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Good morning! Fighting through last week’s sadness will be no mean feat. It will take persistence to escape being taken hostage by the maudlin teams of glibly morose cable emcees. Hillary Clinton

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find those sites where the argument of the day is one side or the other in the raceguncivilrightsprivilegepoliticalimpolitic debate. Ratings come before understanding and there is neither separation nor confusion in the hierarchy between the two.

Being a one-stop shop here at the Widdershin Mart, I thought I’d leave it to others to delve into those indecipherable issues. I wanted to share something more definite and infinitely more quantifiable.

Last week FBI Director James Comey proved himself with quite a principled performance before the Chaffetz House Oversight and Overreach Committee. The most significant charge leveled at Hillary was that she is no technogeek. After two years of investigation, Director Comey pronounced Mrs. Clinton unfit for service on an IT help desk.

As I watched the nearly five hours of testimony, I had the feeling of déjà vu all over again. I felt I had been there before – that we’ve all been there before. And we have. So with the help of the Googling machine, I did a little research to see how much it cost for this experiential familiarity.

So I started, there were investigations into Nannygate, Travelgate, Filegate, Whitewater, Rose Law Firm, Vince Foster, Special Prosecutors, Benghazi Committees, and now the FBI email probe. Congressional Republicans actually took 140 hours of sworn testimony on the urgent question of whether the Clintons had misused the White House Christmas card list. That really happened. Best I can tell, these are the costs:

  • The FBI email probe of Hillary looks to clock in at about $20 Million for the FBI alone. There is really no good estimate of State Department or other agency costs.

So all told, conservatively, our government has spent somewhere between $110 and $120 Million on Clinton investigations. Outside of Bill lying about a blowjob, Hillary has been charged with nothing, nada, nil, not a whit of wrongdoing.

What’s more – this political talking point of the “system being rigged” is so inconceivably far-fetched and improbable it should come with a roll of heavy-duty aluminum foil suitable for designer hats.

In the inimitable words of Sol Wachtler, former chief judge of New York State, “You can indict a ham sandwich.” In fact, Judge Wachtler, himself, was later indicted and spent fifteen months at taxpayer’s expense in federal prison.  Like most successful and quotable attorneys, Wachtler was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and eventually got his law license reinstated. Ham sandwich indeed.

Multicolored coatIf any of these prosecutors or investigators had believed for one moment during these $100 Million worth of investigations that Hillary was indictable, she would have been indicted.  Celebrity hunting is the sport of the ambitious and it’s always open season – no limit. If there had been a whiff of smoke, you better believe that $100 Million would have bought a roaring fire.

You can be sure you will use this tidbit from the Widdershin One Stop during this political season. File it away for future use.

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