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Springtime for Bernie…

Posted on: May 4, 2016

Friends, this is no ordinary Wednesday.

Today, we have a world premier for your viewing pleasure.

It has been laboriously produced, written, and directed by none other than our own Fredster. Without the slightest fear of contradiction, his brainchild captures the innermost thoughts and dreams of Comrade Sanders.

Expect this to be an early favorite at Cannes.  Remember, you saw it here first. Without further adieu, here’s the world premier of:

 Springtime for Bernie



63 Responses to "Springtime for Bernie…"

Brilliant, Fredster!
I wish I knew the German words for take a bow.

Bravo, bravo, a hundred times bravo!!

When he said “I’m going to divorce Jane – she can’t even do the taxes!” I literally laughed out loud.

Fredster, that is so freaking funny!

Hillary is on! Cnn.

👏👏👏 👌

As Brenda Leigh would say on The Closer: “Thank yew! Thank yew soooo much.”

My “creative effort” was why I wasn’t around too much yesterday. I knew I had the site bookmarked for “make a Hitler movie” but had never tried doing it. Then I had to go to youtube and create a channel.

I made some of the speeches too long and they cleared before you could really read them all. But it was my first time doing one of these.

When I was writing the lines, I cracked up when I had “Jane” say “He blames me for the 767 but I wanted the lie-flat seats in Delta First.”.

@7, not to be too persnickety here, but Fredster, do you realize how few people can say, “This was my first time doing a Hitler movie.”

Pretty extraordinary!

Fredster, I cracked up a few times but “Those two together wouldn’t make a good imbecile” was my favorite line. 🙂

@9: Ah well, we’re always our own worst critic aren’t we Prolix?

I’m sure there are going to be other opportunities in this election cycle for more Hitler movies. 😆

jules@10: Thanks!

Oh no, you didn’t!! I love “I want to see that money-grubbing toad right now! CALL HIM!” Now I’m going to watch it again.

Could not happen to a more deserving group of people:

Geez, I saw just a short while ago that now Kasich has dropped out. So…it will be Drumpf against Hillary.

Oh boy…

There was a guy on MSNBC earlier who was saying – seriously – that Trump should pick Newt Gingrich for his VP. Sure, why not? What could possibly go wrong?

@16: I wonder if he’ll consider Rubio to try to get some Latino votes? Because otherwise I don’t see much in politics for little Marco for the next few years.

@16: Now that for sure would spell a Clinton blowout in November.


@16, I guess he’s settling on Newt because the Unibomber isn’t available. Hey, here’s an idea — perfect match — I’m declaring it here — Charlie Sheen for Vice President!


This is the laugh I needed; and the Sarandon part? Priceless.

Thank you Fredster!!!

@21: Thank-ye SM! I have a feeling we will be seeing more of Adolf in the future here on TW. 😉

Fredster, “Satire on a Budget” doesn’t get better than this. You rocked it!!! LMAO!! I think I’ve seen it 5 times now. LOL!

New CNN poll — Hillary over Trump 54-41. That is twice the margin needed to flip the House. Forget the Senate — that’s in the bag, but it takes 7% to flip the House and Hillary is getting almost twice that.

Happy days might be here again.

Bernie — go home or as Adolf would say, “Nach Hause gehen!”

@24: Oh dear sweet Lord if we got the White House, House and Senate it will be sweet! No more stonewalling nominations for the Supremes.

@25, bye bye Citizen United, Heller, and Shelby County v. Holder, the case invalidating part of the voting rights act.

Today was an Acts 9:18 moment for some — Immediately, something like scales fell from Saul’s eyes, and he could see again.

Ben Howe, a writer for Red State has had his “descalification”. Now, “he’s with her.” It made my skin crawl, but I actually clicked on and read his piece at Red State. It is exactly what we have been saying around these pages for years. Now, the Tea Party enablers are seeing what we have been preaching. Finally!

Prolix, is that Howe guy really supporting Hillary? What a crazy week this has been.

@28, yeah, he is. The guy who was McCain’s chief of staff is too. There are others, but no one has done a long list yet because it is still unfolding. The Bushies, Daddy and Dubya, aren’t endorsing Drumpf. They aren’t going to the convention.

Today, the playing field for senate seats doubled. McCain and Rand Paul’s seats were added to the “at risk” list. McCain is really caught — remember in 2010 when he had to “remake” himself as an arch conservative to win — well, this time he’s going to have to pay homage to the Trumpsters and if there is a big enough voter turnout, he could very well lose.

So, in other news, the ambulatory carbuncle, Faux News White House reporter Ed Henry, is in a bit of a fix. It seems as if he failed to tell his wife about his mistress or something like that. In any event, according to his lady friend, Ed Henry is one high-achieving, energetic “love machine”.

Warning: The tweets are liable to cause projectile vomiting.

@29: Prolix, the McCain chief of staff, is that Steve Schmidt?

@27: Immediately, something like scales fell from Saul’s eyes, and he could see again.

Who knew?? Cataract surgery in biblical times!!

@31, nope not Schmidt, it was Mark Salter, who was his chief of staff in the Senate for 20 years. Schmidt just ran the campaign where Sarah Palin was the final swipe right.

Salter sent out a tweet saying he couldn’t go with someone who quotes the National Enquirer and thinks it’s real. He actually tweeted, “I’m with her.”

@32, that’s what it sounds like.

@33: Oh okay. Well he is probably going to be looking for another job anyway after the Nov. election.

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

In other news (which everybody here already knows) Lord-oh-Lord does Hillary have class. This from today’s LATimes:

L.A. Times: How do you run as a woman against Donald Trump, given the type of things he said…. How do you anticipate this moving forward, particularly given that he seems to have no bounds when discussing women?

Clinton: The whole idea of “playing the woman card,” which he charged I was doing, and by extension other women were doing, has just lit a fire under so many women across the country. And I think it’s because they see his attacks on me, or Megyn Kelly or Carly Fiorina or whoever else he’s attacking at the moment as really a much broader attack on them. I think we are going to be pushing back and drawing the contrast whenever he does that. Because it’s just absolutely beyond the pale. He’s not going to get away with it, at least going forward.

It’s one of the many remarkable things about her. She defends even the people who aren’t remotely her friends from bigotry. She’ll truly make a President for all the people, if we (the US of A) have the sense to put her there.

@37 – Oh, she is MORE than ready for him! You know she’s been planning this strategy for months now. If only Bernie would do what he does in Fredster’s movie and just go the f*ck away already….

@37, quixote: Thank you for sharing that excerpt and good comments about it.

@36: Regarding Cinco de Mayo, as y’all probably know…the good folks in nola have a tendency to look for any thing or any reason to hold a party. So why not have one for Sinkhole da Mayo? A big ole sinkhole opened up on Canal Street, the main thoroughfare downtown, so a group of folks decided to make a celebration of it. The city is notoriously slow at fixing regular potholes (some have had trees start growing in them!) so this was a great idea to celebrate the sinkhole and poke fun at the city.

@37, Quixote, an excellent point. If the talking heads had your insight, it would certainly move the conversation along in the right direction.

Just watched Springtime for Bernie again. That never gets old. 🙂

Senates races, here we come!!

GAgal@42: I just wrote over at Uppity’s place that with Bernie, Jane, Drumpf and other clowns, there may be some more clips coming. Let’s face it: there’s a lot of material to work with there.

@42, nme too, GAGal! Fredster, please keep’em coming!

BTW, we’re almost there. Can you feel it???

@42 – 9 women!!! Oh my. This could be an absolutely amazing year for us. Thank you, Drumpf, for being the most sexist candidate evah!

Do y’all remember during the Oregon bird sanctuary stand off when a woman took her kids there to sing for the occupiers? This is about that family.

SM at @44. Oh yeah…I can feel it!!

Starting Chatblu’s Lazy Weekend of music on a pre-Friday, I feel it, can you feel it? GO HILLZ!

@46, that is frightening. Good on those children. The neighbor who took them to the Sheriff deserves an award of some kind for having the courage to help those children.

@46: Have to agree with Prolix. What an awful situation for the kids and sadly probably happens more often than we think.

I’ll tell ya what. The Berniebros and broettes are just so classy. Hillz had to cut her speech short because of these…yes I’ll say it: ASSHOLES! I wish one of her supporters had had some pepper spray or something and just juiced one of them. 👿

Hee-hee! #socklessdeadintern and #drunkmika get upset for being called out as Trump cheerleaders.

Fredster, I watched your cinematic masterpiece again also. The dialogue is hilarious.

I think I saw that movie, btw.

Fredster, couldn’t watch the Bro protesters because it’s a gif. I damn well remember the “IRON MY SHIRT” protesters. They have not changed. They are the same bros they always were, plus a few more.

I loved how Rob Reiner just sat there calmly while Meeeka and Joke made fools of themselves. He knows.

@52, of one thing I’m sure, if #socklessdeadintern and #drunkmika were real journalist they wouldn’t be so defensive. Self-assurance is its own affirmation. Yearning for the approval of others is as unattractive as it is futile. They seem quite accomplished in its pursuit.

GAgal: Out of curiosity what browser are you using? Firefox?

If you were talking about the link @51, it wasn’t a gif but I think it was an embedded facebook video. If you are using Firefox, try this:
Click on the menu thing at the upperight when that opens click on options and when a new window opens, click on advanced. Under advanced there’s a general tab. Look under Browsing and there’s an item for use hardware acceleration when available. If it’s checked, uncheck it and click on the OK button. I think then you have to close Firefox and restart it. That may fix the problem for you. Not guaranteeing that but it may.

Prolix@55: They both know that the video of them talking about their upcoming questions to Trump is out there and people have seen it. Obviously it didn’t bother either of them much because they’re still there bloviating to people.

Hey Fredster, you got anything about the rise of hitler- just put in trump’s face and some appropriate dialog- I beginning to think that’s what his campaign is looking like.

Heh heh heh.

MsMass@59: Sadly no. There is just that one clip from that bad German movie about him.

Some guy created a website where you can go in and create “dialogue” for the characters but it’s just that one scene.

Catching up very late…. Fredster, that is hilarious!

@Luna: Without a doubt there will be more.

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