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Activist Monday: Why Does This Keep Happening?

Posted on: June 13, 2016

An AR-17 assault rifle, like the one used by Omar Mateen to kill 50 innocent people in Orlando

Good Monday, Widdershins, and I hope you personally had a great weekend, despite the terrible and tragic mass shooting in Orlando. As I write this, the count of the dead is up to 50, and the wounded count is the same. And why? What could the reason possibly be for opening fire on innocent people?

The gunman called 911 before the attack, expressing fealty to ISIS. He twice had been investigated by federally authorities for alleged comments he made about terrorism, but both investigations were closed.


[But]…A law enforcement official told NBC News there is no indication that Omar Mateen was in touch with terrorists overseas and nothing to indicate this was a directed attack. Also, several officials say, there’s no sign that anyone else was involved in the attack, either in helping Mateen or egging him on.

The father said his son got angry when he saw two men kissing in Miami a couple of months ago and thought that might be related to the shooting.

“We are saying we are apologizing for the whole incident. We weren’t aware of any action he is taking. We are in shock, like the whole country,” Seddique Mir Mateen said.

So, here we stand, once again reeling from an act of domestic terrorism that makes absolutely no sense. This is the second time in the past few months. How do these people keep getting weapons, especially when the government is already suspicious of them?

I’ll tell you exactly how: the cowardice and lack of moral fiber of our President and Congress. There is no excuse for pretending that our gun laws are not completely broken. There is no excuse for our collective amnesia, which sets in after the latest news cycle has run its course, wringing every last bit of sorrow, terror, regret and (most importantly) politicization out of each awful byte. The cycle continues; some man or woman who has already been identified as a potential terrorist, or as having mental or emotional problems, somehow obtains an automatic or semi-automatic weapon or weapons. LEGALLY. That person takes the weapons and causes horrible mayhem. Lather, rinse, repeat. The media publishes a lot of dreadful stories, the President makes a powerful speech, and then we all eventually go on with our lives and nothing is ever done. Nothing. Is. Ever. Done.

I wish I knew how to fix this, Widdershins. I wish I knew how to change peoples’ hearts and minds about gun control, about just how necessary and important it is. I wish I knew how to make people understand how badly things are going out in the real world (and getting worse) as we continue to ignore the growing horror the proliferation of these completely useless and unnecessary weapons has caused.

All I know how to do is ask the anguished and frustrated question, “Why does this keep happening?”, and hope someone smarter than I, like Our Girl, can come up with a reason why it won’t happen any more.

This is an open thread.



31 Responses to "Activist Monday: Why Does This Keep Happening?"

MB, excellent post getting to the germ of the question, “Why does this keep happening?” Like you say, you can’t cleanse a heart darkened by mental illness without intervention so the question then becomes, how do you intervene against the instruments of the killing?

If you have 7 minutes, this video lays the commonsense foundation of the case against the proliferation of guns. It doesn’t make a case for the eradication of guns, just controlling the unbridled appetite whetted by the appetite for selling guns.

And here is a video if you don’t have 7 minutes, it’s 91 seconds:

Here’s something that doesn’t make any sense no matter where you are on the issue:

The killer tried to buy Level III Body Armor — beyond what police have available or issued. The store wouldn’t sell it to him. But he could go buy an assault-type weapon and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

In what deluded world does that make sense? Body armor to protect you from being shot is a danger sign while selling an assault weapon is promoted as a right.

We need to be pushing more of this:

A Democratic congressman frustrated with inaction on gun control said Monday he’s done with the moments of silence typically held on the House floor after mass shootings, calling them “obnoxious expressions of smug incompetence.”

@3, that’s truly insane. I also wonder if the store reported his trying to buy the armor. That should be a law also.

@4, Good for that congressman!

Great videos, Prolix. Sobering and very sad.

And of course, Donald Trump doubles down on the anti-Muslim rhetoric after this. I don’t know if he believes this sh*t or not, but at this point it doesn’t matter. He is the personification of hateful ignorance.

Sorry I haven’t been around today.
To be honest, a very sleepless night last night with this tragedy. So many young lives lost for no apparent reason at all.

I hope that in the fall elections the Dems can get both the House and the Senate back. If that happens and Hillary wins the Presidency there will be no problem getting another assault weapons ban passed. You don’t hunt with a gun like that nor is it remotely for self-defense/self-protection. It’s a weapon for killing people.

@9 – {{{Fredster}}} There just aren’t any words.

Helicopters are flying over Ybor City and West Tampa now, lots of Pride events going on, but secutiry is tight here.

To make some sense of yet another WTF tragedy that religious bigotry-meets-mental-illness-meets-what-theF-!!!?????

Here’s what I want to play for the victims of the Latino Pride night attendees who took a bullet or lost their lives, the majority of them beautiful and young Puerto-Rican-Americans. This song is from one of, if not the greatest of. PuertoRican-American salsa singers, Mr. Hector LaVoe.

God bless you, and hoping you are still dancing on top of the grave of hate and rejoice in the light of joy.


Prie=Pride, DUH, help??

Dammit, on the porch now, hearing the helis over the house and a little nervous, spell check me please/??


@SM: Oh hell that’s right. There are Pride events going on all over the place at this time.

Lamar White, a blogger from back home in La. put up a post very late last night about the Orlando massacre and guns. It is well worth a read.

Good article here on that spray-tanned buffoon being confused or deliberately lying.

@16, that is a very powerful little poem. So sad, and so true.

Hill’s speech in Cleveland.

Former Senator Larry Pressler, a Republican, endorsing Hillary.

Clinton and Brown sure look good together.
Hint, hint.

Whoa! Obama just gave a kicka** speech. I wish he had come out this strong on the “radical islamist” rhetoric before, but this was great for Hillary’s campaign. Oh and Russia hacked in to the DNC files. Ruh Roh.

Well, thank God Secretary Clinton had a private server.
Let’s never hear another word about her “damn emails” again.

Erin Burnette on CNN interviewing bartender from Pulse right now. His neighbor is flying a Confederate flag.

By the way, isn’t there a primary going on today? It doesn’t look like it from the media. No “countdown ’til the polls close” or anything.

@25, GAgal, there’s a Bernie-deflate-o-meter because the air is finally going to be out of him for good. He can be packed up and sent back to the big woods of Vermont and hopefully his sightings will be as regular as Bigfoot and just as believable.

Aaaaaaannnnd it’s a wrap!!! Hillary beat BerningBum’s butt in DC, by 70%+!!!!

@27, SM, Hillary and BerningBum had dinner off the room service menu. Hillary had a cheeseburger and BerningBum had crow well-done, unlike his primary performance.

Here’s the slow jam I’m dedicating to the BerningBums that have a hard letting go.

One of my favorite songs in the aught years, Go’head Usher! Let it BURN, Lyrics/rhythms are gorgeous and just translated into these BerningBums is even better.

Say goodbye to the old Bolshevik. Bye Bye, Bernie.

@SM – Wow, that is quite a result. #TheBernout was campaigning in DC, too. I guess the more they saw of him, the less they liked him. Seems to be a consistent pattern. 😉

Looks like the Republicans are running away in droves because of Trump’s ridiculous rhetoric on the Orlando massacre.

By the way, I don’t even know that this was really ISIS-related. I think the guy was actually a crazy, self-loathing gay man.

He could have been attracted to ISIS because of their 13th-century views on LGBT, I suppose, but he was born in America, so banning Muslims from entering this country wouldn’t have done any good in his case. He was radicalized online.

I guess Drumpf has never heard of online communications and stateless actors. That’s the kind of with-it guy you really want in the Oval Office.

@28 Prolix, you KNOW that she paid the check and then Jane and Berniw took all the leftovers in a to-go box, Not that ther’s anything wrong with that…but not on a job intervire, LOL!

Anyways, gotta loong day ahead.Good night to all, MadamaB, the “establishment said, “OH HEL{L’NAW!!”

BTW, DC is still very Chocolate City, so Hillary won DC for sure! George Clinton and Parliament were prophets:

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