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The Stubbornness of Bernie Sanders

Posted on: July 2, 2016


Good Saturday afternoon Widdershins!

I just wanted to put up a quick post with some updates and some links to a couple of good articles.  I hope you are having great weather wherever you are today.  It is 96 °  here so I am sitting in my air-conditioned comfort.

Thank goodness this one is over.

Hillary Clinton was interviewed by the FBI about her use of a private email server as secretary of state, her campaign said Saturday, as federal investigators neared the end of the probe that has hung over her White House bid.

Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate, gave a voluntary interview for 3 1/2 hours on Saturday morning at FBI Headquarters in Washington, her campaign said.

“She is pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the Department of Justice in bringing this review to a conclusion,” Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said. “Out of respect for the investigative process, she will not comment further on her interview.”

Spokespeople for the FBI and the Justice Department declined to comment Saturday.

Here’s another excellent piece  on how Bernie lost another competition:  that would be the competition to capture the Democrats on the left side of the party.Summer in an Irish Garden - Trudy Doyle

Elizabeth Warren is the surrogate he was supposed to be. His supporters have become Clinton’s.

Warren certainly did energize that crowd when she and Hillary appeared together in Cincinnati.

Warren was a compelling surrogate, giving Clinton the kind of strong and affirmative endorsement she needs to win over skeptical voters. And Clinton, in turn, was energized, touting her policies and platform—and indicting Trump for his attitudes and behavior. It was a grand display of party unity: Warren and Clinton, the left and the center-left, united against a common foe and cheered on by thousands of excited Democrats, all ready for the general election.

It’s definitely a good read and shows how Sanders screwed up yet again.

Okay this was just a quick little post to steer y’all towards a couple of good reads.  Feel free to add any comments you want to below…or continue enjoying your Independence weekend.


45 Responses to "The Stubbornness of Bernie Sanders"

Wonderful post, Fredster! Good info, and pretty pictures! I think this was posted on last thread, but it is super funny and goes with the theme of the post:

Sometimes you just can’t fix stupid.

This is interesting!

Obviously, the new California gun laws won’t stop people from driving in banned guns from other states, but its a step in the right direction.

Good points Fredster and I agree 100% on all of them.

This is what Ed Rendell, crazy like a fox, is saying without saying it:

Hear ye, hear ye, BernieBros, Brogressives, and other Broflatulence, who have been hornswoggled by that Sanders snake oil, it was never about a movement. Repeat: Movement Shomovement. It was never about you. I was always about Bernie and Jane and Weevel and Deviant. They rode your arses like a grocery store nickel horse. You know the ones by the checkout you covet so. You have been had and Bernie is just rubbing it in at this point. Anyone with walking around sense knew how this play would end — too bad you weren’t clued in. Enjoy your participation trophy.

@4: Saw some news on the Cali gun laws and yay to Jerry Brown.

However I don’t see how they’ll get this one done:

background checks will be needed for people borrowing guns from non-family members.

I don’t see how individuals will be able to do a background check to loan a gun to someone else. Of course there’s no way in the world I would loan a firearm to anyone.

@6: Love this one: Broflatulence.

All non-bernieites (i.e. folks with common sense) feel free to flick your Bics. 😆

Prolix: I consider Ed Rendell a consummate pol and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Let me put it this way: I’m glad he’s on Hillary’s side. 😉

@6, Hahaha!

@9, very true.

@9, Ed Rendell is a pol’s pol. The other thing is that he understands, and so few do, that good government is good politics. If you do what’s right, you will be rewarded unless there is an Atwater or Rove slithering about.

@3: Annie what Maher said is soooo true.

Jindal royally screwed up Louisiana and then John Bel Edwards (Dem.) came in and had to try to clean up the mess; and with very little help from the Repubs who control both houses in the lege.

During the last regular session they raised the sales tax and added items subject to it that weren’t subject to sales taxes previously. but the Repubs absolutely refuse to consider raising any corporate taxes or to change any of the tax subsidies given to businesses. The Repubs wouldn’t even consider removing or limiting the deduction of federal income taxes on state income taxes.

That is something that would have mainly affected higher income brackets so naturally the Repubs were against it.

My comment from earlier about the FBI interview:

Funny watching the media spin this afternoon. First, it was Hillary was grilled by the FBI. After a couple of hours they started reporting that “rumors from sources” were saying there will be no charges unless something new was found from the interview today, and they all deflated a little and looked disappointed. Then it was Hillary was questioned…

Everyone was asked if Loretta Lynch should recuse herself and every single person said yeah. Then ex-Senator Bob Graham came on and said “that’s essentially what she did with her statement the other day”. Whoops, there went that talking point – that no one else could seem to grasp all afternoon. Poor Brianna deflated a little more.

Another thing they kept asking was why it was held on the Saturday before the 4th. One idiot said – ‘maybe they were waiting for Loretta Lynch to remove herself and when she did, they went ahead with the investigation.’ Yeah, that’s right… The FBI didn’t trust Lynch to be fair so they held up the interview until she recused herself. Gah, the people are stupid! (By the way, I don’t think she technically recused herself.)

And if they found no reason for charges, she wouldn’t have anything to recuse herself from, dumb bells.

@13, I noticed the “grilled” language today. From having sat in those interviews with clients, they are about as far from a grilling as a ditch is from the Grand Canyon. They are non-confrontational, professional, and fairly cordial. I can only imagine how much more reticent they are with a former First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, and potential President.

I saw Brianna today actually almost swallow her tongue trying to get one talking point out when the guest had already covered the talking point in the previous answer. It was interview deja vu within 20 seconds.

Another thing they kept asking was why it was held on the Saturday before the 4th.

Uh, campaign schedule perhaps?

I saw Brianna today

You lost me on that one. Who’s Brianna?

@14, it’s not like the FBI rang up Hillary after AG Lynch’s statement and said, “Can you come over Saturday morning?” This was scheduled quite some time ago — ergo, no campaigning this weekend for Hillary. Her schedule is set, at this point, probably a month out. July 4th is not exactly a weekend to come in off the campaign trail.

GAgal, you are right, there’s plenty of stupid making the rounds this weekend.

@17, the seeing eye weekend anchor on CNN — she looks like she is a high school intern who tested out of the 7th and 8th grade.

Prolix said: GAgal, you are right, there’s plenty of stupid making the rounds this weekend.

Heh. Just wait until tomorrow.

And now, a PSA from Colbert

Brianna Keiler was the first reporter to get an interview with Hillary after she announced. She hounded and hounded Hillz on her “untrustworthy polls”. She and her fellow talking head were dismayed by Hillary’s answer. (I think she talked about the “cottage industry” out there who have been writing negative things about here for years). That wasn’t good enough for them. I was screaming at the TV “Look in the mirror, Brianna!”

I see Gov Pence is being vetting by Trump for VP. He’s the guy who signed a bunch of draconian abortion laws. Women started a FaceBook page called “Periods for Pence”. They would call the Gov’s office everyday and report on the status of their periods and then post the conversation. Hilarious! Even their boyfriends and husbands were calling!

@25: I saw something online about that. Geez, he’s really hitting all the winners. XD

@25, that is awesome!

@25, there would have to be a doctor on call at all times because the most dangerous place to be when you are around Pence is between him and a camera. Given Trump and Pence — it would be like a mini-Pamplona bull run if there were cameras. People would be run down with Trump’s cloven hoof prints on their foreheads.

@27 annie, the mildest and really funny one that cracked me up was:

Operator: Hello, Gov Pence’s office.

Me (them): Yes, my name is XXX XXX… I just wanted to let the governor

I see on CNN’s website they have another article on speakers for the Repub convention.

Trump is talking sports figures again and says he’s going to have a “Winner’s Night” at the convention:

The “winners’ night” Trump has promised would be jam-packed with sports figures supportive of his candidacy, and he has floated such big names as New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, UFC President Dana White and NASCAR CEO Brian France.

I’m more than willing to bet that the NFL wants to appear to be neutral in a Presidential election. And if Brady had even thought of appearing at a political convention, I believe Robert Kraft or the coach would have a sit down with Brady.

GAgal, too funny!!

Me@31: Forgot to say that the idea of “winner’s night” sounds like something he might cook up for his casinos.

Okay, I took a stroll around the intertubz paranoia park — the places where there’s a Clinton behind every rock and tree ready to dismantle the last vestige of democracy. It is pitiful. These people are crazy — not metaphorically, certifiably crazy. They won’t leave the Phoenix meeting alone. In their world, it is the key to understanding why Hillary won’t be turning boulders into pebbles instead of hearing Hail to the Chief.

Honestly, do these people, for a minute, not think if the FBI or Justice Dept. thought for a moment there was a crime, or that they wanted to indict, that it wouldn’t be on every cable channel in two nanoseconds. The FBI leaks like a urinal at a brewery. The Justice Dept. has the cable networks on speed dial.

They have to give it up — one week, they lost Benghazi and now the emails. Their grand electoral plan seems to have sunk right outside Maralago. Manafort better get out the goggles and fins.

Did y’all see the digital guy Trump hired didn’t last two days? He was Rand Paul’s former guy. On top of that, two other staff people bailed last week.

@34: From the hill link about one of the fired staffers:

“While brief, it has been an interesting experience,

Translation: “I’ve never worked for anyone that batsh!t crazy before.”.

@34: I love you, Prolix.
Let’s run away together and have a marriage blanc. 😉

@34: Did you go to your fave place that makes you want to shake your head vigorously because of all the stoopid there?

I just got back from there and feel like I need to get into a chlorine bath or something. Plus, I may need a healthy dose of the eye bleach.

@35, did you see the part about trying to put a face on the departure by him saying, “Yeah, we got everything done we said we were going to do.”

In other words, we learned where the bathroom was. Big job. We got it handled though. Time to go.

@36, I’m packing my tux and my party shoes. Name the place and I’ll be there waiting with a cheap ring and lots of calla lilies.

@37, yes, I ran through that place. Didn’t want to tarry. It is a place where you can be mugged for navel lint — lots of goons — birds of a feather and all that. I actually also went to Brietbart and Alex Jones’ site. Those people need to be medicated or in cages. If they were in cages no one would feed them. It’s amazing. They would have a sensational headline that had no relevance or connection to the story under it. No wonder these mouth-breathers are confused.

I disagree with Frank Bruni here that Hillary’s VP pick doesn’t matter because…Trump. My line of thinking is closer to this:

She has no gaping holes in her résumé to fill. “By any measure, Clinton has every credential needed to be president,” said Stephanie Cutter, a Democratic political consultant who was the deputy manager of President Obama’s 2012 re-election effort. “So a vice president isn’t going to add to that.”

The only must-have credential is if they can step up if need be. It’s not like Obama choosing Biden. Let’s face it – Obama picked Joe because he was too inexperienced to know how to govern and knew jack about foreign policy, etc. Hillary has such a deep command of all the issues, she doesn’t need that kind of help.

@39, A Cheap ring, you say?
It’s off!
(Channeling H. Ross Perot):
“Larry, I’m out! I’m out Larry!

@42, Sue, do you know how much fresh calla lilies cost? I’m just a poor blogger who pounds his fingers down to the nubbins so that I can connect to my audience of tens of readers.

Okay, I drink a lot of Diet Coke. I’ll start saving cans and before you know it, I’ll be able to afford a ring and calla lilies.

@41, Agreed GAgal. When you have a resume that is as complete as Hillary’s the only thing to prepare for is if Hillary isn’t there.

Rep. Xavier Becerra did a great job on Fox this morning. It was a typical Fox interview, you know the kind, “You are a Satan worshiping Democrat, what can you do for good dog-fearing Christians?” Becerra held his ground, was authoritative, pulled facts and figures together nicely, and did a great job.

New post up top.

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