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Illegitimis non carborundum *

Posted on: May 21, 2016

Women protestingGood Saturday and weekend Widdershins!

It just seems there won’t be any palette cleansing or relaxation of late.  Bernie, his advisers, and the bros just do not want to give us a break.  Not to beat a dead horse, but the Nevada state convention was a very telling event.  There was the shouting down of Barbara Boxer and blocking the camera so she couldn’t be seen on the big teevee screen, then the general melee that occurred over the “minority report” that the Bernie supporters wanted to submit, followed by the outrageous verbal, texting and messaging assaults of Nevada Democratic party leader Roberta Lange.  That was followed by the defacing of the offices of the state Democratic Party.  Oh and did you notice how it was the “bros” who did the harassing of state leader Lange?  Also, it was seemingly the young guys who did the harassing.  (How proud would their mothers’ be at that?).

So with that in mind, I thought we might take a look at some songs of empowerment for women.  Now these aren’t revenge songs but rather songs about women being strong.  Let’s face it ladies, between the media attacks/insults of Hillary, the Bernie folks behaving badly (and I’m including the candidate here) plus Herr Drumpf’s attacks, we Hillary supporters are going to have to keep our heads up.

I’m just going to put up a few songs so the page doesn’t take a long time to load.  So that means I’m counting on you to add more in the comments below.


(1) Brave – Sara Bareilles

(2) Stand – Rascal Flatts (no it doesn’t have to be all gurlz)

(3) Born This Way – Lady Gaga (excuse the unicorn)

(4) U.N.I.T.Y. – Queen Latifah

(5) I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross


So there ya go Widdershins!  Please add your songs of empowerment in the comments below.

 * And that Latin in the title means “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”.


48 Responses to "Illegitimis non carborundum *"

Welp, this one was a bust. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No, no – very good post, it’s just that it’s Saturday night, my IP address and current outdated linux *hate* YouTube & I have to go to another operating system somewhere else to view and post. Viewing will happen later tonight, and is much appreciated in advance.

Great GIFs, too.

Hey Pat! Saturdays are always very iffy for posts and especially now with nicer weather and longer days taking people elsewhere. Sometimes I really have to scratch my head and “thunk” about it to come up with a topic and theme and then find some music vids to go along with it.

Sorry, I have been out of pocket today. BTW, love those two gifs.

Here’s one — “Run the World” by Beyonce.

@5: I really like the kitty-kat one.

The crusty old bastard’s career in Congress is so over once he returns to the Hill.

@7 Good ole BS keeps going after women. I’m so glad Al Giodano is primarying *his* ass in 2018.

My good ole subconscious keeps serving them up – I saw the banner in the link @7 as “A Failure To Believe In”. Earlier I read a post on another blog re: BS’s losing chances initially as “The Whining On The Wall” rather than the more well known reading it was.

Can’t post videos from this setup, but “96 Tears” and “That’ll Be The Day” come to mind. Maybe tinged with a tad more revenge than fortitude?

Okay!! Seems my browser & YouTube have declared an amnesty.

DWS to DNC (re BS):

Pat I like your subconscious readings. 😉

And take a look at this article. I guess the Bernie Brats have maxed out mom and dad’s’ credit cards. 👿

Adding this one for PDXPat.

@9: Great that you can add the youtube vids now. 🙂

How ’bout one that describes most of Bernie’s supporters?

Thanks for the post! Love the GIFS!

@13 Perfect! Also describes Bernie’s now-anemic bank account.

For some reason, I’d always thought Moody Blues did that one. Procol Harum, huh? It’s always been one of my favorites.

@16: It kinda sounds like it could have been done by either of those bands doesn’t it?

Great selections GAgal!

Putting this guy in jail just doesn’t seem punishment enough for this.

I *hate* long links! Grrrrr.

@18 It does!

And thanks for that posting of 96 tears – I’ve always loved loved loved 96 Tears as a revenge song, told my girlfriends they’d be singing that to their faithless boyfriends any day now, but didn’t know it was Question Mark and the Mysterions (who?)

Also “Ain’t Your Mama” – great non carborundumus!

@ 1 & 2, ROFL! Love the kitty one best! Poor Fredster! Sorry you were alone. You post is great and very creative!

Love these old songs. I thought this was a pretty version of “Breathe”

@10 Oh, Bernie and Jane are down to their last 6 mil?

There’s that waterway through the Asian peninsula – the Crimea River….

@24: Eggsactly! (that was on purpose) But Bernie will find a way to blame the “billionaires and millionaires” and maybe the DNC too for his problems. Like you said cry me a river.

Welp I think I’m going to fix the meds box for the week and call it good for today.



Thanks for the encouraging post (I’m gonna steal that cat gif).

Oh, heck, one more – this goes out to Bernie & Jane:

@17 – GAGal, thanks for posting that “I Ain’t Your Mama” video from J. Lo. It actually made my cry. Not because of how my husband treats me, but because of some things I’m going through professionally. Since Hillary made that speech, it hasn’t gotten a lot better, especially in IT.

The woman really understands.

Found this song and though it isn’t strictly an empowerment song, it sorta is because it is my nominee for best song to be directed to Comrade Sand Crab.

WARNING: Adult and then some lyrics so mind the young’uns and the volume.

Well here’s someone who must be completely stoned out of his gourd. Sanders as veep? I don’t think so…..

@31, Mr. Bourne, Michael, not Jason, is a writer who has chosen to live in Canada. His writing seems to be slightly left of Mao and Che. Nothing in his background seems to qualify him for macro-political science theories, other than he does write fiction, but as my professors taught me, Political Science is the only social science where an opinion qualifies you to hold forth with the same confidence as a PhD.

@32: Okay new rule: Canucks cannot espouse opinions on U.S. primary politics. (I was afraid to use the google machine to look him up because I was afraid of what I might find – sorta like H.A. [haha] Goodman).

Bernoid & Jane would make a horrible VP & 2nd Lady. They act like low class grifters. Imagine the representing the USA around the world.

Did you guys see the SNL skit? Pretty funny:

Here is my woman empowerment song:

Oops. How did that happen?

@34: Oh I wish she could shove him off a stage.

@37 – Yup, and I wish that they’d stop saying she’s so unlikeable. Good grief.

This is an interesting story of redemption — from feeling the Bern, to being Berned, to the palliative caring of Hillary.

@33, he’s an American who has chosen to live in Canada. He still enjoys red, white, and blue citizenship with a permanent residency status in Canuckville.

@38: And notice I did not say shove down an elevator shaft. And that’s because I really, really want him to go through the final ignominy of losing his Senate seat in 2018. Bwahahahahaaaa

@40: Aw hell. 😦

@39: Learning the hard way that there’s no there there.

Bernie is just like Trump with all his ridiculous lawsuits. It’s not enough that CA has an open primary that allows ‘no party preference’ to vote in the D primary, he always wants more, more, more…

Have this on good authority as the new, rare breed of a Bernrump — the best parts of Bernie and Trump all rolled into one.


I think old man Jackie is using blue eye shadow on his eyebrows instead of his lids. They love Hillary!

@39, that was a great post, thanks!

That poor doggie!

@46 – 😀

@39 – Agree with Annie, that was an amazing post. Here’s a great paragraph from it:

My conversation with the Clinton campaign regained my hopefulness but also made me incensed that Bernie is maliciously lying to democrats about Clinton’s uncaring regard for the 99%, while destroying the party from within. Bernie is adamant that Hillary only cares about corporate interests and not the typical marginalized American. But, in fact, the opposite is true. If he cared about his supporters’ interests, his campaign would respond to these communities, listen to their issues and modify his platform accordingly.

His speeches never change for a reason. It isn’t because, as his supporters allege, he’s authentic and always on the right side of things. It’s because he doesn’t care to adapt, to research issues other than income inequality and the environment, follow up on his lofty ideas with solid policy initiatives or to make any compromises to achieve his goals. Rather, he just plays the blame game, pointing out everything that’s wrong with this country and proposing no specific plans to achieve his goals. He prides himself on being so honest and trustworthy while lying to the electorate about his concern for our well being and Hillary’s lack thereof. In reality, I see now that he doesn’t care about anyone’s well being but his own ability to rise to power.

I expect many more “Come to Hillary” moments for these people as they shake off the Bern and Feel the Love. #LoveTrumpsHate

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