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Lazy Weekend – Rule Britannia ?

Posted on: June 25, 2016

Keep Calm Brexit

Good Saturday and weekend Widdershins!

Well this week certainly ended with a bang and not a whimper did it not?  The British bling union jackelectorate (mainly in England) pulled a fast one on the pundits and voted adieu to the European Union.  Not everyone was in agreement with that decision.  The Scots were plainly not, which lead to the rather clueless image of Donald Trump speaking at his new Scottish golf course and praising the decision by the voters.  And then he went into salesman mode pitching the virtues of his golf course.  Meanwhile, the £ sank, stock markets tumbled, and the Prime Minister announced his resignation.  Pretty good for a Friday when all you normally get is the Friday News Dump.

waving union jackHowever, in keeping with our lazy weekend/no strain the brain tradition, let’s look at the lighter side of all things British and in particular some comedic clips.  I’m thinking particularly of Monty Python.  They were, at least to me, funny, irreverent and a bit out there for the time that the Pythons were together.  The movies and the teevee show were certain to provide a laugh at one thing or another.

With that in mind I’ve selected a few Python clips below.  Feel free to add your own, clips of Benny Hill, or any other British comedic items.

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(1) Monty Python & The Holy Grail ~ Insulting Frenchman
You just know something like this is gonna happen between the French and English now.

(2) Holy Grail ~ The Black Knight

(3) The Life of Brian ~ Stoning Scene

(4) The Spam Sketch

(5) Upper Class Twit of the Year

(6) Ministry of Silly Walks Sketch

(7) The Lumberjack Song (there are several versions of this)

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Okay Widdershins those are my selections of Monty Python’s typically British comedy from both the teevee show and a couple of their movies.  I’m looking forward to your selections below.



31 Responses to "Lazy Weekend – Rule Britannia ?"

Great choice Fredster. I saw somewhere that the most googled question last night in the U.K. was, “What’s the E.U.?” Next to electing Dubya, I don’t know if there is a worse electoral outcome possible.

Here’s every internet argument ever recorded:

I don’t know why I find this so funny, but I do.

I enjoyed this one. Hell’s Grannies.

The Comfy Chair (shudder!)

Perhaps a dose of village idiots? Apparently there were lots of them that voted yesterday.

These are hilarious! At @1, when the guy accidentally walks into the “rebukes” room it sounded like Twitter’s response to Trump’s visit and statements in Scotland.

I’m just shaking my head at the fact that the Brits passed a referendum, that they knew, might bring on a recession in their own country. I’ve been saying for a couple of months that if looks like Trump wins here, the markets will start wobbling and if he wins, any one with investments in Wall Street will lose.

@7, what is foreboding about Brexit is that the Conservatives are the ones who passed an “austerity budget” causing lackluster growth in the economy and they are the very ones who voted as Leavers. So this is twice in the U.K. these same people have been duped into voting against their own interests.

Like here in the U.S. where poor, under-educated whites are enthralled with Trump and his polices are the antithesis of their interests — no increase in the minimum wage, higher proportional share of tax increases, and no health care. When they all win the lottery, they will all have Trump’s problems, running beauty pageants and picking out 24K faucets.

GAgal: Probably the most famous of their sketches: Dead Parrot

The Meaning of Life – Birth

From one of our favorite Brit movies, Nuns on the Run. Robbie Coltrane teaches Eric Idle how to make the sign of the cross:

@12: That’s hysterical! 😆


Welp, this post went over about as well as this woman slides down a hill into the pool.


The post is great. And the gif @15 is hysterical! Poor woman, why didn’t they pull that pool closer to the ramp? Looks like fun anyway.

When I was little, we went to Greek Ortho Church and they do the sign of the cross differently than Catholics, so for the Greeks it would be:
Spectacles, testicles, watch and wallet! 🙂 They also expected us to kiss an icon of Mary. Can you imagine the germs? My mom told us not to and said we could blow it a kiss if we wanted. Ahhh, the good old days of childhood innocence and forced pagan rituals!

@15, Fredster, this post was well-grounded just like the lady on the slide. The clips have been great — spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch might be my favorite.

@16, Annie, I used to look forward each and every year to the Greek Orthodox festival. It was so much fun and the food was F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.! While I’m not a dancer, I did enjoy the dancing.

Just watching a replay of Fox News Sunday. George Will, someone for whom I have little good to say, is talking about following his conservative conscience and leaving the Republican Party. Chris Wallace, disappointment of Mike, showed a tweet by Trump calling Will overrated and a has been. George Will responded:

“Donald Trump has a huge advantage over me. He is able to tell you everything he knows about a subject in 140 characters. I can’t.”

If you are scoring this at home, that would be game, set, match to Mr. Will.

Oh folks I wasn’t fishing for compliments on the post.

It just shows that we never know what’s going to hit with people and what doesn’t. I probably overestimated how much fondness there is for British humor.

A different more slapstick type is Benny Hill, here playing Aussie outlaw Ned Kelly.

Prolix, I got through the segment with Robby Mook and it was all I could take. Didn’t think I could handle the round table discussion.

@22, I tuned it out, but I had to hear how Will was going to handle the switching affiliation. Here’s his story with Will talking, “I switched my party affiliation 23 days ago. I just happened to mention it Friday at the Federalist Society (the Federalist Society was where Fat Tony spat his spittle to be caught by adoring huddled masses). I initially watched Paul Ryan, a committed conservative, meet with Mr. Trump and fail to endorse him while acknowledging many policy concerns in common. Two weeks later, after Mr. Trump attacked a federal judge born in Indiana, Ryan endorsed him. Just as Ronald Reagan said about the Democrats, “I didn’t leave them, they left me.”

@23: I wonder if he’ll still go to Cleveland next month? He can apply for neutral observer status. 😉

Prolix, did he join another party?

@25, nope, he just went Independent or unaffiliated, whichever one Maryland has.

Well, I love the Monty Python clips! Thanks for the humor; I need a good dose every so often to keep on.

I’m flummoxed that U.K. voters showed such an alarming lack of critical thinking and voted against their own best interests. Not to mention that’s supposed to be the U.S. voting public’s problem. Apparently there is a technicality which would allow the U.K. government to ignore the vote, but that option seems unlikely.

Oh, where did I see the article with the reference to the non-binding aspect of the vote? BBC? Guardian? Urgh. My laptop died a few days ago and I am transitioning to a new one and am even less organized than usual….

@27: Thanks for that Luna. I was worried I might be the only one who still remembers or enjoys their humor.

I’m flummoxed that U.K. voters showed such an alarming lack of critical thinking and voted against their own best interests.

Yep, they’re imitating their American cousins, aren’t they?

Fredster, yes, that’s what I remember. Thx.

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