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Tales of white male resentment…

Posted on: May 18, 2016

Happy Wednesday Widdershins.  If I might, please excuse me for a moment.


Thanks for your patience.  I needed to do my happy dance because against all odds, our gal Hillary won the great Commonwealth of Kentucky yesterday.  It was a squeaker, but in a 90% white state known for digging black rock out of the ground, voting for someone with a plan proved to make good sense.

Hillary at Transylvania University, Lexington, KY on Monday...

Hillary at Transylvania University, Lexington, KY on Monday…

The naysayers, as naysayers do, said Hillary outspent BerningBum and campaigned furiously.  Truth is:  Hillary spent a paltry $70,000 more than BerningBum and spent one extra day campaigning.  Hillary bested the Sand Crab because she won Jefferson County, the state’s largest county containing Louisville, which just happens to look like the Democratic Party.  That is why she won.

I’ve said this before, Trump and Sanders are the flip sides of the same coin.  They represent resentment and fear and, most importantly, anger.  If white male grievance were an ocean wave, Sanders represents those seeking to attain status on the front side while Trump represents those who have lost status on the waning side.  For either side of the resentment/grievance wave, the emotional response is anger.

It’s the tale of white male resentment.  It has been the premier organizing philosophy of the Republican Party for the past thirty years.  It is new to the progressive movement and that is disturbing.  Progressives have always championed solutions.  Progressives have known the inherent energy in positivity.  Now a significant portion of people claiming to be progressives have turned to the dark side of grievance, resentment, and negativity.

These Sanders-come-lately people aren’t really progressives – they are Independents who have scurried through an opening to rage against the Democratic Party courtesy of a fly-by-night Socialist – a Socialist whose pedigree is long on outrage and miserably short on accomplishment.  This rage is predicated on punishing the Democratic Party and Hillary for some imaginary wrong committed by a system in which they have chosen to play no part.

As Fredster’s excellent post on Monday demonstrated, the weekend events in Nevada were reprehensible.  Threatening volunteer officials, their families, and even their grandchildren is beyond the pale.  Throwing chairs, charging the stage, and profane disrespect for Sen. Barbara Boxer, who has labored her entire career in the pursuit of Democratic goals, are the actions of feral animals deserving no countenance within the party.

NV ConventionSo what does Bernie Sanders do in response?  He issues a statement that does not get around to condemning the violence until the tenth sentence in the third paragraph and then qualifies it with, “but, you people were mean to us first and rules suck.”

In his speech Tuesday evening, BerningBum followed up that shamelessness with a challenge to the Democratic Party to do “the right thing” by allowing open primaries and eliminating superdelegates.  In other words, allow casual, drop-in-at-their-pleasure Independents to decide Democratic primaries.  As for superdelegates, does anyone with half a brain think a governor, senator, or other elected official wouldn’t be elected to attend the convention?  Superdelegates make it possible for 700 regular citizens to have a place in the party apparatus as well as thwarting another improvident 1972 McGovern massacre from occurring.

The negativism of white male resentment isn’t profound.  Being negative is easy.  It takes no thought, it takes no facts — it is opinion clad in anger and grievance.  Being optimistic is a characteristic of striving for higher actualization.  For instance, here’s an excellent article about things you won’t hear from Drumpf or BerningBum:

Job growth has been strong for five years, with unemployment now below where it was for most of the 1990s, a period some extol as the “good old days.” The American economy is No. 1 by a huge margin, larger than Nos. 2 and 3 (China and Japan) combined. Americans are seven times as productive, per capita, as Chinese citizens. The dollar is the currency the world craves — which means other countries perceive America’s long-term prospects as very good.

Pollution, discrimination, crime and most diseases are in an extended decline; living standards, longevity and education levels continue to rise. The American military is not only the world’s strongest, it is the strongest ever. The United States leads the world in science and engineering, in business innovation, in every aspect of creativity, including the arts. Terrorism is a serious concern, but in the last 15 years, even taking into account Sept. 11, an American is five times more likely to be hit by lightning than to be killed by a terrorist.

Is the middle class in dire straits, as Mr. Sanders contends? Yes, inflation-adjusted middle-class household income peaked in 1998 and has dropped slightly since. But during the same period, federal income taxes on the middle class went down, while benefits went up. Gary Burtless of the Brookings Institution has shown that when lower taxes and higher benefits are factored in, middle-class buying power has risen 36 percent in the current generation.

Is American manufacturing in free fall, as Mr. Sanders and Mr. Trump assert? Figures from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis show industrial output a tad below an all-time record level, while nearly double the output of the Reagan presidency, another supposed golden age. It’s just that advancing technology allows more manufacturing with fewer workers — a change unrelated to foreign competition.

Being positive, looking for answers, is an indicator of intelligence.  It is also a marker of well-being.  It used to be dominant within the progressive movement. BerningBum has hampered that.  For a good part of my career, I had the great fortune of working with pioneers in the field of positive psychology.  Here’s a Ted talk explaining positive psychology and its benefits.Nietzsche

The white male resentment takes little to communicate because it fails to educate.  It is a hallmark of both Trump and Sanders for one simple reason:  Both men are raging against a system to remake it in their likeness for their own aggrandizement – not to better the lives of others, but to feed their egos.  Pretty much the opposite of what a true leader would do.  Pretty much the opposite of what Hillary has lived and preached.

When Hillary said it takes a village, she never said, “First, burn it down and then remake it in my image,” as Sanders or Trump would have advised.  Hillary said work positively within the system to make the system better.  It isn’t as sexy.  It isn’t as heady.  It isn’t as macho.  But it is much more effective and will lead to sustainable growth and well-being.  That is the way to write the ending to the tales of white male resentment.

What’s on your mind today?



86 Responses to "Tales of white male resentment…"

Nothing to add; great post, Prolix.

Thanks Sue. Will you join me in a happy dance?

Love the Happy Dance, and this post is so spot on for where my head’s at today. Last night’s lack of positive media reporting about Hillary was making me sooo mad. I wanted to get mad too and fight,fight, fight.
I figured we should be Loud and Proud and batter the media to acknowledge the historic fact that a WOMAN is going to be the nominee and a WOMAN is probably going to be our president- if the shitty media would only report what is actually happening in at least neutral terms, if not outright positive ones.
Well, your positivity post reminds me of the benefits to playing it cool, like Hiillary does. But how to fight the sexism? How to kick the media in its ass and tell them to treat Hillary right?
Any thoughts appreciated.

@3, thanks MsMass. I think you are on to something with just pointing out the facts. Facts are just facts — they don’t have to be positive, they just have to be true. You are exactly right — this is Hillary historic, but the CDS cycle is hard to break.

I know this is getting into the tall weeds, but in 2008 the RBC in its May 31st meeting actually took delegates from Hillary and reassigned them to Obama. In addition, they halved the number assigned to Hillary in one instance. Hillary pulled up her big girl pants suit and didn’t let it get her down. Bernie doesn’t have that same intestinal fortitude — someone ought to remind him of what a leader does in these situations.

@4: And at that god-awful disgustingly rigged meeting, Hillary’s supporters did not throw tantrums or chairs. They were angry (we all were), but they didn’t go bat-shit crazy when things didn’t go as they wished and they should have gone. That’s another difference in the two sets of supporters.

MsMass said: But how to fight the sexism? How to kick the media in its ass and tell them to treat Hillary right?

About all you can do is to point it out and hope for the embarrassment to hit ’em.

As Ron White says: (very carefully edited here)

Well, well, well. It looks like some of Bernie’s supporters are feeling the “burn”. Or, are they feeling burned by Bernie.



Jeff “Boll Weevil” Weaver was just on Chucky Todd’s mini-MTP. When asked if BerningBum would acknowledge Hillary as the nominee once she passes the threshold, he said, “Not until the superdelegates vote at the convention.”

So this arse pimple is going to continue with his “broke down vanity project” for another seven weeks over the summer. Seven weeks where Hillary will have to listen to this dementia impersonator as he assures himself of waddling out on stage in Philly with, by that time, an indicted Jane, Jane, the insane college pain.

@10: That WaPo piece I linked to indicated that one Bernie superdelegate has flipped…over to Clinton!

I would love to see an indicted Jane. I wonder who they would blame that one on? I don’t think the DNC would be responsible for that.

LOL Bernie-hair avatars

Indeed, there’s nothing quite like firing up Twitter only to be inundated by Bernie-hair avatars shrieking about hundreds of thousands—no, millions—of would-be Bernie voters falling victim to a supposed national voter suppression campaign that is the “real reason” he isn’t winning.

I try to be sensitive about posting local stuff because, “Who cares?” Right?

Well, I have to break my rule here: The NRA is having its national convention in Louisville this week — May 19th – 22nd. Trump is going to put on his camo gear and be there. The Fair and Expo Center has 1.2 million air conditioned sq.ft. of space. Of that, the gun show is going to cover 500,000 sq.ft. That is 11.5 acres chocked full of non-regulated, free of background checks, guns. Is that not insane!

@12: I like watching and reading Joy Reid. She’s pretty level headed when it comes to this stuff.

@13: No need to feel it’s parochial to mention something like that. It’s a big convention for a national organization. I’d love to see a picture of Trump in camo drag. 😆

@13 It’s not local because the NRA effects so much of our national politics.

Jeff Weaver’s claim: NV State Party hijacked the process and ignored regular procedure at the NV State Convention.

Politifact rates the claim: False.

@17, GAgal, from your link:

Sanders can’t be trusted to run a convenience store, much less the country.

GAgal@17: Heh. I wonder how Bernie would feel if someone contacted Jane at home, calling her a c**t, threatening their kids or grandkids and similar things that Bernie’s thugs did to the Nevada Dem. officials? Bet he wouldn’t like it not…one…bit.

Sanders can’t be trusted to run a convenience store, much less the country.

Well we know Jane apparently can’t do taxes and didn’t do such a swift job of running an extremely small college so maybe neither of them are capable of handling a cash sale or making change for a twenty at the local 7-11. Bwahahahahaaaaaa!

Well isn’t this interesting. A writer for Rolling Store saw the unredacted texts and messages sent to the Nevada state par;ty officials. She also saw that the phone numbers of those jerks were also unredcacted so she decided to call a few of them to ask about what they did and why. You can read it here. It’s an interesting read.

From the R.S. piece:

all of a sudden I’m 29, I see a man who I’m already just all about his campaign, and then the bird lands on his thing, and people’s reaction — I connected.

Actually I’d be retreating in horror if the bird landed on his thing. I would not want to see that at all.

Jezebel also has some comments from these thwarting toddlers:

I asked if he would’ve done the same thing if he knew people would be able to call him back.

“I wouldn’t have done it had I not been hyped up and angry,” he said. “ But I’m not saying I did anything. I’m not saying I made any threats. I had no intention of threatening anyone.”

“You sound bummed out,” I said, because he really did.

“I’m a little bummed out,” Atlanta Man replied. He sounded sad. “I know I said something I shouldn’t have said. Consequences are consequences. If I get phone calls all day, well, those are the consequences.”

“I hope I’m the last call you get,” I told him.

“Me too,” he said, meekly, and thanked me before we hung up.

Here’s my message to the diaper wearing democrats. DO YOUR EFFING HOMEWORK:

@17 – D*mn, GAGal, that was one righteous rant. I thought this was an interesting point that not many folks have made.

Sanders is calling for raising taxes on the wealthy and on corporations. And, as a centerpiece of his campaign, he wants to use that money for education—by giving students free college educations at state universities.

College? Seriously? How many kids stuck in the cycle of poverty because they cannot obtain a good pre-college education will be able to take advantage of Sanders’s undergraduate giveaway? How could students supposedly concerned with social justice walk happily past the local run-down high school as money is diverted so that they don’t have to take out college loans? How many of them would have been able to gain an undergraduate education, either through scholarships or by attending a community college? About 70 percent of Americans don’t have a college degree—what does this plan do for them?

If the idea is to improve education, no one who truly cared about the poor would direct money that could have gone to elementary and high schools to colleges instead. This is about doling out benefits so that the comfortable can be more comfortable, not about improving the plight of the impoverished. Which of course raises the uncomfortable question: Despite all the raging of Sanders’s college-aid supporters about their desire to help others, is their anger really just about self-centered desire to help themselves?

Great post Prolix! That’s great about Kentucky.

@26, that is a very interesting quote. I’m going to check that out, and Fredster’s Rolling Stone link.

@26: Well what goes along with this mb (free college for all) is that it also requires participation by the individual states.

Sanders proposes using federal tax revenues to pay two-thirds of the current in-state tuition if the state will contribute the other third from increased state appropriations. A quick look at current in-state tuition across the United States shows why this part of the revolution is unlikely to win congressional approval.

No one covers that part very much (including Sanders) and it covers a third of the cost. If the states aren’t going to spend the money to fix local elementary and high schools who thinks they’re going to cover these additional costs? With about thirty of the statehouses being in the hands of the Republicans, good luck with that.

From a twitter friend.

Just on the news at CNN/MSNBC: An Egyptair plane from Paris to Cairo is missing. Should have landed hours ago.

That Rolling Stone piece left me baffled- those idiots write nasty, threatening stuff and wonder why it’s perceived that way? Are they
just doing it cuz they can? Or just liars?

@31 Oh they are liars alright. They’re just trying to walk it back because they got called out for doing an idiotic thing. I noticed the men all said some form of “it was emotional”. Dudes, take a Midol!

You find interesting things when you start breaking down Bern’s white, working class vote. I’d like to see this done on gender, too.

@32, LOL.

@31 and 32: I had to laugh at the fact at least one says “I’m a coder and blah blah”…so he implies he writes code for a living. That would imply that he’s familiar with electronic do-dads. Yet he was so surprised when he realized his phone number was displayed when he messaged the state Dem leader in Nevada. Really? Clueless much? And yes it’s funny as hell now that they’ve been publicly shamed over it.

I will say this: at least they’re walking back some of it now. Bernie? Not so much.

Two interesting reads on the Sanders mess. One from Tomasky at the Daily Beast and the other, an article from the NY Times.

Hillary on CNN today. Just for the fun of it go straight to 10:20, check it out and then watch it.

Josh Marshall is finally getting it.

PROUD MAMA MOMENT, so please bear with me, have to share.

So the kid unit did it. Just came back from a long day at high school award ceremonies. My baby cub is graduating high school in two weeks, last day of school is tomorrow. She’s in National Honor Society. Top 10% of her class, also got in in the National English Honor Society—ALL THE WHILE BEING A LATINA FROM LATINO PARENTS—BOOM for the racists.

ALSO: Cub’s an ROTC Kitty Hawk Medal recipient and with every single military recruiter knocking on my door, but my cub promised me she will not join fully unless she goes in as an officer. I told them this and I also challenged them on how the military have mishandled rape victims in service. She’s too smart to be a private, yes, I said it!

More bragging points, I just have to because the struggle has been too real, too long. My baby cub was accepted to the pre-med program at USF Tampa!!! I just hope she can overcome organic chemistry!

Here’s her yearbook quote (source unknown, but you can tell she has a Gen X parent):

“When you’re ten, they call you a prodigy. When you’re fifteen, they call you a genius. Once you’re twenty, you’re just an ordinary person.”

Aaaaand, since she’s now 18, my lil cub is registered to vote and she is voting Hillz all the way.

BTW, Latino voter registration in Florida is 1000+ per week 🙂 and we are Hillary all the way!! Here’s NPR’s Audie Cornish talking about what’s happening in Cali.

Oops, correction: the cub got the Scottish Rite ROTC medal, not the Kitty Hawk medal, but she’s also in the Kitty Hawk Honor Society.

So yes, being the jerk mom that I am, I just joked that now my kid’s in the Illuminati and she flashed me the Rocafella diamond hand signal, LOL!

@33 & 36, good links, and especially @38, the Josh Marshall piece.

SM, that is AWESOME! Your cub deserves to be bragged about–she rocks! You have every right to be proud of her many accomplishments, and we are proud with you!

If she goes in as an officer, does that mean she will go to a military college?

My kid got an award last week also from the Film Television Media dept at his school. Think how cool it would be if she becomes a General or Admiral someday, and my kid wrote and directed a movie about her!

Anyway, Big Congratulations to her on her graduation and extremely impressive achievements! I am so happy for you and her and your whole family!

Hey socalannie!!! Thank you so much :)!! The program she wants to go into (medical/health) will allow her to go in as an officer if she completes her degree and goes in with a scholarship:

Socal, BTW, congrats to your future Oscar winning director/moviemaker! Please share anything your lil one does right here :)!

Congrats to our two proud and deserving moms!

@39 & 40, congratulations to the Cub and her parental units! First, I expect everyone here, especially me, loves to hear of such wondrous things. I’m so happy and a little verklempt — LOL — a redneck hillbilly becoming Yiddish emotional over a Latina teenager — who says we are not international in our reach here at TW.

In all seriousness, I’m thankful for young people like the Cub and for the people who raised her. Please keep us in the loop as her coming success meets her.

Just a side note: I had the teevee on MSNBC and Chrissie Hayes’ show came on.

Now we all have of the shit with Sanders and supporters going on, Sanders supposedly knowing more than he lets on (according to one of those links) and saying they will “harm” Hillary before the convention. So who does Chrissie announce he’ll have on his show? Why none other than Jeff Weaver, prime shit-stirrer for Sanders! 👿

I said it before and I’ll say it again: I hope Hayes ends up doing infomercials someplace.

@43, Annie — please tell my bud I’m proud of him. There are no limits to the success he will have — whether in front of or behind the camera. My brother has been in teevee his entire career and the talent is hardwired in. Obviously, Laker has it. He’s going to do great things and I expect to be in the loop as his successes pile up.

And to you and Hubby — y’all are extraordinary parental units. I love these stories!

@38, Fredster, I’ve been reading similar pieces all day long. There was one about no Senator having a relationship with Sanders outside of Reid. Reid is the only one who really talks to him and without Reid he wouldn’t have gotten the plum committee assignments. Evidently, the Dem Senatorial caucus is plenty pissed about Barbara Boxer treatment in NV. They are about to lower the hammer on Sanders, but they have deigned to let Reid handle it until after the convention. Seems as though we might get our wish on his Senate future — he has no friend and Chuck Schumer will likely not view him too positively for what he’s done during the campaign.

The infuriating aspect Prolix is that he really seems to believe he and his campaign/supporters are being picked upon! Hello!!! The party could have decided not to let you run as a Dem but they did.

And he has yet to change his Senate website from Independent.

@48, okay, breaking my embargo of Chris Hayes because I need another reason to despise Jeff Weasel. They are having him on to react to Hillary saying that she is going to win — give me a freaking break! Sand Crab and Weasel are lying to their people — he can’t win, no possible way unless they steal it by invalidating 55% of all primaries. That’s their idea of legitimate fairness?

No wonder they have been together all these years — no one else could stand either one of them.

@52: Well Weaver also kvetched about the same old stuff: closed primaries = bad, open primaries (where the results can be skewed) = good.

And I am oh-so-sorry for you Jeff and Bernie but iif you want a say-so in a party’s nominee, then join the friggin’ party.

@53, you are exactly right. What Sand Crab and Weasel never think about because they are always thinking about themselves, but in local elections, if Independents can vote in primaries, they invariably will skew the primary to the weakest candidate. That is the way local politics work, or at least, up here in the hills that is the way it would work.

sorry I got sidetracked. Here’s part 2. Cuomo tries his best to push the Bernie for VP crap and she won’t go there. She has a few more choice words for Bernie. I imagine both Bernie and Trump are attacking her right now. Bring it on, boys!

Congrats to SM & Annie on the young ‘uns! They did you proud!

@54 Yep, in fact I took advantage of an open primary today for local and state races by requesting an Republican ballot. (We ‘ve already had our presidential primary – no affiliation needed here in GA – which Hillary won 71% 🙂 )

I voted for the #Traitor47 incumbent to keep Gynotician Paul Broun from winning. I voted for an incumbent BOE guy because the woman running against him is a whacko. She was instrumental in this county for blocking a proposal for a program for the HS that would make kids more acceptable to prestigious colleges. She said it would turn them all into liberal Muslims. No kidding.

I also voted for a gay woman running for Sheriff. Not because of either of those things, but she’s been there 20 years and the present sheriff has got to go! This should be interesting. Can’t wait ’til Tuesday!

#55- Bravo Hillary, looking to the future in a positive way.

At Fredster’s link at @36 to the Bernie/Jane/Thelma/ Louise piece…shouldn’t Sarandon be in the back seat whooping it up cowgirl style?

Fredster taught me how to do this:


@59: Oh totally add in Sarandon. That works for me.

@60: Gold Star for Prolix!

We need not worry — the spiritual needs of President Mango Orang will be well taken care of:

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson said he is willing to be Trump’s “spiritual adviser”: Appearing on “Fox and Friends,” the former Ted Cruz supporter said he is willing to take a chance on Trump and will do “everything he can” to help him.

I know that is one less worry I have.

@63: Well that’s scary. Even more scary is if Trump is elected he’d probably find a way to appoint him to some position. Yikes!

I just have to post this – for the first song alone – because I linked this song here a few weeks ago. Fallon so funny.

@65: Oh that was funny. 😆

@60 I’m confused. Did fredster teach you how to build, destroy or rebuild this so called Death Star? And who pays for each phase of that? Mexico, Wall Street, the uppermost of the 1tenth of something percent? I can’t keep up. Does this have anything at all to do with Tribbles? I like Tribbles.

@66 did you notice at the end of Brand New Key he used the wrong elbow to prop on? Maybe he did on purpose.

LOL! Tribbles are Star Trek. Death Star is Star Wars. Wasn’t the Star Trek ep with the tribbles called “The Trouble With Tribbles”?

@65, that was cute. I loved that song when I was a kid. Of course I didn’t get it!

Now where has this article been? It is a long piece on how Bernie has not been vetted and why. This is one reason:

Don’t think for a second that Donald Trump wouldn’t attack Sanders on anything and everything related to finances. Unfortunately for Sanders, his campaign has left a lot to be desired in this regard. Sanders and his campaign have been flagged for multiple campaign finance violations including 639 pages worth this past month. These violations combined with the fact that the Sanders campaign has a mystery $10 million donation from one single address in Washington, D.C. that has yet to be accounted for. In addition, Sanders’ long time friend and political advisor Tad Devine is raking in a cool $800,000 a month for his consulting firm. With this in mind, there can be no question that Donald Trump would go after Sanders for being a hustler, a con man, and a crook when it came to other people’s money.

Here’s the link:

@67 & 69, Fredster taught me how to embed a Tweet — had no idea how to do that. As far as the Death Star, that is a tweet from the “tweeting judge” on Drumpf’s list of potential Supreme Court picks. That is why I thought it was funny — sorry, my sense of humor is an acquired taste just below possum stew as a preference.

I, too, love “The Trouble with Tribbles” — in fact, a tribble was responsible, in the new time line, for saving the new Capt. Kirk when Khan’s “super blood” was injected into a dead tribble. Another fun fact, is the new Capt. Kirk, Chris Pine, is the son of Robert Pine, who was on CHiPs as Sgt. Getraer. Robert’s wife, Chris’ mother, also appeared on CHiPs as the wife of Sgt. Getraer.

I’m a Trekkie from way back. I need to get a life.

@60, forgot to say I love this last night!

We watched the old Star Trek a lot when I was a kid and I saw a few of the movies. I was more into Star Wars (hated the prequels) and Laker is a total Star Wars Geek. We also loved Indiana Jones and have all of the young Indy series, which are very educational. After the hour long show, where young Indy is someplace historical being around historical people, there is at least one documentary that covers whatever the show was about (like Albert Schweitzer for instance). My husband’s ex-wife bought the whole series for Laker when he “graduated from Kindergarten!” Hubbie & I loved watching them also.

I remember Robert Pine! Laker & I watched a few minutes of CHIPs yesterday when we were channel surfing. Didn’t Heather Locklear get her start on that show? We grew up down the street from her, and her & my brother used to hold hands when they walked home from the bus stop when they were young. I’m a little older and one of my besties had a 16 yo sister who had an old station wagon (or beach wagon for right coasters), so I got to ride in style and I would wave at my bro & Heather as we sailed past them.

@72: I didn’t know that about Chris Pine and Robert being his dad. Interesting! When Chris plays Kirk he certainly has the mannerisms down pat.

had a 16 yo sister who had an old station wagon (or beach wagon for right coasters),

Oh you Cali folks!!

Besides his tax returns, I’d like to know how much Trump pays his accountants and lawyers to delay or avoid paying his taxes until action is taken against them.

Sorry I’ve been away. Just some things to do. Anyway, I see that Sister Unity is doing some new videos so thought I’d share one.

SM77, major congrats to your daughter for getting into that program and for being smart enough to do it the only way you still can without loading up on crushing loans!

A word of advice — that she probably already knows, being smart kid — from a bio prof who’s been teaching pre-meds since before the Flood. Don’t take all the boring pre-reqs in the first year. Students usually want to take organic and calculus and physics and basic bio all at once to “get them out of the way.” Don’t do it. If at all possible, take only one at a time, at *most* two with the other classes being phys ed and basket weaving. Seriously. I kid you not. I have seen so many students flame out because they took on more than anyone can humanly do. Those are called “weed out” classes for a reason.

About grade points. A lot of pre-meds get really obsessed about their 4.0s or whatever. The med schools are starting to view 4.0s as a red flag. Maintaining a 3.5 or so is a good idea, but the most important thing is demonstrating a desire to do the work and doing that well. (I.e. well enough to get reference letters from your boss.) That’s anything medical: hospital work, volunteering with an aid program overseas or in the US, doing biomedical research if that’s what floats her boat. *Anything* that’s actually hands-on medical. Plus she needs to get to know a few profs well enough that they’ll write glowing references for her. Go to office hours with intelligent questions. Volunteer in their labs, or work-study in their labs. Anything she can do to be more than one of 600 students. That matters a lot more than a 4.0.

Or maybe that advice is all irrelevant if she’s guaranteed a med school slot so long as she keeps her grade point above some level. ? If so, then the only real advice is not to take all the hard classes at once!

Congrats, too, to socalannie’s son! Not my field, so I don’t have paragraphs to write :D.

@77, all these are Trump Org. or partnership tax returns. He has another set for him personally. Here are my bets: 1. He’s not worth anything close to $4 Billion; 2. He’s not a NY resident for tax purposes, he claims FL as his residence to evade personal income taxes; and 3. His tax liabilities are on a repayment plan with the IRS — very, very embarrassing proving he doesn’t have the liquidity to take care of it.

I don’t know which would be more damaging to him — not being rich as he says he is or the tax flight from NY. It’s hard to claim to be King of the Hill when you are a resident of another Hill 1,000 miles away.

The hypocrisy of Bernie using the Dems to win his elections and now claim it’s all rigged.

Prolix@80: I’m willing to bet that either of those getting out would be a crushing blow to his ego. And you can bet he would not handle it pleasantly.

@79, I agree with you say about not being in a rush to get the boring pre-reqs out of the way in the first year. It was a huge mistake for me.

I like this article, he really lays into Bernoid:

@83: That’s a good article and here’s a key point:

It is now clearer than ever that the candidate himself — with his all or nothing rhetoric — is feeding their cynicism and their anger.

When he released his statement after the Nevada that showed he had no interest in the party or anything other than the stoking of his own ego. Pathetic.

Prolix, every time I come here and see the title of this post, the old Cream song, Tales of Brave Ulysses goes through my head!?!

@81, GAgal and @83, socalannie — thanks, those are great articles. The writer at Shakesville really digs into Bernie’s hypocrisy with regard to the Dem party.

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Fredster on Speechless
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Kellyanne Conway’s new job

Take the kids to work? NO!

So similar

That moment when *your* pussy gets grabbed

You go gurl! h/t Adam Joseph

“The” Book

Nice picture of our gal

Time till the Grifter in Chief is Gone

Hopefully soonerJanuary 21st, 2021
2.6 years to go.

Mueller Time!

Wise Words from Paul Ryan

Heroine of the Resistance


Only the *best* politicans bought by the NRA

Marching for their lives

Perfect Picture

Perfect Name For Him h/t Daily News

Scary a.f.

Rudy: oh shit the pee tape IS real!


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