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Remember this?

Posted on: July 19, 2016

Sometimes the truth is stranger than meerkat scat.  There’s no one, not even those on bath salts, who could have “thunked up” Melania Trump plagiarizing the speech of Michelle Obama, the wife of the Muslim Kenyan.  I’m sure in World Cup Soccer Slovenia has scored on Kenya, but not at this level and not in America.

Remember this:

Fist jab 5


Remember that the “terrorist fist jab” was burning with white-hot furor over at Fox.  They even called in a “body language” expert to help decipher it.

The truth is: The “terrorist fist jab” was nothing more than lifting a wild-eyed comment from a wilder-eyed right-wing nutjob website.  So Michelle Obama was fair game to the point of a New Yorker cover over something that had been lifted from the comments section of an online website that should only be read in rooms with padded walls.  Who knew?

My point is this:  Michelle Obama has been pilloried for just about anything and everything she has touched by the right-wing media industrial complex.  Exercise, vegetables – Michelle’s nanny state.  Health care and veterans’ rehab – insincere.  Wearing off the rack non-designer dresses – classless.

Now we are told by the right-wing nutjobs that this Melania plagiarism should be immune from criticism.  Tilting at windmills.  A big nothing burger. Oh, and she’s really hot.  And white.

It’s not just that it was copied, but in talking about the speech, Mrs. Trump III said, “I wrote it with as little help as possible.”

Of course, Melania might come by it honestly because in the study, Plagiarism Policies in the Republic of Slovenia (a real thing, it is amazing what you can get when you plug words into the googling machine) in Section 4.1.2 Plagiarism, it says:

Responders to our survey (both faculty and students) agreed that students should receive more targeted educaton (sic) on plagiarism and ways to avoid it. Based on the informaton (sic) we retrieved, we notced (sic) a lack of specifc (sic) modules on research methods and academic writng (sic).

Apparently, Slovenians not only need instruction on why it’s wrong to plagiarize, they need lessons on why it is good to use spell check – two sentences, five misspellings in an academic study.

This whole episode is a perfect example of the hypocrisy that festers so near the surface in just about everything the RWN do.  Fake candidate, Benghazi lies, lip service to tolerance and inclusion, feigning allegiance to veterans, supporting open carry laws until they have to be in the common places where people actually open carry.  The list is endless.

Why should it be surprising that there was a copied speech and then lying about the lies?


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116 Responses to "Remember this?"

@1, excellent!

LMAO! Paul Begala sent out a tweet: “I’m looking forward the speeches of Donald Trump’s children, Sasha and Mahlia.”

@3, LOL.

Except Paul spelled Malia’s name right and I messed it up.

Oh well now, this should be interesting:

Norovirus strikes the Republican National Convention

Abbreviated clip:

It’s all Hillary’s fault!

“This is, once again, an example of when a woman threatens Hillary Clinton, how she seeks out to demean her and take her down,” he continued. “It’s not going to work.” To our knowledge, Hillary Clinton and her campaign have made no comment on the incident whatsoever.

@10, really, Omarosa is the outreach to AA voters. I don’t think you can go lower than Zero percent.

Well, the celebration on the floor of the convention was quite anemic. Everyone seemed bored.

@11: My thoughts too. But hey! Perhaps they can get Nina Turner to join Omarosa.

@12: Norovirus.

Damn! I put the tv on MSNBC and they cut right then to Mrs. Greenspan. >:D

I decided to put in on Cspan.

@14, LOL

Omarosa’s job should be easy since she only has to reach out to herself. Wonder how much they’re paying her to look in the mirror?

W.Va guy thinks getting Trump in will help coal miners.

I didn’t hear the media discussing this from last night:

Even more disturbing, numerous speakers from the dais, including some of the top speakers of the evening, called for Hillary Clinton to be imprisoned. At least two – and I think more – actually led the crowd in chants of “lock her up!” There has never been any evidence of criminal activity on Clinton’s part. An investigation with a lot of pressure to find something amiss concluded that no charges should be recommended against her and that no prosecutor would bring charges against her for anything connected to her private email server.

It goes without saying that it is a highly dangerous development when one presidential nominee and his supporters make into a rallying cry that the opposing candidate should be imprisoned. This is not Russia. This is not some rickety Latin American Republic from half a century ago. This is America. For all our failings and foibles this is not a path we’ve ever gone down.

@21, Speaker Eddie Munster is about to whine.

Uh-oh! Trouble in Dodge City and Rancid Penis is on the dais.

Reince Priebus is chewing so fast and hard it looks like he has some of that coca-dentyne. He’s sweating so much you’d think he’s Melania’s speechwriter.

Okay, Alaska crapped in the Trump mess kit. You think Sarah Palin might have had something to do with that?

@23: Perhaps he took a cue from the Libertarian guy and it’s edible pot.

@24: She’ll show them for not giving her airfare, a hotel suite and a shopping spree at Kmart!

Well here’s what the agenda and schedule was supposed to be.

Rancid Pen!s is having major flop sweat right now.

Good article here about a bunch of what-ifs with Trump as the nominee.

So breaking news that Trump is going to speak to the convention tonight ??

@30, I’ve been watching other stuff. He’s going to call in. Dial-a-Trump, $3.99 a minute, best phone evah!

@31: ROTFL!!

You’re better off watching something else – just more Hillary bashing speeches.

McConnell is the first example of inter-species mating — a turtle and a pelican, that way he can carry a snackable head of lettuce with him at all times.

@33: Well how conveeenient.

The granny starver is yammering right now.

Great post and comments! Thanks for all the funny tweets and links everyone. I haven’t had much time today for politics.

RIP Garry Marshall, 81.

@37, Annie, how’s Laker feeling?

Since Charles Pierce has gotten off of his Bernie horse, he’s been writing some pretty good articles.

@39, a little better, thanks. He did that sleep apnea test last night. It was trippy! They had a room that looked like a nice hotel room with a Queen size bed. They hooked him up to about 50 wires and monitored him while he slept. We just got home a little while ago. They wanted one of us to stay with him because he’s had seizures, so I stayed as hubs had to get to work. They made up a little bed for me in the room. We actually slept pretty well there.

Here is an interesting article about Melania’s speech. It looks like she did do most of it, and changed what the speechwriters wanted her to say. It looks like she did just copy Michelle:

Also, on Huffpo, is the truly funny opening to Colbert last night. A great actress played Melania. LOL funny. You guys should check it out.

The GOP has grown whiter, older and less educated over all;

“You’re not going to do better than 59 percent,” Stuart Stevens, Mitt Romney’s chief strategist, told me not long ago, citing the percent of the white vote that his candidate got in 2012 while winning 24 states. Ronald Reagan, by comparison, got only 56 percent of the white vote in 1980 but won in a 44-state landslide.

“Now, you can talk about these Reagan Republicans” — at his own mention of a conservative subset of voters some say didn’t turn out for Romney, Stevens stopped to guffaw a little — “I can tell you where to find Reagan Republicans: Go to a cemetery in Oakland County, Michigan. That’s where you find ’em.”

I am SO enjoying all your wit and analysis of the Rethug’s convention! I couldn’t stand to watch it myself.

@40, that is an excellent article. Once Charlie got off the BS herb, it appears his mind has cleared.

@42, Annie, good, glad he’s feeling better. Let him know we are thinking about him and wishing him well thoughts.

@44, Luna, this stuff just writes itself. It’s like the cast of SNL doing a skit parody of doing SNL.

I posted this at Uppity’s
I have a dream that I’d like to see come true at the Democratic convention: Men For Hillary. It could be live or a video (much easier and less expensive) that would showcase various male icons making the case for Clinton with passion and eloquence( if that isn’t too “girly.”)
Featured Men:
Tom Hanks
Harrison Ford*
Sully Sullenberger*
General Russel Honore*
LeBron James*
Robert De Niro

I’ve starred the names of people whose political inclinations are unknown to me.
Who would you like to see on the list?
Doctors, astronauts, athletes, military men, politicians, movie stars?

@48, mine would have to be from beyond the grave so it would just be pictures since I don’t know if there is videotape of them together, but it would be Hillary and Nelson Mandela.

Prolix, I’d be willing to bet that there is video of Hillary and Mandela together.

A Mandela video would be great. Also Sherrod Brown if he’s not her VP choice. Clooney, and/or Clooney’s dad?

It’s pretty darn funny that Mittens had Clint Eastwood (living legend actor and director) at his convention in ’12, but all Trump has is the dude that played Chachi.

I’m going to try to embed a really funny tweet.

Isn’t that just the loveliest family photo you ever saw? {{{Clutching sides LOL}}}

@53: Oh gawd I love that!!!

Sweet Sue@48: Gen. Honoree, the savior of nola immediately post-Katrina.

There was talk of him running for guv this past election cycle but nothing happened with it.

I see he does have a website:

Welp, here’s the lineup of bullshite artists speakers for tonight’s festivities.

From the mind of Tom Toles of WaPo.

Trumpence is great!

@59: Those must be loony birds circling them.

Ha! #58 is great!

@48: Besides George Clooney and Robert De Niro, here are some celebrity men who have endorsed Hillary:

Ben Affeck
Matt Damon
Matthew Broderick
Jeff Bridges
Ted Danson
Michael Douglas
Jack Nicholson
Tobey Maguire
Samuel Jackson
Dustin Hoffman
Richard Gere
Ed O’Neill
Morgan Freeman
Tony Goldwyn ( hubba, hubba )
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Grant Hill
Jon Bon Jovi
Michael Bolton ( not a favorite of mine, but whatever )
James Taylor

There are other younger celebrity guys who are endorsing Hillary but I don’t recognize their names so I didn’t list them.

@62: I meant Ben Affleck. This Affeck guy, I don’t know from Adam.

@53, Is that Melania? It looks like Paula Abdul about 10 years ago.

@63: could have had him confused with this guy:

@64: Could have been photoshopped.

@65: LOL. I don’t think he has endorsed yet.

Someone put a wall around Donald Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame (?). It even has little keep out signs on it.

@67: The duck is in the undecided category.

Oh my. Junior Trump is getting some bad reviews, here and here.

Damn, I missed this last night.

Great list, Beata. How could I have forgotten Morgan Freeman, the voice of God!

@72: Sue, here are a few more Hillary men:

Mark Kelly
Mark Cuban
George Lucas
Steven Spielberg
Warren Buffet
John Grisham
Hank Aaron
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

@68, that is too funny. Now that is someone with a good sense of humor.

Oh this is just riotous


Has Donald Trump done anything other than rebuild the Central Park skating rink? You’d think that was a moon shot or the cure for cancer. It’s a skating rink.

It takes a huge ego to go to a Trump and Children production, and overshadow it with an unvarnished show of self-promotional ego, but the viperous Ted Cruz did it.

@77: Ironically, Mike Pence won his governor’s race with commercials that showed how much he and his wife love to skate. Every time I turned on the teevee during the campaign, there were Mike and Karen Pence skating around in circles. It had nothing to do with issues or policy. But it worked.

@78: The demon-possessed Squirrel Man struck again. He’s waiting for 2020 when he believes the nuts will fall his way.

Note: Bill Maher will have a live show on HBO at 10:00 Central Time. It’s also going to be streamed on youtube if you don’t have HBO.

You can watch the youtube thing here.

He’s waiting for 2020 when he believes the nuts will fall his way.

Keep those New Zealand plans handy.

@79, imagine Mike Pence going around and around in circles chasing his tail. Sounds about right to me.

Pence just said, “Conservative principles work every time you put them into practice.” Let’s ask Kansas. Let’s ask Louisiana. Let’s ask Missouri. Let’s ask Michigan. Let’s ask North Carolina. Let’s ask Florida. Let’s ask about every state where they have been tried.

@81, ooh, thanks Fredster!

@83 Pence could also ask his buddy Scott Walker. I’m sure he’s hanging around there somewhere.

Let’s ask Louisiana.

Gonna be digging out of that hole for years. 👿

I missed Cruz (on purpose) but Trump, Ivanka and Jr sure looked uncomfortable waiting for Eric to take the stage. Awkward.

Let’s start a list of potential 2020 candidates: There’s Rick “let me see your uterus” Santorum, Huckabuck because he’s out of a job, Ben Carson if he wakes up in time, Marco big boots Rubio, Viperous Ted Lucifer Cruz, Tom Cottonballs, Paul Ryan, John Kasich, Krispie Kreme, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Piyush Jindal, Nikki Haley, Mike Rogers, Rick Scott, and of course, Mike NonsensePence.

That’s 17 just like this year.

Well shite! Maher not starting until Pence stops yammering.

Dear Gawd! Drumpf can’t even let cray-cray Pence have his night!

@83: 1 out of every 6 people in Indiana depend on food banks. That includes working people whose wages are so low they cannot afford to feed their families.

When Pence became governor, he cut the food stamp program because he said going without would “ennoble” poor people.

Mike’s a “Christian” first, in case you missed that part of his speech.

@91, KY now has their own version of Pence who, I kid you not, talks about the same thing — “ennobling” people, but his idea is: For poor people to get health care, instead of the wildly successful Kynect through Obamacare, he says that poor people now have to pay a premium or go out and pick up garbage on the roadways to get insurance.

They are all Christians of the Church of Holy Rolling Arseholes.

I put a link on the right under politics to the New Yorker article about the cease and desist letter to Tony Schwartz and his lawyer’s reply.

Enjoyed the Maher show, very funny, except one of the guests was Michael Moore who kept implying that Hillary couldn’t beat Trump. He kept whining and interrupting everyone else there, who were all more interesting than him.

@91, Mike Pence is a pig.
@92, “They are all Christians of the Church of Holy Rolling Arseholes.” LOLOL! Perfect!
@93, thanks, I will check that out. He was the special guest on Maher.

Maher is doing another show tomorrow night. Hope it will be on youtube, cuz we’re going out tomorrow night

@94; I didn’t want to say beforehand that M.M. was going to be on there. I just tuned him out.

I will say I’m concerned about those rust belt states. Hillary is going to have to work hard to get some of the white vote in those areas. Just my opinion of course.

annie I’m guessing that the show will be on youtube again tomorrow night. From HBO’s website:

July 20, 21, 27 and 28
Real Time Convention Specials

The great unraveling of Trump picks up steam:

In an interview, Donald Trump said he wouldn’t automatically defend NATO members like the Baltic States from a Russian attack

It is in the NYT tomorrow edition. Like Tony Schwartz said in the article and on Maher show, the man is insane and a sociopath. The most unqualified man, unsuitable man, dangerous man, to have ever been nominated for President.

@97: I have to wonder if the majority of the voters out there understand what that implies.

Oh FU*K! Nina Turner on MSNBC right now – click.

After click, on CNN they’re discussing the NATO thing right now.

@97, Horrible.

@97 Not only that, but did anyone in the R party notice Manafort’s connection to Putin/Ukraine when they changed up the platform? Not a word.

Still, Republican delegates at last week’s national security committee platform meeting in Cleveland were surprised when the Trump campaign orchestrated a set of events to make sure that the GOP would not pledge to give Ukraine the weapons it has been asking for from the United States.

Inside the meeting, Diana Denman, a platform committee member from Texas who was a Ted Cruz supporter, proposed a platform amendment that would call for maintaining or increasing sanctions against Russia, increasing aid for Ukraine and “providing lethal defensive weapons” to the Ukrainian military.

“Today, the post-Cold War ideal of a ‘Europe whole and free’ is being severely tested by Russia’s ongoing military aggression in Ukraine,” the amendment read. “The Ukrainian people deserve our admiration and support in their struggle.”

Enter Trump “staffers”…

Trump staffers in the room, who are not delegates but are there to oversee the process, intervened. By working with pro-Trump delegates, they were able to get the issue tabled while they devised a method to roll back the language.

You guys, if you’re on right now, go check out the front page of Huffpo. Omg, I have never seen anything as insane as this election season.

@96: Sherrod Brown or Tom Vilsack could really help Hillary in the Midwest and Pennsylvania ( Vilsack is a Pittsburgh native ) if she chooses either one as VP. My intuition says Hillary will pick Vilsack. It would mean no loss for Democrats in the Senate. Vilsack is someone Hillary has been friends with since the early 1970’s. Speaking as a Midwesterner, I like him. He has a calm, reassuring demeanor that will play well especially in small towns and rural areas. I see him appealing to both men and women. He has an interesting personal background as well. Sherrod Brown can be a forceful surrogate during the campaign without being the VP choice. The same goes for Elizabeth Warren. Then they will continue to be powerful allies for Hillary in the Senate when she becomes POTUS, more powerful than either one would be as VP.

@101: Whenever I see Manafort, I think Russian Mafia.

As a teaser, we here at TW have received an advanced copy of the Bogey Yam’s speech for tomorrow night. It will be published tomorrow morning at 10:01 a.m. entitled the “Banana Republican Address”.

@97: Trump says “I like countries that aren’t attacked.”

annie I just looked at that HuffPo page. It looked like the front page of The Enquirer.

If this comes out too “yuuge” I’ll delete it.

(guess it’s back to Lyin’ Ted)

@106: And here is a preview of The Donald’s pre-speech entertainment extravaganza for tomorrow night. It’s pure class.

@103, Beata, good points. My personal choice has been Brown for a long time, because I just like him. I’m glad you think Vilsack will be good. I’m not sure about Kaine.

@104, yeah, he makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

@106, can’t wait!

@107, 109 & 110: LOLOL! This convention has been more fun than a sack of monkeys, for sure!

@109 That’s exactly what I saw when I switched back to the news. I knew I had just missed something big.

@110: That theme is even going to carry over to the pets.

GAgal, I missed it live, was switching between the convention and Major Crimes – an episode I missed.

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