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A potpourri of political plunder…

Posted on: April 27, 2016

Good morning Widdershins!  And a mighty fine morning it is.  It appears our gal has achieved the long coveted title of “presumptive nominee.”  But, just like a Z-pack having a five-day course of antibiotics, it appears the math is too hard for the BernBrains and it’s Philadelphia or bust.  Their hoverboards are already charging.

Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press

Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press

While the statement from BerningBum mentioned no way forward to the nomination, it came just hours after a scathing fundraising email from Jeff Weasel calling Hillary a traitor of some sort or another.  Apparently Gollum Weaver has been in a hobbit bad mood for the past 130 years.

Given the late hour, the rest of this post is going to be stream of consciousness.  Warning:  If you have a seatbelt, strap up or if you are a daytime drinker, might I suggest a double big gulp.

Here’s an edgy piece of writing that basically says to the BernieBros, “Pound sand – the Democratic Party doesn’t want or need your vote.”  Here is an excerpt I found equally enlightening and delightful by asking, “What is the problem?”

So if it’s not the issues and it’s not the person, what is it then? Is it the fact that you believe both parties are the same? Try telling that to the 4.3 million people in 22 states whose Republican governors are denying them Medicaid. Try telling that to the women in 22 states who have had new provisions put in place to limit access to abortion services. Try telling that to the transgender community who faces discrimination in North Carolina as well as seven other states considering bathroom bills denying this population basic human rights and dignity. Try telling that to low-income and minority voters who will face new voting restrictions in 17 states for the first time in a presidential election. Try telling that to environmentalists who have had research and development stalled thanks to an entire Republican Party that refuses to acknowledge man-made climate change. And try telling that to your fellow Americans who believe that immigrants and Muslims should not be discriminated against simply because of who they are, where they come from, and what they believe.

Trump's War Council...

Trump’s War Council…

The next article from the Wall Street Journal chronicles the Virginia county Trump carried with 70% of the vote as “The Place that Wants Donald Trump the Most.”  Here’s an excerpt:

His [Trump’s] wealth isn’t a put-off. County Sheriff Ray Foster, who supports Mr. Trump, says rich businessmen have long been well-liked around the county because “they make jobs for the people here.”

As for the imbroglios over Mr. Trump’s comments about women and his shifting views on abortion and foreign policy, which have driven up his negative ratings in national polls, they are generally seen here as a plus. They reinforce his outsider status.

“He talks before he thinks,” Mr. Foster says, “so he doesn’t have time to think up something and lie to you.”

Nothing can make America great again like relegating thought to a distant second after speaking incoherently for long periods of time.

The following article was interesting because it demonstrates the disconnection between emotion and logic.  Different groups were asked the question, “When was the last time America was great?”  Ironically, most Trump supporters, most Republicans, most Americans, and most Democrats said 2000.  What are the two centerpieces of 2000?  It was before 2001 and Bill Clinton was president.  The other thing I found interesting was that Republicans only seem to count in 5-year increments.Knight Chair throw

Today, Trump is going to get the endorsement of Bobby Knight.  Obviously this is some type of 11-dimensional chess ordinary humans can’t conceive since getting an endorsement from someone adding another ten or fifteen points to an unfavorability rating among women would ordinarily be seen as a bad thing.  Perhaps Bobby will coach Trump in the benefits of long periods of quiet contemplation or not.  Word to the wise:  Beware of flying chairs today.

The dynamic duo of Cruz and Kasich didn’t work too well.  Their agreement to team up in order to extinguish the Trumpster fire lasted almost 18 hours – eighteen whole hours – almost.  Now the Republican primary seems to be all about Hoosier-land – Honest-to-goodness, Indiana.  That last part is Indiana’s state motto – honest-to-goodness it is.

Ann Telnaes - The Washington Post

Ann Telnaes – The Washington Post

This last article is one I did not make up because I’m not blessed with such a glorious imagination.  Chuck Tingle is an erotica writer who is successful on Amazon.  He has penned a book, Feeling the Bern in My Butt, a hot and heavy commentary on 2016 Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders—if he were a gay socialist unicorn.  Told you, you can’t make stuff like that up.

What’s on your mind today?  Take the conversation in any direction you might want.



98 Responses to "A potpourri of political plunder…"

I love this, Prolix:

Nothing can make America great again like relegating thought to a distant second after speaking incoherently for long periods of time.

Yeah baby! Who doesn’t want a President who sounds like the love child of Sarah Palin and Dubya?! We all know how honest those two are!

The point of the “do what you want” article is exactly right. F*ck them and the unicorn they rode in on. There aren’t enough of them to make a difference. The turnout in November is going to be YUGE on the Democratic side. It could be the biggest blowout in Presidential history.

It doesn’t matter who is the nominee on the Repub side…whoever it is, he’s toast. America has moved past that way of thinking…the era of white male ascendancy is coming to an end. Deal with it, bros; you can’t stop it!

To build on my latest comment…it’s an incredible historic moment for Hillary, and denotes a shift in American culture.

Hey Shinners!!! Not supposed to be on my celly, but IT has taken over my ‘puter.

Please, oh please, read this massive BernieBro takedown here:

Heh heh heh, SM77! Oh suh-nap. I love this advice for Hillary:

She shouldn’t accept conditions. But she absolutely should take steps to mollify his voters. She’s going to have to. However, she should do it like someone who’s ahead 57-43 should do it. She should say: Sure, I’ll adopt a couple of your positions. But I have a couple of conditions of my own. If I hear the words “Goldman” and “Sachs” coming out of your mouth one more time, if I see any more fund-raising appeals that paint me as the harlot of Wall Street, the deal is dead, and I’ll call Chuck Schumer and make sure that you don’t chair the Budget Committee if we retake the Senate, but instead you have the post-office renaming subcommittee. And I may drop some of that oppo I have on you that I’ve never used. You know the stuff I mean.

Yeah, you know that’s how she rolls too. Hillary does NOT PLAY. She knows how to work the system. Work it girrrrl. 👿

@1 & 2, I love that picture of Trump’s war cabinet. Scott Brown and Sarah Palin — LOL.

When Trump says if Hillary was a man she wouldn’t be supported by 5% of the people, well, he might be right because if she was a man she would have never lived through 30 years of nonstop criticism and vitriol.

Hillary is so much stronger than any person we have had in public service since Roosevelt and really the only person who parallels her strength of character is Eleanor Roosevelt. Trump is about to get to sample just how tough she is. She will leave nothing but a greasy spot when she is finished with him.

Prolix — Your line about T “speaking incoherently” made me laugh out loud. He talks in circles and can barely manage to string together a subject and a predicate. He’s another word-salad chef like Palin, but the media aren’t ridiculing him for it the way they did her. I can’t wait to see Hillary run circles around him.

SM and Madamab — thanks for linking to those 2 articles. Wonderful!

@3, SM, thanks for the link — in addition to what MB pointed out, which I love, there’s this:

Is there precedent for the losing candidate demanding that the winning candidate prove her bona fides to his voters? I sure can’t think of any.


Clinton did indeed run until the end, winning states all along the way. On the last day of voting, June 3, they drew—she took South Dakota, and he won Montana. At that point, depending on what you did or didn’t count (Michigan and Florida were weird races that year after they broke the DNC calendar to move their primary dates up, and the party punished them by taking away delegates), she was actually ahead of Obama on popular votes. But even excluding Michigan, where Obama wasn’t on the ballot, it was a hell of a lot closer than 57-43. It was 51-49.
Did Clinton carry on about her campaign of the people? Did she say it was incumbent upon Obama to prove his worth to her voters? Did she put her forefinger on her cheek for weeks and make Obama twist in the wind? No, of course not.

Finally, someone says it. Sanders is an entitled, big ego, little man who needs to be spanked and sent back to the Senate where he is stripped of his committee assignments and gets to wait until he’s primaried in 2018. That’s what happens when you allow a guest to come to a party and then insults the host.

Finally, someone is saying what no one has dared to say so far. Thank you Michael Tamasky.

@6, Jules, if you put Trump and Palin in a room together with hidden microphones, it would be like listening to some other species communicate with verbs flying and a noun thrown in every fourth or fifth paragraph. It would sound like to two dolphins who had lower range in their voices.

LOL — a reporter just said Cruz is being “tight lipped” about his 4:00 announcement. Cruz being “tight lipped” — can he be any other way? The man has chicken lips.

@8, Prolix, I’d pay $27 to watch that spectacle.

@10, Jules, I would too.

Notice to BernieBros and Trumpeters:

Arturo Vargas, executive director of the National Association of Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO), projects 13.1 million Latinos will vote nationwide in 2016, compared to 11.2 million in 2012 and 9.7 million in 2008.

In the vernacular, suck it Bros and Trumpsters.

@10 & @11, you guys are gluttons for punishment. Not only would I NOT pay anything to see and hear those two imbeciles, they would have to pay ME five figures to do so. Then I would go on a long vaca to detox my brain.

Excellent post and comments people!

I would pay to see dolphins though. Every time I’ve gone whale watching here, we’ve always run into a pod of thousands of dolphins, and they escort the boat.

@3, good article, thanks!

Also, the People’s View article is very good.

moononpluto over at Uppity’s, says that Hillary is now ahead in popular vote by 3,215,304!

Oooh, Annie, great news!

Yeah, I’m with you on that whole “pay me to watch Trump/Palin” thing.

Prolix, wait till SM77 sees that statistics about the Latino vote. That is incredible, given that on average, about 129 million people vote in a Presidential election here. #FeeltheMath indeed!

LOL — a reporter just said Cruz is being “tight lipped” about his 4:00 announcement. Cruz being “tight lipped” — can he be any other way? The man has chicken lips.
Prolix, my belly thanks you for the laugh!

This part caught my eye:

He’s not a Democrat, so party loyalty isn’t a thing here. … the media’s expectations of these people hinges so greatly on the personality types they establish, and that the media just accept them. No one expects Sanders to be a team player because he’s a guy (emphasis on guy)

Wasn’t it 8 years ago that Olbermann said someone should take Hillary in a room and “only he comes out”? The violence and misogyny of his words are still appalling. Not crazy about the spanking part of Prolix’s suggestion @7 (gross!) but I do think a time-out would be fitting for Bernie’s petulant behavior.

Is the big super-secret announcement by Ted that he’s going to announce Carly Fiorina as his veep? Doncha wanna wait until the convention for that Teddy-boy?

The Associated Press has learned that Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz has tapped former technology executive Carly Fiorina to run as his vice presidential nominee.

The Texas senator plans to formally unveil his running mate Wednesday afternoon in Indianapolis.

That’s according to a Republican with direct knowledge of the plan, speaking on condition of anonymity because the source was not authorized speak before the official announcement.

Yeah, that’s a winning ticket.

Can you imagine if Hillary selected a VP now? Ohhhhh, the fauxrage that would ensue…

Great post Prolix. This must be why I’ve been walking around singing “it’s a mad world, after all…” over and over.

Cruz announcing Carly Fiorina as his VP is just icing on the cake!

Two things from that Daily Beast/Tomasky article:

First thing:

If this were two men, the onus would clearly be on the one who’s behind to play ball and do the responsible thing. But I can’t help suspecting that the media are going to put the weight on her in these next few weeks: Will Hillary accept Bernie’s conditions?

(bolding mine)

Hey Fredster…I already quoted that 2nd part earlier on in the post. I do think the first part is also very on point. As a woman, she is always supposed to “behave properly.”

@27: Oh my apologies. I was scanning the comments and also looking at the teevee local weather at the same time – bad line of storms getting ready to roll through.

Just got this in an email from Correct the Record.

I knew that clip was gold!! Gold, Jerry!!!

@29: And he’s said she has no stamina. Is he nuts??? I seriously doubt he could have handled all the travel she did as S.O.S. even with his private 757.

I’m in awe of her stamina!

Prolix, Chuck Tingle is probably in the best place possible for such a character: Billings MT. Sparsely populated area, can’t disturb the neighbors much. LOL!

And this cracked me up:

In Tingle’s first published interview, with the Observer, journalist Vinnie Mancuso readily admitted that none of the tae kwon do master/DeVry University PhD graduate’s claims could be corroborated. His essential author photo is nothing more than a free stock image shot by a Miami-based photography firm, no longer available online.

@31: Oh totally! I have no idea how she kept up the schedule she had when S.o.S.

OMG, the stamina comment! Absurd. Bet he’d be out of breath after walking up just a couple flights in one of his yuuuge buildings.

Stamina?! I think Trump goes night night at 10 pm, in silk pajamas. Monogrammed..with feet!!

Feetie pajamas?! Oh, that is priceless.

jules@37: Oh I so don’t like either one of those two but I guess I’ll take Heilemann this time.

The Rude Pundit has a great piece on Trump and the “woman card”.

@40, Fredster: Very enjoyable piece! I’m going to have to use “jerksplaining” soon.

How about these “woman cards”:

jules I liked Pundit’s comment about that not being her only card, that she owns the effing deck. LOL!

jules, LOL! Trump is perfect as the joker.

@21, Jules, I stand corrected. Bernie gets a time out and no maple syrup for his waffling waffles.

@24, GAgal, Cruz, I’m sure, is trying to capitalize on all the undying love everyone has for Carly, especially, those 30K laid off HP workers or the campaign workers and vendors she stiffed from her senate run. Nothing like someone like Carly to help old Ted seem warm and fuzzy. Not.

And the other part, both of them together don’t have one good lip between them.

@28, that is a great clip. Thanks for posting that Fredster.

@30, that Trump plane is over 20+ years old. I read an article about it a few weeks back and some airline mechanic said, “Buying old planes like that is like buying your Cheetos at the Dollar Store — a whole lot of food for not very much.”

The newest plane in his fleet is a 20 year old prop plane. Even the helicopters are over 20+ years old. Slap some paint on it and parade it around. Pretty much the Trump story — throw him in the tanning booth, fluff his hair and he’s good to go.

@32, Chuck is a real character. Check out the Channing Tatum interview — he’s going to be his Veep.

Prolix @47 said: that Trump plane is over 20+ years old

Sounds like some of the planes in the Delta fleet.

@48: That youtube with Tatum was funny as hell.

@49, I made a mistake. It should have been 20+ instead of 30+. I edited both comments to reflect the corrected info. I’m not good at typing numbers.

@42 – yes, great line!
@43 – I agree!
@44 – dry waffles is exactly what he deserves for all those cheap shots at Hillary

@Prolix: Still sounds like a lot of the Delta fleet.

Bernie’s campaign is laying off several hundred of their staff.

(Image borrowed from aNonOMouse over at skydancing)

@54, Love it! I miss anonomouse! Used to hang with her back @ the old John Smart site.

Fredster, I saw someplace that Birdies campaign was laying off their online troll army. Dare we hope?

@56: I haven’t heard that but it would be a relief if true.

Nice graphic!

I hope he is done with the online trolling. It’s enough already.

Whatever happened to John Smart? Did he turn into a rat fondler? Weird that a bunch of folks turned into Romney lovers back a few years ago. I ended up hangin’ at SkyDancers most of the time, with lurks and rare comments at Upps and here.

@45, yeah, nothing’ like screwing the workers while the CEOs get fatter to help “Make America Great Again.” That’s going to backfire even if they do get the Rethugs’ nod.

Luna: John’s place sorta got taken over by “he-whose-name-we-shall-not-speak”. A person who is fond of wearing makeup.

The place got basically taken over by that crew and everyone that I know of pretty much just left.

The last time I was over there he had a statement that he wasn’t going to get involved in this political season and I’ve really not been back since.

@60, Luna, we are much pleased you are here. I wouldn’t have used the royal “we”, but if I used a first person pronoun, that would’ve been weird and stalky sounding.

Okay, here’s some news of how Lady Lindsey is spending his time. Must have been an awfully attractive clutch.

The man who hopped a fence at the White House complex last night, triggering a lockdown, was apparently a purse snatcher trying to flee the scene of his crime, the Secret Service said.

Once last thing for the day. I listened to Drumpf’s speech this morning. I particularly liked the part when he told Isis their time was coming once he was President. He said, “We must be unpredictable. We have become too predictable. We tell people when we are sending soldiers. We tell them when we are doing all types of things. We must be unpredictable. We are going to be unpredictable — now.”

I don’t think he knows what unpredictable means if he just predicted when he was going to be unpredictable.

I saw this in an article about Trump and “the woman card”. This should really (not) help Donald out.

Bob Sutton, chairman of the Broward County GOP Executive Committee in Florida, voiced confidence that Clinton would be easy to defeat in a debate — with a comment not likely to endear him to some female voters.

“I think when Donald Trump debates Hillary Clinton she’s going to go down like Monica Lewinsky,” he said.

That should be good for…oh…at least $150k in donations to Hillary.

@65, Fredster – Sutton is a pig who probably hasn’t experienced the act he refers to in ages. But I believe that kind of vileness will be Trump’s undoing. So good, let him and his minions keep it up.

Fredster, I see. Yeah, that guy. He always did rather set my teeth on edge for some reason, even before he turned rf-er. Not to mention that place he set up himself which I mistakenly visited a couple of times. (shakes off virtual slime)

Prolix, I understand the pronouns, lol! Happy to be here & chatting with you all!

@64, Prolix — “unpredictable” Oh that will make our allies feel good about us, uh-huh. That comment will get Hillary even more votes from moderate Republicans in the GE!

Yes, NW, we are all happy you’re here! We are reliable liberals and Democrats, not like some PUMA sites that went RF.

You know I was reading something I wrote from 2012, and I predicted that if we kept up the pressure on the Democrats to move left, we might have a Socialist or Green President in 2016. How weird! That was before I fully understood the ramifications of the Tea Party, of course, but I think it’s interesting that a Socialist did run. Unfortunately he’s a j*ck*ss and he ran against Hillary, two things I was NOT looking for back then!

That comment by Der Trumperer is priceless. He really is a complete idiot. And his team – woof! Sexist much?! I wonder if this will be the first Presidential race in history where the Republican candidate just gives up? I don’t see Trump having the “stamina” to hold up against the Titanium Pantsuit.

Folks, it looks as if Jane Sanders is not only the Swiss Guard of their tax returns, but she is also vigilantly standing guard over the required financial disclosure. Bernie has asked for a 45-day extension. Hmmm…

The @BernieSanders campaign asks for 45-day extension in filing Sanders’ latest personal financial disclosure.

Too much trouble to embed the tweet.

@70 – good grief. If he is so poor and only has one job, his taxes should be incredibly simple. Something stinks like a dead birdie!

John Boehner, not a hero of mine, did say something with which I do agree. He called Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh,” and continued with:

“I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life,” he said.

@72 – HAHAHAHA! O.M.G.

@70: Well there’s nothing that requires her to be on the campaign trail with Sanders. She could stay back in VT and get the required paperwork done and filed.

Awright!! Really…seriously, this shit by Sanders’ supporters has got to stop!

Yet Schumacher says she’s received vitriolic phone and email messages from self-identified Sanders backers and doesn’t quite understand how things got quite so nasty. Eight years ago, she backed Clinton but said she “cheerfully” switched to Illinois Sen. Barack Obama. She’d do the same, she said, if Sanders won the popular vote or pledged delegates from state primary elections.

“I got five emails on Easter Sunday. I mean, give me a break,” she said.

These folks need someone to help them out when they get these threatening emails so they can figure out the i.p. addresses of the senders and report it to their internet providers and get them TOS’d. Even better, if they can figure out the location they are emailing from, send a copy to the local police there and maybe they will pay these Bernie “supporter” a visit. 👿

It’s just ridiculous. These children need to get a clue.

Several liberal organizations have circulated petitions asking superdelegates to align their choice with the vote in their state. Even if that happened, Clinton would still likely be the nominee, given her lead in the popular vote.

That leaves Sanders’ most ardent fans — many of whom are relatively new to the political process — looking for someone to blame.

You know who to blame, brogressives? YOUR CANDIDATE. Hillary is better and more people want her to be President. Stop throwing tantrums and grow the f*ck up.

@76: Seriously these superdelegates (I hate that term) need to try to get the isp info and if one of the “bros” has indicated any type of threatening actions, If some of these idiots get a visit from the local police they’ll back down on this stuff.

Disgusting scumbags.

“There was absolutely no evidence of force or him doing anything to make this girl give him oral sex,” McMurray said, “other than she was too intoxicated to consent.”

As to getting the IP, a simple “view message source” would be a start. The full source header provides the IPs of the intermediate and originating ISP server. So unless the “supporters” were actually spoofing the originating server, you’d at least know who their provider was. Who, you would hope!, would not be too thrilled about having superdelegates threatened or harassed by one of their customers.

quixote, yes IPs can be spoofed but once you’re able to find that domain name server and its location that helps.

One of our blog friends had a poster who got fixated on a couple of things. The blog owner told the poster they needed to back off of it. It kept up. Then the owner had to mark the person as spam and it still continued and then the poster started making personal threats. Then the owner finally told the person (on the blog) that she had the IP and was contacting the provider. The craziness finally stopped.

Who, you would hope!, would not be too thrilled about having superdelegates threatened or harassed by one of their customers.

Normally it’s a violation of the Terms of Service and they lose that providers’ internet service, hence T.O.S.’d.

@78 – What kind of diseased psychopath comes up with that sh*t?!

@81 Apparently, the law wasn’t specific enough for them.

Hi all, enjoyed your comments. There are some very interesting comments next door at Upps down near the bottom of the thread. One about Jane Sanders making 80,000 PER MONTH for her “advice” and a breathtakingly shocking comment that Upps posted that is from an old UPI reporter about Bernie in Nicaragua. Its a must see! Sorry I don’t have time to drag it over here, I am swamped with work for the next few days but will check in when I can. It looks like this primary is all but over. Hugs to you all!

I copied it:

I want you to see a comment I extracted from The People’s View

I was a UPI stringer in Central America in the 1980s. There were no good guys. Yet Reagan had his bad guys and Sanders chose his bad guys. Sanders only cared about the Marxist socialist ideology. He didn’t care about the people. He didn’t care about the elderly women raped and hung from trees or the infants having their heads stomped in as they came out of the womb or the mass graves Ortega was filling. Bernie Sanders stood in the streets with his Soviet handlers and celebrated Daniel Ortega’s brutal regime for the sole reason that it was a Marxist socialist victory.

Marxist socialist revolutions require guns and the brutal treatment of people. Sanders wants people armed. He doesn’t care who they harm, as long as his ideology triumphs.

He’s in love with the idea of a collective and detests people in general. Again, the opposition wasn’t any better, but one does not have to stand with a bad guy and tell the other side to stay out of it, like Sanders did.

That is exactly how cold hearted Bernie Sanders can be.

@83, given the number of MSNBC interviews, that $80K works out to be only $3.35 an hour.

GAgal that was hysterical as usual with Colbert.

Oh dear Gawd! Nothing much on the teevee so I had the repeat of Maddow’s show. Just switched it when she said “the interview” tonight is with Jane Sanders. Click

The state of women’s health care in a Republican Congress.

Recently my Federal Congresscritter, Rep. Jim McDermott, (Washington state) had to call the police to haul away some Bernieprogbrobots from his local office in Seattle — they kept crashing in to demand he switch his vote. I posted this a few days ago on SkyDancing, with a link from our local paper. Someone else was arrested earlier last week in his office. Cops didn’t say if the two incidents were connected but I bet they were.

Yeah, keep that behavior up, kids! I want Bernie banned from the Convention, and you are helping.

@ Fredster — Haha! If I never read or see Jane Sanders again it’ll be too soon. And her racist complaining about Hillary’s good relationship for decades with the African-American community hurting Bernie was disgusting. Makes you wonder if she thinks people of color aren’t smart enough to tell who’s actually done some work to improve conditions. Jane, maybe Hillary’s the annointed one because she damn well deserves it.

@90: Just incredible! Is his office in a federal bldg.? If so, then F.P.S. (Federal Protective Service) or something similar should have been available. It would have been a beautiful sight to see their azzes being hauled away. 😆

@91: Can’t wait for the time Jane Sanders just fades into the background in Vermont. I’m sure she’s going to miss that $80k/month. Perhaps she’ll stand on the side of the road and sell maple syrup.

They could get that fool under Federal laws:

@89 Prolix, thanks for that Amy Schumer video. I saw it yesterday, but it was in a tweet GIF and my computer will not play those. Drives me crazy. I’m missing out on some good stuff!

@ Fredster, yes, that’s it! And since the FBI got called in….hope this jerk gets what he deserves! Rat-effers! They are using Rethuglican tactics.

@96: Luna, when that Breibart idiot James O’Keefe tried getting into Mary Landrieu’s office and was trying to do something other with the phones and other shenanigans , he got federal charges against him and was tried in the federal court in nola. So I’m like you and hope he gets charged with some kind of federal violations.

Of course it might have been worth it to see McDermott swing that shovel and connect. LOL!

@97, I’m so luck to have McDermott as my Rep. He’s always been up there in the top 5 most liberal Congresspeople. Fortunately this is a deeply blue district and we have several good candidates running for his seat, as he’s retiring soon.

Heh. I think Jim might have wished for a chance to smack some sense into that kid!

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