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Activist Monday: WWRD?

Posted on: May 9, 2016

Good Monday, all. I hope you had a great Mother’s Day / Kentucky Derby weekend.

Oh, it’s a delicious time for those of us who have long predicted that the Tea Party wackos would cause the collapse of the Republican Party. That time, I believe, is now upon us.

As Prolix said on Friday, Donald Trump is winning because of the racism, stupid. His positions on most issues amount to a sound byte, some word salad and a statement about how wonderful he is. You know, like this:

Baier: About Russia, you were asked yesterday if you’ve ever spoken to Vladmir Putin, and you said, “I don’t want to say.”

Trump: Yeah, I have no comment on that. No comment.

Baier: But one of the things people like about you is that you answer any question.

Trump: Yeah but I don’t want to comment because — Let’s assume I did. Perhaps it was personal. You know, I don’t want to hurt his confidence. But I know Russia well. I had a major event in Russia two or three years ago — Miss Universe contest, which was a big, big, incredible event. An incredible success. I got to meet a lot of people, and you know what? They want to be friendly with the United States. Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually got along with somebody?

Even Dubya, not the most articulate man on his best day, is having trouble with that one.

So no, the fact that Trump isn’t a “real conservative” (whatever the f*ck that is supposed to mean) doesn’t bother the Tea Partiers one bit. They just like the fact that he’s white, rich, male and makes them feel like they don’t have to think about the scary changes that are happening in this mean old world. OMG, a woman is running for President! OMG, people with brown skin are taking over the country! OMG, teh gayzzz are marrying each other!!! Can’t someone PLEEEEEZ tell me I can go back to the fake 50’s in my head, when everyone was white, straight and Christian, and June Cleaver vacuumed the living room in pearls, an apron and pumps????

Anyway, I won’t rehash all the ground that Prolix covered so well. I will, however, posit the question: WWRD (What Will Republicans Do), now that “Stop Trump” is DeFunct, and Reince Priebus (a name only a white supremacist sans spell check could love) has declared the Orange Baboon the Party’s presumptive nominee?

Since they’re Republicans, they’re looking to Daddy to save them. Some have settled on Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse. For some reason, people think he’s got something going for him, because he called for a third-party challenger to Trump and Clinton. Wow, what a great idea, Benny! There’s this guy, Ross Perot, who could be your campaign manager. I hear he’s great with the flip charts and the graphs and such. He, like you, also thought balancing the budget was super-de-dooper important!

Peter Beinart of The Atlantic is not so impressed with the Sassy Mr. Sasse.

Kudos to Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse for reaffirming in a widely discussedopen letter” that he won’t support Donald Trump. I just wish the letter weren’t so self-righteously dumb.


Sasse goes onto say that “neither political party works” and that both are “enough of a mess that I believe they will come apart.” That’s untrue. Sasse’s GOP is indeed in trouble, both because it’s on the wrong side of the country’s biggest demographic changes and because it’s on the verge of a nominating a man who many party elders despise. But the Democratic Party has rarely been stronger and more united. For all the talk about the divisions between Clinton and Bernie Sanders, 86 percent of Sanders supporters say they’ll support Clinton in the fall. By contrast, only 70 percent of Republicans who voted against Trump in the primaries say they’ll back him. According to an April Pew Research Center poll, 88 percent of Democrats view their party favorably compared to only 68 percent of Republicans. Among Americans as a whole, the Democratic Party’s approval rating exceeds the GOP’s by 12 points.

Oh yes, the Republican Party is truly imploding. A Trump nomination seemed impossible to me just a few months ago…it seems inevitable now. And with him at the head of the Party, can a Democratic landslide be far behind? Heh. Heh. Heh.

I know it’s early – and I can already hear Trump fans pointing that out in no uncertain terms – but the polls are plentiful. And they speak volumes about the nature of the race in store. One thing they say loud and clear is that Donald Trump is as unliked as any nominee from any party in our lifetimes. His unfavorables are enormous (high 60’s by some accounts) and his message resonates with a vocal and passionate few.

Unfortunately for his White House aspirations, you can’t get elected with the support of 40% of the electorate – no matter how enthusiastically they cast their vote. And we see that truth in striking display in the latest state and national polls. In poll after poll, Hillary is beating Trump soundly on the national stage and even winning in states that should be Republican. The current EP Poll Average has her up 10.5 points. That’s well into landslide territory.

Will the race tighten up once we get past the conventions? Perhaps. But head-to-head battles aside, Donald Trump has a lot of fences to mend if he hopes to earn the vote of a majority of Americans. Judging from his persona, such an about face seems highly unlikely to me.

Uh, yes. And if this “Face the Nation” interview with John Dickerson is any indication of how she’s going to attack Trump, I think he should start running for Canada now, because that 10.5% could be just the beginning.

CLINTON: Well, he doesn’t have a view. He has a slogan. And he needs to be really pressed on that.

When he says climate change is a Chinese hoax, what does that mean? Has he ever talked to a scientist, or is he just again assuming a slogan? When he says women should be punished for having abortions, what does that mean, and how would he go about that, or rounding up 11 million, 12 million people, which he again repeated, which would entail the most comprehensive police and military action inside our borders that is imaginable?

And you combine that with a lot of what he’s said about foreign policy and then recently economic policy, when he said he’d renegotiate the national debt. Maybe he just doesn’t understand that running our government is not the same as making real estate deals, that putting the full faith and credit of the United States of America at risk would be a horrible outcome.

And it would raise interest rates. It would wipe away savings. It would cause a financial global meltdown. People need to be pressing him. And I don’t think people get, especially in the media, at least so far, into other than just the response, which then is not followed up on.

Buckle up, Widdershins. I hear the sound of Nero’s fiddle!

This is an open thread.



64 Responses to "Activist Monday: WWRD?"

That Putin/Russia snippet is classic Trump baloney. He is so out of Hillary’s league, it’s laughable. His ignorance combined with his arrogance make him truly dangerous. In the “Face the Nation” transcript, the part about Clinton’s electoral votes in the GE is very encouraging: they have her at 304, well over the 270 votes needed.

@1 – Jules, Election Projection has her MUCH higher, at 358. I have no idea what votes people think Trump is getting.

@2 – Madamab, thanks for that link!

Clinton’s team should make a campaign spot showing Trump officiating at beauty pageant and saying “I have no comment” when asked about his fictitious meeting with Putin, then Hillary with various heads of state including the Russian president.

Here’s an interesting read from WaPo. Trump may also be losing the evangelical religious right vote.

Hillary might not get those votes but it appears Trump may not either.

@4 – I think Hillary is going after the less-insane evangelicals with her slogan, “Love Trumps Hate.” Evangelicals are always talking about love, as they bomb abortion clinics and kill innocent people.

Whoops! Did I say that in my out-loud voice?

To be honest, I would be thrilled if none of those people voted ever again. I have ZERO sympathy for their “struggles.” Guess what, there is no religious test for America. Many of our founding fathers and mothers were not Christians. No political candidate owes those ignoramuses a single thing, and the GOP babied and courted them for FAR too long.

I am so happy that they are losing their power. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of schmucks.

mb said: To be honest, I would be thrilled if none of those people voted ever again. I have ZERO sympathy for their “struggles.”

Amen sister!

There was a poll done in Georgia this week that had Trump 1 point ahead of Hillary with 16% undecided. I think it was 40% of “independents” undecided. I just don’t get the independent status anymore. It was kind of understandable back when the parties (especially Rs) were more moderate, but for 40% to be undecided with such huge differences between candidates, doesn’t make sense to me anymore.

@7 – Agree GAGal. I think some of them must be people who don’t pay attention to politics, and most probably lean right or left in general.

40% of Independents is a lot of people. We are not that smart as a nation, are we? 😀

Excellent post MB. WWRD is exactly the question because the “little people” who have been taken for granted for so long as the Republican sheeple have said, “tax cuts schmax cuts,” and “cut government — we like gubmint if it is our gubmint.”

I bookmarked this article about Ben Sasse and the #nevertrump movement:

It comes to the same conclusion — it is a ruse. That brings me to this:

Around these pages we were warning about Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton before they got in the Senate. Sasse is someone I’ve been watching because I had to live in NE for quite some time for part of my work. Here’s my guess: Sasse is playing the long game here — he will run against Hillary in 2020. Both he and Cruz will run on the “I told you so” party ticket against Trump and Hillary. You heard it here first.

That 40% does seem high. I don’t think that number will be that high for much longer.

Prolix@9: I agree that some of these also rans have their eyes on 2020.

The bad thing for them is if Hillary has coattails in 2016 and if we get back the Senate and possibly the House and then hold the House in 2018. If so, I think these guys will be peeing in the wind once again.

The other good thing about retaking the Senate: Lyin’ Ted will be a backbencher.

@11, Lyin’ Ted has a big decision — does he continue on his one-man cymbal band or does he try and do something constructive? I tend to think he can’t be constructive because of his needs for attention and love.

@12: I don’t think it’s in his nature to try to do anything constructive.

Did you happen to see the SNL skit? Dana Carvey made an appearance as the Church Lady. Not the best I’ve seen but it had Donald and Lyin’ Ted talking to the Church Lady.

From the Urban Institute about Bernie’s plans for single payer. Here’s the overview and the link if anyone wants to download the PDF. I didn’t bother.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders proposed a single-payer system to replace all current health coverage. His system would cover all medically necessary care, including long-term care, without cost-sharing. We estimate that the approach would decrease the uninsured by 28.3 million people in 2017. National health expenditures would increase by $6.6 trillion between 2017 and 2026, while federal expenditures would increase by $32.0 trillion over that period. Sanders’s revenue proposals, intended to finance all health and nonhealth spending he proposed, would raise $15.3 trillion from 2017 to 2026—thus, the proposed taxes are much too low to fully finance his health plan.

I was watching CNN early this morning. The woman who has a show before New Day (don’t know her name) was talking about Hillary. First, there was a banner across the screen that said “Wall Street Backing Clinton”. Then she showed figures in the millions and, of course, never mentioned these were employees of financial firms.

Then she started with the emails. “Reports are saying that Hillary Clinton did not willfully break the law.” Hey, guess what dipsh!t! She broke no laws. Like, at all!! Geez.

Next up on New Day, Alisyn Camerota and John Bergman had a small focus group of independents. They were asked if they thought Trump should be attacking Hillary about Bill’s past (and calling Hill an enabler) and did they think it would have any effect. The first, a young AA woman said, “Yes, I think it should because, back then when this was going on, Hillary started an organization called Nuts to Sluts and…” Alisyn said “Wait! WUT?? Where are getting you’re information?” The girl said, “Well, Google. I get my information from Google.” Needless to say, the girl is backing Trump.

@13 Love the Church Lady, Fredster. SNL’s “Trump” is pretty good. Now I think Trump should pick Gary Busey for his VP. 🙂

@15, CNN is making a very public play for Fox-addicts. I’ve been noticing the same thing you mention here. Jeff Zucker, worldwide President for CNN, would club a baby seal for a one percent increase in market share.

Rachel Maddox says the GOP is Not imploding, the Dems are since BS is not getting the nomination. She has new pols – wonderful pols that show only BS beats Trump. The GOP is now embracing Trump, pols show they would cross over to Dem only for BS? Earlier Andrea Mitchell was attacking Hillary re Bill’s infidelity and PP head really set her straight. We have zero professional non biased media. Bernie is an @hole at best, grifter most certainly. His plan to make things better is for him to just wag his narly finger at Congress? Why would any intelligent person promote such an empty vapid jerk? Dana Bash with CNN is insane? They all have been given the message their corporate wants them to use. Their whoring, shilling is scary – as this country goes – so they go to. aaarrugh!

Have y’all seen this guy — the Liberal Redneck? Here is his take on Ted Cruz dropping out. There is a whole series of these — they need to have an adult warning on them — do not play at work or at Wednesday night Prayer services.

@18: Was that on Maddow’s show tonight Boo? If so thanks for the heads up and I won’t watch the repeat of her show.

Supposedly “the veteran chief foreign affairs correspondent for NBC News”

So why the hell is she covering Clinton? Cuz she’s got an axe to grind with Hillary…and she’s a bitch.

Unfortunately we can’t embed the MSNBC vids here but watch Mitchell being what she usually is, right here:

@19: Prolix I was going to ask if he was related to Boyd and the other Crowders but then I saw that Big Orange, Tennessee Vols shirt and knew better.

@22, yeah, he’s an Orange Head.

@20 – thanks for labeling RM what she is. Like a fool I watched it again, except all the way through. Rachel is running Trump and his latest smear of Hillary – says she abuses women….Trump is very animated – he’s doing Bernie’s delightful finger wagging! Third grade vocabulary and crotichy old man finger wagging – what a presidential presentation. Hilarious! Must get my sense of humor back!

@24: It’s really sad isn’t it?

@19 Prolix, there is no such thing as a liberal redneck. Not in a million years.

@26: Who knows GAgal, traecrowder could consider himself transpolitical and self-identifies with a different political identity than your average joe or jane redneck.

Bernie’s $17 trillion “donut hole” got a big shout out in the WaPo:

The $17 trillion problem with Bernie Sanders’s health care plan

Still, on average there is very little coverage of Hillary in that paper, compared to the coverage of the men she is running against. My husband has pointed this out on many occasions. It’s like a sad game of “Where’s Waldo.”

As for Maddow, you all know how I feel about her. She has incurable CDS. I don’t pay her or any other teevee pundit any attention. I barely even read blogs after 2008.

@28, Madamab is right. It’s not worth the irritation to watch Maddow or any of her ilk. I get most of my updates right here and keep my relative sanity that way.

Today’s HRC fundraising email made reference to the Dumpster’s proclamation that he knows Russia well because of his Miss Universe experience. Think her campaign is reading your blog, Madamab? 🙂

@28 – Oh, don’t we wish!!! 😄 That quote is just such a Palinesque disaster. Hillary’s campaign wouldn’t miss an obvious home run like that..glad to see them making the most of it!

@26, GAgal, I might have found my brother from a different mother in Trae Crowder.

@29 & 30, those comments were straight from Obama’s correspondent dinner skit. I’m having a hard time believing that we will have six months of this moron. And you know when Hillary beats him, it will be because the system is rigged even though she is going to win 380+ electoral votes.

@29, that Miss Universe thing was hysterical. He looks dumber everyday. Nate Silver did a tweet yesterday that showed the US solid blue and said this is what the election will look like if republican women stay home. A blowout. That would be so awesome, wouldn’t it? And I think its possible.

New video out from Correct the Record.

@33 – It would also look like that if some of them stayed home, and the others voted for Hillary. 😀

From a writeup by the A.P. on the W.VA. primary:

Edward Milam, of Cross Lanes, West Virginia, is a self-described socialist who gave money to the Sanders campaign but his vote Tuesday to Clinton.

“After about six-seven months of debating and watching, I think Hillary has a lot more to offer than Bernie internationally,” the 68-year-old retiree said. “I think she handles herself well. I’ve known about her for 30 years, just like everybody else has. I don’t think there will be any surprises.”

@36, that’s a good comment! I think a lot of Bernie fans are making the switch. Even The New Republic has an article up saying its over for Bernie, time to switch to Hillary so as to help downticket dems. I couldn’t believe new republic had a worthwhile article.

Wow. Exit polls from VW – 42% of those who voted in Dem primary want the next president to be less liberal than Obama. o_O Say what?

Ha! I guess VW means Virginia West!

“Too early to call” has now become “early leader” since it’s Bernie, don’tcha know?

69% of Bernie voters want less liberal policies than Obamas. 29% of Hill’s. Tell me there is not something seriously effed up there.

Paul Begala just came out and said it. It’s Republicans voting in the Dem primary.

35 % of Sanders voters say they will vote Trump in Nov. (According to Steve on MSNBC this means even if Sanders were to be the nominee.)

@43, it’s Independents (called unaffiliated voters) who crossed over to vote against Hillary based upon that state Supreme Court justice’s teevee ad that has been running in constant rotation. About 20% of the voters in WV are “unaffiliated”.

Didn’t know about the ad. Was it about Hillary’s coal industry remarks?

Clinton leads in WV right now…a squeaker, .8%!

Bernie now winning by 6%.

@45, GAgal, yes, it was when she said the coal miners were going to be out of work. The state Supreme Court justice, knowing he wanted Republicans and Republican-leaning unaffiliated voters to come out to vote, used the clip and has run the ad in full rotation for weeks now.

Once Robert Byrd died, so did the Democratic Party in WV. Even Manchin, who was the governor, is a DINO, he might as well be a Republican.

@47, if Hillary keeps it at 6% or below, it is a Hillary victory. Bernie should be running away with it in WV. Obama lost the state by about 40% and ran behind some guy who was in prison. Hillary is painted with Obama and that clip taken out of context.

I love John King. He just used his magic map to show how – even if Bernie won 60/40 tonight and 55/45 from here on out – he still couldn’t catch up in delegates.

Earlier MSNBC had a banner up that said ‘Bernie Holds A Rally’. I read that as having a sad trombone ending.

It’s still around 6%.

Even if he wins by 15%, he’s only winning the same small groups of people…and, will only net 4 delegates. As we have all been aware for months, he has no path to victory.

If Bernie came back and broke even in NJ (Hillary is 30% ahead) and won blow outs until California — he would still have to win 75-25% in California. Not a chance!

Yes, CNN headline says “Sanders keeps dream alive.” Uh, no. He will net four delegates! The media is a total disgrace.

Pundits are all aflutter because Bernie went after Trump in his speech tonight. They’re all wondering why Hillary hasn’t done that. I wonder what world these fools live in.

I’m sitting here watching the repeat of Maddow’s show (waiting for something on another channel) and also caught part of Hayes’ show earlier.

I’m just wondering what the masturbatory fantasies of Hayes, Maddow, and Kornacke will be once the primaries are all over, the convention is held and over and Sanders is just an annoying old pissant?

I caught a small part of Hayes. I have to give him credit for one thing. Jeff Weaver said “Hillary has a big mountain to climb to win the nomination.” Hayes did not let that stand – at all. Weaver needs to get together with his buddy Bernie. Bernie said in his speech tonight that HE had a mountain to climb to win. Then again Bernie said (the other day) he needs 50% of the delegates to win. No…you need 50 plus one and hundreds of supers dude. Which you ain’t gonna get. Ever.

I saw Hayes/Weaver and changed channel.

Sanders keeps dream alive.”

Subhead: It’s on life support with no brain activity. Time to pull the plug!

And Trump’s foreign relations expertise — in Russia at the Miss Silicone Bodies contest. Oy!

Aww Scooter. I’m a dog person myself, but cats are cool too.

Angry old fart shouting at the kids on his lawn.

#TheBernout has definitely changed his tone to gaining influence over the Party platform by winning every vote he can. He ended up with 16 delegates to Hillary’s 11 in WV. According to WaPo, he won by about 30,000 votes…and amazingly, about that number voted “Other” in the primary. Given that, and the fact that exit polls reflected some major “WTF?” from #TheBernout’s voters, I’d say there was some epic rat f*cking going on.

I strongly believe that Bernie’s got zero pull with the Party, and that Hillary will not take his positions on anything, and should not. He is a lucky idiot who tapped into a very small percentage of the Party’s voters. Trying to appease them would lead us down the same toxic road as the Republicans traveled, when they let the fundies in. Let the extremists form their own Party. Don’t touch ours!

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