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And then that happened…

Posted on: May 6, 2016

Trump Debate

Last Tuesday was quite a day.  Morning broke with Trump implicating Ted Cruz’s father in the Kennedy assassination.  It seems Trump unearthed information from where the Warren Commission never thought to look – the front page of The National Enquirer.

We then witnessed Ted Cruz perform an auto-splenectomy on live television.  During a fifteen minute conniption fit, he sputtered and spewed.  Spleenless, he found it too difficult to go on and he quit the race, but not before almost sending his wife, Heidi, to the mat for a nine-count.  Not once, but twice.

Then we saw John Kasich and his electroshock coiffure quit.  Usually when someone bows out in front of their supporters, there are cries and whimpering of, “No, don’t, oh, no, no.”  Sadly, for Kasich there were crickets – mute crickets – mute crickets wrapped in sound-dampeners.  It was almost as if people were thinking, “Well this took long enough!”

Left standing was Trump in all his orange-hued glory.  The Grand Old Party suddenly became the “Party of Trump” or “PoT”.  How did the Republicans go to PoT?  What went wrong?

There are theories aplenty about the Trump plague.  There are the unsurprising and completely expected “surprising things Trump has revealed about America.”

There is the craziness of the “Trump nihilism” of:  Burn it all down!  Burn it to hell because I don’t have an 85 inch teevee, an Uzi, and ringside WWE season tickets.

Trump Laughing StockWe are hearing about the things the Trumpeters believe.  For instance, 40% believe Obama is hiding something about his past.  Fifty-two percent believe vaccines cause autism.  As expected, 29% believe global warming is a myth.  As any good mainlining Fox News junkies would, a full 50% believe Hillary knew about the Benghazi attack beforehand and chose to do nothing.  Finally, and I find this ghastly, 21% of Trump supporters believe the Newtown massacre was faked.

Let that last one sink in for a moment.  One-fifth of Trump diehards believe twenty beautiful first graders are forever taken and hidden from their aggrieved and inconsolable families as part of a grand scheme to increase gun control.

We have heard from everyone and their dog that Trump’s ascension leaves the Republican Party in an identity crisis.  Such long-suffering punditry has the same erudite insightfulness as predicting the sun to set in the west.

But then I ran upon a chart.  It didn’t get much play, but it’s a chart, in my opinion, explaining Trump’s one-third of the Republican Party.  Here it is:

Trump Poll

When asked, “Is discrimination against whites as big a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minorities,” sixty-eight percent of Tea Partiers and sixty-four percent of all Republicans say, “I agree with that statement.”  Neither Independents nor Democrats join in this bizzarity.Trump Hate

For a pollster, this is a “worldview” question.  It suggests how respondents view their place in the world.  It is how Trump supporters view their world.  It also explains a large part of the PoT primary.

Instead of a typical political message of helping others, Trump’s success is grounded in a promise of “hurting them” – “hurting the others” whoever “they” might be.  Accordingly, anger and fear are self-confirming emotions never leading to self-awareness or discovery.  Trump is undeniably the quintessential leader for such followers.  Racism, like water, always finds its own level.

What’s on your mind today?


42 Responses to "And then that happened…"

That chart really ties it all together. Explains the PoT in one simple graphic. This world is going insane. Love the post, funny and dead on. I had to cover the gifs with my checkbook though. Too wild on my poor old eyeballs.

That chart is simply amazing and not in a good way.

I wonder how many of the respondents have been pulled over for “driving while white” or for being in the “wrong” neighborhood?

How many of them got their skulls fractured crossing a bridge in Alabama?

How many of them have had trouble hailing a taxi?

Randy Rainbow has complete the last of the G.O.P. dropout series with Ted and John. I have a feeling he’ll be doing something wacky for Trump.

Fredster, those videos are hilarious! Randy is very talented, love his Frankie Avalon wig.

annie, Randy just cracks me up.

@1, Annie, I wondered about that middle gif. Is it too much? I can take it out without any trouble. The flag is distracting.

@2, exactly. The difference between the Tea Party and Democrats is so stark. When you look at only 28% of the Tea Party disagreeing and two-thirds agreeing with that statement, if anyone says the Tea Party wasn’t and isn’t focused on racial animus, they are living in a fantasy world.

@3, Randy is quite talented and very observant. The Ted Cruz elbows to Heidi’s head didn’t get that much play, but he picked it up. He’s hilarious.

@1, I took out the eagle pooping an egg on his head. You were right, it was too distracting.

Sadiq Khan is the new Mayor of London. He happens to be Muslim. In Trump’s aMErica, he will be stopped at the border, frisked, and sent home.

Great post Prolix. Kinda scary isn’t it? Here’s some more.This guy hits the nail on the head, too. It’s the racism, stupid.

@12, that is an excellent article. The guy is exactly right — it is about how xenophobic and limiting it is to see the world as a zero sum game.

LOL Randy Rainbow on the Kasich GOP dropout – “I wrote this song four months ago”

Here’s an entry into the “it’s an unbelievably small, small world” contest. Drumpf announced today that his son-in-law Jared Kushner would be in charge of his “transition” preparations. Chris Christie will play a large (actually and figuratively) role in these preparations.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Christie prosecuted and caused the imprisonment of Kushner’s father based in large part on documents pried loose during an intrafamily feud over control of their real estate business. While Christie has been governor, young Kushner has been given $93 million in state aid from NJ for development deals. It doesn’t end there. Kushner owns the PolitickerNJ where David Wildstein of Bridgegate used to work. It is also where Steve Kornacki worked prior to MSNBC — the Mostly Stupid Nonsense Bull Crap network.

Connecting the dots is a curse and I got it bad.

@15 Very interesting. The link in the article to the IBT was too. Charles, the brother who Christie prosecuted was a huge Democratic donor, where as the brother Murray (whose own questionable transactions were ignored) was a donor for Republicans.

Christie’s Democratic opponents lost a huge source of campaign cash with Charles Kushner’s conviction — he had been the single largest contributor to New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey’s campaigns.

and this:

According to memorandum included in the accountant’s report, Murray Kushner promised to have his company reimburse employees who donated to George W. Bush — at the same time Christie was serving as a fundraiser for Bush’s presidential campaign. Federal campaign finance laws prohibit employers from reimbursing employees for political contributions.

@15, omg!

Prolix, you didn’t have to remove the gif for me.

This is a little long, loud and the background music is annoying, but check out what was a great event for Hillary turned in to and what her supporters had to endure when they were leaving the building.

Also note at 6:48 the free hugs guy is trying to reassure the two little boys shown at the beginning of the video who were so excited and happy. Then they had to exit thru a bunch of fucking idiots.

@18, that is just anger-making. A bunch of idiots raised by wolves.

@17, Annie, I had doubts when I put it into the post. I shouldn’t have put it in — it was too busy.

Maddow did her entire show as an interview with Sanders in VT.

I kinda flipped back and forth to see if there was going to be anything else, but no.

At the end she brought up the protests at the rally in Cali yesterday with the protesters inside the rally and outside. She asked him kind of like “Is that okay with you?”. Sanders pooh-poohed the idea of protesters inside an opponent’s rallies and said no he didn’t “condone that”. But….protesting outside of the opponent’s rally is just fine because ya know…free speech and all that.

That crap in Cali wasn’t about free speech. It was about intimidating the opponent’s supporters!

Sooooo, since outside is a free speech area I hope a boatload of Clinton supporters show up outside one of his rallies doing the same exact thing and let’s see how he feels then, the old fart.

Also he said the Democrats need to set up a media operation similar to what the Republicans have with Fox News. I guess he doesn’t remember Air America but he *could* ask his Senate colleague Al Franken about it. (rolling eyes)

I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that Bernie has not even seen clips of that mess! Davine and Weaver keep him isolated. Did Rachel even show him a clip? Wonder how he feels about the kids who were scared and crying?

I remember after the data theft by his campaign, DWS was interviewed. She said she called Bernie the next day to talk to him personally about the breach and “He was stunned. He had no idea what I was talking about.” Jeff Weaver needs to be run out of town on a rail. And Rachel Maddow, too if she doesn’t have the guts to SHOW Bernie to his face, what his supporters are doing. Shock him, live on TV. By gawd, they’d do it to Hillary if it were her supporters.

Another thing that has me pissed – the way they were standing up on a wall, towering over and hemming Hill’s people in from both sides. They should be called out for that and the cops should NEVER have allowed it.

@24, Weaver doesn’t care — he’s not a democrat. He’ll retire back to the musty stacks of comic books and call it all good knowing he did his dead level best to elect Donald Trump.

@22 & 23, there was not one whit of “news” in Rachel’s entire hour. It was just an infomercial for more $27 graft by Bernie. There was nothing but more of the same old patter and harangue from Bernie. Rachel should just own up to shilling for Sanders.

@24: No, she didn’t show him anything. She just said that there were his supporters inside who tried to disrupt the rally and had to be removed. And she said his supporters were outside too.

@27: Did you watch all of it? I just really couldn’t. I kept switching back to it to see if she was going to be doing anything else.

But, but Prolix!! She says she’s neutral in this thing. Uh-huh, rite!

@29, I couldn’t watch the whole thing either. It was the same old drivel just a different day. I held out hope against hope he might modulate his stance on a platform/convention fight. When I heard him double down, I just turned it off.

@30: I keep hoping that maybe that’s just bravado and he’ll act sensibly when the time comes but I very much doubt it. I think he believes he’s got something he can hold over the heads of the DNC but he doesn’t. All he’s going to do in Philly is to create some theater for the tv cameras.

@31, what he can do is cause the “production” of the convention to be out of sync with the golden hour given by all the networks. He can cause Hillary’s speech to fall out of the prime time hour. Or cause a demonstration against her speech. I wouldn’t put anything past the old fart.

@32: Well whatever oppo research, if any, that her campaign has on him they better let him know that they are all too willing to turn it loose if necessary.

@33, hell yes! I watched the video GAgal linked (thank you GAgal!). I hate these assholes for wrecking everything for us. Bernie is a horrible person, and I hope some pac does go after him.

Prolix, I’m probably being oversensitive about hyper-graphics since lakers grand mal. We’ve insisted that he cut way back on digital stuff and go back to reading books, or playing music, and he’s doing much better.

annie@34: I came by right before getting ready to crash.

You can bet that if any of Hillary’s supporters tried doing anything like what the Sanders supporters did outside (lining the walkway to get into the venue), he and Weaver and Devine would be yelling and screaming their heads off about it.

@35: Glad to hear Laker is doing better. 🙂

@35, yes, very glad Laker is doing better. I’ve read about graphics and repetitive influences enhancing the incidence of seizures. It’s all the more reason for me to be more sensitive when I’m throwing in these gifs. Thanks for mentioning it. I like to learn or relearn stuff. Tell my buddy hello.

Let’s hear it for our Guam sisters and brothers. Hillary is projected to win. So goes Guam, goes the U.S.

But I thought #TheBernout had Guam locked up!!! Oh, my reality!

@40, the wise and all-knowing politico, Tim Robbins, hasn’t yet commented on the Guam situation. When he does comment, I’m sure it will be consistently rambling and herb-infused.

Guam? Isn’t that like winning South Carolina? Oh yeah… she won South Carolina, too.

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