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Posted on: April 30, 2016

musical notes3

A good and happy weekend to you Widdershins!

Well this week was certainly one for the books.  Hillary won four, count em, four primaries this Tuesday with the jewel being her win in Pennsylvania and its yuge number of delegates.  Sanders won Guam uh Rhode Island.  Now I’m not dissin’ on Rhode Island.  It’s just…Rhode Island.  Herr Drumpf made a clean sweep of all five primaries which I would say does make him the odds on favorite for the Republican nomination, although the Cruzer is not going quietly into that night.

However, let’s concentrate on the good news this week.  So many of us have had not-so-great starts to 2016 that we need to concentrate on the good news of the week and our girl being the presumptive nominee for the Democratic nomination.  I suggest we post some songs that make us feel happy, joyful, lighthearted.  Here are my contributions and y’all feel free to add yours in the comments.

Happy-happy Joy-joy

divider-doodle line(1) Holly Dolly – Dolly Song (yes I know it’s silly)
musical notes4

(2) Another Holly Dolly – Don’t Worry Be Happy

(3) Wild Cub – Thunder Clatter  (just liked it because it was up tempo)

musical peace sign(4) Judy Garland – Get Happy (what can I say?  Get Happy!!)

(5) Big Yellow Taxi – Joni Mitchell

(6) Happy Days Are Here Again – Barbra Streisand

Musical arrows.

Well okay!  Those are my happy, upbeat song choices.  Please add yours in the comments below and let’s enjoy the weekend.



Okay, you can’t be Rick Rolled if I tell you it is Rick Astley. I know this is most uncool, but this song always makes me happy.

And then you have to do the Safety Dance:

I like them both!

Here’s a good example of that saying “turn around don’t drown. (NOTE: some adult language in here)

This song just always makes me happy:

And of course, this one:

@prolix: Nice songs.

Everyone get their bubblegum out.

Great one GAgal!!

Fredster, I’m wondering how you even know about that first Holly Dolly song? o_O

Sing along now… you know you want to!

This song always makes me smile:

Gagal: I remembered that from a number of years ago but couldn’t remember it was Holly Dolly. So I had to do some searching and when I saw pic of her I knew that it and just had to find it on youtube.

One from back in the day and just makes me feel good.

From the classical side…

I ain’t hoed a row since I don’t know when…

LOL madamab comes by to class up the place and I post the Dixie Chicks! 😀

I *love* the harpist with the excellent aim.

Well we ain’t had no dancin’, so what about a two-step?

@22:; I was wondering if/when someone was going to mention her. Ninja harpist?

GAgal said: LOL madamab comes by to class up the place and I post the Dixie Chicks!

That’s okay – it’s all good. 🙂

@20 Whoever did the cinematography on that video deserves an award. Very creative.

This is from Florida – Orlando area. I’m betting he’s a Bernie supporter because Hillz’ supporters have more sense.

Hey, I love the Dixie Chicks!! We’re an ecumenical crowd around here.

@27 even the cat didn’t like the guy!!

@29: The cat had better sense.

I was going to rick-roll with a real chicken dance video. Instead I found this:

@31: Oh good Lord!

Not such a good day for Jazz Fest in nola.

Fredster, was that video you posted at @4 a result of this recent storm? They came through here this evening. Right after, my head started pounding. Coupled with weeks of pollen screwing up my sinuses, OUCH!!

I love Maria Muldaur.
Forty years ago, I listened to this song on her album “It ain’t the meat, it’s the motion.’ 😉

When I was thinking about chatblu today, I remembered this. Bright red Georgia clay…sticks on the tires after a summer rain. My car is in the garage with mud on the tires right now! This version has an intro I liked.

Ooh, lots of great boomer memories. I also love Judy G. and Dame Joan, besides the usual suspects. True story…Laker named his first dreadnought acoustic guitar “Melanie” after Melanie Safka because his guitar looked like the one she plays in the Lay Down video. Since then, he has named all his guitars (and mine and his Dads) after women rockers.

@34: Well it was part of the same system I believe, but that was in Texas.

The pic of Jazz Fest was today in Nola. Luckily we didn’t get anything today but they are forecasting rain for Sunday. That will make the NASCAR fans very unhappy if they cancel or reschedule the race.

Sweet Sue, I never knew that was the name of the album. LOL!

@36: Yeah I was too – a month today.

I emailed Prolix earlier and told hm that college f.b. won’t be the same this year. I always found the helmet schedule for the SEC and sent her a copy and then I made a weekly schedule of the games/channels/times and sent it to her. This time I haven’t even bothered to download the schedule. 😥

annie, that’s cool about Laker’s guitars. How is he feeling now? Any better?

I was born in 1960. Too young to be a hippie and too old to be Gen x,y,or z.

Sweet Sue, thanks for this!

Hate to inject politics but….

Sorry Bernie but the ride is ovah.

He’s asking those party leaders, who overwhelmingly support rival Hillary Clinton, to “go into their hearts” and change their support to Sanders.

Sorry Bernie, no more $80k/mo. for Jane to be an “adviser” to the campaign. No more $400k to a small printing shop in VT.

Fredster, I just saw at Upps that Bernie’s fundraising for April was down 40%!!! That proves to me what we already knew, that his massive amounts of $ came from rich repubs.

@44: I had not seen a number but yep I read his fundraising is down.
I heard he even had to downsize the campaign plane.

@43, speaking of tax returns, I wonder how many months of Jane’s “campaign advising” at $80K/month shows up on their 2015 tax return. That might be why it’s such a heavy lift. Just sayin’.

@46 Yeah, I’d like to know about that one too. I don’t think creative accounting is going to help that much.

Hey y’all: If you look over on the right side under activism you’ll see a link to St. Maurice Church in Dania Beach Fl. This is the church chat worked with for their Christmas toy drive. The link takes you to their main page but they have a link there for contact info.

I’m sad for all the poor Southerners and Midwesterners that are being flooded out.

Whenever I click on comments for this post and scroll down, that Rick Astley song plays automatically!?!

Prolix, did you set it up that way? I don’t care, its kind of cool, but I don’t remember that happening before with the other youtubes.

@49, Annie, I wouldn’t have a clue on how to do that even if we could. It must be something on your end of the equation. It would be kinda cool if we could have “scroll music.”

Good afternoon Shinners! Bumped into this funny article on BernieBro backlash, aka, “green teabaggers:”

New post up….

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