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Lazy Weekend Summer Music

Posted on: June 4, 2016

summer picture

Someone has their bag packed for summer traveling

Good Saturday and weekend Widdershins!

Although we are only in the first week of June and the Summer Solstice isn’t until the 20th of the month, it seems that summer is already making its presence known around here.  Even now we  have those temps touching into the nineties, the humidity seems to match the temperature readings, and the WX folks add “bad hair days” into their forecasts.

And while the calendar may not say “summer” yet, it’s here.  So with that in mind let’s take a look at some summer songs.  There are tons and tons of them out there and certainly our Left Coast Widdershins have many songs dedicated to sun, beach, surfing and the like.

(1) Summer in the city ~ Lovin’ Spoonful

(2) Summer Breeze ~ Seals & Croft

(3) Summertime Blues ~ Eddie Cochran

(4) Rockaway Beach ~ Ramones  (See, they don’t have to have summer in the title)

(5) Hot Fun in the Summertime ~ Sly and the Family Stone

(6) Summertime ~ DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

* * * * *

While not required, please add your selections below.  Of course this is a completely open thread so take it wherever you wish. (I have a feeling we’ll be revisiting this topic as the season progresses!)




46 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Summer Music"

Good choices Fredster.

Here’s another:

And then Katy, a Hillary supporter, and Snoop Dog:

Katy Perry can be funny at times.

Hey yesterday was the third of June. 😉

Oh boy…may be another late night tonight.


@6: Or maybe not. Don’t care abt Rice/SLU.

Tonight’s contest between #LSU and the winner of the SLU-Rice game has been moved to Sunday at a time TBA. #RoadToOmaha

Bernie people up to the same old tricks in PR. Except for the part about stealing ballot boxes from prison votes)

Hillary wins US Virgin Islands! Delegate split Hillary 6/1. HAHA! Go Hillary!!

Shinners 🙂 !!! Had a looooong work week on both jobs, just got home a little while ago.

Here’s my Lazy Weekend contribution, in memory of the GREATEST Muhammad Ali’s passing. The Queen of Salsa and Guarachera del Mundo Celia Cruz performing with the Fania All Stars in the “Rumble in the Jungle” concert in 1974.

Waiting for Puerto Rico results, but just in case you forgot 2008’s win, here’s Hillary downing a DR beer in PR 🙂

@11: My goodness SM! Try to get yourself some rest.
Love the selection.

@12: I’m betting tomorrow she blows him away in Puerto Rico. And by the time the polls close in New Jersey she’s going to be very close (if not at or over) the magic number.

@13, LOL! in the words of the dear internet star, Ms. Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Gotta get it done, lol! Going to sleep now though. Love you all and will see you here tomorrow for results :)!

@15: Okay – sweet dreams to ya! 🙂

Even I’m too young to remember Eddie Cochran, but what a hottie!
Thanks, Fredster.

@17: Sue, lists of “50 of the best…” provide wonderful suggestions. 😉

Well now…this is delightful.

The party said Clinton won 84.2 percent of the vote, while Bernie Sanders earned 12.2 percent. Under Democratic National Committee rules, a candidate must win at least 15 percent of the vote to be eligible to receive delegates.

So Bernie got zip…nadda.

And I don’t think he’ll do that well in Puerto Rico because he’s against the bipartisan bailout/assistance bill that Hillary and other Dems support.

So sad! Give him his one little delegate. Poor Bernie. Can’t win for losing. 😀

@20: I’m tempted but it’s so delicious to say “You can’t get 15% of the vote???” L-O-S-E-R

Also from that article: She is now just 60 delegates short of the 2,383 needed to advance to the November general election.

Puerto Rico has sixty-something and NJ has 142. I think Hillary wraps it up Monday.

The CBS Tracking Battleground poll out today for California is showing a 2% lead for Hillary. Beware of that poll. It carries a 5% MOE and it is supposedly a “likely voter” survey. When I went into the tabs, it only shows 17% having voted. Typically and for this election, it is projected at 50% and perhaps even as high as 67%.

Hillary’s margin in these bankable votes is anywhere from 10-17%. I find it very difficult if not impossible for Bernie to compensate for this vote margin that is already in the bank for Hillary.

So don’t sweat this poll or any of the others demonstrating a lack of early voters.

@22: Prolix, which state is that poll for, Cali, NJ, or is it Puerto Rico?

@23, California. I fixed the comment, I should have made that clear. The writer regrets the error as they say in the biz.

@24: No biggie, just wasn’t sure.

Does anyone know if numbers are coming in yet for Puerto Rico?

From CNN just a few minutes ago:

clinton 1,775 69.3%

sanders 774 30.2%

Okay the Green Papers are beginning to get some numbers.

Hey hey! Been away all weekend. If Hillary wins big tonight it’s sayonara Sanders!!!!

He’s out there now calling her a warmonger. Desperate Bernie, desperate!

I just realized that I have not seen one Republican leader come out and criticize anything in Hillary’s speech the other day. What can they say besides “she’s right”?

I’d also like to see a Trump surrogate asked what they think about his racist remarks against the federal judge considering if elected, he would be nominating Supreme Court justices. They’re in quite a pickle, aren’t they?

MSNBC has called PR for Hillary with only 12% in!! Yee-haw!! She’s at 64% right now!

Yesterday after the delegate sweep in the VI it was said Hillary needed 60 more delegates. One of the news stations today said 54. (I don’t know why – maybe 6 previously unpledged supers committed?) Since I don’t know I’ll stick with 60 right now. Right now with 12% in the greenpapers are saying she has 38 soft pledged. So she needs 22 more.

Just saw online that CNN called P.R. for Hillary.

GAgal, I had a link to the Green Papers in my comment @28.

Here is the CNN link and you can also check out the district returns there. (that opens in a new tab)

She will definitely clinch before California’s votes are in. People, it’s finally happening!!!

@35: Oh definitely. She may wrap it up tonight by a few superdelegates who are not committed now, going ahead and announcing.

Of course Sanders will never fold until it’s announced on the convention floor.

All major media will announce Hillary is the presumptive nominee in less than 30 seconds after 8:00. It will be interesting to see what time they announce her the projected winner of NJ.

It’s not just 8 long years I’ve been waiting for this. I’ve been waiting for Hillary to be President since the ’90s.

@36 Word is she is asking those supers to wait till after Tuesday. Wouldn’t want to hurt the Bros fees-fees.

@39: The Bernie Bros can just suck it.

Sophie put up a tweet from CNN’s John King that says that 40 supers are waiting til Tuesday night to support Hillary, and that’s how she wants it. She wants to clinch it Tuesday night and give her speech in the same place where she gave her million cracks speech. It will be epic!

@41: Well it’s not like we don’t have a good idea she’s gonna hit the number from New Jersey alone (plus the supers?). However it won’t stop Bernie ( and Sarandon?) from stirring up shite until the convention.

Okay the green papers now show Hillary’s “soft” pledged dropped to 36. But the soft unpledged that was 0 at first is now 6 (Bernie none). So her soft pledge total is 42. So does this mean she needs 20 more now? (rhetorical question) I’m so confused. Doesn’t matter anyway! I love how the media has stopped with their BS that Bernie has a chance. But man did they stretch it for everything it was worth.

GAgal, I have never figured that stuff out. There was a link on green papers for soft unpledged what that means and here’s what was at the link:

7 unpledged delegate votes.


DNC Member Luisette Cabañas Colón
DNC Member Andrés W. López
DNC Member Kenneth McClintock
Governor Alejandro García Padilla
Congressman Pedro Pierluisi
DNC Member Roberto Prats

I’m thoroughly confused with the entire thing.

@44 Oh, the dreaded supers. They are “pledged” now. No longer are they unpledged. They will not change as much as the BernieBirds wish they would.

Not that the media is blacking out positive Hillary stories or anything…but the Politics section of the Wa Po has stories about Obama, Trump, and one about how Sanders could have won. There is nothing about her at all.

Thank Goddess for the Interwebz.

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