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Monday Lessons: Learning about “the rulez” and manners

Posted on: May 16, 2016


Good Monday to you Widdershins!

As you can see, mb is not doing a post today.  She had some issues to come up so I said I would look into the Magic 8 Ball to see what came up.  And the 8 ball came up with “clueless, rude people should not be allowed to participate at state caucuses and conventions”.

As I’m sure you already know, Nevada held its state Democratic convention this weekend.  From the reports (h/t to GAgal for the WaPo link) it appears a good time was not had by all  or probably even any.

You’ve probably heard it seemed like it was a chaotic mess.  People were rude and crude.  There was shouting down of folks, in one instance a medic had to be called for an attendee, and a distinguished United States Senator was booed during her speech.

It appears that the party leaders wanted to make a change whereby previously temporary rules were to be voted on as permanent rules.  And that’s when the stuff started hitting the fan.

That was when the vote to approve the rules as written — Roberta’s Rules versus Robert’s Rules, as some Sanders backers dubbed them — was conducted by voice vote. The motion, seconded by a Sanders supporter, passed — which is when the room, in Ralston’s phrasing, “erupts.” Ensuing speakers, including Sen. Barbara Boxer (a Clinton supporter), were interrupted by a vocal group of Sanders supporters at the front of the room.

The Bernsters were so upset with this first report that they wanted to file a “minority report” whatever the hell that means.  You see, the Bernie folks were upset because some of their supporters  were denied delegate status.  Nevermind that some of Clinton’s supporters were denied that status too.

Several Sanders supporters, however, put together what they called a “minority report” of 64 Sanders supporters they believe were wrongly denied delegate status. According to state party representatives, six of those were eventually allowed as delegates, and the rest were denied delegate or alternate status because either they or their records could not be located or they were not registered Democrats by the May 1 deadline. [bolding/italics mine]

Ah, those damned pesky rules rear their heads once again.  I have to wonder how these folks handled it in school when they got a test back with their incorrect answers marked as wrong, or when they asked for extra time to turn in that term paper which was listed on the syllabus at the beginning of term (“yes I know the date for this paper was on the syllabus you gave us three months ago, but I am so special those things don’t apply to me because…SPECIAL!”)

Sanders and Clinton supporters were divided over a vote to adopt a set of temporary convention rules as the permanent rules, with the former largely opposing them and the latter supporting them in a voice vote of the convention called by Lange.

Several dozen Sanders supporters flocked to the front of the convention room, shouting “this is fixed” and “no confidence” at party officials leading the convention after the vote. Others hurled insults specifically aimed at party leadership.

What the Las Vegas Sun writer said after it was all over was this: “What the vote revealed, though, was just how deep the divide between Clinton and Sanders supporters runs, and that Sanders supporters are far from ready to give up their fight for the White House.”

Prolix was gracious enough to collect a series of tweets from Las Vegas blogger Jon Ralston who was there and which were both amusing and sad the same time.  What they show about the Sanders supporters is pretty obvious:  the way they have behaved to this point is just exactly how they are going to behave at the national convention in Philadelphia.  These tweets go forward as the event progressed.

Reid talked to his “friend” Bernie and they love each other other and want the Bernie people to behave tomorrow.

ICYMi: Bernie folks sued NV Dems because, well, because. NV Dems won. Harry talks to Bernie: 
Barbara Boxer is here to speak for Hillary. “We need civility in the Democratic Party.” She has a future as a Vegas lounge comic.
They had to take Boxer off big screen because Bernie supporter blocking camera with sign. I kid you not.
Bernie guy soliciting media to go talk to Bernie spox so we can understand why upset about rules. Um, is it because they are always upset?
Bernie folks essentially left to complain about: 1. Switch in measly 1 or 2delegates.2. Hillary/party mean to them. 3. Life isn’t fair.

It isn’t F A I R!!! Wahhhh!!

NV delegate count not that important. Real story of NV DEMS convention is as harbinger of Philly: Bernie folks will be loud and raucous. 2/2
And that is sadly most probably true.  What we’ve seen all campaign season is probably what we are going to see live on our teevees at the convention.  Perhaps there will be some lessons learned from all of this for the Bernsters, like making sure you’ve registered as a Democrat before the deadline.  When you don’t know the rules of the game it’s difficult to complain about the outcome. And as far as their complaining and whining is concerned well:
 Cannot fathom f_ck don't give
So what’s on your minds today Widdershins?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.  It’s a completely open thread so take the conversation in any direction you wish.

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OT: This article doesn’t mention Jane Sanders, but that’s what it’s about.

The Bernie people had no idea what they were doing. They voted DOWN the part of the platform about Citizens United and campaign finance. (long)

View story at

Great post Fredster.

The thing about all of this — the demonstration, the shout down, the ugliness, was all about 4 delegates. Hillary won the primary by the votes. She should get the most delegates. These people are insane.

I think Ralston is right — welcome to Philly and feral Bernimals.

BernieBros may cause the Ray Gun to be brought out(2008). Political activists planning protest rallies at the upcoming Democratic Convention in Denver have their stomachs in knots over a rumor about a crowd control weapon – known as the “crap cannon” – that might be unleashed against them.

Also called “Brown Note,” it is believed to be an infrasound frequency that debilitates a person by making them defecate involuntarily.


Prolix@3: Thanks for the compliment and your assist in gathering those Ralston tweets. I think it does indeed show what will probably happen in Philly.

Neither Bernie nor his supporters will show the class that Hillary did in 2008 at the convention in Denver.

And yes, all of that drama for four delegates.

Hey Boo Radly!
Oh that’s hysterical about the cannon thing!

I can see the BernieBrats preparing by making YUGE purchases of Depends ahead of time. 😆

Bernie could have gotten all 35 delegates and he would still be 250 behind.

@4, that is hilarious! But I fear that weapon might be ineffective on the BernieBros since they are used to wearing diapers or at least, should be used to wearing diapers.

@7, GAgal, you are right, the Bros could have gotten all 35 delegates, but they would have still thrown a duck fit over Nevada not having more than 35 delegates to give. Illogical, unfocused anger has to be exorcised — the subject doesn’t much matter. It’s essentially what they tell you about the terrible twos, just let it happen and keep breakables away from them.

Wanted to share some great news I got from a friend.

She is a friend I’ve known since college days in Ky. and we have stayed in touch and visited ever since those days. She was diagnosed with liver cancer some time back and was of course devastated. She had been diagnosed with non-alcoholic cirrhosis a good while back and it was just something her doc kept an eye on.

She has been getting TACE treatment for the cancer at The James Cancer Center at Ohio State Univ.

So today she had an M.R.I. and lab work done and the doctor told her things were looking so good that she doesn’t have to come back or see them for three months!

She and her husband were planning a trip to Scotland for their 30th wedding anniversary and now they can go and really enjoy themselves without this thing hanging over their heads. YAY!!!

@10, great news Fredster. Thanks for sharing.

@11: I have to admit that when I was reading the news I did have some tears welling up in my eyes.

@10 what a huge relief that must be!

I saw Chris Hayes and Charles Pierce talking about NV and all worried about “unity”. Has anyone seen any pundit ask if Bernie should be addressing this chaos his supporters are responsible for?

Read the article about Burlington college. It’s pretty ironic that the wife of the canidate promising free college bankrupt a college. These poor students are certainly not getting free college. The can’t even attend the college anymore.

@15, that is a good recap from everything I’ve read. Ralston is a good reporter and has a wicked sense of humor.

@16: Hey Waiting, and welcome! Which article are you referring to?

Chairwoman Roberta Lange, who later received death threats after Sanders sympathizers posted her cell phone number and home address online;

I wonder how they wold feel if that was flipped onto them? I’m sure their contact information must be on file since they were there at Paris, so why not release their information?

Death threats from delegates and this is what Bernie’s camp has to say:

Michael Briggs, a spokesman for Mr. Sanders, said the Vermont senator did not condone violence of any kind. However, he said the campaign was still determining whether it would challenge the Nevada results.

@10: Fredster, such good news, and I hope your dear friend and her husband have the trip of a lifetime.

Fredster, Waiting may have been referring to my link @1.

Waiting, I never thought about that! How ironic!

Here’s the video that was referenced in Ralston’s piece:

@22: Oh that one, okay.

I’ve been working on my printer/scanner trying to get rid of an error message that says to send it to a repair center. Found a couple of fixes and was working on them. I’m not thrilled at the prospect of having to buy a new one right now.

Sweet Sue, I’m so happy for them. This will be their second trip there and I’m just happy they won’t have any of this hanging over their heads while they are there.

I liked this from the Ralston thing:

Said one keen observer: “It’s a minority, sure, but the problem is the Sanders people use them. Rile them, send them out there, profit from the chaos but disclaim (sometimes, and weakly) responsibility. That ‘minority report’ last night is a perfect example. They drafted it, manipulated a Sanders member of the credentials committee into demanding it be delivered, then profited from the rumor that the delegates were stolen. That’s brilliant, sure, but also pretty sick.”

In other words, see the header for this post and my little graphic at the end of my post.

@10, Fredster, that is wonderful news! My poor sister-in-law died of liver cancer last October.

Fredster, great post! I watched all the videos. What maniacs. And all for nothing. If they gave Bernoid all of the NV delegates, it wouldn’t matter.

It’ll be awful to see these freaks wreck Hillary’s convention.

Annie, I remember that about your sis-in-law. 😦

Of course no one is saying “cured”, “remission” or anything like that but still this is good news for now and sometimes you take what you can get.

Tee-hee, love it!


@18 – here is one article Fredster.

Catholic Parishioners Want Jane Sanders Investigated for Federal Bank Fraud
As Heat Street reported last month, the college almost immediately fell short on its financial obligations as fundraising pledges and commitments Ms. Sanders cited in the loan agreements never materialized.
Less than a year after leading Burlington College into massive debt, Ms. Sanders resigned, taking with her a $200,000 severance package. By 2014, because of its shaky finances and running deficits, Burlington College found itself placed on probation for two years by the regional accreditation agency.

Boo Radly@32: Thanks for that info.

I was just getting ready to call it quits since I have the night shift here at TW. 😉

Hey Fredster, thanks for taking over for me! I am so happy to hear the good news about your friend.

Waiting, hi there and thanks for commenting! Please feel free to share your thoughts again. 😃

With regard to the brogressives, I think the more they behave badly, the more people are turned off by #TheBernout. The Kentucky primary is today, and it looks like Our Girl might pull out a surprise squeaker of a victory. I saw a prediction of 51% Clinton, 49% Sanders.

Fredster — Good post! You wondered how these people handle it in school when the rules are applied to them. Based on my experience teaching at a large public university, I can infer that they make excuses for poor performance / absences then complain about their grades — exactly what you would expect. “It isn’t fair! Wahhh!!!” nails it. This type of person embodies mediocrity, an inflated ego and a sense of entitlement. No wonder Sanders appeals to them.

@35 – Well-said…I sense that they are full of an unearned sense of moral superiority, like #TheBernout. Of course people like that deserve special treatment!!!111

@36 – “an unearned sense of moral superiority” — Yes!

Here’s a fun fact:

Jane Sanders holds a doctorate in Leadership and Policy Studies from the Union Institute, a nontraditional school that critics sometimes call a diploma mill. Union made national headlines during the 2012 campaign because Marcus Bachmann, husband of then-Representative Michele Bachmann, also received his doctorate there.

Whether it comes to degayification or deactivation, it seems that Union Institute is the place to go. Maybe Jane Sanders could get a job there and close it down by her mad mathematical skills.

Jane cut a deal to feed her daughter’s woodworking shop into the action with some kind of joint degree program that was disappeared after Jane left with her $200K severance. Jane also got over $90K for ad “placement consulting” for BerningBum in his Senate race.

The disastrous and (allegedly) fraudulent institutions led by both Jane Sanders and Donald Trump reveal a profound disrespect for education. Disgusting.

@39, couldn’t agree more Jules. I would go so far as to say their interest is not in education, but to a quick buck.

Leave Jane alone. She is busy getting those pesky tax returns done. 😉

@42, obviously, they didn’t teach arithmetic at Burlington College before they had to close it. Perhaps had they taught the operation of a calculator, Jane could have hit send on those Turbo Taxes.

@38, that is mindblowing! A diploma mill?!? And the same one as Michele Bachman’s husband!!! My god, I thought I’d heard every weird thing about these freaks. Apparently there’s a lot more to come.

@39 Well said!

@40, agree. They are grifters, now on the national stage. The DNC underestimated them and the MSM gave them a free ride.

The returns are coming in from Kentucky…polls close at 7 pm. Come on, Hillary!!!

It just flipped 5 points to Hillary +1.

During the commercials it flipped to Sanders +1. Do you ever notice how they only show the people who say they’re voting for Bernie? Or only talk about what those people told them? Never do they talk about what Hillary supporters are telling them.

Almost half the vote in and it’s tied! Day-um.

Everyone on CNN dissing Bernie and saying he and his campaign are sore losers except Van Jones. No, he thinks Hillary should have said more after “what happened in New York”. WTF? They looked at him like he was crazy. Then he said, No,no let’s just take the death threats off the table for a minute…” WUT?!

jules and mb 35 & 36:

I attended Tulane University in their evening division back in the 90s to get a degree in C.I.S. Most of us in the classes were folks who worked full time during the day and then came to classes. It definitely made for long days. There would be the odd class or two (usually general requirements course) where there would be a few of the “day” students, i.e. the full-time kids in there. The excuses those “kids” came up with for not getting assignments done were just priceless. Those of us who were the adults in the room would sometimes just sit there chuckling silently at their excuses.

FINALLY!!!!!!!!! ON A LAPTOP…a new one 🙂 . Long story short: If you ever buy anything at Best Buy, make sure you get the Geek Squad warranty.

OK, so???? Is our girl getting it done??? I’m a human pretzel at this point!

@51: Van Jones was pathetic in that segment. It made me switch over to MSNBC. MSNBC isn’t bad tonight because they’ve got Joy Reid on there.

{{{SM}}} Glad you got the computer fixed and you’re here!! HUGS!

Hillary tied with the Sandinsita Sanders?? C’mon Hillz, pull us a glory win here…C’mon Seabiscuit!!

Oh Van Jones…Van, baby, honey. Just shhh and you’ll be so much cuter.

Fredster, this is not the “old” one. Got a new one because Lenovo refused to make good on the motherboard which was a defect on their end. SO YAY!

I cannot, CANNOT STAND this awful Nevada BS that the BS campaign (not a pun, just facts!) has done.

Please, Democratic leaders, get rid of these disruptive toddler bolsheviks and kick them back to Vermont…or their mom’s basement…or both!

SM well at least Van took up for her for her “I’ll put Bill in the charge of the economy” remarks. They all thought that was a good idea except Cupp and Lord (who threw in the word “REAGAN” for no reason at all).

@49, yes, they always do that (the media). They do whatever they can to keep Sanders in the race.

@59: Hey that’s even better to get the brand new computer and especially if no costs to you.

Waiting for Jefferson where Hill has a big lead and 78% in. Go Hillary!!

This race is tighter than Missouri!! (Gnaws fingernails)

Ah ha…the biggest county in the state is not fully counted, and it’s going big for Clinton!!!

Hillary pulled ahead!!!

I love Paul Begala! Jeff Lord said, “I’d love to hear what’s in those speeches.” Begala says, “Sure. Fine. Go. Hire her!” HAHA!!!

MSNBC – Hillary apparent winner. 4200 votes ahead.

YAY!!! Still working on Firefox/browser issues, YAYAYAY!!!! GO HILLZ!!!

Still uploading crap to new laptop, C’MON HILLZ!!! BTW, found this great meme I found on (yes, they suck sometimes, but the comments are gold sometimes.

Please read full text in exasperated whiny BernieBro voice:

Now 1780 votes because of a glitch in Pike County.

@71 Ha that’s true and the whiny voice helps! Actually, there are probably quite a few Moms trying to talk their sons off the ledge right now.

@72, in Pike County GAgal, the glitches have been known to be whatever the highest paying candidate wants it to be. Pike County is where the Hatfields and the McCoys played Scarface Welcome Wagon for three generations.

Yep, NBC calling Ky but CNN isn’t just yet.

And last night Chris Hayes and Charles Pierce were both sooo saying that Sanders was gonna get both of them. Where are ya know Chrissie?

I hope that little jerk ends up doing infomercials.

@Prolix: If I remember correctly Pike County is right in the middle of coal country in eastern Ky, isn’t it?

Here’s something to read while you mute Bernie’s rally shortly. His press release from today has so much wrong with it, I don’t know where to start. No wonder the pundits were critical of it today.

@73, I’d tell their moms to let ’em grow up and make their own bad choices!

@76, Fredster, Pike is the big county sticking its snout in between W.Va. and Virginia. There are communities because of the mountains that it takes half a day to get to within the same county.

wow DWS just nailed Bernie to the floor on CNN. Good job! Right before his rally! 🙂

Uh ho, SM. Your boyfriend is acting up again. He don’t like what DWS said. AT ALL!

@80: Knew a number of people at MSU who were from Pike County but never had the pleasure of visiting there.

Maddow just had Jon Ralston on with his story of what happened (and didn’t stay) in Vegas and then brought on Angie Morelli Bernie-brat to counter what he said. Ralston was not even close to being thrilled at listening to her.

@82, yeppers, SM, you must talk to your boyfriend — he’s really way off base and needs to be sent to bed without his Ritz crackers.

LMAO @82 GAgal, like all the men I’ve loved before, and maybe that’s something wrong with me!!! LMAO!

Fredster! You were at Tulane in the early 90s? So was I! I was in Dinwiddie most of the time but trekking over to IT constantly (trying to do statistics on a mainframe, you know how it is). I bet we’ve seen each other without even knowing it. What a gas.

Van Jones needs to baptize himself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka (Purple Rain movie reference).

Still working on this live CNN feed…

@86 SM, nah… After the primary I’m sure y’all will be fine. The rest of the panel (especially Begala shut him down) They are really down on Bernie about this because of his statement. The tables have turned. I only hear the word unity every 15 minutes instead of 5. And there’s a whole lot less ‘how will Hillary unite the party’, too. I think they realize it’s up to Bernie now.

@89…OMG, I just found the post I promised to ChatBlu…I was struggling with it, but I just had a V8 moment. Thank you GAgal for that moment of zen/inspiration!

Coming soon…

quixote@87: Yep I was there in the evening division. They called it University College back then. My classes were basically all over the campus – Richardson, Hebert, the Mech Engr. building a lot of times. I worked in downtown nola then so it was easy to get to class, but I lived toward the lower end of St. Bernard (da parish!) so I had a lonng drive home.

What a gas. I know!! Small word indeed. 🙂

Okaayy… confused, but looking forward to it!!

MUTE! Then DRINK! In that order!

@90: SM, how was chat going to handle that? Were you going to send it to her and then she would put it up on the blog? If so and if you want, you can send it to me and I can do that.

Welp, Bernie on both channels so I’ll switch to something else until his babbling is off the teevee.

Ugh, ok, I’m checking out. Bernie and Jane hitting the stage on CNN…nah-ganna-do-dis. I still need the remaining few brain cells to wake up at 5am and get the daughter unit and feline child up and out by 6:30 am. C’MON HILLZ, c’mon Democrats!!! Good night, Shinners, love you all :)!

I’m dog sitting this week again for my sister. This seems like a good time to clean a stain that appeared on the rug this morning, which I suspect is puke because there’s nothing there but a stain (if you catch my drift). BBL!

@94, Fredster, MadamaB and I already sorta talked, so yeah…:).

Damn. So close.

Hillary Clinton 42,817 48.58%
Bernie Sanders 43,206 49.02%

@97: Okay, if y’all have it arranged that’s great. Looking forward to the post.

So….Bernie squeaks a win in Oregon by a few hundred votes.

Delgate count? No help there, Bernie, and she won Kentucky.

Luna, I saw something on MSNBC/Maddow that in Oregon if you’ve gone to get your d.l. or something you are automatically registered to vote, BUT as unaffiliated or indy and if you wanted to declare for a party you have to do an extra step and go register for that. They cited a large number of new voters and they were wondering exactly how many went to do the extra step required to vote in the primary. With their short attention span I hope Bernie’s folks forgot about that. 👿

I cannot believe that statement from Bernie. What a disgrace. People are throwing chairs on video and he has the nerve to blame the DNC?! And what was that sh*t about shots fired into his campaign office? Is he trying to say that was DWS with a sniper rifle?!

This man is a total f*cking disgrace. At least he should have had the decency to apologise and tell his supporters to back the hell off. But no, he has a pathological need to be perceived as morally superior at all times. A man like that is never wrong, you know.

SM77, that meme is classic. I just performed it for my husband, to rave reviews!! 😀

Bernie was supposed to crush Hillary in Oregon. Doesn’t look like that’s happening with 66% of the vote in…

From the link @98:

Note: Independent Party ballots cast and vote totals include nonaffiliated voters who chose to vote an Independent Party ballot at the invitation of the party.

Well that’s confusing. o_O

@103: With it being 52-45 the talking heads will say it’s crushing because…

Well Oregon has been called for Bernie and I have no desire to hear the talking heads analyze the “great” and “fantastic” win that Bernie got. The Fallen Sparrow is on TCM so I’ll watch that.

Later folks

Fredster come back!! I think they may have to separate Jones and Begala! Never thought I’d say that! This is just getting good!

HAHA! There is a commercial about CNNs United Shades of America right now with the song “Why can’t we be friends?”

Jesus God. A clip from Bern where he’s talking about when children of 10 and 12 years were losing their fingers working in factories years ago. He’s getting huge cheers.

@102 madamab, when I started watching the pundits this afternoon (just briefly cause I had stuff to do) they were talking about Bernie’s “statement” but no one showed it. I ran a bunch of errands and by the time I got back, the whole tone had changed. They were dour and waiting for Hillary to come along and give them something to criticize her about. Didn’t happen. I didn’t have time to sit down and look it up, but I was listening. Then Jeff Weaver came on and added to it. We might think the media loves this horserace, but for the first time I saw fear in their eyes that Trump might actually be the next President. But, it was the first time I saw them actually put the responsibility on Bernie instead of Hillary for “unity”. Bernie’s statement was a sea change IMO.

The Rude Pundit has a good piece on the Nevada fracas. And Rude is/was a Sanders supporter and I guess he voted for him in the N.Y. primary.

GAgal@107: I’ve got some paperwork stuff I need to attend to. It’s just sitting here silently demanding attention. 😉

@77 & 102, what the bloody hell? I thought he would apologize for his zombie’s horrible behavior at NV! He is such a jerk…I can’t stand him!!!

Ditto what MB said @102.

I’m watching Faux News right now. I have never seen these people before. Should be interesting. Okay, Clinton cash book, movie…Bill…this is gonna be good!

That’s it. Judith Miller. Same as it ever was. By the way, they didn’t hate on Hillary or Bernie, because their own problems are going on. Putin and N Korea. Judy says Trump hasn’t made up his mind on what to do. This is hilarious.

Now they’re talking about young people who don’t like
Hillary. As if young people like Trump. Clueless. I’ve had enough.

Fredster, I don’t know the details about Oregon’s voting requirements. Yeah, they are just next door. Blast it, when I first checked the OR SoS site I thought those were final #s for a while. Grrrrragh. Well, at least it doesn’t change much.

Latest results from OR, 11:23 pm
Democrat ……………Votes …..Percent
Hillary Clinton ……..200,449….. ..45.56%
Bernie Sanders …..231,696 ……..52.67%
Write-in Votes ………..7,786 ……….1.77%
_________________ _________________
Totals: ………………..439,931 ……….100%

@116, GAGal, don’t you hate that when the media think Hillary doesn’t have any young supporters? Or can’t generate enthusiasm? She gets the young voters who have reached a developmental stage their peers won’t get to for a decade.

Forester, check your email. 🙂

Forester! Damn autocorrect!

I just wish the anarchist/libertarian party would go harass the R party where they belong. For some reason, they clung Bernie. I’m not surprised.

GAGal – I think it was a sea change too. The media really can’t stand Hillary, but they hate Trump even more. With her, it’s sexism and classism. With him, it’s fear of an insane demagogue rising to power and destroying the world. If they actually fear Trump could win, they will change their tune.

That being said, I find it insulting that anyone actually doubts Hillary’s ability to beat Trump. He has a 70% disapproval rating and it’s going higher and higher. He won’t win women or non-whites, and without that demographic, he’s toast. He may be counting on #TheBernout’s supporters, but 85% of them said they’d vote for Hillary in November, so that won’t be happening. (I’ll bet it turns out to be a lot more once the debates start.) This is clearly going to be the biggest blowout we’ve seen in recent memory.

@115, GAgal, Judith Miller, the grand dame of the Sealy Posturepedic crowd. She worked her way through the Dubya crowd like a dose of salts through a goose. She was the prime mover of the stories about WMDs and got it through pillow talk, but the people getting the real screwing was us. She actually had the gall to write a book claiming her gullibility wasn’t all that bad in passing along the false narrative. If there is a journalistic hell, she will be bunkmates with Andrew Breitbart.

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