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The Orange Revolution…

Posted on: June 22, 2016

What a week!  It’s only Wednesday and things, they are a’poppin’ my friends.  Where to start?It's not a pretty face

Let’s start with the businessman par excellence and overripe dancing persimmon, Donald Trump. His campaign finance report was abysmal – no, that is too kind.  Let’s put it this way, if the Donald’s fundraising is Trumpalicious, Kanye has replaced Mother Teresa on the sainted humility list.

One thing is for certain, Trump believes charity starts at home.  About one-tenth of every dollar he has raised, $6.0 million in total, finds its way back to a Trump enterprise.

Here’s a list of some things highlighted in the May FEC filing:

  • $423,372 to rent out Mar-a-Lago, his Palm Beach club
  • $349,540 to Tag Air, his fleet of private jets
  • $29,715 to rent out the Trump International Golf Club
  • $35,845 to rent out the Trump National Golf Club
  • $72,800 in rent on Trump Tower

It’s hard for contributors to get excited about giving money to a campaign where the campaign is $45 Million underwater.  It is underwater because the primary expenditures by der Drumpf are being carried as a loan.  He has promised to write this amount off as a contribution.  He also promised to be faithful to his first wife, his second wife, and his third wife.  So, the loan write-off hasn’t happened yet.  Until it does, every dollar coming to the campaign has the potential to go out in the pocket of der Drumpf.

As Hillary said, “Trump has written lots of business books.  They all seem to end in Chapter 11.”

Lincolnshire-Buff in the exact shade preferred by Trump's colorist...

Lincolnshire-Buff in the exact shade preferred by Trump’s colorist…

If this wasn’t enough, Monday brought a lesson in rewarding loyalty from the mouth resembling the business end of the Lincolnshire Buff hen.  Trump fired Corey Lewandowski, the cuckold campaign manager who suffered the same fate as wives one and two.  Lewandowski was and is the loyal lieutenant who would gladly throw himself off the penthouse of Trump Tower for the amusement of his master.  Corey, just like Wun Wun on Game of Thrones, died a valiant death due to the arrows launched by King Trump’s children.

A seasoned veteran of palace intrigue, that’s not metaphorical, a real seasoned veteran of palace intrigue, Paul Manafort, assumes the reins of the campaign.  Since karma has a sense of humor, this isn’t the first time Manafort has been involved with an Orange Revolution (more on that later).

Manafort has a resume so checkered it is as black as a pirate’s Jolly Roger and just as foreboding.  Let’s start with former business partners of Mr. Manafort.  Roger Stone and Lee Atwater were two former partners who should give you a clue as to how fast the swirl is around the moral turpitude drain.

From an article explaining Manafort:

Many of the world’s dictators eventually became his clients. “Name a dictator and Black, Manafort will name the account,” Levine wrote. The client list included Philippine strongman Ferdinand Marcos (with a $900,000 yearly contract) and the despots of the Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Kenya, Equatorial Guinea, and Somalia. When the Center for Public Integrity detailed the firm’s work, it titled the report “The Torturers’ Lobby.”

Orange seems to be catching...

Orange seems to be catching…

Manafort has been investigated by foreign governments, been accused of prolonging shooting wars, complicity with arms merchants, and even fixing an Orange Revolution in Ukraine.  This last one is too complex in the amount of space available, but the long and short of it is this:  Manafort took a kleptomaniac goon named Viktor Yanukovych, gave him a shower, a haircut, a new suit, and taught him to say, “I feel your pain,” and effectively co-opted the Orange Revolution in Kiev by getting Yanukovych elected Prime Minister.

And karma has thrown in a little added chuckle of delight, Manafort’s sidekick in this Ukraine madness was none other than a tad deviant, Ted Devine of BerningBum fame.  It is indeed a small world when it comes to swindlers, cheats, and their man servants.

These are just the highlights of Manafort’s dealings; there are other aspects of racketeering and outright swindles.  Just think what a presidential campaign will do for Mr. Manafort’s career.

Finally, I’m always looking for the next new thing and I think I’ve found the new and improved “Sarah Palin” of 2016.  It is Katrina Pierson.  Katrina, a disaster sharing her name with another disaster, is one-piece of highly volatile work.  Once when asked about Trump’s Muslim ban, she answered, “So what, they’re Muslim.”

Here’s how Katrina made an original splash on CNN:pierson_bullet_0

Pierson’s most recent act of provocation was wearing a necklace of bullets for a CNN interview, to show her love and support for the NRA. When she was criticized, she said she’d wear a necklace of fetuses next time, to bring “awareness to 50 million aborted people that will never [get] to be on Twitter.”

Call me crazy, but in that sentence, the punch line should not be “getting to be on Twitter”.

Although not as checkered as Manafort, Katrina’s background is a bit quizzical even for a Tea Party maven.  Here is an article describing Pierson, but my favorite observation came from one of Katrina’s fellow Texans who said, “We all have to pay the bills, but for Katrina, there is no principle that she isn’t willing to abandon for the right price.”

These are but two of L’Orange’s menagerie of half-witted nincompoops.  There is an old Japanese proverb, “When a man’s character is not clear to you, look at his friends.”  When it comes to der Drumpf, I’m fairly well convinced further inquiry into his character isn’t necessary.

And in honor of the Orange Revolution:


What’s on your mind today?



81 Responses to "The Orange Revolution…"

True to form, der Drumpf relied heavily upon Clinton Cash in his hefting the kitchen sink at our gal this morning. For reference, this is what reviewers said about the book and its author. The stale smell of public restrooms is indicative of what reviewers thought about Peter Schweizer’s most recent entry in his cottage industry of Clinton smears.

Prolix, I always enjoy reading your posts.

@2, thank you Sue. I appreciate it.

Awesome post! Prolix, you’re on a roll!

Did you guys hear about the Democratic congresscritters holding a sit-in to protest the rethugs refusal to have a gun control vote? Paul Ryan had the cspan cameras cut off, so some enterprising soul set up another camera system called Periscope and cspan is broadcasting that. These are entertaining times in the world of politics.

That Manafort freak sounds like the devil. I wish we could see him in prison.

The “wunnerful, wunnerful” (as Lawrence Welk used to say) internet here has been having a hissy fit here today. Apologies for joining in late.

That woman Katrina is scary looking. That’s a pair of dead eyes if I ever saw them. Creepy.

That Linconshire-Buff hen looks like she might be pretty tasty either fried or in a fricassee.

Urgent message for Katrina Pierson: LaToya Jackson called. She wants her face back.

@9: Hello Beata!

We’ve had some changes while you were away. We lost our dear and beloved chatblu. 😥

I have been off the Internet since February and just learned that Chat has passed away. It is such heartbreaking news. She was an amazing and beautiful person in all respects. I feel blessed to have known her, if only from afar, and will always remember her wisdom and wit. She will be greatly missed. My condolences to her family.

@4 & 6, thanks Annie. That article from Slate (I know, it’s Slate) details how corrupt Manafort is. He’s the type of guy you only see in a movie like “Wag the Dog,” or on “House of Cards.” I never thought those people really existed, but there he is in the flesh — Paul Manafort.

@7, Katrina Pierson is a goddess in Trumpland. They love her. That is what made me want to find out about her. She should wear waders because she is waist deep in hypocrisy.

@9, Hiya Beata. From Katrina’s background, it wouldn’t be the first time she was accused of stealing.

@11: I just can’t believe she is gone, Fredster. I remember so many times she advised and counseled us. She cheered us up and kept us going when we were so low. I loved her.

Thanks, Beata. We miss her very much. Good to see you back here.

Prolix, your descriptions of Drumpf just keep getting better, and the quote at the beginning was priceless!!

Between him and Boo Hoo Boehner, I do not know who is more orange.

@17, MB, I have to come clean here. The part about Trump’s mouth looking like the “business end of a chicken” isn’t quite my creation. I did have to research to find an orange chicken, but I fixed dinner for a bunch of older ladies about a month ago. They are all active 70 and 80 years old. I cook and get to listen to them chatter and banter.

Well, on this particular night, they were talking about how much they couldn’t stand Trump — they are all lifelong Democrats. One of them said, “Girls, the way he puckers his mouth up, doesn’t it remind you of a hen’s a$$?” Well, I fell out on that one.

And that is the story of the Lincolnshire-Buff chicken.

@16, Beata she made us all better than we would have been otherwise and we are better for her time with us. She was uniquely loved because she deserved to be.

@17: Well mb, someone is making a mint off the spray tan business between the two of them. 😆

@18: Now that dinner had to have been a hoot.

Interesting piece of info here: Brent Scowcroft endorses Hillary for Prez.

“Secretary Clinton shares my belief that America must remain the world’s indispensable leader,” Scowcroft said in a statement, touting her experience as secretary of state. “She understands that our leadership and engagement beyond our borders makes the world, and therefore the United States, more secure and prosperous. She appreciates that it is essential to maintain our strong military advantage, but that force must only be used as a last resort.”

Clinton, Scowcroft stated, “brings deep expertise in international affairs, and a sophisticated understanding of the world,” qualities he described as “essential for the Commander-in-Chief.”

Well he’s got that right.

Oh lucky me I get to head to the grocery now. Most of the commuters should be out of the way. I just hope they left some of the rotisserie or fried chicken in the deli.

@22, my bet for der Drumpf’s reaction, “Scowcroft, who’s that? That’s a dumb name. He must be dumb. He isn’t great. I only want beautiful endorsements. I want great people in my great America cause America is great — again. Now what is a Scowcroft?”

The other day I saw someone had asked the “Great Carrot” about Brexit and he said, “What’s that?”

Hey Prolix, that wasn’t even the description I meant! Although I would have loved to hear those ladies diss Drumpf.

You know what I like about all these Republicans endorsing Hillary? How crazy it makes people like Newt, KKKarl and Reince. 😄

Shinners!!! So proud of our Democrats finally fighting back!! So glad that a REAL AMERICAN PATRIOT, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Rep. John Lewis lead this awesome sir in in the HOUSE! I only wished they would’ve sang We Shall Overcome but Mr. Ryan cut the CSPAN feed. Why are they so afraid of the truth???

Here’s Rep. John Lewis. Leadership comes from the top down. This is ON:

@26, okay just for the fun of it, let’s look at the juxtaposition of the two parties. The last time the Repubs did this it was to demand drilling in the Arctic Refuge (drill baby drill). Ryan is going to call a vote, now get this, he’s going to call a vote to overrule the new Labor Department fiduciary rule.

What’s that? The new fiduciary rule provides that an investment adviser must act in the best interests of their clients. Now, an investment adviser doesn’t have to tell you what their commissions are or even that they are earning commissions. Everyone likes the idea of the fiduciary rule except, bankers and investment professionals because it gives a cause of action when an investor gets screwed.

So, the Repubs last did this for drill baby drill and is now going to vote on enabling bankers to screw investors with impunity instead of voting on limiting the ability of terrorists to get AR-15s.

The only word that comes to mind is “soulless”.

@26 SM, they just sang We Shall Overcome!

This is so cute! Wired magazine is showing the congress critters how to use periscope on their phones.

It’s rigged I tell ‘ya!! It’s all been rigged! New Yorkers may have plenty to criticize Cuomo about, but Hill won NY.

@30 Thanks for posting that tutorial. It may come in handy someday. 🙂

@32: I thought about adding that app to my phone but I don’t really need it for anything I can think of.

And, you can get periscope for PCs/Windows here:

You also have to install an android emulator for periscope to run on your pc but I haven’t seen any issues with it from what I’m reading.

Fredster, you lost me at install an android emulator for periscope to run on your pc . Guess I’ll remain a Luddite. Maybe a GoPro would be better for me.

GAgal, that’s just if you want to put the periscope app on your computer. It’s a cell phone app designed to run on android cell phones. However the developer created a piece of software (an emulator) that creates an android system to run on a pc or a mac.

Andy OS is a full featured mobile operating system that runs on any Mac or Windows PC, and in the Cloud–it breaks the barrier between desktop and mobile computing, while keeping you up-to-date with the latest Android OS feature upgrades. It also provides users with unlimited storage capacity, PC compatibility, and the freedom to run the most popular Android apps on a desktop. Thanks to seamless connection between desktop and mobile, you can receive a SnapChat phone picture on the street and see it on your desktop at home.

The House is voting on a conference report on military construction and vets spending. I bet after this vote is taken that Ryan gavels the House adjourned and shuts everything down.

Welp, they just adjourned the House until the 24th – Friday. I think Ryan wanted to adjourn until after the 4th but the Repubs must have changed their minds (if they collectively have a single one).

Here’s a head scratcher:

An investigation is underway into how a Washington man managed to commit a murder while wearing a police-issued GPS monitoring device. The brilliant twist? Authorities had accidentally attached the device to the man’s prosthetic leg — a leg that they now think he left at home to go kill somebody.

@37, they are just starting the every three day “dummy — pro forma” sessions to prevent a Presidential recess appointment. The conservative caucus knows better than the Framers when it comes to functioning government.

@38: Oh they’re gonna do that cr@p again? What a bunch of buffoons.

I was looking for something else over on youtube and saw this great piece by Stephen Colbert. It’s from last week.

Louie Gohmert showing once again why he should never be let out on his own.

CNN has signed up Corey Lewandowski as political commentator. Why, oh why, must they torture us so? We’re gonna have to come up with a name for him ’cause I ain’t typing his over and over.

Just caught part of Hardball because Joy Reid is on there. They had this blurb:

“Sanders – We’re still negotiating on an endorsement”.

Clarence Page said among his requirements was his own plane so he could go around the country. To what purpose? To endorse Hillz? Page didn’t say.

29 | GAgal: OMG, after I posted that comment, had to deal with a teenager meltdown moment…and yes, our souls are singing together. I WAS FEELING IT! Thank you, GAGal for your representative, the PATRIOT of PATRIOTS, Rep John Lewis!!!

@28 Prolix, understood and I totally get the snarky/satire-thingy of your point…I get it, but EFF THEM. They will lose nothing, no matter who’s in power. But people like me, will. I know that you get where I’m coming from, but I’m not listening to their incessant pile of nuclear waste…I am giving bullpoop some props; at least bullpoop is a renewable energy source 🙂 !

TL; DR: I’m just too pissed and just too mad to read into the other side’s mind.

After this week of absolute bullpoop, I can now say that Republicans see the Second Amendment as their only version of birth control. But don’t kill the white ones, just the brown and black ones.

SM said: at least bullpoop is a renewable energy source

Yeah and there’s a ton of it in DC, that’s for sure.

@45, bernie is still reaching out for endorsements?? OMG, the Zombie Apocalypse is truly here:

@48 Hey Fredster!!! 🙂 Just want to say I love you, Madama B and Prolix and Chatblu (in her StarDust remix) for still being around :).

@49: Oh no SM. I think what that meant was he was negotiating with Clinton’s people on what he’s gonna get from her for his saying he endorses her.

@50: Aw thanks SM. That means a lot. 🙂

@47 & 50, the Repubs are just a soulless lot devoid of morals or a sense of ethics of what it means to treat others. I mean really, why is the Orlando killer a terrorist, but Dylan Roof, white punk killer of praying blacks, called a lone wolf?

There are no truer words than what you wrote, “Republicans see the Second Amendment as their only version of birth control. But don’t kill the white ones, just the brown and black ones.”

I get enormously pissed when I think about this. My cardiologist says I’m not supposed to do that, so I’ll just say thanks for 50. That makes me feel much better.

@45 & 49, hold on to your bonnets, can you believe this? From BerningBum’s speech tonight:

“While we’re at it, we may as well transform the entire Democratic Party,” Sanders said to thunderous applause.

The Vermont senator also encouraged the frenzied crowd to take up his mantle and fight against the Democratic establishment.

“You can beat the establishment,” Sanders declared. “They’re not quite as powerful as some make them out to be. In every state we had to take on the entire Democratic establishment. That is not just your state – that’s true in every state in this country and yet we ended up winning 22 of those states.”

“I have no doubt that a strong well-organized grassroots movement can take on the establishment and defeat the establishment and that is precisely what we’ve got to do and what the political revolution is all about,” he said.

Since I have my secret decoder ring handy, let me decode this as the BernBots will read it or hear about it:

Burn the convention down to the last dying ember. The Democratic Party is the enemy and Hillary is the leader of the enemy forces. Destroy the party, salt the fields, and poop in their wells. I am the way, the truth, and the light. I am the sayer of all truth and the truth is, the Democrats are evil and must be destroyed to be built back in my likeness. Go forth, smoke dope, play video games, and multiply.

@54 LOL! Bern is so insane.

54: He must not have gotten that plane he wanted from Hillz’s campaign. That or Robby Mook told him “Here: go fly this.”.

Then Peter Dao came in and said to Bernie that if the first plane wasn’t sufficient they could give him this one and let him chart his own course.

The phrase “legend in his own mind” suits Bernie to a T.

@58: The Brits have no idea what they’ve done. Listening to the teevee right now, the £ has already dropped big time compared to the $. Plan your trip to London right now. LOL

As if she needed to do anything else to further her trip to the unemployment line, Bernie’s favorite cheerleader just made a big boo-boo.

@61, oh, now Nina is a “truth teller?” Really. Apparently her dictionary is a Gonzo World First Edition where up is down and donkeys talk out their butts — it’s called a$$ a$$-talking.

@62: I didn’t know that pot was legal in Ohio. She surely had to have toked up before making those statements.

Wow, I just saw the dateline on that Nina article. That was from June 10th.

@63, she was on Lawrence O’Dumbell tonight and again took gratuitous shots at Hillary. I understand that her loyalty is for rent, that she is a plug and play politician, I get that, they are a dime a dozen, but once a race is over, once her side loses, why does she feel compelled to continue her catty attacks? That is not political exuberance — that is a personality disorder.

The hand-wringing bed-wetters are yammering on about Brexit means good things for Trump. Hogwash! In the next 60-90 days, the world will see the consequences of isolationism. The U.K. will tailspin into a recession virtually overnight. There is going to be huge buyer’s remorse. The evidence will be unavoidable, Trump style isolationism is a recipe for disaster. The U.K. may have just given Hillary a landslide tonight as an example of what not to do.

Cameron stepping aside is just going to exacerbate the uncertainty. The U.K. economy was borderline at best — this is going to be an overnight disaster — gasoline, to foodstuffs, to electronics — all increased about 10% overnight for the British. If there is one thing that pulls the plug on an economy it’s uncertainty and this is Magic 8-Ball territory.

@65: I missed O’Donnell and in fact rarely watch him. Then MSNBC and CNN turned over to coverage of the Brexit vote.

I cannot fathom what Turner has going on in her mind but I believe she’s really committing political suicide.

@66: I’ve got it on CNBC and it’s looking ugly in the markets over there, and this is just the beginning.

What the f*ck. Brexit is like the South receding from America…TODAY!!!

The British government blew this one big-time. They should have done a better job convincing their population that they knew how to address the concerns of the poor and working class. Also, they should have come out and called the furor against immigration what it truly is: racism.

At least in America we have been consistently condemning Drumpf’s rhetoric as racist and misogynist. I don’t believe this was done in the UK, and the “shame factor” really didn’t take hold as it has here.

I completely agree that this will not help Trump, especially since yesterday when 50 top business owners came out in support of Hillary. They are effectively declaring that his only selling point (other than fear and hatred), his alleged success in business, isn’t going to translate into a Presidential economic understanding.

FYI: The great thing about the Brexit is that Donald Trump’s golf course in Scotland will see more traffic. I sh*t you not.

P.S., SM77 – I love you too!!!

@69 & 70, with the EU burning, Trump was hawking his lighthouse rooms overlooking the golf course. Any doubt about the man’s instability was completely removed this morning. The world was ablaze and he spent 10 minutes sounding like a cheap tour director on a day bus trip.

@71, MB, I saw that. Scotland voted heavily to stay in the EU, now there’s a call for another independence vote to leave the UK and stay with the EU because of the economic implications. And then Trump was saying what a great thing it was because his room rates would increase. He’s a so common. Guys like him are a dime a dozen, the only things that makes him different and a little more dangerous are: 1) His daddy had money; and 2) His willingness to suffer unbelievable amounts of shame — either he’s immune to shame or like a world where kryptonite makes Superman stronger, shame invigorates Trump.

@73 – I agree he is the lowest form of life indeed, only brought up the social ladder by his daddy’s money. In terms of shame, I would posit that Trump is a psychopath, like many CEO types (4 times as many CEOs are psychopaths as in the general population), and does not suffer shame at all. Shame requires empathy, which he shows no evidence of possessing.

You all have probably read something like this, but I still like to reference it once in a while. Tell me the blurb at the top isn’t the perfect description of Der Trumperer.

@74 – P.S., the shame I meant was the shame of our politicians and populace due to The Donald’s rhetoric. His 70% unfavorable rating, plus the statements of his own Party and Democrats, shows that the majority of the public is onto him.

@73: Yep, Scotland was big on staying in he EU and I agree the next thing to happen will be another call for independence.

Speaking of fallout from the vote, will Airbus still keep these two manufacturing facilities in Britain after the breakup is complete?

Here’s a good article. Much like Trump has claimed, “We will have beautiful trade deals when I’m president,” the “leave” forces promised an easy divorce. It is going to be a disaster. I heard one guy say today, “Where will the U.K. find the professionals to do all these trade negotiations? For decades now, the EU handled all the trade negotiations among the countries, now it will be the U.K. versus the EU and the U.K. doesn’t have a team.”

Just think about it, say 25 states essentially had one organization for corporations, financial oversight, insurance and banking regulations, food inspections, weights and measures, basically everything from the environment to taxation, and overnight, one of the states wanted out. Where would you start?

@77: Everything I’ve seen discussed about the separation by the talking heads has said it’s gong to take some time to complete.

@78, I’ve seen seven years being the opening bid. The U.K. had it great, they got all the benefits of the EU and didn’t have to use the Euro and got to have the EuroBank in London. That all changes.

I completely agree, this is a horrible decision. I don’t know what those people are thinking. Immigration will not stop because they leave the EU. They’ll still have to look at brown people.

Meanwhile…as I mentioned above, “Texit” is starting to trend!

@80: I’ve said before that I wonder if the folks in Texas know how much money they get from the Feds, if for no other reason, from the payrolls from all the government and military installations in the state?

The Feds will surely not leave all the planes at air bases, nor tanks on army bases nor boats/ships at Coast Guard Sectors. And the Feds will surely close NASA’s Mission Control in Houston.

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