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Tuesday Primaries (yes more than one) live blogging

Posted on: June 7, 2016

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* * * * * UPDATE * * * * *

Well, we know that the A.P. and NBC did this on purpose just to ruin my post but we shall:




Good evening Widdershins!

Silly Fredster was thinking that the only primary scheduled for today was the California

primary.  For some reason or another I thought New Jersey was later either in the week or the following week.  Doh!  Surprise!  We’ll have a total of five “official” primaries plus one Election concept in word cloudcaucus:

  •  6/7: California Primary
  •  6/7: Montana Primary
  •   6/7: New Jersey Primary
  •  6/7: New Mexico Primary
  •  6/7: North Dakota Democratic Caucuses
  •  6/7: South Dakota Primary

We had the Democratic Caucus in the Virgin Islands Saturday the 4th and Puerto Rico followed the next day on the 5th of June.  Our girl won the caucus in the Virgin Islands 6-1 with 5 unpledged PLEOs.  (It could be that our girl gets all seven because Bernie didn’t even crack 15% in the voting!  And she won Puerto Rico by either 36 or 42 ( it has to do with the “soft” delegates and whether they are unpledged or not).  And they may have those resolved by the time this is put up for the live blog on Tuesday,

After the Virgin Island Caucus and Puerto Rico’s primary, we know  that Hillary is *this* close to securing the requisite number of delegates needed.  And I suspect that not long after the New Jersey polls close the networks and other sites will call that primary for Hillary and give her the title of “presumptive nominee”, before the California polls even close.

Bernie will not be happy about that.

He told reporters that strong results on Tuesday would position him to make the case to Democratic Superdelegates ahead of the party convention in Philadelphia next month that he is better positioned than Clinton to beat Donald Trump in November’s election.

Keep fantasizing Bernie.  That’s all you have left.  It’s done.

So even though the A.P. and NBC called our special day early, we’ll still celebrate today.


128 Responses to "Tuesday Primaries (yes more than one) live blogging"

Great post Fredster! Love the cute gifs! We’ve waited a long time for this day.

After 8 long years, it’s finally happening.

I’m doing a happy dance.

annie, I should have updated or changed some more things but eh… we’ll just pretend that stuff last night didn’t happen.

The Bernie Brats are going through the stages of death and they’re in denial right now.

from last night

John Gates, 29, who works with children who have autism, was roaming alone following rock musician Dave Matthews’s acoustic set. He said Sanders should not quit — and that he would never really trust the media again.

“I don’t think this race is over at all,” Gates said. “People have to realize that what we’re seeing on television and in the media is an illusion and it’s been pushed too far. They can’t decide.”

Yes John it’s an illusion. Go back to sleep; it’s just a bad nightmare (for you).

@4, sounds like Bernie wandering around Santa Monica over the past couple days with a blank look on his face. He’s been losing all along, I don’t know why this is such a shock.

Iowa’s repub senator David Johnson is changing to No Party because of Trump! It’ll be funny to see what happens next.


You can go here to make your own:

@6: This is gong to be funny all the way to election day.

Annie, Mark Kirk too. After the latest doubling-down on the judge, everyone is in full panic mode. You see, the Repubs have no chance with women or African-Americans in 2016, but they somehow hoped to capture Latinos. It was always a vain and pathetic hope, but it’s now as dead as the orangutans from whom Trump has built his hair weave.

Here’s a post about the gala at the Greek Theater last night. It’s pretty long but lots of pix of excited Hillary people! It looks like it was an amazing celebration.

Okay folks I’m going to be back and forth. LSU is playing in the do-or-die game now.

Trump’s game plan is to find more aggrieved, white, low-educated, males. There aren’t enough of that variety of humans naturally occurring in nature to make up for all the subgroups Trump has alienated. So Trump has hired Dr. Frankenstein as a consultant in order to build some. Prior to joining the campaign, Dr. Frankenstein taught biology and modern interpretative dance at Trump U.

Prior to joining the campaign, Dr. Frankenstein taught biology and modern interpretative dance at Trump U.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hoohoohoohoohoooo heeheeheeheehee aww whoooo … PERFECT.

Quixote!! (waves) I totally agree, that was hilarious. 😀

I’m in the heart of New Joisey right now. The CNN is finally allowing itself to show some excitement. And the chyron says…Sanders meeting with top aides to consider options. Come on Bernie, for once in your life, show a little class. Let go so Hillary can destroy Der Trumperer.

Jersey polls closing in 28 minutes.

Waiting patiently. (drums fingertips on table)

Woohoo! LSU beat Rice 5-2 in the regional and will now host a super regional next week.

Allons les Tigres!

#10- that post was great, looked like it was an awesome event.


NJ polls closed!! Hillary to speak in 1 hour 45 minutes!!!

@19 -that’s great! Tears in my eyes. I don’t think I knew how hard this would hit me. I’ve felt for a long time that this is a foregone conclusion, but it’s one thing to have faith, and another to have your faith become a reality.

Wow, fredster #19- just great!

Uh oh looks like SM’s boyfriend is about to fight Jeffrey Lord on CNN again! 🙂

Trump, Trump, Trump. Blah, blah, blah…

I kinda do and don’t want to watch MSNBC. I mean, they’re gonna have Nicole Wallace on there.

NO!! Not that Nicole Wallace. I mean the awful one.

@19 – Beautiful. Thanks for finding that, Fredster.

Hi Widdershins!! Sigh! What an 8-9 year ride it’s been.

@26: Thanks jules.

{{{SOPHIE !!!! }}} Yes indeed it has.

Hey Sophie!! Yes indeed. I thought SM77’s boyfriend was quite eloquent tonight. The most devastating one was Smerconish, I thought. Never thought I’d agree with that @sshole.

I switched over to CNN cuz I was afraid MSNBC would have Mrs. Greenspan and that along with Nicole would just be too much for me to handle.

I don’t know, should I watch Trump? I’m torn. I have a feeling it will be a speech that will be talked about for a while.

@32: Watch as much as you can stand? I really hope he does go off message and starts a humongous rant. 😆

Ewww, CNN has S. E. Cupp. Bleh.

I won’t watch Trump because I’m sure they will be showing the highlights for the next few days – at least until he says his next stupid remark.

@35: Excellent point.

@33 – I think that works. So, about 30 seconds. 😀

S.E. Cupp…obviously a Republican, but I love how she is eviscerating Jeffrey Lord.

@37: LOL! The Repub part is the icky part.

Ugh, CNN says he’s going to talk about Hillary. No thanks Drumpf!!

CNN calls Jersey for Hillary!!

That other pic was too big.

@39: welp, there’s a good English mystery movie on TCM.

@38 – Of course!!! I’m just enjoying watching them turn on each other. It’s been a long time coming, but their days of dogwhistling racism and sexism without consequences appear to be.numbered. This is the sound of history passing you by, Rethugs!!

@42: Tru dat.

YAY NJ!!! What do you expect with Jon Bon Jovi and Cory Booker cheering you on?!!

SHINNERS!!! Had a crazy past 24 hours. Kid graduated under a tropical storm, mud, rain wind, but it got DONE.

Catching up on Hillary’s ass-kicking. Bye-bye Bernie!!!

@45 omigosh! I was thinking about you and your grad today! Congrats to you both!

HAHAHA They are showing NJ with Hillary at 64% & Bernoid at 36%!!!

@40 Nice Forester!

Yes my neighbors in NJ did AMAZINGLY!! Congratulations SM77. It’s a doubly great day for you and PUMA cub.

socal!!! She is my superwoman, she truly rocked it. I only had one, so dammit this one better get it right or else, LOL!

Madama B!! Hugs and thank you :)!!! YAY New JOISEY!!!

She’s on!!! Tissue #1 is toast.

A wonderful speech. Too short if anything. A moment in history!

Day-um. I cried one of my contacts out! That’s never happened before.

For anyone who watched it on CNN – right after the video and before the music started, there was air silence. Am I the only one who heard someone sobbing? That’s what it sounded like to me.

GAGal, that was me. My bad. 😄

They just called out PUMAs on CNN!

Folks, old Prolix has a stone heart, chiseled from the most non-emotive stone from deep in the cold, cold earth. I must report a strange thing happened — misty-eyes and a large lump in my throat during that speech!

I’m engaged in an obscenely embarrassing happy dance! It really happened after 8 years. I have a big gulp of scotch that is illegal in most states favoring sobriety.

@56 The only reason I wasn’t sobbing at the video was because Fredster posted earlier and I was “ready” for it. When she got on stage and spread her arms open wide I lost it. It was like – here I am, here we are!

She is crushing in California! Oh my goddess, what a wonderful night.

You know one thing that is so striking about that video? She was barely shown. Can you imagine Trump celebrating his victory without mentioning himself every .0001 seconds?

Her desire to serve is so genuine, her speech was hardly even about her. She just kills me.

OMG 23% in CA Hills at 65%. She’s leading yooooge in areas that have yet to come in! He’s barely ahead in areas that are completely in.

I wish I could stay up, but I’ve got a long day tomorrow. Hooray for Our Girl!!

@61, these early numbers are the “early voters” — Hillary was always supposed to do well because they are older and more stable voters. When you broke down the tabs in all the polls that had Bernie close to Hillary in CA, none of them had the requisite numbers of early voters and none of them had these percentages.

Simplified — Hillary had a huge number of votes in the bank, no matter what happened on the ground today. Unless Bernie did huge numbers in the inland CA counties — like 70/30 — this is gonna be Hillary’s night in CA. The early vote was supposed to be upwards of 50% of the total vote. No one thought the early vote would be this lopsided.

CNN projects Hillary wins the majority of the pledged delegates she needs tonight. Will they shut up about the SD now?

Hillary ahead by 389,000+ vote in California. Bernie ahead by 1600+ votes in Montana. Haha

CNN – woman Trump supporter says Hillary’s temperate will be questioned after new Secret Service book comes out. Entire panel laughs. Someone says “National Enquirer”. Republican Anna N. says, well you’re young. If your husband was cheating on you in the White House, you’d be screaming too. Panel laughs again.

*temperament* of course

Sanders has more than just a little Trump in him. Wonder who it is in Sander’s camp that is feeding this to politico…

@68, I just finished the article. Looks like it is most all of the consultants, Devine and Weaver, who are trying to keep those bus wheels off their backs. Devine, being a Democratic consultant, seems to be the most likely talker.

Well I am soooo sorry for my absence but blame it on Charter. I was sitting here happily commenting with y’all and then everything went pfffft! And it stayed pffffft’d until I hooked up my cell phone to the computer and I’m online that way. Obviously can’t do that for long.

Sanders did not sound very conciliatory in that statement just now. So really all I have to say to Bernie now (making it polite) is YUK FU!

Dang, you mean I missed the Bernie speech? What a shame. 😀

Devine, being a Democratic consultant, seems to be the most likely talker.

Well he won’t be happy with this being in the piece:
between the younger aides who think he got off message while the consultants got rich (and the consultants *did* get rich!).

Before tonight I just disliked Bernie. Now, I’m convinced he’s just about a half a bubble off the ambulatory personality disorder that calls itself Drumpf. His most anger-making turn of phrase:

I spoke with President Obama tonight and I look forward to working with him to insure that Republicans don’t win. I also got a nice call from Senator Clinton.

He’s going to go all the way to Philly, wreck the convention, and then he’s going to mount a separate campaign uncoordinated with Hillary. He’s going to campaign against Trump, but he won’t campaign for Hillary.

He’s a small little pissant of a man. He’s also hoarding the email and contributors’ list — not helping Democratic senate candidates.

@72: I wanted to see what the old fart was going to say. He didn’t call out Clinton per se and he did offer some congrats to her for her wins but he said they were going on to Philadelphia.

@74: If all that happens as you Prolix and if Clinton wins and if the Dems get the Senate back, then Sanders can kiss away any significant committee assignments. And let’s help that Al Giordano is serious about primarying Bernie.

@76, the Politico article talks about the way he stiffed Harry Reid on helping Senate candidates. BerningBum is in line if Dems take the Senate back to chair the Budget Committee — I hope Chuck Schumer gives him the Subcommittee on Anal Carbuncles.

@60, so true!

@78, wonder if William Weld promises not to go on any benders while he’s Vice Presidentin’?

@68, I read that article on Politico. Bernie is a horrible f*&king person. Really awful. It would be a disaster for this country if he won. I didn’t watch his speech, but I heard it was more hateful insanity about ruining the convention with his theatrics. If he had a shred of decency and class, he would have congratulated Hillary, thanked his supporters, made a call for unity, and said goodnight. F off Bernoid.

@78 & 80, Good lord, this is turning out to be the most bizarre presidential year ever.

I always thought W was smokin’ the good stuff while he was prez.

Heavens to Betsy! 46% in – 390,000+ more votes – 18 point spread. Just where do they think Bernie is going to make that up? Call it already.

Fredster, my computer is glitchy tonight too. I think Hillary’s nomination broke the internet!

@84, mine too, there were a few times that Google burped and gave up the ghost. My connection timed out on Google. You’re right GAgal, Hillary broke the internet.

@83, Annie, I don’t know about Dubya — it might just be he fried his brain early on and what we got was just the residual flashbacks.

Hey, a few other Hillary supporters up in the wee hours, even here on the Left Coast! (waves)

% still looking very, very good for Our Girl in California. No way will Sanders turn this around. Since they started counting, he’s moved up a few points. But with nearly half the votes in already, if the trend continues he’s still not going to do it in the remaining half.

I want Obama to show Sanders to a White House bathroom tomorrow at their meeting and lock him in for a while. Then tell him to get TFO back to Vermont and stay there.

@77: Well that beats my in charge of Senate vending machine refunds.

Gagal said I think Hillary’s nomination broke the internet!

LOL! That could be. 😆

@87: Hey Luna!! Obama could reenact that scene from All The Way where LBJ has a convo with Humphrey while he’s sitting on the john.

My understanding is that LBJ loved to do that to people.

@90, Fredster, I recall reading about that too. I think Obama has more class than that. Sanders wouldn’t. He keeps reaching new lows for a political candidate, as he showed in his speech.

@91: Alas, that’s true. Still, there ought to be something humiliating Obama could do to him. Maybe have him spread some manure in Michelle’s garden?

Hmmmm…they just said on CNN that it was Bernie who requested the meeting with the President. That’s interesting.

@92, yeah, maybe he could be useful there. He’s into green.

Obama’s press release (link posted on SkyDancing IIRC) was quite clear that Sanders requested the meeting. I think that’s code for “Look what a political ignoramus this loser is.”

Also “I wouldn’t have wasted my time meeting with this p.o.s. but he insisted on it and I owe Hillary big-time, so I’ll have him over and lay down the law.”

Excepting Sanders is certifiably delusional.

Just what the hell does he think his talk with Obama will be about? Does he actually think he can make Obama force Hillary to do something? Obama should laugh in his face. (and probably will, considering what a jerk he’s been to O and all Dems over the years)

I’m sinking fast; better turn in finally. The joy and the tears both wore me out! It’s been a loooong 8 years, hasn’t it? ‘Nite, widdershinners! ….goes off humming “Celebrate….and have a good time ….celebrate….

@97: And I got a warning about usage on my cell phone so I better unhook. I guess my internet is still broke from Hillary’s speech. LOL

Later folks.

Nite Luna. Hope you can get back in, Fredster.

56% in. 16 point spread. Still nothing.

More history in CA tonight:

California voters made history on Tuesday in the race for the U.S. Senate, sending two Democrats to a November runoff and denying a Republican a spot on the fall ballot for the first time since the state’s first direct election of senators in 1914.

State Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris won the largest share of the vote and the title of winner in the primary. By the end of the night, Harris led Orange County Rep. Loretta Sanchez by more than 800,000 votes, a margin of 23 percentage points.

By the way, this was at the end of the article I just linked about the senate race in CA.

And part of that work is reaching out to voters who seemed to know very little about the women when casting a primary election ballot.

Bradley Davidson, a 28-year-old National Guardsman from Sacramento, voted for Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary but struggled to pick a Senate candidate while taking Snapchats in the voting booth.

“I was Googling the candidates,” Davidson said.

Need I say more?

5 am EST. 61% of the vote in. 14 point spread. 406,000 votes ahead. *crickets* from the media.

CNN called for Hillary!!! Yeeessssss!!!! I hope that 16 point lead holds! Delegates, delegates, delegates, BAY-BEE!! WooHoo!

Rise Hillary Rise…

Oops, I was excited. 14 point lead!!!

MSNBC says too close to call while showing 63% in and 407,000 votes ahead. hee hee

I’m really curious to see if MSNBC calls it in the next 20 minutes or if they wait for Schmoe and Meeeka. I’ll probably miss it because I’m back on CNN.

LMAO! MSNBC at four minutes till 6:00. “Breaking news ! We call CA for Hillary Clinton. That does it for now. Now, coming up…blah blah blah blah!” Oh, that was funny. 😀

Good morning! Just read that Politico article on Bernie. He really is a vindictive, petty jerk. But, according to the CA results chart in that article, Hillary got 67 delegates to Bernie’s 1! One measly delegate! Can’t stop laughing.

No, different numbers at the Green Papers: hard total 69 to 42. Soft total 128 to 42. So no SD’s for him. Apparently people don’t like to be bullied.

YES!! GAGal, 91.7% of the votes in, and Hillary has a 13 point lead. I wish all the pundits who fluffed those outlier polls claiming the candidates were neck and neck, would be called out on it. But of course they won’t

I have never seen so many positive headlines about Hillary as I have this morning. Meanwhile, it’s Bernie who has the “bitter” label applied to him now. It’s a great day already.

My mom just got up to take my niece to a doctors appointment just as I was pouring myself another (cheap) glass of wine. She looked at me and said “So, Hillary won California”? I said “Of course. By 14 points” LIFE IS GOOD!!

Just read the Politico article. What an idiot he is. Talk about temperamentally unfit for President! The part where he wouldn’t help Russ Feingold and other Dems in Wisconsin, because they didn’t endorse him, is very telling. He’s not just like Drumpf; he’s like Dubya. “You’re either with me or against me. ”

I don’t understand why the pundits are being so nice to him and giving him the benefit of the doubt. He forgot about his principles a long time ago when the $$$ started rolling in. It’s all about his glorification now and his hopes to finally get some power in the Democratic Party.

I thought it was hilarious that Bernie plans to hold his separate convention while simultaneously demanding that real convention Rules Committee leaders be fired. He really has no idea how ludicrous it is to expect the DNC to honor his personal vendettas while he sh*ts all over them. It’s like he’s never met other human beings before.

BTW, hubby came up with the perfect description of Trump: “He wants to be emperor of the United States.”

Aaah, the meme starts just as I suspected. Hillary will only win because Trump is an asshole to the third degree. She would lose against a “real” Republican don’t ‘ya know. Next up, Trump is not conservative enough. Add the Trump is a “secretive Democratic operative” by the R party and you have the perfect excuse to LOSE! Sounds good to me!!

Ron Fournier and David Gregory on with Cuomo. Ron trying to compare Trumps racism with Hillary’s “ethics”. Gregory nodding his head.

I’m gonna say this now because I don’t want it to get lost in the fray. I remember clearly – clearly – in 2008 when Gregory had his show.. He took questions by email, text whatever. He’s sitting there with two women on his panel (not important, of course) and he reads the question “Everyone seems so concerned about AA votes for Obama. Shouldn’t there be a concern for women voting for Hillary?”

He never lifted his eyes, nor even glanced towards the women sitting within 3 feet from him, shook his head and said No. Slapped the paper down and went on the next question. Shove it dude. I don’t forget.

Mrs. Alan Greenspan is the prime candidate for a three-way of hate with BerningBum and Jane, the slayer of small colleges.

Mrs. Greenspan just oozes mean-spirited hatefulness about Hillary.

The homages at the great altar of false equivalencies has begun. Drumpf reads from conservative tabloid porn and the media treats it as serious news. Absolutely a travesty.

GAGal, that Gregory incident — very telling. And good on you for hanging in there! Funny how the media is. I’m going to channel Hillary and laugh at them.

What a jerk, but what can you expect from followers of a toddler-developmental-aged bully:

AP warns reporters to be safe after harassment from Sanders fans

MB@110: It would be grand to see the tawking heads admit the polls were cr@p and that they did all of that just for the hype. Of course they won’t do that, as you said.

GAgal@114: And thus Gregory is sitting in the guest chair now and not behind the desk.

The other night when the A.P. and NBC said Hillary had enough delegates with the supers, little Chris Hayes looked like he was gong to be physically ill and vomit. And I’m not sure if it was that night or a subsequent one but of all the guests to have on, why not Charles Pierce? But of course!

I soo want to see his show cancelled and then him doing commercials for ginsu knives.

@115: Early this a.m./late last night I saw Mrs. Greenspan sitting at a table with some of the other correspondents including Kasie Hunt. Kasie needs to be careful about who she wants to emulate. The dragon lady of MSNBC/NBC is not a good model.

Awesome day yesterday wasn’t it? Of course, I didn’t know it was quite as awesome as it was until I got up this morning and saw all the results.

@120 Mrs. Greenspan is the ultimate concern troll. I was BSNBC last night and it was all about how Trump can beat Hillary and then Mrs. Greenspan couldn’t do a whole five minutes on the speech without concern trolling email. She made me want to throw a shoe at the TV.

@121: We kept the lights burning waay late into the night because a couple of us are night owls Ga6th.

Someone from the campaign needs to have a talk with the network and let them know as long as Mrs. Greenspan is covering the campaign she won’t be getting any face time with the candidate. Not saying I want them to do all cheerful, happy false coverage of the campaign, just honest and not snarky stuff.

@121 “Mrs. Greenspan is the ultimate concern troll.”

Haha! so true! I really can hardly stand to watch msnbc or cnn anymore. I haven’t for years actually.

Interesting take from WaPo. Hillary may not need Bernie’s supporters all that much. That would be so delightful.

Hillary on AC360 right now.

@124, that was interesting.

Our Girl!

(sigh) My internet is down again. and I’m tethered to the cell once again. I wonder if Charter thinks no one is on at this time so it’s a good time to play around with stuff. Grrrrr!

Later! (maybe)

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