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Ham sandwiches…

Posted on: July 11, 2016

Good morning! Fighting through last week’s sadness will be no mean feat. It will take persistence to escape being taken hostage by the maudlin teams of glibly morose cable emcees. Hillary Clinton

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find those sites where the argument of the day is one side or the other in the raceguncivilrightsprivilegepoliticalimpolitic debate. Ratings come before understanding and there is neither separation nor confusion in the hierarchy between the two.

Being a one-stop shop here at the Widdershin Mart, I thought I’d leave it to others to delve into those indecipherable issues. I wanted to share something more definite and infinitely more quantifiable.

Last week FBI Director James Comey proved himself with quite a principled performance before the Chaffetz House Oversight and Overreach Committee. The most significant charge leveled at Hillary was that she is no technogeek. After two years of investigation, Director Comey pronounced Mrs. Clinton unfit for service on an IT help desk.

As I watched the nearly five hours of testimony, I had the feeling of déjà vu all over again. I felt I had been there before – that we’ve all been there before. And we have. So with the help of the Googling machine, I did a little research to see how much it cost for this experiential familiarity.

So I started, there were investigations into Nannygate, Travelgate, Filegate, Whitewater, Rose Law Firm, Vince Foster, Special Prosecutors, Benghazi Committees, and now the FBI email probe. Congressional Republicans actually took 140 hours of sworn testimony on the urgent question of whether the Clintons had misused the White House Christmas card list. That really happened. Best I can tell, these are the costs:

  • The FBI email probe of Hillary looks to clock in at about $20 Million for the FBI alone. There is really no good estimate of State Department or other agency costs.

So all told, conservatively, our government has spent somewhere between $110 and $120 Million on Clinton investigations. Outside of Bill lying about a blowjob, Hillary has been charged with nothing, nada, nil, not a whit of wrongdoing.

What’s more – this political talking point of the “system being rigged” is so inconceivably far-fetched and improbable it should come with a roll of heavy-duty aluminum foil suitable for designer hats.

In the inimitable words of Sol Wachtler, former chief judge of New York State, “You can indict a ham sandwich.” In fact, Judge Wachtler, himself, was later indicted and spent fifteen months at taxpayer’s expense in federal prison.  Like most successful and quotable attorneys, Wachtler was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and eventually got his law license reinstated. Ham sandwich indeed.

Multicolored coatIf any of these prosecutors or investigators had believed for one moment during these $100 Million worth of investigations that Hillary was indictable, she would have been indicted.  Celebrity hunting is the sport of the ambitious and it’s always open season – no limit. If there had been a whiff of smoke, you better believe that $100 Million would have bought a roaring fire.

You can be sure you will use this tidbit from the Widdershin One Stop during this political season. File it away for future use.

What’s on your mind today?



39 Responses to "Ham sandwiches…"

Luna, this was today’s headline from the NYT’s daily newsletter:

Fresh Intelligence: Today Is Another Harrowing Day for Much of the U.S., But We Hear It’s Very Nice in New Zealand

Luna, you are ahead of your time.

No matter what your opinion is of Ezra Klein, this is just about the most insightful long journalism I’ve read about Hillary. You can read the article or watch the video of the interview. It takes on the dichotomy of two Hillary Clintons. The public versus the private Hillary. It attempts to explain why people are so wildly loyal and why she is so successful in building relationships. The bottom line is that Hillary listens. Listens to what people say. Listens to what people mean. She listens and she understands. Quite unlike the male politician — Hillary listens instead of talks.

It is well worth the read or the watch.

Imagine: If they had taken some of that $100 million, “they” could have made a dent in the funding for that Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act that they have passed but not funded.

@1, and I live very close to Canada, which we visit fairly often. I’m always happy to go over the border! One of my colleagues went to New Zealand as a locums to work for half a year. They are so rational there!

Sigh. Most of the developed world is much more sensible about gun laws and national healthcare than is the U.S.

@4: Luna, I recall there was a woman who used to comment at The Confluence who was an ex-pat who went to Oz. She was a physician, an ob-gyn I believe. She talked frequently about how well their Medicare-for-all program worked there. (sigh)

I have a cousin who has lived in New Zealand for 25+ years. He moved there when he married a woman from Christchurch. He loves the quality of life in New Zealand and will never come back to the U.S. to live.

Well, as someone who is currently in NZ (and gazing at a sapphire blue trout stream) I can confirm that it is 100% magnificent.

They do have John Key as Prime Minister. You have to ignore that. And scads of dairy farmers are going bust because the price of milk is down because the Chinese are having a slowdown.

But compared to people being shot in the street while an orange toupeéd blob of self-tanned baloney shouts shit at the shooters, well, yes, the ones here are better problems to have.

@7: Oh my goodness!! You’ll have to give us some firsthand reports quixote.

gazing at a sapphire blue trout stream

Have you caught any trout yet or is it just for looking at.?

@7: I am so envious, I can barely stand myself!

@7, Wow! The Widdershin readership just got international. I’m so excited for you — I’ve never been there, but everyone I know who has traveled or lived there loves it.

@6, good to see you Beata. How are things? Are you going to lose your governor to the demon sweet potato?

@11: G-d, I hope we lose Pence. He and Trump deserve each other. Among countless other things, Pence is dumber than a bag of Dan Quayle. Even the Indiana Chamber of Commerce would love to see Pence out of office and you know what a bunch of flaming liberals they are.

Did you hear that Evan Bayh is now running for the Senate seat being vacated by the already vacuous Dan Coats? That should be a pick-up for Democrats in the Senate come November. Bayh’s Republican opponent is Todd Young, a ringer for Elisha Cook, Jr. as the desk clerk in “I Wake Up Screaming”.

(Not sure if the image will show without admin privileges. If not, help, please?)

Would I lie to you? As they say, pictures or it didn’t happen. So here’s a picture. (I feel too sorry for the fish to catch them. I’m not a vegetarian, though. Just a wuss.)

(Looks like wp stripped it out. h ttp:// )

quixote, I’m over on your blog. Is the photo in one of the albums? If so, which one?

Welp, quixote has so many beautiful pictures of New Zealand you just have to see them yourselves.

Hi Beata! {Waving} Long time no see. Hope you’re doing well.

Lucky Quixote to be in New Zealand!

“It will take persistence to escape being taken hostage by the maudlin teams of glibly morose cable emcees.”

Haha! Well said. I just can’t with those freaks.

Hey Fredster! Thanks for the kind words 🙂 . The link to the pic in the photo site is I was hoping to just embed the thing here, but you know good ole wp.

(And just in case anyone is wishfully thinking, I’d suggest not. It’s supposed to get to about 30F tonight and I’m camping….)

@quixote: I kind of browsed around some of your other pictures too.

I saw you had been down in my home state at Grand Isle and Lafitte. Also saw you had yourself a nice spread there with crawfish (?), shrimp and something else.

Oh and about that temp. Yikes, forgot about the switched seasons.

@quixote, I’ll bet you are well equipped with the right gear and clothing. Enjoy the night stars.

@22: Oh I bet she’s got things covered but still, 30 F. Oofa!

@23: From that link:

“I’m not going to say I’m delighted,” said Brynn McDonnell, 24, a former Sanders volunteer in the audience, when asked about the endorsement.

Guess what bud? Neither are we. (snort!)

Oh yes I can go with this event today!

(Still here. A bit popsicle-y, but okay :D) And yes, the stars are beyond words.

My favorite comment on the way Berned looked during at least some of the unity time: (somewhere in the twitterverse) America learns what SenSanders looks like when he goes in for a colonoscopy.

Nonetheless, he finally endorsed. Maybe he can now go back to Vermont and be forgotten.

(Mmmmm. Pie.)

@27: quixote I hope you had a warm beverage or two, some coffee or tea to warm you up.

I agree totally about Bernie. Time to head back to Burlington now Bernie. You endorsed her and we have no further need for you. Buh-bye.

@27 & 29, first, quixote, I’m glad you are having a great time — stay warm.

As for BS boarding the Burlington Express, I have a little different opinion. I say run the legs off that mule — put him on a tether and say giddy up — he can go hang out at every coffee shop, Burkenstock outlet mall, and pan flute concert. Sending him north without proper adult supervision is not a good idea — idle hands and all that. He is prime picking for someone like the buzzard Rove to use to cause havoc.

@26, around these parts, everyday is Salute the Pecan Day. There is a concerted effort to add Pecan Pie to the Recommended Diabetics Menu.

@30: I suppose you have a point there Prolix. Just still thinking about keeping him out of sight.

Geez…was going to try to catch Maddow earlier but naturally MSNBC is giving free air time to Drump to cover him mouthing some words.

When are they going to stop with the free publicity for this clown? 👿

@33, I’ve noticed that coverage is down now that he’s been tethered to a teleprompter. They break away now where before the channels waited to see what he would do like a demolition derby.

@34: It’s just irritating and does amount to free publicity for him. (sigh) Perhaps I’m getting overdosed on political stuff right now.

Well I wonder if Trump will still say he has support with “the blacks”?

@25, LOL! Yeah, the Bernie endorsement was really dull and anticlimactic. He waited too long. Who cares? The caravan passed him by.

Am jealous of Quixote cavorting around New Zealand! We are in Washington, hanging with family, which is also fun, but would be more fun in New Zealand!

@36, Fredster, why would they want Trump? Or did they issue the invite, knowing he would refuse, so they could make him look bad?

@38: annie, from what I read the NAACP has issued those invitations at least during the last two Prez election cycles. They invited McCain and Romney, both of whom spoke to the gathering.

I can say that Trump may have a legitimate excuse for not showing. The NAACP thing is on Monday and that’s the first day of the Repub. convention. On the other hand though, the NAACP meeting is in Cincinnati and the repub convention in Cleveland; in the same state. I mean, he’s got his own plane right?

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