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Lazy Weekend Music – Celebratin’ Time!

Posted on: June 11, 2016

Snoopy CB dance

A good Saturday and weekend to you Widdershins!

We can say that glass ceiling hasbeenbroken! Hillary Clinton will be the first woman candidate of a major party in the United States.  True, she still has to win in the general Lucy-snoopy dancingelection this fall, but with her probable and likely competition being the spray-tanned, Cheeto-Dusted Bloviator-meerkat wearin’ #deadbeatdonald, I truly, truly, truly believe we will see the first woman elected as President of the United States.  You’ve come a long way baby.

Brad dancingSo obviously this is a time of joy and celebration for all of us who have supported Hillary Clinton ever since, oh gosh…forever?  As a result, let’s look at some songs that are about joy or otherwise celebratory in nature.  I do expect a contribution from each and every one of you. 



(1) When you believe ~ Whitney Houston -Mariah Carey

(2) I Just Want To Celebrate ~ Rare Earth

(3) Wind Beneath My Wings ~ Bette Midler

(4) Eye of the Tiger ~ Survivor

(5) I feel good ~ James Brown

(6)  Gonna Fly Now – Theme from Rocky ~ Bill Conti

* * * * *

Awright now Widdershins, I expect to see some contributions down below.  C’mon now…you can think of at least one.

Snoopy woodstock dance


37 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music – Celebratin’ Time!"

Great choice of topics Fredster. You are right — it’s been a long time, but the wait makes it oh, so much, sweeter. It feels like a “Firework”!

Hello Shinners!! Don’t have a song per se, but a fantastic, snarky new ad from Hillz’ campaign, lmao!!!

And from this strong woman to the next President who also happens to be a strong woman:

And a song Hillary has heard probably a few thousand times:

Here’s another happy dance:

Prolix, you’re on a roll there!

And here’s the subject of Sunday’s talkies, prepare yourself, it will be a shock — NOT — Trump’s casinos were frauds as “ongoing concerns”, doomed to fail from the outset because they were saddled with horrendous debt, but through the bankruptcies Trump managed to pocket millions.

Here’s the gawker rewrite of the NYT:

@6, me like happy times.

Here’s one to the large percentage of Democrats out there. C’mon, reach out!

@10: Awright SM!!

Nevah surrender!

Watch that ceiling shatter!

I clicked on julies ‘breaking glass’ song, then scrolled up and watched Elaine, George and Jerry dance to it. Too funny!!

Love the Tina Turner clips :)!!! Speaking of Ms. Tina, here’s one for those BerningBums who aren’t on board yet:

@14: Hey Julie, thanks for coming by and luv your selection.

@16: I just tried that and it was funny!!

Great selections by everyone today!! 🙂

@19 glad you enjoyed it Fredster! I look forward to playing it a lot in November.

Check out the first part of this interview with Hillary and David Muir where she’s looking out at the crowd before her speech Tuesday night.

Great songs, everyone. I love that old Rare Earth song. And Snoopy!

@23, thanks for posting that GAgal. Never gets old.

I love this. (I had to zoom in a little so I hope it links ok)

@25, thanks GAgal, that was a really nice story. Needed that after reading about the horror in Orlando.

I am really sorry about Orlando. I’m still happy that we will soon have Hilary. She will do everything she can to take guns out of the hands of crazy people like that.

Shinners, I’ve checked in with most of my Orlando family and friends, all are so far reported “safe.”

One of my peeps that will be very affected is a friend I graduated HS with, who is now working at a LGBTQ community org in Orlando and he reported that several acquaintances are missing. It was Pulse’s Latino Pride night.

Also worth noting: Pulse is located right in the middle of downtown Orlando (where the tall office buildings are off of I-4), next to the Amtrak train station and next to tons of nightclubs and restaurants/bars.

Agree with MadamaB, there has to be an assault weapons ban. No private use, only for law enforcement agencies and military use. And strict, strict psychological tests every 6 months to a year.

Why should buying an assault weapon be easier than getting an abortion or heck, even buy some effing allergy medicine with pseudoephredine????!!!!????? If the federal government can limit how much Claritin-D I can buy, then they can put a limit on assault weapons.

Awesome music. I hope Elton John does Philadelphia Freedom at the convention.

As far as Orlando goes, the same people telling you to be afraid of Muslims are the same people working hard to give Muslims assault rifles.

@28 & 30, Well said, agree with both of you. SM, I hope your friends people are ok, what a horrible, horrible thing. I’m so depressed.

I saw a picture of the gunman. His eyes look “dead.” I notice that with all of these lunatics. Dead looking eyes. No soul.

Because of Foresters post, this song has been going through my head all weekend:

SM, glad you’ve heard from your people in Orlando and hope your friend’s acquaintances turn out to be okay.

And don’t forget that this is the 2nd event that happened in Orlando. The young singer from The Voice was shot Friday night.

Ga6th@30: Oh that would be awesome!!

I just have to throw this in. She proved them all wrong.

Fredster, the stupid auto correct on this computer keeps changing your name to Forester, and I don’t always catch it. I haven’t been drinking or anything!

@37: LOL!! I was wondering who Forester was. 🙂

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