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Posted on: May 13, 2016


There are days when it doesn’t pay to chew through the leather straps.  Yesterday wasn’t one of those days.

I’ve lived my life believing that Republicanism was exploitive and opportunistic, guided not by principle, but inexcusable hypocrisy.  My sainted and salty grandfather, who lived through the Depression, world wars, Hoover, Nixon, and Reagan, always referred to Republicans as “damned radicals who would steal the pennies off a dead man’s eyes.”

Watching the spectacle of Republicans fluttering to Donald Trump like crazed moths to a flame is a surefire affirmation of their philosophical fraud and guile.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the requirements of leadership is a set of core values.  Those values are sustainable and unyielding.  Most everyone has a set of core values and when someone doesn’t, it is the exception.

Yesterday, we witnessed one of those exceptions by the unification of political wastrels and a rudderless oarsman.  It was a tour de force of political perversion proving G.O.P. does indeed stand for “Good Old Prostitution.”

Who better to be the head of the Republican Party than a scheming contortionist lacking a heart?  It is the perfect symbiotic relationship – allowing those who pretend to believe a cornucopia of convenient beliefs from which to choose.  Pretending to believe underpins the official Republican doctrine:  If you will buy it, we will claim to have always sold it.

Ann Telnaes of The Washington Post brilliantly captured yesterday’s events.

Ryan Kissing Trump's Ass


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16 Responses to "Game of Gnomes…"

Oy! That last link on Trump’s constantly changing positions made my head hurt when I was trying to read it and understand what he was saying.

Prolix, I see that your guv got himself interviewed by the WaPo. I’m guessing the interview was due to Hillary and Bill campaigning in the state before the primary.

Bevin sounds way too much like lil Piyush. Y’all need to squash him before he can do too much damage.

Sarah Palin makes more sense than Donald Trump. They are like two peas in a pod.

Amy Poehler for VP! Two Hillarys would do the Republicans in for good.

@2, yes, it is difficult to believe he had the time for WaPo since when he’s not touring Europe, demonstrating in the streets around Democrat HQ, fighting with the former Governor, thumping his Bible, condemning us sinners, looting the University budgets, and suing planned parenthood clinics on non-existent grounds, he’s taking health care away from poor people. He’s one busy little Teapot.

@5: I did get a chuckle out of the “self-made millionaire” comment in the piece.

I think Bernie needs to let the real Democrats deal with our parties issues. Interesting how he so concerned about IW and NV.

The proposals under consideration would take aim at the structure, administration, and transparency of caucuses in key nominating states like Iowa and Nevada, according to senior advisers to the Sanders campaign. Other options include motions to modify the controversial superdelegate system — which allows Democratic insiders to put their thumbs on the scale — as well as closed primaries and party matters such the setup of committees at the national convention.

@7, I’m so sick of Bernie “concern trolling” the primaries when the caucuses are the surest way to disenfranchise voters. Bernie is like the poison-maker who rails against cancer by saying, “My way is quicker.”

I know this is coming, but it can’t come soon enough for Bernie to be forgotten and a little remembered asterisk to this election. He needs to go back to humping maple trees and call it good.

Okay, just watching Michael Steele explain why Trump has wowed the Washington leadership. Two reasons: 1. He met with them in D.C.; and 2. He listened instead of braggadocio ranting.

So the bar for Republicans’ support, a 40-minute flight from NYC and having ears. So much for the highbrow doctrinaire Republicans — the GOP good old prostitution.

Haha! Poor George Zimmerman.

IMIAMI (AP) — Bidding in an online auction for the pistol former neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin appeared to have been hijacked by fake accounts posting astronomically high bids.

At one point early Friday, the bidding surpassed $65 million with the leading bidder using the screen name “Racist McShootFace.” The site later showed that account had been deleted.

Other screen names of bidders on the site included “Donald Trump,” ”shaniqua bonifa” and “Tamir Rice,” the name of a black 12-year-old who was shot and killed by Cleveland police in 2014 while playing with a pellet gun.

@10, love it!

The Republican sycophants are so disgusting. They would not just Heil Hitler, they’d sign up for the SS as long as they didn’t have to pay higher taxes. Yup, that’s really all the Party “elders” are about…”f*ck you, I’ve got mine.” The conservative movement in five words.

I learn something new everyday. I did not know there was a I ‘Greatly Dislike Hillary Clinton’ Cookbook out there.

LSU athletics can be so interesting at times.


LOL! ‘Mama’s gonna be out here in a minute’. If those guys had touched that possum, they would have been out for the rest of the game. Good thing they had those handy-dandy gloves.

@15: One time back in La, I had let Chloe out to do her thing in the fenced backyard. I went back inside because she could take forever to do that so I was watching tv. I heard her bark but hell, she was a doxie and they bark at anything.

Well she kept it up and it sounded a little different than her normal bark so I went out and there was a possum in the yard, and she was moving in on it. I saw those teeth on the possum and ran and grabbed Chloe up and put her in the house. I didn’t have anything else at hand so I went for the hose and turned it on the possum. That thing just go up on the fence and walked on the fence over to the neighbor’s side. LOL!

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