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Posted on: June 9, 2016


I'm with racist 2

It seems to have gone unnoticed, but Mitch McConnell continues blocking the confirmation of Merrick Garland.  Judge Garland, by all accounts, is a magnificent judge.  McConnell is blocking Judge Garland in order to allow Donald L’Orange Trump to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice.  Think about that.

The same Trump who believes melanin precludes a judge from understanding what massive fraud looks like in terms of bilking unsuspecting poor people into crippling credit card debt for attending bogus real estate courses.

The same human/meerkat hybrid who thinks when he’s President he can just switch out Judges like he does groundskeepers on his golf courses.

So Sen. McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan have the dubious honor of supporting a “textbook racist” in order for him to appoint justices to the United States Supreme Court.

Does irony even register with these people?  Before now, even racist-lite comments were an absolute bar to election.  Now you have the Republican Party nominating a person hurling racist comments over a civil fraud case in which he, the candidate, is the defendant.  When Trump says he wants to “Make America Great Again,” there is no doubt that is a typographical error meant to say, “Make America White Again.”


Pink Suit

Trump’s stubby little fingers pointed toward a teaser in his scripted speech Tuesday night.  Given his penchant for “fraud for profit” (most popular major at Trump U.), he’s going to traffic in lies and innuendo by using Peter Schweizer’s book, Clinton Cash as his source material for next week’s attack on Hillary.

Peter Schweizer is a piece of work.  He’s has long toiled in the vineyards where the grapes of Clinton wrath are stored.  He’s clever in his approach.  He claims to only report the facts and allow the reader to draw their own conclusions.  Here’s the rub:  Factual errors, dribs and drabs of incomplete rumors are strung together, and rumors copied off the bathroom walls of filthy internet conspiracy sites are the currency of Schweizer’s work.

For future reference, here is a compendium of how reviewers have urinated on Clinton Cash.


If you want to have some fun, here is a Vice President generator.  You can slice and dice potential candidates to your personal liking.



All too often we get all absorbed in the process of politics.  The game of what sociological segment will react in which way resulting in a particular effect to the vote totals.  This is little more than a strategic parlor game.  That is the fun part.

Focusing on the game ignores the reality of governance.  What’s more, it fails to appreciate the costs of ignoring that reality.

Here’s an article that brings home the reality.  You probably haven’t seen it.  It is from the Justice Harry Blackmun’s papers.  It is entitled: The Day Roe v. Wade Was Overruled.

The recounted events are in April through June of 1992.  The all-consuming central goal of Chief Justice Rehnquist was to overrule Roe before the election.  He almost did.  In fact, for a few days he had.  If not for Justice Anthony Kennedy he would have ultimately succeeded.

This is worth the read.  It is not the easiest read, but it reminds us of the reality as to what is at stake in real world terms.

Multicolored coat


Finally, there have been lots of things written about Hillary’s “herstoric” victory.  Here are two articles, here and here, worthy of reading. The underlying premise of both, they both get to the same conclusion in different ways, are these two conclusive statements:

Hillary Clinton is a generationally talented politician — albeit across a different set of dimensions than men tend to be talented politicians.


Over the past 30 years, no American political figure has absorbed as many blows as Clinton. And none has responded with more tenacity and grit. Trump talks endlessly about strength. Clinton embodies it.


As always, we are lovers of free-range opinions.  What’s on your mind today?




111 Responses to "Just some quick thoughts…"

Thanks for that link to Correct the Record. We’ll probably need that until the media drops this (again) and moves on to something else. CNN tried to stir the pot a few times this morning and pretty much all they got was “meh, I don’t know..” And ” even if it’s not proven the appearance is bad, blah, blah… unfavorables, blah..”

@1, Schweizer is a real piece of work. Virtually everyone who has even looked at the book has come back with the same reaction — where’s the beef? Even consummate concern troll, Mrs. Alan Greenspan, had significant doubts.

Am I being too sensitive, but Bernie scurrying about — meeting with all the menfolk — before he acknowledges Hillary’s victory, just screams sexist pig from hell. In other words, Bernie has to meet with the ones who matter, those with dangling parts, before he deigns to meet with the new head of the Democratic Party — Hillary.

Running to Obama and then Schumer and Reid, just proves how absolutely tone deaf this old fart is. No wonder he only wins states where white bread is served.

Just drives me nuts — he can talk all he wants about being progressive, but buddy, you got to live it first. He doesn’t.

@4 That’s exactly how it felt me. Run to Daddy ’cause the little girl was mean to him.

“Over the past 30 years, no American political figure has absorbed as many blows as Clinton. And none has responded with more tenacity and grit. Trump talks endlessly about strength. Clinton embodies it.”

This. ^^^

And as for BS’s sexist piggery, it’s funny. He’s done it so often, I don’t expect anything else at this point, so I didn’t even notice the insulting dimensions of talking to The Boyz first. It bothered me, everything he does bothers me, but it was just one more drop on the stalagmite. You’re absolutely right, though. Pure undiluted sexist pig.

He doesn’t live any of his ideals, even his front-and-center inequality one. There he is on his highly visible Pope-stalking trip, and he can’t even be bothered to think about how it looks when he stays in a luxury hotel.

Obama has endorsed Hillary. I don’t know how to link that kind of video.

Great post Prolix! Also, think Obama did a great job on his endorsement video. He looks and sounds sincerely glad that Hillary won.

@7 LOL!

Also enjoyed the links in the post. I didn’t know that about Rehnquist and 1992.

Voting put this up @ Uppityville. It is awesome!

View story at

@8: Did you mean this one?

Don’t want to link to New York Post but there’s an article about a trump singles site.

Lifelong Republican David Goss, 35, was hanging out with his conservative friends in February when he came up with the idea of, a dating website for supporters of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Goss’ female pal, who’s a die-hard Trump fan, told him that when she revealed her political leanings to a male Hillary Clinton supporter in the middle of a dinner date, he got up and left her with the check.


“Trump is bastardized and demonized in the media, so I kind of keep to myself that I’m a Trump supporter because people can have a violent reaction to it,” Richard, a 27-year-old retail associate from Oxnard, Calif., tells The Post. “It’s hard for me sometimes to meet new people.”

The Trump fan, who recently got out of a four-year relationship with a liberal woman, says political differences were a big factor in their breakup.

@13: And Hillz responded.


@14. good lord! A trump singles site?!?

@15, awesome.

FINALLY!!!! Sorry, bitter Hillary holdout here, but President Obama OWES HILLARY. So I sure hope he works his Party Unity Ass off for her. And the fabulous FLOTUS Michelle Obama will be awesome to hear and see.

I will not hold any hopes for Jane and Bernie. They’ll make their scheduled appearances but they are not seasoned enough, nor DEMOCRATIC PARTY enough.

Starting the Lazy Weekend a little early, as it is Friday Eve 🙂 . We rocked steady with Hillary and this one is for her (and you too Chatblu!)

So if Drumpf is going to use “Crooked Hillary”, can we now use “Deadbeat Donald”, for not paying his bills?

NOTE: There is a video attached at the link which you may want to stop.

@18, Fredster, I approve! I’ve known a lot of deadbeats in my time, Deadbeat Donald is the most luxurious deadbeat ever!

SM, I think we need to create a new hashtag for that, #deadbeatDonald

Fredster, by the power of the Shinners, TWEET THAT!! I love it! And with the hashtag, back it up with all his scandals: Marla, Ivana, bankruptcies, failing on charities, etc…. IT’S GOLD! Not Trump “gold,” lol! He’s gold-plated, which turns green when you try to clean it. LOL!

@4: MSNBC/Tweety just had coverage of a Sanders rally in D.C. and it sounded like (pardon me) the same ole shit.

And further, I’m already tired of seeing the Democratic leadership blowing smoke up his old azz.

Okay SM, it’s done.


Rant Warning: Can someone tell me why the Democratic Party should draft the party platform to conform to what BerningBum wants? Let’s review: Bernie’s platform lost in each and every state that looked like the Democratic Party. Bernie’s platform won in lily-white, non-diverse states. Bernie’s platform won in non-democratic states where caucus attendance insured non-representative turnout.

Tell me why Democrats should reform the nominating process when the super-delegates are a relief-value to keep unrepresentative, insurgent, losers from gaming the nomination process (see picture of BerningBum). The SDs make it possible for 700+ ordinary citizens to go to the Convention because otherwise, those 700 seats would go to elected officials.

Right now the Republicans would give their chauffeured Escalades to have SDs to save them from L’Orange Trump. Fortunately for us, they don’t.

Bernie, we don’t need the 10% of your spoiled broflakes who threatened to go to Trump or stay home. Let them. Hillary doesn’t need them. You know what Hillary needs even less? A platform that opens her and the party up to charges of pie-in-the-sky socialism. Keep your socialism and sexism Bernie. The rest of us will work harder to make up the difference. Our reward: You and Nina Turner can stay home.

AGREE @24: Prolix, the word of reason is YOU! No way, no how should Hillary concede to Bolshevik Bernie…unless it is a point that is advantageous to the overall Democratic platform and to the USA. But she’s got all that covered, so EFF BERNINGBUM. Get some butt-paste for that pow-pow Hillary and her voters, AKA: real Democrats, gave you. After you put it on, you’ll smile too:

@24: Can someone tell me why the Democratic Party should draft the party platform to conform to what BerningBum wants?

Cuz Susan Sarandon and her former bud (I cleaned that up) Tim Robbins will pout. And somehow Nina Turner will get some air time and just be ugly about things.

FWIW, Elizabeth Warren has endorsed Hillary.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Senator and fellow MASSHOLE WARREN!!! What took you so long to throw that damn ring in Mount Doom, Frodo??? Thank you for joining us. Took you a long while to do it….but whatever.

We’re like Aragorn at the gate of Mordor after the battle of Gondor:

And when Hillary defeats #DeadbeatDonald ” I AM NO MAN!”:

@28: Hedging her bets.

@30: Fredster, she/Frodo, thought Gollum was her friend, but all Gollum wanted was the PRECIOUS.

@28, SM said, What took you so long to throw that damn ring in Mount Doom, Frodo???


Sorry I disappeared. I had to take a nap after my rant. Across the swooning couch and I fell right away.

Prolix, the who platform thing is called Shut Bernie Up. He mostly appointed nuts for his part. Cornel West tried some nonsense and got overruled by Robert Wexler. So Hillary’s people are keeping a careful watch on these Bernie wackos on the platform committee.

Bernie had some comments after his meeting with Obama today.

@33: Thanks for that info about West. You just knew that wacko would pull some stunts. Glad they shut him down.

@33, I agree with that, but modern science gave us playpens with inescapable sides for a reason, to keep us from having to watch the BernieBots. At the risk of being reported for some crime, I say put the BernieBots in a big playpen, dig out a moat around it, and call it good.

Hillary has enough to do without these wackadoodles adding to the list.

Early today there was a Politco article where Nina Turner said Obama ain’t Bernie’s boss. A couple hours later he meets with O and Reid. A couple hours later Obama endorses Hillary. Shortly after Bernie comes out with his statement. Who’s the Boss now?

Shinners, I reconnected with some of my RL friends and they did not dissapoint.

Fredster, not sure if you’ve seen this “Hitler in the Bunker” video, but this looks like it was just posted, LMAO!!!

@37, GAgal, Nina might ought to rethink her choices in words now that her “Bernie charge card” is over. If I ever hear her again say, “I have traveled this country with Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Bernie Sanders said it in a way only Senator Bernie Sanders could say it to a crowd who came to see Senator Bernie Sanders…blah, blah, blah…Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Bernie Sanders,” it will be too soon.

@34 It so irks me that Bernie lists all these issues as what millions of people who came out to vote for him want – as if those issues are his alone and the rest of us have never cared about. And his stupid statement – final counting of CA vote will be closer than the current tally… as if it would make a difference with Hill’s 400,000+ lead.

Rachel Maddow said earlier – there is ONE thing that Bernie needs to do at the end of this – Be a Democrat. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were her.


Here’s to the Presidente!!

OOh, ok, had too many Presidente beers, so … that first part of the message should have said:

Met up with some friend they, WTF, I just forgot…. GO HILLZ!!!

Thank GOD I’m not driving. GO HILLZ!

@38, SM, that is H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S.!!!!

Loved the line, “Don’t worry, Correct the Record is hiring shills.”

@43, SM, have fun, you’ve earned it after your week of accomplishment. You graduated the PUMA cub.

@45: Prolix, for the first time in a loooong time, I AM NOT GIVING a #%$%$.

My girls are winning!!!

@38 HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Passing that along…

@46, what does a Presidente taste like?


I saw a meme somewhere yesterday about how Obama’s daughter will be old enough to vote this year. It said “FIRST black President’s daughter gets to cast her FIRST vote for the FIRST woman to be nominated in a presidential election”. Pretty cool.

@24, Hear hear!

@29, that was my favorite part of that movie. That and watching the elves.

@40, GAgal, are they doing a recount in California? What the hell is he talking about? It’s like he’s still running. God, he’s so lame. Get over yourself Bernie.

I went and read Fredster’s link @34. Yeah, sounds like in his head the primary is still competitive. Good grief. He is so far gone.

Should I watch Warren’s endorsement?

SM, the Hitler thing was priceless. As Prolix said “Correct the record is hiring shills”. 😆

Annie, I wouldn’t worry too much about watching Warren endorse Hillary. I mean, talk about getting to the party late.

@50 anne, no I think they mean waiting until all the provisional ballots are confirmed and counted. Bernie’s banking on those votes from people who were not registered as Dems that day and had to ask for a provisional. It’s my understanding they have to prove they were registered (mostly NPP) before the election. Otherwise, they’re thrown out.

As has been claimed the entire time by Hillary, the FBI investigation is not about Hillary’s server, but about a series of emails between Islamabad and the State Dept. The emails were sent via a lower classified email system and then forwarded on since they carried no “secret” classification.

As has been claimed the entire time: This is a pissing match among the State Dept., the CIA, and FBI over whose classification is “longer, broader, and more potent.” Accordingly, this has never been a criminal investigation, but a security review about whose system is better.

This story broke via the WSJ, but I don’t subscribe. I got this from Reuters at:

@54: I wish they…the FBI, State or whomever would just do whatever and get this cr@p over.

Hey y’all: I created a veep poll and added it on the right side underneath “polls”.

It will open up a new page and you can cast a vote for your choice for Hillary’s veep. All in jest and just like Chicago politics you can vote as many times as you wish (or it’s supposed to do that).

We’ve always known this was a pissing match between the IGs of the State and the FBI. FBI disagreed with State (who thought FBI was overclassifying – and everyone knows they were) so they called in DOJ. And of course CIA is hovering over it all.

Also it’s amazing that people don’t seem to know what our SOS actually does. SOS doesn’t make the call for action, just gives an opinion to the Prez on how US actions would effect diplomatic relations because of those actions. More people need to watch Madam Secretary. 🙂 I love that show!

@54 the first sentence in that article said the emails were about drone strikes in Pakistan. Then it says there was no mention of ‘CIA’ or ‘drones’ or ‘targets’ in the emails. Okay. Wonder who the ‘officials’ are who are leaking this to the WSJ. They’ll print any drivel these days. What do you expect? It’s the WSJ.

Here’s link from Upp’s place on the emails. Down thread, the whole article has been copied. Long and interesting. The whole conversation is good, too.

The Rude Pundit has an excellent post on Hillary’s historic moment.

@60 Love it, not letting anyone rain on my parade. The media did notice a little bit. Tweety who said in 2008 ” Can I just say – let me be brutally honest here – that Hillary would not be where she is today if her husband had not cheated on her. That’s the truth..”. NOW he does his Last Minute or what ever it is crap. He got his reckoning in Denver in 2008 when those brave PUMAs, Murph, Gary, Mawm, and ALL set out to Denver and chanted “sexist pig” at him. He was shocked. Had no idea. Enlightened his ass.

I’ll click National Review so you don’t have to.

The problem of an administration investigating itself is an intractable one, and we should not want a return to the unconstitutional, abusive runaway prosecutorial system that existed under the independent-counsel statute during the Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, and Clinton years. So a special prosecutor will still be subject to presidential dismissal. But as the Nixon years illustrated, there are painful political costs to firing a special prosecutor. The simplest solution may be to appoint FBI director Jim Comey himself, who is already leading the investigation (which reportedly has a full-time staff of at least a dozen agents) and has prior experience as a special prosecutor during the George W. Bush years. Of course, having her own special prosecutor would be politically damaging too, and that’s probably why Obama will refuse to appoint one — a line of reasoning that shows precisely why he should.

Damn that unconstitutional independent-counsel!! We’re talking HILLARY here!!

Excellent poll Fredster! Thanks for doing that.

I love the post and the Hitler video! The ending was perfect.

The idea of a two-woman ticket has been my fantasy for a couple of years now. I think Warren for.Veep is an excellent choice, if we don’t expect her to run for President in 8 years. She’s not young enough for that.

As for kissing #TheBernout’s @ss, this is what I call “ego management.” I when forced to work with sexist pigs who don’t take me.seriously. They will flatter his ginormous ego and make him feel spayshul. (I often bat my eyes and pretend to be impressed by their amahzing brains.)

Then if he doesn’t help the Democratic Party retake the Senate, whatever was promised will be null and void. Harry Reid implied as much in his statement.

Anyone think Bernie won’t fail that test? 😇

@61: Oh I have no issues reading National Review.

It’s called opposition research. 😉

@63: I wouldn’t have any problem with Warren being selected as veep except that Charlie Baker, the Republican guv would choose her replacement. If the idea is to try to flip the Senate, we need all the Ds in the Senate we can get.

I’d like to se Sherrod Brown get the nod as the pick but the same thing holds there. Kasich would pick his successor.

Well bless y’all hearts. We have a four-way tie for veep with one brave soul voting for Selina Meyer. LOL!

Well, she is a woman, Fredster!

I broke the tie. 😇

Well, well, well. #deadbeatdonald is at it again.


@67: That’s true mb. And let’s face it, she’d be great fun to have around.

Greetings to my blog wife and all the Widdershins. I voted in your Veep poll. My pick is Sherrod Brown. This is because I have concluded I would definitely have sex with him, so he is entitled to extra points.

I also have a certain attraction to Cory Booker but settled on Sherrod.

I know you all appreciated my scientific methods.

Ah, Mitch McConnell, profile in courage, says at some time in the future, possibly, perhaps, he might not support Trump.

What is he waiting for? Trump a baby on live Teevee?

Thought I would also post a vid of Bernie’s reaction to a press request to comment on Barack’s endorsement of Hillary. I would have felt sorry for him if her weren’t such a miserable old despot prick.

It does appear that, when he requested the meeting with Barack, he had a list of demands he never got to mention. Looks like he got…….um….. Barackinated instead.

@70 – I applaud both your methodology and your taste in men, Oh Blog Wife.

@71 – Hey Branjor!!

@72: mb, McConnell knows that Chuck Schumer is already measuring new drapes for the Maj. Leader’s office. LOL

Thank you blog wife. I ain’t dead yet!

I was also thinking that, for Cornell West, this will be the third presidential inauguration to which Cornell will not be sent tickets.

Hey Branjour! (waves)

this will be the third presidential inauguration to which Cornell will not be sent tickets.

Hahahahahahaaaa 🙂

From the Borowitz Report:

“Just because someone stands up there on Inauguration Day with her hand in the air and is sworn in as President, that does not mean it is over,” he said, to a standing ovation.

And Susan Sarandon had multiple orgasms right then and there.

I was wondering how Sarandon was doing. Not that I care, but was wondering. Rumor has it she emptied an entire shelf at the liquor store.

@54, thanks for explaining that Prolix. I don’t know why the media in general can’t do that; instead, they try to make it sound mysterious and be all about Hillary.

Hey there, MB, Fredster! (waving). This has been such a great week and such a long time coming – I am so happy! I also voted in the veep poll. I like the idea of a two woman ticket, but wonder if maybe it would be pushing the envelope a little. After all, we have yet to get the first woman POTUS elected (but we will, we will!) I was thinking maybe Sherrod Brown, but not for the same reason as Uppity! I was thinking he might help to secure Ohio for Hillary in the general. Corey Booker might also be a good choice, but I’m sure New Jersey is hers with or without him. For a woman, maybe Amy Klobuchar, but not Elizabeth Warren, she’s a day late and a dollar short.

@79: And she hasn’t sobered up yet!

@81: Branjour that thought about the two woman ticket crossed my mind too. Of course it’s incredibly sexist but the idea is indeed there.

Totally agree about Warren. She had her chance earlier to come out in support of Hillary. She chose not to so them’s the breaks.

Having watched the Muhammad Ali memorial today and all the speakers talking about aspiring to a world in which we want to live, I read these comments. The world in which I want to live is a world where we no longer have to see a female President as unusual and we won’t have to worry about the political implications of a same sex female ticket as too risky. That will indeed be a better world.

Just a little contemplative this afternoon.

@84: Prolix, amen to that.

Did y’all see Ed Henry, the sanctimonious Fox reporter who never met a Democrat he didn’t call a hypocrite, was booted from the Hillary campaign — permanently. He’s going to be replaced by the Pentagon reporter who was first to falsely report the notorious “Benghazi stand down orders”.

Mr. Henry was caught with his “Ed” in places other than Mrs. Henry and offering up weekends to his lady friend at Donald Trump’s Maralago.

Fox: Fairly Unbalanced.

I definitely think a two-woman ticket is a mistake no matter who it is. But I am not a fan of EW. She’s fractious like Bernie and doesn’t seem to play well with others, like Bernie. Not my favorite choice if it were to be two women. I honestly don’t think the general population likes her as much as her niche does. But more importantly, please consider that it took us 240 years just to get a woman nominated (that’s if something doesn’t happen in the interim, because trust me, people are working on that constantly, rinse and repeat), but to push it with TWO women is definitely a very dangerous and kind of snotty move. That’s my two cents.

So Branjor and I are simpatico, except that we agree that Sherrod is Mine. Mine, I tell you. Mine.

@86: So could we call him Mr. Ed?

@87: Upps, that’s the sad truth of it. A ticket with two women on it could be something that kills the entire possibility of getting Hillary elected.

She’s fractious like Bernie and doesn’t seem to play well with others, like Bernie.

Exactly. Plus, she’s only been in the Senate since 2012. Haven’t we learned yet about inexperienced candidates?

Also @86: Now if we can get rid of Mrs. Greenspan. 👿

If you going to fantasize about the VP, my 2 cents:
No, let Warren stay as MY senator- that’s where I want her and need her-
I like her blunt talk about the economy, banks and money,etc.- that’s a good role for her and she should stay there. The VP role is too tame.
I think the VP pick should be someone who is young and/or minority- don’t know any names but just in case Hillary comes here for ideas…..

@91: And let’s keep her there to help possibly get the Senate back. We need the Dems there to stay there, at least for now.

Hey MsMass, go vote in the poll. 🙂

Where’s the poll, Fredster?

Sweet Sue, look over on the right-hand side of the blog. You’ll see “Polls” and Veep Poll. Click on Veep Poll and it opens a new window for the poll.

Shoot, I messed up something. If you are going to vote “someone else”, you’ll have to click on “comments” at the bottom of the poll. It will then open a new window (Grrrrr!!) and you can add your comment and choice there.

I got the comments thing fixed now.

Have y’all read what Sen. David Perdue of Ga had to say in his prayer? What a p.o.s.

The world in which I want to live is a world where we no longer have to see a female President as unusual and we won’t have to worry about the political implications of a same sex female ticket as too risky. That will indeed be a better world.

Yes, this!

I would be happy with any of these choices for VP, but strategically, I say No to Warren. First, this country is still stuck in the patriarchy mindset. Second, like Bernie, Warren is a one issue candidate therefore not presidential. Third, she needs to stay in the Senate and keep a watch on consumer protection issues.

I love Franken and Booker, but again No. Brown and Kaine are both good. I’d love to see Castro, but I think he needs more time and experience. They should be grooming him now for 2024.

So Branjor and I are simpatico, except that we agree that Sherrod is Mine. Mine, I tell you. Mine.

LOL! It’s OK, Uppity, I’m a lesbian.

@97 the White house response:

“I did make note of Senator Perdue’s comments,” press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters. “As Senator Perdue considers whether or not an apology is appropriate, there a variety of other Scripture he might consult.”

Oh no… Don’t even go there. o_O

Branjor@100: LOL!

@99: I would love Brown for veep but he has to stay in the Senate for two reasons:

1). To help get the majority and

2). Kasich would appoint his successor who would be an R.

GAgal, I just noticed you had a comment in “pending”. I have no idea why but it is out now.

Yeah, I picked Castro in the poll. What the hell, he will have eight years to be seasoned. The Democratic Party needs someone young to carry their progress forward. We can never let the hatemongers hold power again. I truly don’t know how we survived Dubya, much less this sh*storm of a Congress that won’t even let the Supreme Court nominee have a hearing.

@106: I picked Franken. Can you imagine him presiding over the Senate and just daily b-slapping the hell out of Mitch McConnell? 😆

I picked Franken and made the comment for Sherrod. I used a fake name & email cuz I didn’t know if the site was connected to this site or not. Sorry, I had a massive, heavy work day.

Ok, I just looked at the veep poll and it looks really different from earlier and my comment is gone. I’m going insane!

annie, I didn’t have the page setup right earlier so if you clicked on comment it went to a separate page but had the same questions.

I think it’s fixed now so that when you click on someone else, the comments are there on the same page (the page with the poll laid out in a skinny format.)

I had some restrictions in what I could do and this was the best workaround I could figure out.

So no, you’re not insane. 😉

Ok. Fredster, I wasn’t complaining! You’re very clever to have figured out how to do that! 🙂

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