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Good morning Widdershins!  And a mighty fine morning it is.  It appears our gal has achieved the long coveted title of “presumptive nominee.”  But, just like a Z-pack having a five-day course of antibiotics, it appears the math is too hard for the BernBrains and it’s Philadelphia or bust.  Their hoverboards are already charging.

Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press

Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press

While the statement from BerningBum mentioned no way forward to the nomination, it came just hours after a scathing fundraising email from Jeff Weasel calling Hillary a traitor of some sort or another.  Apparently Gollum Weaver has been in a hobbit bad mood for the past 130 years.

Given the late hour, the rest of this post is going to be stream of consciousness.  Warning:  If you have a seatbelt, strap up or if you are a daytime drinker, might I suggest a double big gulp.

Here’s an edgy piece of writing that basically says to the BernieBros, “Pound sand – the Democratic Party doesn’t want or need your vote.”  Here is an excerpt I found equally enlightening and delightful by asking, “What is the problem?”

So if it’s not the issues and it’s not the person, what is it then? Is it the fact that you believe both parties are the same? Try telling that to the 4.3 million people in 22 states whose Republican governors are denying them Medicaid. Try telling that to the women in 22 states who have had new provisions put in place to limit access to abortion services. Try telling that to the transgender community who faces discrimination in North Carolina as well as seven other states considering bathroom bills denying this population basic human rights and dignity. Try telling that to low-income and minority voters who will face new voting restrictions in 17 states for the first time in a presidential election. Try telling that to environmentalists who have had research and development stalled thanks to an entire Republican Party that refuses to acknowledge man-made climate change. And try telling that to your fellow Americans who believe that immigrants and Muslims should not be discriminated against simply because of who they are, where they come from, and what they believe.

Trump's War Council...

Trump’s War Council…

The next article from the Wall Street Journal chronicles the Virginia county Trump carried with 70% of the vote as “The Place that Wants Donald Trump the Most.”  Here’s an excerpt:

His [Trump’s] wealth isn’t a put-off. County Sheriff Ray Foster, who supports Mr. Trump, says rich businessmen have long been well-liked around the county because “they make jobs for the people here.”

As for the imbroglios over Mr. Trump’s comments about women and his shifting views on abortion and foreign policy, which have driven up his negative ratings in national polls, they are generally seen here as a plus. They reinforce his outsider status.

“He talks before he thinks,” Mr. Foster says, “so he doesn’t have time to think up something and lie to you.”

Nothing can make America great again like relegating thought to a distant second after speaking incoherently for long periods of time.

The following article was interesting because it demonstrates the disconnection between emotion and logic.  Different groups were asked the question, “When was the last time America was great?”  Ironically, most Trump supporters, most Republicans, most Americans, and most Democrats said 2000.  What are the two centerpieces of 2000?  It was before 2001 and Bill Clinton was president.  The other thing I found interesting was that Republicans only seem to count in 5-year increments.Knight Chair throw

Today, Trump is going to get the endorsement of Bobby Knight.  Obviously this is some type of 11-dimensional chess ordinary humans can’t conceive since getting an endorsement from someone adding another ten or fifteen points to an unfavorability rating among women would ordinarily be seen as a bad thing.  Perhaps Bobby will coach Trump in the benefits of long periods of quiet contemplation or not.  Word to the wise:  Beware of flying chairs today.

The dynamic duo of Cruz and Kasich didn’t work too well.  Their agreement to team up in order to extinguish the Trumpster fire lasted almost 18 hours – eighteen whole hours – almost.  Now the Republican primary seems to be all about Hoosier-land – Honest-to-goodness, Indiana.  That last part is Indiana’s state motto – honest-to-goodness it is.

Ann Telnaes - The Washington Post

Ann Telnaes – The Washington Post

This last article is one I did not make up because I’m not blessed with such a glorious imagination.  Chuck Tingle is an erotica writer who is successful on Amazon.  He has penned a book, Feeling the Bern in My Butt, a hot and heavy commentary on 2016 Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders—if he were a gay socialist unicorn.  Told you, you can’t make stuff like that up.

What’s on your mind today?  Take the conversation in any direction you might want.



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