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Correspondents’ Dinner: Live Blog

Posted on: April 30, 2016

Good evening Widdershins.Cartoon Cleveland

We thought a thread for the Correspondents’ Dinner might be a good idea.

We will return to Fredster’s Weekend programming when the dinner is finished and the dishes are washed.

From all reports, it seems as if dear Drumpf will be a favorite topic.  We can only hope.



37 Responses to "Correspondents’ Dinner: Live Blog"

The Trump boys are at the dinner, but daddy Drumpf is not. I’m sure he’ll be acting presidential on Twitter.

I’ve been listening to the chatterers. Not sure which channel to watch it on, but I’ll add this: If I hear “fabulous” one more time concerning the womens’ frocks I’m gonna throw something at the teevee.

@1: Well that’s a bummer.

@2, I’m watching on CNN. I’m afraid MSNBC will have Jane Sanders commenting.

Did I hear Bernie’s gonna be there? Oh…free food.

Bernie Sanders is at the dinner.

They have a Biden cam — sorta like strapping a gopro to a cat.

Larry Wilmore’s big line on his show about the 2016 campaign is “the Unblackening” of the White House. I hope he uses it tonight.

Wilmore just said he supported Obama because of his policies, primarily, his policy of being black. LOL

A Biden cam? Seriously???

I hope Wilmore tears that room apart. LOL!

@9, it isn’t really a gopro strapped to him, but they have a camera following him around because he’s been up working the tables all night. They can’t get him to sit down. Now that the program has begun, the Secret Service probably tackled him and sedated him.

Helen Mirren has a tattoo on the upper portion of her right breast. Who knew?

Jon Favreau…bleh!

@11: I think I heard them say it’s Prince’s symbol. She’s also dressed in purple.

@13, Let’s Go Crazy!

Earlier they had a screen about Trump’s Hollywood supporters, they were Hulk Hogan, Kid Rock, Gary Busey, Dennis Rodman, Willie Robertson, and Wayne Newton.

What is the common denominator?

Goldman Sachs? Oh my.

Earn some Tubmans.

@15: I dunno, what is it?

@17: Better be some Benjamins.

Yay for Helen Mirren!!!

@15, the need for inpatient psychiatric care.

Ouch about Trump.

Ouch Gitmo into the ground.

Praying Cleveland makes it through July.

Someone is gonna slip one day and say Reince Penis.

OMG, Wilmore is starting off with a bang.

Wilmore: I have something in common with Lester Holt.

Wolfie no smilie.

Wilmore started off strong, but he’s bombing.

Oh my effing gawd I just saw Piyush in the audience!

@30, wonder who had to fill a seat and called him up?

Don Lemon just flipped a bird on CNN.

Wilmore just hit Morning Schmoe.

@32: That’s a shame because Wilmore was telling the truth.

I think he did pretty good. He was able to skewer just about everyone there at one point or another.

Okay, I do not want to hear an analysis of the speeches.

We will now return to regular weekend programming.

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