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It’s 3:00 a.m. all the time…

Posted on: June 27, 2016

Good morning Widdershins.  It seems as if the 3:00 a.m. phone is a’ringing off the wall these days.  It is a telltale sign when yesterday’s headline story falls to fifth place in the next day’s news line-up.Bad News

There are several big news stories in the chute for today.  Hillary is campaigning in “swinging Cincinnati” today.  She is bringing along St. Betty of the Kingdom of Don’t Endorse until the last dog dies.  Perhaps this is an audition or perhaps Hillary will take St. Betty down to the Ohio River and release her in a basket.  In five months or so she should wash up in the Louisiana bulrushes.  There are those who would consider it good time management.

The limping, one-robe short Supreme Court is scheduled to deliver three opinions today.  One on onerous Texas regulations for women’s health clinics, a gun case involving domestic violence, and the last one involves the conviction of former Governor and Rolex model Bob McDonnell for hawking dietary supplements made out of tobacco plants.

And who knows what is going to happen in Europe today.  I’ll try and update in the comments as information becomes available, but I have an appointment this afternoon and I’ll be unavailable for most of the afternoon.  Your take on the events will be appreciated.

Here are some observations to get things started this morning.

I. GunsGun control

With the Congressional sit-in last week, I don’t believe there have been so many senior citizens on the floor since the last open casting call for a Life Alert commercial.  I have competing opinions about the sit-in.  On the one hand, voters don’t like gimmicks.  On the other hand, Democrats have stiffened their spines and are following Hillary’s lead on sensible gun safety.

Without belaboring the issue since I’m sure you have read enough about it, for what it’s worth here’s my observation.  The new N.R.A. approach is to claim a delay in purchasing a weapon through a “no fly/no buy” proposal is an encroachment upon constitutional rights.  So under this theory, even the 5 to 7 minutes for a background check would be an impermissible delay of the purchaser’s rights.

Let’s get this straight – there are no guaranteed, inviolate rights.  All rights are subject to some manner of restriction.  You can’t throw a parade at rush hour.  You can’t assemble on private property without permission.  You can’t be forced to house soldiers without being compensated.  You can’t libel or slander a person.

The great fallacy in the N.R.A. position is this:  The no fly/no buy provision would only affect about 200 people a year.  The reason – very few Americans are on the list and only about 200 people a year from the list attempt to purchase a weapon.  It’s not a significant deterrent, but any regulation is an anathema to the N.R.A. and a rallying cry for the ever-present “slippery slope” arguments.

Here’s the burr in my saddle – if there is an impermissible delay on the constitutional rights of 200 potential weapon purchasers, isn’t it also an impermissible burden on the constitutional rights of 2.7 million women to be denied health care through Planned Parenthood?  Or how about the Texas women who have to drive eleven hours across Texas for services?  Or how about the poor eastern Kentucky women who must drive seven hours to Louisville for services?

If only an AR-15 had serviceable utility in a Pap test there would be no questions about women’s health care.

II.  BrexitBrexit

A Brextraordinary mess is what it is.  There has been so much written, I will leave it to your sensibilities what to believe.  Here’s what I think:  This whole mess is due to piss poor leadership.

David Cameron called the Brexit referendum to smooth over an internal political problem within the Conservative Party.  Boris Johnson, former Conservative mayor of London and genetically related albino Trump orangutan, fanned the flames of bigotry and immigration fears.  Nigel Farage, the Independent Party charlatan, has admitted lying to the voters.  The Labour Party’s shadow cabinet is bailing out like it’s flossing day at the dental clinic.

Here’s one of many ironies:  The Conservatives brought an austerity budget six years ago.  Services suffered.  The economy stagnated.  It was forecast to happen.  The voters who voted in the Conservative Party are the voters who voted to leave the E.U.  These voters have gotten it wrong three times now and are looking for someone to blame other than themselves.  Truth is indeed inconvenient.

Wisdom of Elders BrexitThe other piece that might have currency in our presidential election is this:  Since when does being educated make one an “elite”?  Time and again I’ve heard analysts say, “This was a vote against the educated elites,” without so much as a nod toward the Luddite anti-intellectualism it represents.  At one point I heard someone say, “Experts aren’t believable.”  It’s one thing to choose not to educate one’s self, it is quite another to have access to the truth and consciously refuse to believe it.

That goes beyond confirmation bias and epistemic closure.  That is sadomasochistic self-delusion and Trump’s only hope.

III. CNN and Pandering

CNN has hired the guy who ran the campaign calling CNN a liar.  Yes, CNN (Motto:  Try to think of something too obvious for Wolf Blitzer to say — you can’t.) hired Corey Lewandowski after the Trump brood of children fired him.  Lewandowski will be offering “analysis” regarding the Trump campaign except he’s under a nondisclosure agreement and Trump is paying for his defense in the reporter disparagement case.

There’s not much doubt CNN is making a play as Fox-lite.

IV.  Full Employment for Fact Checkers

When Trump gave his book report on Clinton Cash, it took twelve (12) writers to fact check him during the speech.  “Voracity for mendacity” and “rife with distortions” were the characterizations of the speech.

The most amazing lie is a product of no one within the Trump organization understanding time zones.  Benghazi happened beginning at 9:00 p.m. local Libyan time which is 3:00 p.m. Eastern.  Nonetheless, Trump insisted Hillary was in bed.  When confronted by reporters, Trump replied, “How do you know she wasn’t in bed?”  Because it was 3:00 in the afternoon you prancing old dried up Apricot!

V.  BerningBumBernie Sanders

Clawing for some semblance of scant relevance is not a good look.  It’s like Chris Humphries leading his NBA resume with, “Once Married a Kardashian.”  Not helpful.

BerningBum and his stable of angry voices are trying to “turn back time” to their fifteen minutes of relevance.  There are plans to have a group flatulence release on the night of Hillary’s speech at the convention.  This “gas” will be courtesy of a bean supper prior to the night’s festivities.

So this is really a thing.  No word yet on the sphincter training regimen or whether BerningBum will change his slogan to, “A Fart to Believe In.”

Here are some other articles:Hillary Rodham Clinton Signs Copies Of Her Book 'Hard Choices' In New York

Trump’s Foreign Policy Experience is a Golf Course Losing Money

Paul Krugman:  Brexit, the Morning After

Drawing the Line:  How redistricting turned America from blue to red


As always, take the conversation in any direction you might like.




68 Responses to "It’s 3:00 a.m. all the time…"

This morning in a 5-3 decision, the Supreme Court held the Texas statute limiting and closing women’s health care clinics to be overly burdensome and unconstitutional. A great victory for women’s reproductive health care.

The Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision, returned the Bob McDonnell case to the trial court for further proceedings and perhaps a retrial. In a decision by Chief Justice Roberts, the Court said:

“If the court below determines that there is sufficient evidence for a jury to convict Governor McDonnell of committing or agreeing to commit an ‘official act,’ his case may be set for a new trial,” Roberts wrote. “If the court instead determines that the evidence is insufficient, the charges against him must be dismissed. We express no view on that question.” Roberts added: “There is no doubt that this case is distasteful; it may be worse than that. But our concern is not with tawdry tales of Ferraris, Rolexes, and ball gowns. It is instead with the broader legal implications of the government’s boundless interpretation of the federal bribery statute.”

In the third case, the Court ruled that convictions, even misdemeanors, involving domestic relations offenses, can restrict gun rights.

In a 6-2 ruling, the court upheld the opinion that domestic violence convictions can result in gun ownership restrictions, even if the misdemeanor is only the result of recklessness rather than intent. Justices Roberts, Kennedy, Ginsburg, Breyer and Alito were in the majority, with Thomas and Sotomayor dissenting.

“She is bringing along St. Betty of the Kingdom of Don’t Endorse until the last dog dies.”


Helloooo! I’m here but only for a short time. And that’s because we have lightening popping like crazy, we’re under a flash flood warning, and my laptop battery (I unplugged the laptop) is fubar’d.

I’ll be back when the lightening clears up.

Am very happy about the abortion clinics and gun control decisions. I hope the Bern-it-all-down Broz enjoy their disgusting fartathon and that it causes them uncontrollable vomiting. What morons.

{{{Waving}}} to Fredster! Stay safe!

Prolix, super-funny post, as always. I stopped watching cnn in ’08. Shame how stupid they’ve become. I liked them when they were new back in the 90s.

@8, thanks Annie. I appreciate it. There’s so much material with der Drumpf. My challenge is to come up with new orange things to describe him.

@5, Fredster, we had big storms this afternoon and they were heading south.

Be safe.

There are plans to have a group flatulence release on the night of Hillary’s speech at the convention.

Memo to the non-Bernie conventioneers: Bring BIC lighters. Stand close but not too close

@11 — LOL!

@12: Added animated gif of the wildfire at the Great Sept.

In the Supreme Court case, the laws in question declared unconstitutional are called, Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers, or T.R.A.P. laws.

Being the wise strategist that he is, Admiral Ackbar called it:

@10: Things have quieted down but we’ve still got lots of rain falling.

@14: The La. A.G. (former congress critter and still a tea bagger) said:

said his office is “carefully reviewing the impact of the opinion, if any, on the Louisiana’s admitting privileges law.”

Nope and nope Jeff Landry. The La. laws are history dude.

Aww. We love Admiral Ackbar. He was in the new movie.

Laker just said that the actor who plays Ackbar died recently, but they are bringing the character back in the next one.

@17 & 18, I corrected my “rank” mistake and made him an Admiral. I called him Gen. Ackbar. I remember seeing that. I googled him, he was 93 years old and his name was Erik Bauersfeld. He lived in Berkeley.

Tell Laker dude hi and howdy.

@15, the rain has stopped here. There was a beautiful sunset. Brilliant red — just like our necks.

@16, yeah, up here the laws were modeled after the ALEC model. They have closed all but one clinic in the state. Of course, we have a governor now, who much like Landry, believes he is a monarch. A Tea Party monarch, unbeholden to any piddling legislature.

Just spitballin’ here, but wonder what nasty thing Nina Turner had to say about St. Betty today?

@21: They’re both gonna be so bitch-slapped. 😉

wonder what nasty thing Nina Turner had to say about St. Betty today?

Wanna go check out her twitter account? o_O

@24, I’ve been surfing the site that shall remain nameless, and it is funny they have completely stopped talking about their hero worship of der Drumpf. Funny how that happens.

@25: Amazing. Do they have a new hero or heroine?

@25: I went over there. Still bat-shit crazy.

Oh, dammit, now I have to check.
It’s probably a different unmentionable.

Well, where I peeked, they’re all bat shit crazy for Trump.

@26, they are a crazy lot, but they are all negative about Hillary and of course, St. Betty. They just have quit talking about how wonderful and dreamy der Drumpf is or can be.

@28 & 29, Sue, I’m pretty sure we are talking about two different sites because these nutz have stopped singing Trump “Hallelujah” choruses.

Gotta ask. Is the site that shall not be named anything to do with crawdads and clowns? He was a brilliant commenter for a while. Amazing ability to perfectly express complex thoughts in one pithy sentence. Sometimes two. And then he seems to have flipped out and gone right wing. Very weird.

Great post, prolix.

@32: Yes quixote, that would be the place Prolix and I meant.

Sue, were you talking about the place whose name involves coins?

@32, Q, those are amazing powers of deduction. The veer to the right was something like a full 90 degree lurch. He does have an incredible talent for apercu.

Thank you for the kindness.

That site is nothing more than a social experiment. Boy Howdy, did it produce. Exactly what it was suppose to.

Notice Andrea Mitchell’s name is first on this “report”. I won’t believe this in a million years. But breitbart will.

According to one commander, the report states, as forces prepared to deploy, “during the course of three hours, he and his Marines changed in and out of their uniforms four times.”

@32 LOL! And @34, wasn’t it more like a 180? They were kinda OK for a short while and then got really delusional. I think the last time I did a recon there was in 12 — they were so sure the polls were wrong and Mittens was going to sweep the country. But it was all a plot.

@37, Luna, yeah, it was probably 180, but then it veers off — maybe it is 270 degrees with a hook. The thing I can’t get over are all the people from the old Confluence who were dyed in the wool Hillary supporters who are now running raging fevers suffering from CDS of the worst kind. How does that happen?

@36, GAgal, I read that article and it is so typical of Mrs. Greenspan. Of course, after having been able to reflect on it, she is now grunting a different story — no Hillary involvement, military problem, no specific cause, and a waste of money. But, she got her criticism of Hillary in there at the beginning like she always does.

And of course, Mrs. Greenspan went straight to the punch bowl and fished out the turd — BerningBum Sanders. He of course played right along with Mrs. G. saying it was all up to Hillary about his endorsement if she does exactly what he wants.

He of course played right along with Mrs. G. saying it was all up to Hillary about his endorsement if she does exactly what he wants.

BerningBum can go suck on a big, ole, fat…pickle. That will go well with his sour and dour attitude and expressions.

Yass, yass it worked!! We have a new poll here on the main page.

Take the poll now!!

I would have probably said “fundamentalist” but close enough.

I recall a conversation I had with a senior policymaker in which he asked me to explain “Wahhabism.” Since he had very limited time, I told him, “Wahhabists are akin to Southern Baptists.” That is: They read the holy text literally and are intolerant of other religious views. Wahhabists, like some Baptists, also abhor reasoning or “ijtihad” that would encourage them to question their religious brand.

@41 Haha. Selina Myer is a little much for me, but I would take Elizabeth McCord from Madam Secretary.

I felt bad for Selina sitting on that bleacher in the rain with Ruffles and Flourishes playing the background. 😦

I read somewhere that Bernie is withholding his endorsement because”She hasn’t said what I want to hear yet.”

I know he thinks his holding out is gaining him relevance, but in reality, his time has passed. Had he conceded and worked for Party unity like Hillary did in 2008, he’d be in a much stronger position. At this point he is coming across like a delusional fool, and no one cares what people like that say. Sadly, his ego defeated his political prospects. He”s over.

Bernie has an opinion piece in the NYT. I can’t read it, because I’m over my free articles for the month, but I can see it’s about Brexit and how the “global economy” is ruining lives. He also says “Wake up Democrats”. Bernie, I assure you we are fully awake. We’re just ignoring you. I’d love to read the comments there.

I can’t read it, because I’m over my free articles for the month

I have that happen too. I broke down and did the online subscription to WaPo but I’m not doing another.

@45: Yeah and he’s beginning to anger some people with his recalcitrance.

@40, Big, fat, cucumber enema would be my suggestion. BerningBum has officially gone rancid and isn’t fit for the sale rack or even community kitchen contribution. It’s dumpster time.

@42, Wahhabism, the helpful sect of our friends, the Saudi royal family.

@41, great job Fredster. I agree with you, Selina was heart-wrenching sitting there. I loved the line when Selina said, “What is this stuff I’m walking on?” “It’s grass maam.”

@45, MB, his actions are not the product of a hygienic mind. He’s setting new records for irrelevancy.

@51: Yes it was sad to see Selina sitting there looking so lost.
And that poll was wandering around all over the blog pages as I tried to get it set correctly. I would tinker with things, reload the site, look and see it wasn’t what I wanted, go back and play around again and finally got it where I wanted it to be. LOL!

@50, LOL!

I also never want to pay for NYT or Wapo, but usually read my 10 articles. Sometimes if I go to one of those sites from a link it will let me read the article even if I’m over the 10. Also, laker just got himself a new computer, and he must have a different IPL address or something, because I was able to read nyt a couple of days ago.

Did you guys see the latest on the terror attack in Istanbul? 37 dead and 149 wounded, I think. Terrible.

@53, what is going to be the plot twist? Surely she isn’t going to be the ex-ex Veep, Prez and just wander around with a limited Secret Service contingent like “Guarding Tess”? In fact, if Selena was kidnapped, I would feel badly for the kidnappers.

@55, I’ve been watching the coverage on Istanbul. Thank goodness they had that layered security otherwise, the casualty numbers would have been much higher.

@56: I don’t know Prolix, I’m wondering about that too. In fact I double-checked to make sure it was listed as season finale instead of series finale. Perhaps they find out there was another, different, flub-up with Nevada and she actually won?

I’ve been watching some of the Istanbul coverage but I don’t want to see that much of it. Avoidance?

@58, I’ve been racking my brain for another piece after the Senate votes for the Veep, who then becomes Prez, but I think once that happens it’s pretty much set. I don’t know how you could undo that.

Samantha Bee – Boris Johnson is basically Donald Trump with his hair on backwards. Oh, and SM’s boyfriend has a little rant here.

@60: But it’s teevee so they can play around with da rulez.

Or else: It was all a dream. 😉

Uh-oh. I voted and it’s tied now, LOL!

I don’t like to follow too much of the mass killings/explosions coverage. There’s too much grief in the world and I’ve not developed enough equanimity to face it all yet.

From the sidebar. Love the “British can no longer claim that Americans are dumb” too.

@63: Shocking! No one wants Betty to be veep!

I agree with you Luna on the too much grief thing.

@66 Who is Betty? Elizabeth Warren? I didn’t know her nickname was Betty.

@67: Yep, From the post:

She is bringing along St. Betty of the Kingdom of Don’t Endorse until the last dog dies. Perhaps this is an audition or perhaps Hillary will take St. Betty down to the Ohio River and release her in a basket. In five months or so she should wash up in the Louisiana bulrushes. There are those who would consider it good time management.

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