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Lazy Weekend Music-Remembrance and Celebration

Posted on: June 18, 2016


Good Saturday and Weekend Widdershins

Thank goodness we’ve reached the end of an awful, mind numbing and terrible week.

What can we say except we saw the loss of wonderful, promising lives due to the senseless actions of a terribly disturbed, sexually confused individual.  (I refuse to use the name of this monster)  Let’s just say he decided to take out his frustrations and anger on some totally innocent victims.

These young (and yes some not-so-young) folks had gone to Pulse, a dance club/nightclub toI Boogie have a good time, dance, wrap up their weekend, and prepare for a new week.  Hell even the Rude Pundit remembers going to the clubs to dance his ass off.  And Fredster remembers going dancing in his better days, except it was called the disco back then, and it may be coming back!  Alas, all of my polyester shirts bit the dust a long time ago.

dancingSo with celebrating the lives of these victims and survivors, and remembering our own dancing days, let’s take a look at some of the great disco and dancing songs.  Of course your contributions are welcomed and encouraged in the comments.


(1) Le Freak ~ Chic

(2) Disco Inferno ~ The Tramps

(3) Knock on Wood ~ Amii Stewart

(4) Night Fever ~ The Bee Gees

(5) Love to love you baby ~ Donna Summer

(6) YMCA ~ Village People


Okay Widdershins, that’s a grand total of six songs because I’m leaving room and bandwidth for you to add your own contributions below.  There are tons of dance and disco songs out there – I barely scratched the surface.


53 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music-Remembrance and Celebration"

Great Fredster! A very fitting tribute to folks who went out to dance, have a great time, and were taken decades too soon.

Here’s a song for the families and the survivors:

Not from the vintage disco era, but it made the disco rounds in the late 1990s.

And ain’t no party til Sister Sledge tells us:

Great choices Prolix. I especially like the Cher song.

How ’bout some Kool and the Gang.

@5, we’ll be playing that song in November!

This is a nice tribute Fredster.

I love all the selections!!! 🙂 🙂 !!! Especially Gloria Gaynor’s I will survive :)!

Being a 70s baby myself, these songs mean a lot to me.

Here’s my contribution for the cause:

Just in time for Pride weekend, for our Orlando victims and survivors, for our Hillary and her holdouts who not going to be held back:

Excellent choice SM!

Here’s one I want Hillary to walk onto the dais on January 20, 2017 🙂 :

Luv it SM! 🙂

I guess y’all heard Chelsea has made Hillary a granny again.

Welcome to the world Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky.

Congrats to Chelsea and welcome Aidan!

@SM: Apparently he’s always going to be a Clinton. 😆

SM, how did the graduation go?

@14: Hey Socalannie! Thank you for asking!!! Graduation was just like my family, a tropical stormy mess that sorted itself out, LOL. Despite Tropical Storm Colin wreaking havoc, the school did not cancel graduation, my dad and stepmom, brother in Orlando made it and the kid got to graduate…then we had a very nice lunch at Ulele (if you ever come back this way, please go to this restaurant) by downtown Tampa on the Hillsborough river. Hoping your Lake or Laker (?) is doing well :)!

@13: Fredster, he’s a Clinton 100000% with grandpa and grandma 🙂 !

@11, BerningBum has called foul — Hillary, through Chelsea, is manufacturing voters. According to the BernieBots the only way to create voters is through caucus copulation by anyone who wants to show up on the particular Erection Day. That is other than Debbie Wasserman Schultz who isn’t welcome. BerningBum considered an Erection Day “pole tax” of $27 per voter, but Jane couldn’t figure the taxes and no one had pockets for the change.

@15, GAgal, I love the nightlife too :)!

Here’s another disco favorite, just absolutely love Donna Summer. Here’s one of my faves from her…not exactly a disco song, as this is from her 80s songs, but suitable for the post theme:

@18 LOL Then they can join the Fox viewers who said Chelsea had her first baby so Hillary could run for president as a grandma. (Made it almost seem human, you know?)

All I can say, SM and GAgal, I’m every woman who loves the nightlife, or something close to that.

LMAO, Prolix, you are a mad-genius! LMAO! LOL-ing at your comments.

Ok, so I love this song so much…as you can tel…so here’s who actually sang the backgrounds on the original recording…musical heroes. What a chorus! See who you recognize:

Wonderful selections GAgal!

Prolix@18: I did not see BerningBum’s address where he didn’t actually say he would endorse or support Hillary but I heard that once the networks saw it was going to be the same ole, same ole, they switched away from him. Good.

If you want to read an article about an episode of mass hypnosis, read this.

It was either mass hypnosis or the psilocybin mushrooms on the menu were excellent.

Here’s another one I remember, God bless you Luis and Felix for taking me to La Escuelita in NYC and we danced and danced to this song:

I’m surprised, what with Fredster’s disco ball, that this song didn’t spontaneously just start playing because it is supposed to play each and every time a mirrored disco ball spins:

Prolix, that song wanted to embed itself and I had to keep deleting it. It had a life of its own. LOL!

OMG, Prolix, how could I forget the Bee Gees!!!????? thank you 🙂

@24, well I watched and he started his usual harangue about life being unfair and Wall Street needing to eat worms and how, since he’s been a Democrat for all of three seconds, he is the only person on the planet other than Che or Fidel, who knows how it should be organized, the network cut to a toenail fungus ad (curing not pro-fungus).

He’s just such a sad little man. His candidate in NV was squashed like a slow moving armadillo on I-80. Underwriting big rallies all over the country for a million bucks a throw does not a movement make — he would have been more successful by just giving away store coupons for Metamucil.

His candidate in NV was squashed like a slow moving armadillo on I-80.

Wonderful news! Hope it happens to many more. 🙂

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – Nola Motherhouse read the names of the Orlando victims at the Nola Pride event before the parade.

@31, it can’t happen many more times because the old fart isn’t helping anyone else. He has only helped, or offered to help about 5 or 6 other candidates. The guy is a flaming arsehole. He’s sitting on a good list — maybe not the best, but a good email list and he won’t share it even though, I thought he signed an agreement with the DNC to share it. But of course, everything is suddenly negotiable after he gets his way. Maybe der Drumpf should consider BerningBum for Veep. Two turds from the same litter box.

@33: I think Bernie’s rewards, shall we say, will happen once he’s back in the Senate which I hope the Democrats get back and Schumer is Maj. Leader. Then it’s going to be “whatcha gonna do, where ya gonna go?”.

We forgot one — it would be so nice to have a celebration, all across the world in every nation — Holiday:

@35: Love the guy in his nightcap behind Madonna and the dancers. 😆

Weird. My comment didn’t appear before the link there. Just the link. Doesn’t matter tho’.

@GAgal: Ah the mysteries of WordPress. 😉

younger Sanders supporters prepared for what they called “direct action” — loud, consistent, and perhaps disruptive protest outside the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

I hope the “protest” area is two blocks away from the convention site and it’s fenced in like it was in Denver.

@37, from the article:

Several dozen of them attended a training on how to march, how to follow a chant, how to defy police orders to disperse by sitting and locking arms in what’s called a “human chain,” and how to conduct themselves when the police stepped in and physically removed them.

Let’s break that down — “several dozen” — that’s maybe 36 or 48 people out of maybe 12 Million who got high and staggered into one of BerningBum’s caucuses who needed help in knowing how to march (last I checked, much like walking) and sitting (last time I check, much like, well, sitting). Something is missing though. The reporter forgot to mention the gold stars and attendance participation trophies for these special little BernieBots.

@40, I think the protest area would fit quite nicely across the river in Camden, NJ. Just a short jaunt over the Ben Franklin Bridge.

The reporter forgot to mention the gold stars and attendance participation trophies for these special little BernieBots.

Oh absolutely! They must have their bright, shiny objects for rewards.

@42: From my two trips to Philly for training, I can agree that Camden would be a wonderful spot for their protest pen. 😛

Lawrence O’Donnell had these two young men on his show the other night. They wrote this song for all of the innocents who were there at Pulse.

I took the lyrics out because it added too much to the comment.

Aw geez, I just saw that Anton Yelchin died. All of 27 years old. I thought he was a great Chekhov.

@45 Fredster, that song is lovely. Did y’all see that a rainbow formed over the 50,000 people gathering in Orlando today?

@48 Absolutely! The very idea of a loser in the primary thinking he can withhold his endorsement between the primary and the convention unless rule changes are made (even for the future) reeks of extortion. He is trying to delegitimize Hillary’s win by saying the process was unfair to him. Straight up. Go home Sen Sanders (I-VT).

According to a Washington Examiner headline (didn’t read, won’t link) Clarence Thomas is mulling retirement after the election. Poor thing must be heartbroken with no one to lead him around by the nose after Scalia’s death.

@48: Yay for the CBC! And I am totally against the idea of opening the primaries to anyone. That makes it way too easy for a primary to be skewed by indies and Repubs coming in just to muck things up. It’s very simple: you want to vote in a closed primary then change your registration to reflect that you belong to a particular party.

GAgal, at the youtube link for that song, the lyrics are there. Click on “show more” and you can read the lyrics.

Oh and thanks for no link to the Wash. Examiner (bleh) however that news about Clarence is wonderful. I hope he follows through with it.

California Democratic Party:
The California Democratic Party on Sunday called for a broad overhaul of how the party nominates its presidential candidates, including the elimination of caucuses and most super-delegates.


The California resolution calls for Democratic governors and members of Congress to lose their status as super-delegates and instead attend the nominating convention as nonvoting guests. Members of the Democratic National Committee would remain super-delegates, but would be required to vote for the candidate who won their constituency.

So what would be the point in having them at all?

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