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Lazy Weekend: Going to the movies for Mom’s Day

Posted on: May 7, 2016


A good Saturday and weekend to you Widdershins!

I thought that for a change of pace this weekend we might look at some movies and more specifically some movies about moms since Sunday is Mother’s Day.  A number of choices came to my mind almost immediately and with the help of the google machine a few other interesting choices popped up.  Sometimes the portrayals of moms in the movies weren’t the best and sometimes the movie moms had some bratty or problem-children to deal with.  Below are some of my choices.  Please share your choices in the comments.


(1) Steel Magnolias – 1989  Yeah this one’s almost a given.

(2) I Remember Mama – 1948 – Irene Dunn  This is a lovely little movie that you should catch whenever you can

(3) Mask – 1985 Cher and Eric Stoltz Cher plays unconventional Mom Rusty

(4) Terms of Endearment – 1983 Shirley MacLaine and Debra Winger
(I used to call this one Terms of Endurance
because of Aurora)

(5)  Mildred Pierce – 1945  Good Joan Crawford

(6)  Mommie Dearest – 1981  Bad/mean Joan Crawford

(7) White Heat – 1949 James Cagney   Remember what I said about problem children?

Okay, those are my selections.  Please add any clips you wish below.  And a Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.  Oh!  And have a mint julep when you watch the Kentucky Derby today!


20 Responses to "Lazy Weekend: Going to the movies for Mom’s Day"

Hello Shinners! Hugs to all on this Mother’s Day weekend, the Intruders appreciating Mama’s hard work and love:

@1: Very nice SM!

Well we have to celebrate Mother’s Day with Big Momma!

I stumbled on this great post from a young guy that attended the Hillary rally that everyone is talking about:

View story at

Kentucky Derby Day! Yay for mint juleps!

Fredster, thanks for remembering Derby Day.

Of all people to show up for Derby — none other than evil incarnate without a chin — Ted Cruz was here. For my two cents, I say he was uninviTed and should have been rejecTed at the state line.

Here are some Beverlyisms from Serial Mom. She hates gum in case you didn’t see the movie.

To my Mom, who raised three daughters as a divorced woman in the early ’60s.

GAgal, what a great song, kudos to your mom and all single moms everywhere. In my family, we celebrate our single moms on both mother’s and father’s day. Equal appreciation for equal work 🙂

@9, what a great plan! I love it!

Hope everyone is having a good day. My internet service has been really bad so I’ve haven’t been around much.

Anyway, Jill Stein (!) disparages Hillary as a mother on Mother’s Day and twitter strikes back…

@11 – That is really good to see. We have come a long way since 2008, when the media, Obama and Obots regularly attacked Hillary in a sexist and disgusting manner, and no one but us would fight back.

Prolix, I can’t believe rejecTED came to the Derby. I hope a big, beautiful hat blocked his view completely!

And of course, Happy Mother’s Day to all! On the topic of single moms, Sheryl Sandberg had something to say about that recently.

Here’s one for you: Imitation of Life – 1959 Lana Turner version

And then part of the final scene from the movie at Annie’s funeral:

I remember reading an article that said this movie played frequently at The Circle Theater in nola. African-American mothers would take their young light-skinned daughters to see the movie as a cautionary tale about the awful things that could happen if they tried to passe blanc.

The momster and I watched this one one time and she said “I’d throw her off the train too.” 😆

The Mommie Dearest clip made me think of this.

The “Throw Mama From the Train,” reminded me of “Drowning Mona”:

Given the results in Guam, do you think when Guamanians see Paulie Shore they think, “Hmmm, he’s the equivalent of Tim Robbins?”

@18: Oh my…I had forgotten about that movie and how slapstick funny it was

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