the nominee is named, their apparatus goes in to take over until the election. Remember when Obama was announced the nominee his people took over and moved the headquarters immediately to Chicago.

What is not normal is, as Sweet Sue said, making sure you get the woman’s scalp on the way out the door. DWS was the first woman to be chairman of the DNC, but nobody cares about that. So she’s not allowed to finish out her term, even when she would be in the background.

She’s worked hard for the party for years and then Bernie comes along decides to use the party (not to mention sue and bad mouth and name call) to his advantage and she’s the one who’s asked to resign. This is BS.

I’ll say one more time. Why is it considered an “attack” on Bernie to ask about his religious beliefs? Every other candidate has been asked. What make him so special? Because he and his supporters are afraid the answer might hurt him? That’s on him and no one else. Jeez.

DWS has to resign and Brazile takes over. We all know what a bang-up job she did on Al Gore’s campaign.

I hope Bernie gets primaried. I’m so sick of his antics, and his deranged cult followers.

@42: I can’t disagree with a thing you said.

@44: I don’t think anyone would shed a tear if that happened.

I’m futzing around with stuff on the right side of the page. If you see things there and then they’re gone that’s why.

MSNBC is running rampant with the Bernie-brats protesters. Puhleeze!

I sooo wanted to paste in the last line of this Borowitz piece but it’s better if I don’t. 🙂

I read this Vox article a couple of weeks ago, but couldn’t get Hillary’s interview with Ezra Klein (yeah, I know) to play. It is really good. I especially liked the last few minutes when she’s talking about the media – not fact checking, not admitting they got something wrong, and allowing the lies to fester – undermining our democracy.

@50: Now my curiosity is piqued. I’ll check it in a bit. And thanks for the video @51. Will watch it shortly.

I see I got a email from Tim Kaine yesterday with the subject line – hey. Cracked me up. Hey, Tim.

I haven’t seen the 60 minutes interview with Hillz and Tim yet, but I’d like to add that it’s not just the Republicans who have a “Hillary standard”. It’s the media, too. But I’m sure that will just whoosh over their heads.

“I often feel like there’s the Hillary standard and then there’s the standard for everybody else,” the presumptive Democratic nominee said in the interview on CBS News’ “60 Minutes.”

@53: Oh you got a “hey” email too? Small world! 😆

@54: I try to limit myself when it comes to tv interviews that involve Hilz because you never know what the hell they’re going to do afterwards with the editing. And while my blood pressure is controlled with meds, you just never know what might make it spike really quick. 😛

We watched the interview and thought it was very good. Hubs got excited a couple of times at questions he asked Hillary, but I think he was just laying it out there so she could answer it honestly without being hammered. We all thought the ticket looks amazing.

I was watching the Vox interview and paused it to do some other things. I’m getting ready to go back to it now. I’ll have to see if I can stream the 60 Minutes one.

That Vox interview was fantastic. She is so knowledgeable about so much, it’s amazing.

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