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Benghazi Blunder…

Posted on: June 29, 2016


The thunder rolled, the lightning flashed, and a cricket fell from the sky.  The eighth investigation.  Twenty-five months.  Seven Million Dollars.  The anticipation of a twelve-year-old boy sneaking into an NC-17 movie.  And the day and the hour arrives.  It is B-Day – Benghazi Day and the mean, evil, wicked Hillary and her sins will finally be laid bare to the world.


Except there is no there there.

What do you do when you have unearthed the Holy Grail and it is a leaky four-year old Dixie Cup?  Trey Gowdy, the human Q-Tip who graciously frequents the Great Clips operated by Careers for the Blind had the undescended testicles to declare to America, “Read 800 pages, make up your own mind, and by the way, Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State.”

Time and time again, Goochie Gowdy, hailing from the “Land of Secession and Lady Lindsey,” implored people who like to read manuscripts slightly shorter than War and Peace to draw their own conclusions by saying:

Asked by one reporter if T-shirts and bumper stickers that read “Hillary Clinton Lied, People Died” are “true,” Gowdy replied, “You don’t see that T-shirt on me, and you don’t see that bumper sticker on any of my vehicles.” Asked more directly if he thinks she “lied,” Gowdy said, “That’s a word you couldn’t use in a courtroom.”

These are good things to know. Benghazi Committee

Repeatedly, Gowdy confused the laws of physics with statements suggesting if the Pentagon or CIA had done things differently, things would have been different.  Fortune cookies have offered more robust syllogistic reasoning.

But I don’t want to talk about Gowdy, I want to talk about one of his committee gnomes and fellow lobotomized T-Baggers, Rep. Peter Roskam, R (Ill. 6th).  From the statements and manners of Pete, it wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t spend his legislative breaks running about Wheaton, Illinois, in a koteka codpiece that is really a gourd he found at TJ Maxx and a drapery cord he bought on sale at the Home Store.

Roskam has a proud heritage of ethics education.  He learned at the cloven hooves of Tom DeLay and Henry Hyde, both champions of a woman’s right to be held as perpetually pregnant chattel.

Roskam, as distasteful as three-month old haggis, clad his agenda in opportunistic heroism.

Lawmakers contrasted the “heroism” of those on the ground with the discussions in Washington. Rep. Peter Roskam, R-Ill., described the D.C. attitude as “near fecklessness.” He said, “They were more concerned about how they’re going to offend the Libyan government than how this rescue is going to take place.”

This type of gossamer contrivance is disgusting.  He actually dared to say, “Marinate in the 800 pages.”  First, it would be more of a dry rub, but to shamelessly use the deaths of these four men for cheap points is the lowest, rock-bottom, gutter politics possible.

And Roskam was not the worst, Jim Jordan (BamBam Rubble’s look alike) and Mike Pompeo (proof life with a lizard brain isn’t that bad) both demonstrated their considerable abilities as political profiteers of grief.

Frauds.  Cons.  Posseurs. And that’s from their business cards and resumes.

Here are three graphs. These Republican charlatans offer no excuses since there are no explanations.







Their silence is deafening since the quiet allows their cruelest lies to take root.

What’s on your mind today?





42 Responses to "Benghazi Blunder…"

An excellent read, and those charts are amazing. Someone should post this on redstate or someplace. I saw that the “select” rethugs are still babbling away about those poor dead souls, trying to get every last second of publicity out of this tragedy.

And yet, the NRA is spending $2 million on Benghazi themed ads against Hillary featuring a guy who was in Benghazi.

Geist, who co-authored 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi, endorsed Trump in February, saying he believes “under President Trump, many conflicts will be avoided because our enemies will fear the United States and our military.”

@1, thanks Annie. As those charts prove, bad things happen to diplomats and the people who protect them. That’s the truth and contrary to anything Gowdy wants to portray, it has been part of diplomatic service since there were diplomats.

@2, I’m surprised the NRA is tying their criticism to something reality based. You know they were going to come after Hillary, they, like all the Republicans, are just using Benghazi as a vehicle. That is shameful.

Chris Stevens sister’s interview:

Dr. Stevens recalled that her brother had been fascinated by the Middle East since childhood, when he dressed up as Lawrence of Arabia, with a towel and a pot atop his head. He served in the Peace Corps, in Morocco, before joining the Foreign Service, and he served twice in Libya before his final posting there, as well as in Damascus, Cairo, Jerusalem, and Riyadh.

@5, Anne Stevens deserves ultimate respect for standing up and facing down these Republican charlatans.

Yesterday, Mrs. Greenspan had BerningBum on her show for the daily dose of “Hillary has cooties.” True to form, Bernie, the punch bowl turd, was particularly condescending. He said:

To me, what politics is about is not just electing candidates.

In other words, if a girl kicks your arse, then, obviously, you were playing another game. A game that the girl can’t understand.

This old fool is flirting with making Trump the president — all for his self-aggrandizement, but what does he care? I think he’s been told Patty Murray is keeping the Senate health committee because Hillary wants the committee to function. He’s just a bitter old fool.

@2 that’s truly disgusting.

@5 & 6, and on the opposite side of the coin, Dr. Stevens displays bravery, honesty and class. Hope there are some rwnj’s that notice.

What kind of person does this:

“In the 1980s, Trump pledged to give away royalties from his first book to fight AIDS and multiple sclerosis. But he gave less to those causes than he did to his older daughter’s ballet school.”

Two things I learned from the wiki article about Rep. Roskam:

He gives good oral:

Roskam was a partner in the law firm Salvi, Roskam & Maher, a personal injury firm. He was named “Best Oral Advocate” by the American College of Trial Lawyers.

2nd: He probably should have kept his first day job:

In 1984, Roskam taught history and government at All Saints High School in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

@7 And Chris Cillizza has never been a fan of Hillary. Bernie has been doing this pretty much the whole primary.

The contrast is remarkable: Sanders as white knight operating from conviction and righteousness, Clinton as craven politician doing and saying whatever it takes to win.

I can only imagine the reaction in Clinton headquarters watching that Sanders interview. (I would pay money to watch Clinton’s reaction when/if she is shown it.)

What I learned from Prolix in this post concerned the koteka codpiece. Lordy, I would not be surprised to see someone sporting one of these at Southern Decadence or perhaps at Mardi Gras.

@11: Chris Cillizza should be called Chris Ci-leeza.

I think he’s been told Patty Murray is keeping the Senate health committee because Hillary wants the committee to function. He’s just a bitter old fool.

What a coincidence that he’s trying to push aside another woman. NOT.

Prolix take a look on the right.

We want Patty Murray on that Senate health committee. She’s got lots of seniority and she’s not afraid to actually get things done for her state and for the people who need it, not the rich. And she’s not in the pocket of the NRA. Oh yeah, and she does her taxes.

“Best Oral Advocate” Roskam sweats out an interview with CNN’s Banfield. Again, we are all suppose to read the 800 pages and come to our own conclusions. I thought we were paying them to do that for us.

@16: Sounds like good enough reasons to me to give her the chair of that committee.

Had not seen this before. Al Franken reads mean tweets he got for supporting Hillz. (Mar. 2016)

@14 & 16, BerningBum is making a play for the Health Committee. Patty Murray, I don’t think, is going to let him have it because it is all up to her on whether she takes the Appropriations Committee. No one wants Appropriations because nothing gets done there any more. And to Patty Murray’s credit, she may take on Durbin for Majority Whip — so, more power to her. She endorsed Hillary 15 months before the primaries began. I hope she puts BerningBum in his place — preferably, back in Vermont amongst the other 1960s, white flight hippies.

@15, Excellent Fredster. You made it work!

@17, great find GAgal. Roskam is one of those cocksure Tea Party types who defines white privilege and entitlement.

@18 Fredster, Murray is already the (minority) ranking Democratic member of the US Senate Comm. on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. He is asking that she step aside from her current position so he can have it. Hell no. We know committee positions change all the time, but if we win back the Senate that would make Bernie Chairman (majority) instead of Patty Murray. Maybe he’s talking about one of the sub-commitees he’s on, but since Patty Murray’s name has been brought up, I think he’s going for the whole she-bang.

@19, I so love Al Franken!

I forgot the link to Patty Murray’s wiki page. It’s a lot more impressive than Bernie’s.

@23: Yes I understand that GAgal. I had read this article earlier.

@21: Prolix, I may play around with the display just a bit to see how it looks with more and fewer tags.

@23, Patty is awesome and I am so proud she is my Senator! My other Senator is Maria Cantwell and she’s better than Bernie too. Well, that’s not saying much — so I’ll say that she is way better than him.

@27: You’re a lot better off than some of us with having both Senators being Repubs. We have the Repub doctor who replaced Mary Landrieu and is totally clueless. He had Vitter pulling his strings and controlling him. Vitter is in his last term. After he lost for guv he said he would leave the Senate after this term. We have four Dems running and six Repubs. running. They all have to run in the general election in November. It’s called a jungle primary because they all have to run at one time. If no one candidate gets the 50% then there’s a runoff in December.

It’s gonna be a mess.

Watched the Roskam vid: blech
Watched the Franken vid: hahaha! Also, wouldn’t mind if Hillary picks him for veep.

@29: Oh I know about Franken. But there was a article that said it would he highly unlikely that she picks him. However, I’m like you: I wouldn’t mind him being selected.

I stopped watching that Roskam vid when the newsperson said “it was a very important investigation”. Uh, no it wasn’t. And The Rude Pundit agrees on that.

@31, Rude Pundit is spot on.

@32: He’s always got something interesting to say.

Yes, I’m the gossip-y kind.

An NBC insider told us, “Everybody at 30 Rock knows they are a couple . . . They are constantly together, they arrive and leave events together, even on weekends. They are each other’s publicists and finish each other’s sentences. It’s the worst-kept secret in TV.”

@34, I saw that yesterday and immediately thought, “Finishing each other’s sentences,” isn’t such a big thing for them because both of them end their sentences with, “duh.”

I hope they are a couple because that means two other people won’t be traumatized by living with either of them.

@34 and 36: SHUSH! That’s for tomorrow!! 👿

@35: I would say I hope those people saw that and then wanted to crawl under the floor. However I really doubt they’ll get the hint that the stories/emails were all fabricated.

@37 Fredster, for your post – have you seen that picture of the two where he’s sitting in a chair and she’s up on a table? Might need brain bleach.

@35 Wonder what it feels like to be made a fool of on national TV. Every once in a while, I’d like to see them show someone who got it right. Too bad they didn’t ask me. 🙂

@39: Oh I really didn’t want to go there. 😉

@40: I’d like to see them go back to those folks, show them the thing was bogus and see their expressions. Of course these are folks who are in deep denial to begin with.

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