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Guest Post: SM updates us…

Posted on: June 1, 2016

Today, we are favored by a guest post by SM.  Enjoy!  Thanks SM!


Hello Shinners! Woo! This has been a long time coming! A sweet hello and endearing hug to you all.8th-Birthday

Before our dear Chatblu passed, she wrote me an email asking me to write a blog post. I let her know that I would once I had something to write about. And I thought that today would be a good day to say hello again.

For those that don’t know what’s happened in the past 8 years since my blogging sabbatical, my little baby girl who was in the 4th through 5th grade in 2008, will be graduating high school next week on June 7. And my Juanita Lunchbucket days are not yet exactly over. Since the crash in 2007-2008, quantitative easing has not been easy, but at least we’ve got a job, health insurance and I’m also back in school, so yay!

Looking back, it was a painful time, personally and professionally, for myself and for many others. We needed an antidote to the Bush years of oil wars and savage cronyism. We needed a fighter and we all rallied for then Senator Hillary Clinton, fighter extraordinaire. The kind of liberal lioness that doesn’t back down to a Republican wall of deliberate opposition disguised as obfuscation. At the time, then Senator Barack Obama called Republicans “the party of ideas in the Reno Gazette.” That, to me, was like a dog whistle to moderates to choose him over the fighter, our girl Hillary. Did I support and later vote for President Obama in 2012? Of course I did. But that Reno Gazette interview is where Obama lost me for Hillary. We didn’t need another John Kerry who would work down the middle and make nice with Republicans, later to get “swiftboated.” Hillary knew they were probably the enemy and it’s OK to say EFF THEM. Republicans don’t care and won’t care about liberal policies that benefit all of Americans, but at least there are some rogue Republicans that defy the Republican status quo.

What happened on May 31st, 2008 at the DNC bylaws committee? Harold Ickes defined what so many of were frustrated about. You cannot divide a vote, as they did mine and hundreds of thousands of votes 2008. I’m not ½ a person, so why should my primary vote be counted as such, especially when the candidate I voted for won the popular vote? Yes, I know, water under the bridge and all that. I have forgiven the Democratic party. I never unregistered from the party so I can vote in the primaries (Florida has a closed primary system), especially for down-ticket Dems like my district’s congressperson Rep. Kathy Castor and state senator Rep. Arthenia Joyner. I still volunteer as a Democratic canvasser and phone banker when called for duty. But I don’t nor won’t, forget what happened on May 31st, 2008. If Sanders supporters and the media want to use what happened to Hillary supporters in 2008 as their excuse to fight, they need to feel that math again, as Hillary won the 2008 primary with 300,000+ votes over Obama.

We all met at the Confluence eight or so years ago during the most exciting time of my political engagement and our collective disappointment. It was very heartbreaking to leave after living such a big political experience together that essentially started out as a joke after Hillary’s win on 2008’s Puerto Rico Primary, devolve into pundit-career media moves and political sabotage. I hated how our outcry of voting injustice was co-opted. I wasn’t involved in any of it, but I was a witness. Opportunists came in and took over. Blogs, PACs, pundits formed that did not represent our liberal values. Not linking to them, but those who were there can vouch for it.

Anyway, if this is an anniversary, it’s a bittersweet one. Sanders supporters need to use Teh Googlez and find out why we fought the way we did back in 2008. I don’t want to live this again, and we shouldn’t because Hillary’s got both the delegate count and the popular vote to get the nomination. But the online harassment, the sexism, the resurrection of right-wing-conspiracy narratives tinge what should be our witnessing history.

I apologize that I didn’t have time to go through eight years of blog posts. Some of the posts I’d like to link no longer exist. Please add any recollections and/or anything else that happened then or currently in the news today :)!


85 Responses to "Guest Post: SM updates us…"

Great post SM and it does remind me that the best thing to come out of 2008 was making the acquaintance of y’all.

The sexism and the misogyny and, most of all, the unquestioning acceptance of it have been the eyeopening and toxic parts of both HRC campaigns. 2008 and 2016.

No, we shouldn’t “get over it.” It’s a matter of doing right by people and the only resolution is for those who can’t see straight to learn how to do it. (I know there’s no real point writing that here, preaching, choir, etc., but I’m just a congenital podium pounder.)

If Hillary were male, Sanders wouldn’t be trying this crap. His whole line about I’m-the-only-one-who-can-win is a not-even-thinly veiled echo of 2008. It was the same thing then. Sure she’s got more popular votes, but “she can’t win” so let’s carry someone else over the finish line.

It’s probably very confusing for him why that’s not happening this time. Why should having more votes matter this time? Even if it is 3,000,000 more?

The good news though is she does have three million more this time and even the Dems can’t fudge that.

The contrast between her and the self-tanned chunk of baloney with opposable thumbs could not be more stark. Logically, she ought to win with about 99.99% of the vote.

But we get to find out just how bigoted the USA wants to be. Which, on bad days, scares me.

Yesterday was a day of endorsements. Hillary got Jerry Brown’s endorsement and L’Orange Drumpf got the endorsement of his North Korean doppelganger Kim Jong-unsmart.

@2: I can certainly understand your feelings quixote and to a degree, yes 2008 and that meeting still chaps my hide as the Pace picante commercial used to say. But it’s in the past and I just try not to dwell on it because we have a brand new set of jerks (and some of the same old ones) to deal with this time. I’m not going to let ’08 gnaw at me but I’ll say I learned a lot from that entire experience.

SM wrote: Opportunists came in and took over. Blogs, PACs, pundits formed that did not represent our liberal values. Not linking to them, but those who were there can vouch for it.

As Maddow would say “Boy howdy!” A number of people from then sure surprised the hell out of a lot of us.

Thanks for writing this as a reminder of what we all endured back then. And look: So many of us are still together pulling for the same fantastic candidate.

Hey SM! Great post. Happy PUMAVersary everyone. This time, Our Girl has it in the bag.

I am sitting across from a Sanders supporter right now. It’s terrifying how poorly-informed this guy is. “Oh Hillary only won in the South. Bernie is only 300 delegates behind!!! Bernie will win California!” OMG it’s amazing.

On the plus side, he will vote HRC when she wins the nomination. So he’s not as bad as a lot of them.

I saw an interesting parallel last night between Jerry Brown’s campaign against Bill Clinton in 1992, and Sanders’ against Hillary Clinton in 2016. Same themes, same cr*ppy attitude. There really is nothing new under the sun.

Call it karma, synchronicity, or connectedness, but when your reputation is based upon manufacturing a sex scandal where none existed and then fail in your duty to investigate real sexual assault, it costs you your title, reputation, and should cost you all of your jobs, but two out of three will be enough for a Wednesday.

Ken Starr — the man whose almighty sanctimonious righteousness ended at the football locker room door.

Thank you Shinners, especially to Chatblu, Prolix, Fredster and the wonderful Madama B. You are my invisible internet friends and family. Saw this on Shakesville, but this version has a soulful feel and humourous twist 🙂 :

@7: And since the Baylor football coach *was* fired, a lot of those players will be looking for another school to attend and play football at. C’mon over to the SEC boyz, we’ll find a spot for you in Baton Rouge. LOL!!

@8: Oh that was great!!!

My personal favorite version of “Somewhere…”

Longtime HRC supporter, just not willing to engage with the stupid people any longer. You can’t educate them and you can’t persuade them – I just stopped trying. I think a lot of people are sick of the endless brawling and have just gone silent.

Hello Craig and welcome!

@10, nobody needs to snatch our wigs, we do our own 🙂 !!!

@8, I want to be his friend too. Thank you SM. It’s easy to be friends with nice folks. Chat is smiling too.

Y’all if you have a chance to catch the repeat of Hardball (or set your DVR) watch for the segment where he has Jeff Weaver and Barney Frank on. Barney just oh-so-deftly slices up Weaver.

@2, Quixote! I’ve seen your username over and over again through the Hillary-supporters-phere :), glad to see you again! Your quote here rings so true about not getting over it. I’m never going to get over it. Democracy was thwarted. It was Gore v. Bush all over again. Popular vote loses the “electoral college.” Sandernistas (and I say that with all the snark and truth that Sanders is a Sandinista supporter, aka Marxists/Leninists:
“However, the Sandinistas were heavily influenced by Marixst-Leninist teachings, as the party leaders themselves sometimes admitted, but they interpreted these ideas in the context of their view of Nicaragua’s history. Specifically, they thought of themselves as a Leninist vanguard party, a group of “professional revolutionaries” that would unite the Nicaraguan workers and peasants to destroy the “present system of capitalist exploitation and oppression” run by the Somoza dynasty and supported by the United States. After they had rid Nicaragua of those who were resistant to change, the FSLN would lead Nicaragua toward socialism, at least in a broad sense; as Gilbert notes, the Sandinistas did not all agree on what socialism actually meant.”

And this, with awful vast far-right and vast far-left governments, together with US intervention from the 1960 thorough 1980s (thanks, Nixon and Reagan :\ ), is why we have massive migrations to the land of the supposed free, and home of the brave.

Craig Della Penna, welcome :), and that’s a beauty of a version!! Love her acoustic soul :). Here’s another one I love too :), there’s just no wrong way to do such a hopeful and inspiring song.

So here’s another one that was released around the time my daughter was born and I’d play this to her as a baby. We need to still live by dreams, but it takes courage and intelligence to make them happen for the benefit of all:

Oops, think the Widdershinner bodyguard snatched my wig at the auto-moderator door, LOL! Check for my comment in purgatory, please??

SM, as you can see, your comment is released now. It was just a thing of having too many links in one comment. No biggie.

First I have to remember how I learned about Barack Obama. I had never heard of him since I did not watch the 2004 convention. (Actually I kinda dropped out period in 2004 I was so disgusted that Bush was re-elected. But I did vote.) So at the end of 2007 I googled him. I read tons of articles from over the years mainly from Lynn Sweet at the Chicago Sun Times. I was not impressed. Those are buried deep but it as similar to this 2008 piece from HuffPo about Alice Palmer.

But getting to Alice Palmer isn’t easy. She is the former Illinois state senator who, in 1995, deciding to run for an open congressional seat, anointed Obama as her successor. It was from that relatively lowly position that Obama launched his incredible political career.

Palmer lost in a special congressional election in November 1995 — the seat was open because its occupant, Mel Reynolds, was convicted on sex charges — to the victor, Jesse Jackson, Jr., and to the runnerup, Emil Jones Jr., who became state senate president and Obama’s mentor in his unlikely road to the nomination for the White House.

(Notice also Jesse Jackson Jr – we know what happened with him – and Emil Jones, who early said of Obama “I’m going to make me a Senator”.

So here’s Israel Kaamakawiwo’ole’s version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow” that I used to play for that kid I have as a lullaby (because I couldn’t sing for crap),not sur eof that version is a good link but dammit, this is it here. if not, TEH GOOGELZ is your friend.

Shinners, my eyes are watching God come in, thunder is rolling from across the bay and going inside and shutting it down. Storm’s coming in heavy. ¡Abrazos y besos para todos :)!

Ok, please fix the spelling errors??? rain is coming down and was nervously not trying to get electrocuted, lol!!!

More… so Obama basically challenged their signature sheets when it was too late to amend them. (As if a former State Senator could not get the required number of signatures). This ensured only Obama’s name was on the ballot. This was perfectly legal though.

His republican opponents were the worst scumbuckets Chicago politics could offer. In 2004 Jack Ryan withdrew from the race because his sealed divorce papers were “leaked”. He was replaced with Alan Keyes who is the most anti-gay, anti-abortion and most racist AA man in the country.

I came away from my research feeling Obama had achieved what he had by being fortunate enough to run against the scummiest of Republicans and being low enough to use dirty tricks against his Democratic opponents. Then, the DNC enabled him to again!!

@20: Done my dear but you don’t have to worry about those things here. 😉

The media has displayed plenty of sexism this time, but I think they’re getting better at going for the subtle. I have yet to see this type stuff. Although there is plenty of time left.

Just for the record, we have Bill Kristol to thank for finding and promoting the lemon in the paper cut a/k/a Caribou Barbie as Veep in 2008. Kristol’s impeccable judgment put us on the road to appreciating and celebrating incompetency in the Executive branch now on display via L’Orange Drumpf.

Now Kristol has found another candidate for President, a Mr. French. Imagine my disappointment when I figured out it wasn’t Buffy and Jody’s manny from “Family Affair” especially since Sebastian Cabot died in 1977.

@25 If it was THAT Mr French he might actually get some votes. I don’t think this is going to pan out for Kristol.

SM, I forgot to say thanks for your great post. Stay safe.

Have y’all seen these definitions of “trumpery”?

n. pl. trump·er·ies
1. Showy but worthless finery; bric-a-brac.
2. Nonsense; rubbish.
3. Deception; trickery; fraud.

Trumpery derives from the Middle English trompery and ultimately from the Middle French tromper, meaning “to deceive.” (You can see the meaning of this root reflected in the French phrase trompe-l’oeil-literally, “deceives the eye”-which in English refers to a style of painting with photographically realistic detail.) Trumpery first appeared in English in the mid-15th century with the meanings “deceit or fraud” (a sense that is now obsolete) and “worthless nonsense.” Less than 100 years later, it was being applied to material objects of little or no value. The verb phrase trump up means “to concoct with the intent to deceive,” but there is most likely no etymological connection between this phrase and trumpery.

The synonyms are funny, too.

Bernie supporters lawsuit in San Franciso didn’t work out too well.

U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup described allegations by plaintiffs’ counsel as “hot air” shortly before ruling verbally from the bench, colorfully noting that “there’s not a single decision in the history of the universe” equating plaintiffs’ alleged facts with a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause. Alsup added that plaintiffs’ made “absolutely no showing of a violation of federal law.”

@29: I think at this point they are just throwing stuff out to see what sticks figuring what the hell, it’s worth a shot.

Well my oh my, now Trump is running off the hired help.

Congrats on your first post SM! Sorry I couldn’t make it earlier. I really enjoyed reading it. Yes, the good thing that came out of that nightmare in ’08, is that many of us found kindred spirits among all of the various puma groups and so here we are. Also, Hillary and her people learned a lot over the past 8 years, and her history-making feat may have been delayed, but its finally here.

@20, I love that! I wish my Hawaiian step siblings had any musical talent.

@29, thanks for that fantastic and hilarious news GAgal!

I’ve heard that Tampa gets the most electrical storms, is that true? We thought the people in and around Tampa were super nice, btw.

@31, yep, but she’s still staying in the repub party. smh

SM, I’ll be back later with my thoughts about 2008. (It won’t be pretty) My sis had minor surgery today and is still out of it a bit. Taking care of her and her critters, but always checking in.

@35: Best wishes for your sister. That’s nice that you’re there helping her out.

Fredster: I swear I met you when I was still cross-posting at No Quarter (before Larry went off the rails, it was an interesting site)… but I could be wrong. Nevertheless, the point I want to make is that the Bernie campaign has devolved into a misogynist pukefest. He can’t win and he knows that, his demands to pick or destroy committee members in the DNC are absurd. In fact, the truth about Bernie is coming out: he just wants to do as much damage to HRC as he can. Frankly, the best policy with BS is to ignore him like the pissant he is.
It doesn’t matter if he wins California – when democrats vote: she wins, when Republicans and ‘independents’ vote, the fix is in.
Let Democrats be Democrats and let the rest of them go into the weeds where they belong.

@37: Craig, that’s certainly possible. I did visit that site before it went over to the Dark Side. After that it was impossible to say anything rational about Hillary because you were going to be torn to bits over it by former supporters who flipped.

I was also at NQ back in ’08. I know I’ve seen Craig DP around somewhere, but can’t remember where. N

NQ was like the wild west of the internet, I thought. 1/2 paid rethug trolls pretending to be Obama supporters, and the other half us Hillary supporters with a sprinkling of real Obama supporters. The trolls would call us filthy words, get banned, and then change their ip address and start up again. Do you guys remember Jeremiah goddamn Amerikkka Wright from NQ? He wrote some funny stuff.

@39: Yeah I think a lot of us gravitated over to NQ at that time and then got a rude awakening at the site.

@40: Kinda remember that name, but I try to forget that place.

@ 32 & 33: Hola Socalannie! Yes, the Tampa Bay area is one of the, if not the most thunderstorm-y metro area in the US. Hoping your son is doing good!

@35 GAGal: wishing your sister a full recovery! Please chip in your thoughts, in fact, I’m still a bit PTSD over it.

Some of my (scattered) thoughts about 2008. The “Obama Camps” whose purpose was to train to caucus, but were more like teaching intimidation techniques. O’s people stopping Hill’s peeps at the door and misdirected them to a false location so that by the time they got back the doors were locked. Busing in people from out of state to overwhelm the process. Physical and verbal intimidation against women, especially elderly women. Stacks of Hillary sign in sheets that went missing. (Who would have thought you would have to guard them?)

Their purpose then was to overwhelm to create chaos. This time they decided to go straight to chaos. I think some lessons were learned from 2008. Maybe that’s why TX decided to drop their ridiculous two-step process this year. Isn’t it interesting how the media completely ignored all that then, but now it’s all over the place in the context of IT’S RIGGED!! THEY’RE CHANGING THE RULES AS THEY GO!! THEY’RE TRYING TO CHEAT BERNIE OUT OF A DELEGATE!!

This was posted at Uppityville. Utterly amazing speech:

Sending Get Well Soon wishes to GAgal’s sister! 🙂

LMAO! Here’s something else the judge on the Bernie lawsuit said:

“There is absolutely no showing of a federal violation. That more information might be available in one county over another does not rise to the level of equal protection,” Alsup said. “Citizens of California are smart enough to know what their rights are. I’m giving my order now so you can get your writ to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and then the United States Supreme Court, then the International Court of the Hague. But you’re done in federal court.”

@45 socalannie: Now this is a president!
@47 GAgal: That judge sure has Bernie’s number.

Annie, thanks for the speech. I’ll watch it in a few minutes. I did watch Tweety afterwards fawning over it and CNN was praising her too. (of course they mentioned her voice) I decided to check out Fox. They didn’t say one word about the speech even though they had a picture of Hillary giving the speech in the background. She had on a guest who is a “Democrat”. He wrote an article yesterday somewhere about how Hillary could lose. The whole segment was about how when Bernie wins CA Hillary’s nomination is doomed. Comedy Gold! I’m gonna start checking Fox occasionally for the laughs.

@48 jules, methinks the judge is not fond of frivolous lawsuits.

SM, great post. I don’t even know where to begin so I’ll just say that my story is pretty much the same as everybody else’s here. I did go to No Quarter too but something happened to Larry. He was a big supporter of Hillary and then poof he hated her. I did go back there a few months ago out of curiosity and still saw the rabid hatred of Hillary even some of which I recognized as being from the ’08 crowd. At that time I think Larry was bizarrely pushing Fiorina to be the GOP nominee. That place is so toxic I certainly have no desire to back and even lurk.

Now the ’08 stuff still comes back to haunt me like a case of PSTD. When the media was pushing for Biden to get in I thought here we go again, another guy and we’ll never have a woman as a nominee. At one point in time I thought Bernie might actually get the nominee because hey White Guy. Bernie has shown himself to be the most obnoxious misogynist candidate giving Obama a run for his money.

One thing of note it seems Bernie hired the same creepy Obama people from ’08 that formed a company called Revolution Messaging. I have to say as soon as Bernie declared all the same ’08 memes started popping up on blogs and they were infiltrated with these “messengers”.

Now I’m to the point where I wish Bernie would pack it up and go home. He keeps moving the goal posts and it’s tiresome.

A couple of things I remember about the 2008 convention besides the rampant intimidation there, too. On the first vote, they skipped CA because it would have shown a huge lead in delgates for Hillary. They never even wanted it to appear that Hillary was ahead. I remember seeing a picture of superdelegate Gloria Allred with tape over her mouth in protest of CA being silenced.

Even though Hillary walloped Obama in New Jersey, NJ gave him ALL their delegates. The next year they got Chris Christie. Hmm….

Also, Stephanie Tubbs had just died, the guy who was a huge supporter in Arkansas was murdered (remember his wife replaced him- I’m trying to remember if O was awarded all those delegates,too) and Diane Feinstein didn’t attend because she had injured her ankle while hiking.

I have to say when Hillary came to the floor at the convention and nominated Obama, it made me sick to my stomach. I wasn’t upset with her, I was pissed that she felt she had to. Obama had the delgates to win. Why in the hell could they not just follow protocol and do it the way it’s always been done? They would never, ever deny that to any other candidate. So why her?

OMG I just watched the speech!! I think that Secret Service guy up front was wiping a tear from his eye at the end! I know I was! 🙂 I am so proud to support her!

One other thing about 2008. I’d never read a blog in my life. I only knew what they were. I didn’t read DailyKos, HuffPo, any of those. Early 2008, I was so distressed by the way media was speaking of Hillary in such horrible terms. I usually sleep with the TV turned low. I would watch a few minutes before I got up. I found myself crying before I got out of bed in the morning. I would have tears in my eyes when trying to fall asleep. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep.

One day I thought what the hell? and I typed in There in the comments I found a link to a new blog – The Confluence. Sanity restored. Thinking back to all that happened that spring and summer, I don’t know what I would have done if I had not found that.

Then when the blog split, I followed here just checking in a few times a week. I think my PTSD kept me from participating, but I always read. When chatblu died I was in a really bad way for a few days. I hid away. I mean… how do you tell your family and friends that your grieving so deeply for someone you’ve never met and only know from a blog? They just wouldn’t understand.

So thanks to madamab and all front pagers and every single person who has commented here since The Widdershins came to be. You’ve been a lifeline to me.

GAgal, thanks for your kind comments. 🙂

I had seen this a few days ago and wanted to put it up and then forgot about it. So I’ll add this image and then say goodnight or goodmorning. LOL

I’m a bit late getting back. Just wanted to say, I agree completely that there’s no point dwelling on ’08 or growing weird because of it. I think it’s important to acknowledge and remember the truth of what was done. But you just hold that like a rock. You don’t use it to hurt yourself or anyone else.

And I couldn’t be more pleased to have Clinton to vote for again. I can’t believe her grit, but I’m glad she’s got it!

OK, I just had a scary thought- seeing as Hillary eviscerated Trump yesterday, and the R convention hasn’t happened yet, will the Repubs shove him aside for another candidate? I hope not.

@52-55, GAgal — You remember those details so well. Brings it all back. I was like you, never read blogs. Somewhere I found a link to bostonboomer’s article “Why I want a President who’s tough as nails” and felt such a sense of relief to find other pro-Hillary voices. It restored my sanity, too.

SM — I remember that comment thread where you came up with PUMA. I’ve enjoyed your comments ever since. Great post!

Ms. Mass, I have thought the same thing but in all honesty taking it away from Trump is not going to help them one bit. They truly are stuck.

TV newscasters that I wish would disappear:
1. Wolf Blitzer
2. Carol Costello

MSNBC (besides Schmoe and Meeeka)
1. Andrea Mitchell
2. Mrs. Greenspan

Bernie Sanders response to Hillary’s speech:

“I agree with Secretary Clinton that Donald Trump’s foreign policy ideas are incredibly reckless and irresponsible,” Sanders said in a statement. “But when it comes to foreign policy, we cannot forget that Secretary Clinton voted for the war in Iraq, the worst foreign policy blunder in modern American history, and that she has been a proponent of regime change, as in Libya, without thinking through the consequences.”

“We need a foreign policy based on building coalitions and making certain that the brave American men and women in our military do not get bogged down in perpetual warfare in the Middle East. That’s what I will fight for as president.”

I never want to hear the words “voted for the war in Iraq” for the rest of my frickin’ life.

Check out this list of headlines from the press about Hill’s speech. My favorite is “Hillary Clinton guts Donald Trump, cuts remains into cubes, tosses what left in trash”. 😀

@61, GAgal, I second each and every one of your nominees to be disappeared from the teevee. I would add Kate Snow on MSNBC. She’s clueless and unless she is attacking Hillary, she just seems annoyed.

RE: 2008

Back before Gutenberg plugged-in his printer, history still needed to be told. Since it couldn’t be written down and reproduced, the way history was retold was that if an event merited retelling a boy was brought to the event to witness it. After the event, the boy would be beaten.

He was not beaten for malice, he was beaten so he would never forget that day. He would then be able to recount the historical events for future generations until just prior to his death where the process started over again. It was all a way to remember.

In many ways, for all of us 2008 was a beating. We will long remember the events of 2008. The Rules and Bylaws Committee still burns brightly in my scotch-ridden brain. It was a mighty beat down for all of us and it stung. It stung not because we lost, it stung because of the injustice shellacked over as legitimate processes. We will always remember.

The ways we remember are personal to each of us. Some people remember through the anger, some through the sorrow, some through the injustice, but remember we should. Not because of the emotion, but to recount it to future generations as this lesson:

When you are knocked down it doesn’t matter how it happened, it matters that you get up and come back. When you get up and fight back it can make you anything in life — even the President of the United States. Hillary is proof of that.

if an event merited retelling a boy was brought to the event to witness it. After the event, the boy would be beaten.

I’m sure glad there was no evening news back then. Yikes!

I was going to catch the NC2A baseball regional in Baton Rouge but it is in a rain/lightning delay until 5 p.m. It may be longer than that from what I saw about the weather conditions there right now.

FWIW, I’m changing my gravatar to let Chloe have a little bit of rest.

@66, while the beating was a bad thing, the even sadder thing was that the 12-year old boy’s future was nothing more than retelling of the King getting a new horse, a croquet victory or the turning on of a viaduct. Not much to look forward to.

Okay gravatar: c-h-a-n-g-e!!!

@67, Chloe deserves a rest.

@70: She does! Poor thing is just tuckered out.

@68: Oh that makes it worse. I can see it now:

I got my ass beat cuz the king won a game and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

@72, all I got was a lousy beating.

@73: But he still got the lousy t-shirt. 😆

Good comeback for the Bernie or Bust crowd who say they’ll vote Trump.

Prolix, I will remember Ali as a tremendous athlete, and as one of the most beautiful men who ever lived.

I met him twice. Once was by complete happenstance about 15 years ago. I was at a meeting at the Hyatt in downtown Louisville. I came downstairs to wait for my car. There was a room where folks waited. I walked in sat down and there was one other person there. It was Ali. We sat and chatted, as much as he could, for 10 minutes or so until his wife brought their car around. He was as nice and kind as you would expect a gentleman to be. His Parkinson’s was very apparent, but he seemed completely at ease.

@78: When he lit the flame at the Olympics in Atlanta you could see the effects of the Parkinson’ss showing up even then.

@65, well said Prolix!!!

Not into boxing, but I remember he refused to be drafted to the Vietnam War. He had no qualms with the “Vietcong”. He was willing to deal with the fallout and he did.

Also with Ali – when his dementia became obvious – was when injuries to the head in sports started to be recognized. It sure took long enough to recognize in football recently and they’ve worn helmets for years. Not so in boxing. Also because it was based on hits to the head or face.

@75, haha! That was funny!

I think what Bette Middler did here with her chicken is hysterical and totally appropriate. 😆

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Rudy: oh shit the pee tape IS real!

Need Reminders?

Never too early to shop for Christmas

“Look this way”

Manafort’s Jail Photo

Indeed who?

Trump spam