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Posted on: May 25, 2016

Good morning Widdershins.  I hope your Wednesday is a good one.

If I were Beyonce, this is what I would be doing...

If I were Beyonce, this is what I would be doing, just not looking as fine…

Listen, usually I try to weave a thread through these posts so they seem moderately coherent.  I’m not even gonna try today.  It isn’t because I feel defeated or deflated.  There’s just so much stuff swirling around in the political toilet bowl, the only unifying thread is outrageousness.  Accordingly, my cardiologist insists I do something other than sit around and seethe so I’m going to write about “stuff”.

Let’s begin with a question:  Have you heard any newsperson, of any flavor, ask Donald Trump, as they have and continue to do with Hillary, “Why don’t people like you?”

Trump’s negatives are higher than Hillary’s.  Hillary’s negatives are the product of thirty plus years of coordinated conservative assault.  Trump’s negatives are the self-inflicted product of his orange-infused brain and his logorrhea.

To my knowledge I have yet to see anyone pose the question to Trump, “Why don’t people like you?”  The shamelessness of the news media to have no qualms about asking Hillary about her trustworthiness or her “likeability” is the opening gambit in the media’s game of taking an electric sander and leveling the race.

How can you have a race when there is no race?  You sabotage one of the competitors.  Here’s an excellent article by Vox on this very issue.

Ann Telnaes, The Washington Post...

Ann Telnaes, The Washington Post…

Another thing that is overlooked is this:  Of everything Donald Trump has claimed or said up until now, 76% of it has been mostly false, false, or pants on fire lies according to Politifact.  A seven month review of his tweets reveals a scary picture of recurrent negativity and attacks.

But you know what – you know who gets the most negative press coverage?  Not the guy who has only told the truth 2% of the time, it is Hillary who gets the most negative press coverage.  It is described like this:

Consider what Trump will do when he’s behind, being bested by a woman, at risk of national humiliation, struggling to unite a party that is connected to him only through a shared hatred of Clinton. The mind boggles.

Will the Washington press corps chase after ridiculous personal attacks and conspiracy theories regarding Hillary Clinton, whispered into their ears by right-wing hacks?

Have you met the Washington press corps? They have been doing that since the early 1990s. Clinton rules mean guilty until proven innocent, then and now. The Washington media is a machine that transforms crap about Clintons into headlines, and Trump is a bottomless supply of crap.

This brings me to the Blue Nation Review piece on the false equivalency between Hillary and Trump.  There is no equivalency between someone willing to call the Clintons murderers on the one hand and a serious political candidate on the other.  The news media, for the sake of ratings, have climbed into the Trump sewer with some Calgon and Jean Nate and has decided it is a bubble bath of similar or equal quality to real journalism.

And what is most annoying is that the calendar works for Trump and is suspended for Hillary.  For instance, Trump belches up Vince Foster’s suicide as part of a Clinton hobby killing from 23 years ago, but any mention of Trump’s shenanigans and exploits of the 1990s is automatically disqualified as ancient history.  Perhaps some intrepid newsperson with a working calendar will notice.

This brings me to my last point and it is best illustrated by the fact even Kathleen Parker writes about it.  My point is this:  With Trump beginning the campaign by calling the Clintons murderers and narrating by Instagram the Lewinsky scandal, where does he go from here?  It’s like Handel beginning Messiah right out of the gate with the Hallelujah Chorus.  Where do you go from there?Hillary Rodham Clinton Signs Copies Of Her Book 'Hard Choices' In New York

Where does Trump go from here?  He can only go deeper in the annals of the National Enquirer for more and more outrageousness, but hopefully voters will develop immunity to the sight and smell of the Trump sewer.  Think of it as living next to a railroad track (as I did in college) – the first few weeks were quite unpleasant, but after a time you didn’t even notice.  It’ll be like that since it’s Hillary’s destiny to defeat Trump and silence the right-wing dullards who fear her.

What’s on your mind today?



52 Responses to "Stuff…"

Meanwhile, in Washington’s Democratic primary:

On the Democratic side, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton beat Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. She had nearly 54 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s returns in a major reversal — though purely symbolic — from March caucuses, in which Sanders dominated.

While nearly 1.3 million primary votes had been returned to county elections offices as of Tuesday, Washington’s tally won’t have much sway on the 2016 race for the White House.

Democrats are ignoring the result and already allocated delegates based on March caucuses. Despite her win with a much larger primary electorate, Clinton won’t amass any more delegates.

Just so we are clear on this, during the WA caucus from which the delegate apportionment flowed, 26,299 voters participated and Bernie got 25 delegates to Hillary’s 9 delegates. When people actually voted, 1.3 million in fact, Hillary won 54-46%.

This win will not change the delegate allocation in WA. I’m waiting for BerningBum and his Bots to gnash on their keyboards wailing about the inhumanity and unfairness of it all. Waiting, waiting, waiting…

@1 – Instead of waiting for Godot, we’re waiting for Bernie to go away! Well, what this Washington primary WILL do is add a lot to her popular vote total. She doesn’t need more delegates, since she is going to crush #TheBernout in NJ and win California too.

To your point about Hillary and likeability…here’s a fun take on it which points out the real issue: sexism.

Wait. What? Washington state had a primary? Nobody tells me anything.

Seriously. Why do the doofuses use the tiny caucus vote as the “real” one, then go to the expense of holding a primary, but treat that as a beauty contest?

Have you noticed that the world makes no sense at all anymore?

I’m reading the Vox link, which is excellent!, but bumped into this which I see everywhere all the time constantly in one form or another: “Hillary Clinton, for all her flaws, has demonstrated a basic level of competence.”

Why do they always have to stick something in about “flaws”? About “not perfect”? About “baggage,” or “damage,” or “we really wanted JFK or St. Ronnie but, hey, whatcha gonna do?”

Does every sentence about the Berner start with “For all his complete lack of accomplishments”? Do they start on the Dumpsterfire with “For all his appalling bigotry”?

Grr. Anyway. Back to the article.

@4: Yeah I caught that too. It’s sort of like “Oops! Can’t make this article too flattering to Clinton.”.

From the Esquire article:

After it attacks her record and she is still standing, it will attack him. His personal life, and therefore hers. It will attempt to revive the oldest of the Clinton calumnies; it will suggest that their long marriage is an “arrangement” she tolerates in order to preserve her opportunity for power. It might not be Trump, but Trump has taught the party well: There is nothing that can’t be said, because there is no price to be paid for saying it. And before she is allowed to become president as a woman, she will as a woman be attacked.

And we’ve certainly seen that Trump can pretty much do and say what he wants without any accountability.

@3, Quixote, makes no sense, but this is the second time this has happened where there is a caucus then a real vote and Hillary has overwhelmingly won the real vote. I think the other instance is Nebraska, but I might be wrong there.

In any event, WA is a huge state and we won’t hear a peep from the Sanders people on how wrong and unfair this is.

@4, Quixote, this is why I harp on “false equivalencies”. It’s the old journalistic saw about, “I can’t say anything good about one candidate without saying something bad about the other.”

Newer publications have said no more of this journalistic throwback. Buzzfeed has a policy of, “If a candidate says crazy stuff, say, “The candidate says crazy stuff. The other one doesn’t.”

@6, that is the trouble with Trump, if 76% of everything he says is a lie, what are you going to fact check? Someone needs to be screaming about this constantly and it can’t be Hillary — it has to be someone else.

Prolix, you’d look just as fierce as Bey-fiercer.

@10, Well, thank you Sue, but no one has put a ring on it yet.

Have y’all heard Trump’s new name for Elizabeth Warren — Pocahontas. Not that Native Americans needed an incentive to vote against der Drumpfster, but this ought to help.

@12: He must have a check-list of groups to alienate or piss off.

Gawker has an article which says they may have figured out Trump’s wonder hair creation. Talk about “rugs” and carpets…

Good grief! It took 14 innings and over five hours but #rallypossum came through again for LSU vs FL 5-3

@12, omg, he didn’t! He couldn’t be a bigger asshole. I can’t picture the NA’s voting for Trump anyway, but yeah, that should make it final.

Great post, Prolix. Agree things are super frustrating right now. I can’t do cable news, haven’t for a long time. I read the article @ latimes about Hillary’s emails and someone in the comment section “hinted” that “something was in the wind” and that we might end up with Biden & Slanders by the end of the Dem Convention. Like the Dems and other Hillary supporters would stand for that bs again.

I’m astonished that WA State could be so lame, as to apportion their delegates according to their silly caucus and not their primary, with far greater turnout. What a waste of tax $. Well, at least it adds to Hillary’s popular vote count as MB says.

Fredster, what is the rally possum?

annie, a couple of weeks ago LSU was playing Arkansas at LSU. LSU was behind. Then out of nowhere a little baby possum comes running across the field. It halted play and a couple of the Arky players along with the field crew got the critter off the field. After that LSU did rally and came from behind to beat Arky. Soon after the LSU fans created this hashtag #rallypossum and it went viral. Then the team got some t-shirts made up with that on there and soon they had a stuffed toy possum in the dugout with them. Then fans started bringing stuffed possums to the games too.

Here is the youtube of that game and the possum intrusion. I put this up before.

Love the Rally Possum!

Aww, that is cute! We get possums in our backyards and sometimes they fight with raccoons or tree squirrels. Usually in the middle of the night.

Fredster, I didn’t know you watched LSU baseball. We follow Dodgers & Angels.

@21: Yeah I like to watch the team. Paul Mainieri is a great coach and has gotten the team to Omaha and the CWS a number of times.

@19: Ga6th: It’s called whatever works. 😉

The Brothers Koch are going to the “mattresses” against all those who might oppose their will. You don’t double cross the family.

They are taking out Rep. Renee Ellmers in NC as a warning to all who might dare vote against the Koch-agenda.

Clay Aikens might be firing up another run against the winner of the primary.

Bernie’s got it all figured out.

Sanders continued: “I believe that if we win here in California, and if we win the other five states that are voting on June 7, we’re going to go marching to the Democratic convention with a hell of a lot of momentum. I believe that if we do well here in California, we’ll march in with momentum and we’ll march out with the Democratic nomination!”

This is the kind of stuff I love. After Manafort hired Rick Wiley, Wiley made the rounds of all the talkies beaming about the wondrous Mr. Trump. Well, six weeks on the job and he’s fired when Trump decides he could have done a better job.

I read that WA “beauty contest” primary cost the state 11.5 million. Beauty won. Also, the recanvass in KY showed the original count was correct, but I expect to hear that Grimes cheated somehow anyway from the Bros.

Paul Manafort is supposedly working for Trump for free – pro bono. Suuuure he is.

@28, sure he is and I’m gonna be replacing Fabio in the butter commercials.

Well lookie here: John Smart got interviewed or quoted by Bloomberg concerning Sanders. (No I wasn’t going to link to the original Bloomberg piece because…John Heilemann.

The tone of Bernie Sanders in the last three weeks to a month has been horrible and destructive and mean-spirited and arrogant,” said John Smart, 53, who lives in Los Angeles and works in the film business. “And I don’t know what he’s up to. … I think it’s completely ego at this point.”

@31, that is a good article, the tenor of which probably put a knot in Weaver’s tail.

@31: The PPIC poll mentioned in the article that says Clinton is ahead by 2 is way off compared to the polls at 538.

Prolix, now that would be wonderful to see Weaver in any type of discomfort.

I thought it was pretty funny when Kimmel asked Trump if he would debate Bernie the first thing Trump said was “How much is he going to pay me?” Umm.. that’s not the way it works. It’s all still a reality show for him.

The Bloomberg Poll on the “Rust Belt” states, the states Drumpf MUST win to be competitive — PA, OH, MI, WI — Drumpf is 7% behind Hillary. But that’s not the pearl hidden within the poll — the pearl demonstrates that the commonly belched wisdom from the “heads” who are always talking is as full of baloney as Drumpf.

It goes like this — Drumpf is going to cut into traditional Democratic voting blocks of “white, middle income voters”. der Drumpfster must carry those voters by extraordinary amounts to overcome demographic groups of non-whites where he is sucking Drumpfster whine.

In the four states, Trump is only leading this “white, middle income” demographic by 4%. That translates into a Hillary landslide.

This is why the national polls are crap. Don’t pay attention to them. This Bloomberg Poll breaks down to four states — it demonstrates why Hillary is in great shape.

The one person who should be sweating this week is John McCain. Hillary’s attack on the Drumpf line about the housing crisis was targeted to Florida, California, and Arizona. The three states hardest hit by the housing bust. McCain might well be roadkill this election.

@36: I’ve been trying to ignore any type of national poll because it’s just way too early, plus Hillary is still having to deal with the crusty old bastard.

@38 The sad thing is, it’s no longer a surprise.

I seriously doubt this Trump/Sanders debate will happen, but the fact it is being discussed is ludicrous. (Figures McCaskill has no problem with it)

For some Democrats, Bernie Sanders’ latest gambit — challenging Donald Trump to a debate to cap all debates — is the last straw.

“Bullshit,” said Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia. “That confirms what we’ve been saying. Why would you expect Bernie should be considerate or be nice or be working to bring everyone together? Why? He’s not a Democrat”.

@30 – that’s the John Smart I used to love.

Re polls, I don’t see how Bernie can win in California. That state, like Florida, went solidly for her in 2008. Outside of a few very white liberal enclaves, it’s a working-class and entertainment industry demographic, with a lot of Latinos, Asians and African-Americans. No way #TheBernout has a chance.

Ugh, GAGal. Just go.away, Bernie. Gawd!!

@38, that is truly disgusting. Amen.

@40, good for Manchin, calling it like it is.

Hillary on Ellen.

@25, I read the Atlantic post and glanced at the comments. Bernie and his slaves are insane.

btw, I saw a tweet that listed Bernies meds (from his doctors note) and one of them is used for senility. I am so NOT surprised. My Dad used to do that finger waving in circles with a blank stare on his face a lot from the beginning of his Alzheimers on to the end 7 years later. That would explain Bernies senseless comments and actions. Can’t wait for June 7th to be over.

annie can you find that tweet and put it here?

@GAgal and annie abt the preachers: But you know their flocks will forgive them because it’s the Christian thing to do (rolling eyes).

@47, LOL!

Will try to find the tweet.

If you can find it annie, great but no biggie. I’m just curious about that med. he’s taking.

Fredster, I found it and am wrong. I misread it (it was one of those long things with an attachment), the guy said that “Jane told one of her friends that Bernie was taking a drug for senility” and then listed some of the other drugs his doctors note, which said “included.” So the guy is insinuating that Bernie is taking a senility drug, but his tweet did not prove it.

So, I humbly take back what I wrote @45; except, that my Dad did do a lot of Bernies vague mannerisms when he was in the early stages of Alz, that is true. btw, my Dad supported Hillary then, so being in the early stages of dementia/alz obviously doesn’t mean you can’t think. But I do think BS has some kind of age related disconnect. My mom is in her eighties and seems sharp as a tack next to Bernie. He said something really stupid in an interview today:

I heard that even Rachel criticized him for something.

annie@50: No biggie at all. It sounds like it was at least implied so no harm/no foul.

Maddow called Sanders out for wanting to do this Trump debate thing. I don’t think the debate is going to happen. Supposedly Trump said it was just a joke.


New post upstairs.

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