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2016 “Acela” Primary Live Blog

Posted on: April 26, 2016

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Yep, somewhere today I saw the elections today referred to as the Acela Primary.

The closest forthcoming day of presidential primaries occurs on Tuesday, and will take place in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. This is certainly not the first day America has experienced multiple states voting at the same time. This is, however, the only day nicknamed the “Acela primary,” which probably means nothing to the vast majority of the country. After all, the nickname only pertains to the aforementioned states.

The Acela primary, so named because of the train service connecting the states, will yield 409 delegates for Democrats and 172 for Republicans, the third greatest number of delegates on a single day this primary season after Super Tuesday and “Mini-Tuesday.”
Actually I prefer to call it “The Day Hillary Clinton nails the lid shut on Sanders’ campaign coffin”.

You should be able to watch the results at the usual places:

MSNBC here.

CNN is probably going to be somewhere here.

PBS should be showing details here.

Personally I don’t know which one to watch.  The spin on MSNBC will be UGE with Rachel and Kornacke on there.  And if you dear readers find a juicy link concerning the primaries tonight be sure to put in the comments below.



188 Responses to "2016 “Acela” Primary Live Blog"

More history will be made tonight, folks. I’m thrilled to be here to see it!! I’m overjoyed to be a part of making it happen!!! Yay us!!!! 😀

Hello Shinners, what a day! Excited but certain our girl’s got this covered.

Getting my wonk on at

Less than a minute left!!!!


CNN calls it for Hillary in Maryland!!! WOOT!!!!

BTW, Maryland’s state board of elections are not that great, so I’m scouring to find results.

One down, four to go!!!!

I’ve got Bernie muted, so I have no idea why he jerked on his jacket lapels there but it looked funny.

Sanders on CNN and not giving an inch. He’s kvetching about indies not getting to vote in NY state. Tough shit. That tells you Bernie how the Democrats feel about your candidacy.

MSNBC leaving the old man on but CNN has moved on.

Oh and note: None of the sites above had their livestreams going when I wrote this so it was just a guess.

Looks like Sanders ahead in Rhode Island. Rhode Island/Guam anyone?


I just don’t get how—just what kind of effing audacity—would someone have to attack the party that ALLOWED HIM to run…all this despite not having a full year registered as a member,

It’s like if I joined LA Fitness and in the same month, I want to fire the CEO and put carb-filling stations in the hallways.

GAgal said: I’ve got Bernie muted,
The best way to do it when Bernie’s on the teevee.

Watching a live stream on Youtube, but please steer clear of the comments, just hide them:

Here’s Pensylvannia’s Board of elections results, none reported yet:

SM: don’t even begin to worry about such things.

Thanks for those links SM.

Hellllooooo everyone! Here’s to another big night for Our Girl!

I am very proud to be originally from Maryland today. #TheBernout – REJECTED!!!

#16, Fredster, I have PTSD from 2008! 😦

Hey MadamaB 🙂 !!! Rooting for our girl 🙂 !!

Delaware for Hillary!!! Woo hoo!!

REALLY???? Biden-land for Hillz?? YAY!!!

@22 according to MSNBC. No word of it on CNN.

CNN not calling Delaware unless I’m on a slow feed/delay.

CNN hasn’t called Delaware…GAgal where are you seeing that?

Watching a bootleg feed on Youtube. I’m on the porch enjoying a perfect wonderful evening on the porch 🙂

Oh you already answered. LOL!

BTW, Sanders is in West Virginia right now. “Narrow Path” my *ss!

Less than 1% in from CT, she’s ahead by less than 1%

I read on 538 that the urban areas aren’t in yet….

CNN calls Delaware for Hillary!

BTW, Cutter’s Skinsations insect repellent is the best repellent to not make you smell like a toxic chemical plant. I smell hints of Avon’s Skin-so-Soft.

Trump got all five states. Hmmm….

CNN finally woke up. She’s 58/40 with 25% in.


GO Biden-land!!

CT looks close, still monitoring.

Yeah Fredster, Trump had a good night. He still can’t get to the magic number, though, as far as I know.

CT actually looks like it’s going to go to Hillary. Hartford, New Haven and other more urban areas are not in.

PA coming in, 58% Hillz!!!

In honor ofPA, I will break my diet and eat a Philly Cheesesteak in honor 🙂

@38: I was doing some other things but heard CNN said something about New Haven.

New Haven is Yale U, but also it’s a very diverse community. Lots of non-Bernie people there too 🙂

Geez Rachel gets Jeff Merkley (?) the 1 Senator who endorsed Bernie. Big effing whoop.

Hillary winning New Haven 🙂 – it’s her alma mater 🙂






PA for Hillary!! 20 points right now! The crowd goes wild!!

PA 58% for our girl!!!

guy on CNN about PA – This is a big win!!

PA was the big fat prize. Sorry kids, that ain’t going to be a swing state in November. Hell, there may be NO swing states in November if Trump is the Repub nominee.

Merkley’s endorsement of Sanders is like the navigator on the Titanic taking a second look at the map after hitting the iceberg.

Merkley is saying the math gets harder. No it doesn’t. The math gets easier — he’s lost.

It is looking good! for Our Girl tonight.

SM, lots of us have PTSD from 2008. I have to keep un-holding my breath. So good that many of us are still around and hanging out on old-fashioned blogs, lol.

This is for you Hillz and for PA voters, thank you !!!


In exit polling on the Democratic side, Ben Jacobs flags a dynamic in Maryland we haven’t seen much of nationally: more Democratic voters told exit pollsters they were inspired by Clinton than Sanders:
A majority of Maryland Democrats find Clinton more inspiring than Sanders

Gufffaw…ROTFL…slapping myself silly, but Maddow just called herself neutral in the Dem race. Oh puhleeze gurl!!

@54 – Yeah! She IS MORE INSPIRING!!! In 2 years the young uns who voted for Bernie will move on to the next shiny object. We’re STILL HERE!

NW Luna, hugs!! Seriously, it truly scarred me. But this is great redemption tonight. The BernieBros are tryng to compare 2008 to 2016, and it’s nowhere near. Hilary and Obama were a sliver of delegates apart, way within the superdelegate margin of error. But Bernie’s not even waaaaay near that margin of error. He’s out on the curb.

@55 – Oh Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. Bless your heart!

@51 sounds like my 7 yr old nephew doing his homework. Math is haaarrrd!

Prolix@51: He-Merkley, ought to be recalled for saying something like that. Clearly this is a man who doesn’t have a clue as to what’s going on and probably needs a bread trail to go back and forth from his office.

Getting a little closer in PA, 54% for Hillz to 44% for Bernie, but still a 10% margin.

Trump is winning YUGE…it just proves that Republican voters are dumber than f*cking dirt. How in gawd’s name could anyone think that moron is Presidential?!

Argh, that didn’t embed correctly up above. Link here

I fixed that for you Luna. It should open in a new tab now. ~~Fred~~

I see PA at 58.2% to 41.1%…

@56: What was that Designing Women show about crazy people? Someone has taken Rachel out of the attic and they’re attempting to show her off. That will not end well.

Bernie well ahead in RI. Too bad for him it only has 24 delegates. 🙂

Hillary wins PA!

MadamaB, checking the PA board of elections site, but Phili is not yet.

SM77 – Your boyfriend is speaking on CNN! 😀

@60, Merkley is doing nothing more than sucking at the electoral trough. I looked at the 2008 Oregon primary and it went to Obama so he’s figuring it will go to Sanders in 2016. Talk about “Profiles in the Lack of Courage,” it has Merkley’s picture on the back dust cover.

Hill – A – REE about to speak!

Too bad for him it only has 24 delegates. And she’ll still get her share. 🙂

They’re so excited! She can’t even speak 😀

MadamaB, Van Jones and I have been mourning over Prince, in fact, I’ve fallen in “whatever” more after knowing how close he was to Prince and helping Prince donate to charities. Van’s wearing Prince Purple :).

As long as he doesn’t tallk bad about Hillz, and if he does, I’m shutting it down!!

HILLARY walking to Eye of the Tiger!!!

Hillary jamming there for a minute to Eye of the Tiger!!

MSNBC got to Hillary late and Brian Williams talking over her. Grrr…

@77 – Another reason to NEVER WATCH MSNBC. I’ve boycotted it for 8 years and I have missed nothing! 🙂


She’s definitely reaching out to #TheBernout’s supporters now. She’s on the home stretch.

She’s using “We Democrats” a LOT. She is so smart!!! Hill-a-REEEEE!!!

MSNBC calling Guam uh Rhode Island for Sanders.

She just said the best quote of the night: “If fighting for women’s rights, paid family leave and equal pay is playing the ‘woman card,’ then DEAL ME IN!”


They say birds love Bernie — buzzards are birds aren’t they?

Way to go Hillary!!! Yeah! Big wins PA,DE,MD! Yeah!

I’m sure #TheBernout will enjoy those 12 delegates. 😀

Hey MsMass! (waves!!) Glad you joined us.

So embarrassed about RI but glad it’s meaningless in terms of delegates. The rest of the news is just thrilling!

@89: Hey jules! (waving again) R.I. won’t do a thing for Bernie so let him have it.

Hey Jules and MsMass!

John King says Hillary can still win based on the votes in New Haven, Stamford, Bridgeport, Hartford…and most of his wins are already 100% counted.

I’m floating, no, GLOATING. 🙂 and yes MadamaB, she threw a shout-out to REAL EFFIN DEMOCRATS!!!

#88, no disrespect to RI, but that’s also known as the armpit of New England. Don’t get mad, just look at the map! It’s right underneath Massy’s flexy-arm.

@87: MB, he’s got the big MO now!

Hey Fredster!

The Courant is calling the CT race for Hill ah reeeeeeeee!!!

Thank you John King. I feel better now. Still a nail biter.

@89, Bernie held lots of rallies at the RI yacht clubs where his voters hang out — white, employed, educated, and pretty well to do and their children are caddies and work in the pro shop.

@95: Glad you came by to join us! 🙂

Hi back, Madamab, and fingers crossed King is right about CT.

@93, SM — I’ve lived here 20 yrs but still scratch my head about the weirdness of the state.

@98 – yes, while Hillary had hers in a low-income, racially diverse city.

@98: They must have had lots of those poor voters turn out there, or maybe the yacht owners had their chauffeurs drive the poor folks to the polling places.

@Jules70, I’m an original masshole, so I have some bias. But the universe has some special karma my way:the two co-workers’ desks that are closest to my desk are from Rhode Island. So now, I’m the armpit.

Trump’s about to come on. I’m trying to remember the number of that TV channel that livestreams NASA satellites. Scanning the guide….

I think this site is giving better info that that other link for CT.

@103 SM, haha! No offense taken. I’m from CT originally anyway.

Nice hanging out with all of you! Off to get the kids to bed.

GAgal@104: Oh my…LOL!

@106: Thanks for coming by jules.

From Fredster’s link to the Courant. A Bernie supporter who cares about climate change. Not!

David Steinberg had the distinction of being the first to cast his ballot at the Hartford Seminary. It was an easy choice for the 27-year-old.

“I’m definitely feeling the Bern,” said Steinberg, who took a “25-second drive” from his home a few blocks away to get to the polls.

$104, hey GAgal!!! Not interested in hearing the orange vomiting cat hair ball in a suit talk. Had a massive, just truly massive day of reckoning today. Trump walking out to Rolling Stones Start it Up??? LMAO!

GO HILLZ, Chatblu, God bless you in the afterlife (apologies to other beilief or non-belief systems, but dammit, she still lives in my heart and soul!) Hoping you’re whispering in every undecided voter’s ear 🙂

Lazy Weekend starting today, as per Hillary’s walk-out song. Eye of the Tiger. Fighter. This is what we need so much in our party. GO GET EM TIGER, thank you Phili and PA!

@109:! So he couldn’t have even ridden a bus or a bike?
Hope that someone calls him out on that.

@109, LMAO, a 25-second drive” to vote for a Bern that is going to deliver climate change policies. OH, THE BERN!

Well damn. I guess we don’t get the NASA channel anymore. It must not have been popular enough. 🙂

A 25 second drive is 2 blocks for me without traffic, and that is shameful and hopefully readers can see through that Bern. (CHARLIE BROWN FACEPALM)

Hillary pulling ahead in CT!!!

@109, I guess he had to drive because his unicorn was at the vet.

@!!!/Fredster, what did you expect him to do, walk??? How dare you!!

Prolix, #116, LMAO!!!!!

MB: looks like those southern counties are coming in.

Fredster, thanks for fixing that link! Our Girl is lookin’ good in CT!

2115 MadamaB, yes!!! Just found the NYTImes link for CT:

CNN giving toooooooooooo much time to the orange vomit hairball. UGH. Going to see if there’s an upload to Hillary’s speech.

So Bernie won the one state where voting was open to Dems and Repubs. Figures.

Lots of Sanders supporters drove to the caucus here in Seattle. Cars were filling up the side streets. Ahem, local caucus? I walked my 4-5 blocks there. I didn’t have my nose in an expensive smartphone the entire time, either.

Hi SM!

I’m surprised the BernieBro didn’t ride his hover board. Maybe it already caught fire. Feel the BURN!

OK, Hillz speech from Phili :)!

Chris Christie looks like his head hasn’t been out of the Krispie Kreme bag for months.

SM said: Fredster, what did you expect him to do, walk

Well…YEAH! Or take a bike maybe??

@126: I saw some scary eye movements and expressions with ole Chris.

@123 – 😀

Oh gawd, what is Trump talking about. Yada yada yada.

Does Trump kinda look like an orange racoon or something?

@130 – Yes! What is up with all that white around his eyes?! He looks like he was hit with the makeup shotgun from “The Simpsons.”

Mr. Trumpity is gonna make more cartoonists happy!

Trump wears large goggles in the spray tan booth in his master bath. So I’ve heard…They’re yooouge!!

It’s actually kind of amusing watching this baboon trying to form a sentence. He is like a nightmare mashup between Sarah Palin and Dubya.

I’ve seen Ford F150s with better paint jobs than what Trump has on him right now.

For those that still feel a certain Bern.

Hil is now 2000 votes ahead, like Sanders was for a long time in CT. A 4000 vote flip.

You guys are way funnier than Der Trumperer 😀

My favorite comment that Trump makes is that Hillary will be easy to beat! Golly gee willikers, he’d be the first Republican to win an election against her…well…ever!

I’m watching Newtown county. I have a feeling I know how that one’s gonna go.

@137 And according to this site she’s got 50% now.

I pity the fact-checker trying to count the lies in this speech…

MSNBC just called CT for Hillz.

@140 – CNN says she’s over 50% too…pulling away…

Oh my gosh…”Women don’t like Hillary…I’m doing well with women.”

I think he is riding on Bernie’s unicorn to an alternate universe.

Hillary wins CT!! Whoop-peeeee!!

CNN Calls it! Hill-a-REEEEE! 4 out of 5. what a great night!

All right – time to get to bed. Great, great night for us!

LOL!! What did I say at the top, in my post?

Actually I prefer to call it “The Day Hillary Clinton nails the lid shut on Sanders’ campaign coffin”.

Nite madamab. Actually Politifact announced they would no longer be fact checking Trump. They calculated he told a lie every 5 minutes, so they said they couldn’t keep up. It’s true.

SM, thanks for the link to Hill’s speech. So uplifting.

Good night, the almighty MB!

I found this gem of a video of Jane. I think Tarzan and Cheetah would’ve told her where the damn taxes are at this point. Hint: Call your accountant.

@153: Awwww….poor Jane. The water on the S.S. Bernie is already swirling at her feet and she doesn’t know it.

Wow, four counties still out in CT.

@152 NW Luna, anytime! we gotta enjoy that moment again!

And, as a point of disclosure, I’ve owed taxes to the IRS. They don’t play. And I still owe them some from my “self-employed” years.So just to keep it 100% honest and servicey to our “new Democrats” Jane and Bern, here’s what you do: if you can’t find your tax returns, call the IRS and they will send you a transcript of them. They typically respond in about 15 to 21 days or so.


SM: I think I heard Bernie say “Jane does the taxes”. If she doesn’t have a copy of them somewhere she’s pathetic.

OH! OH!! New statement by Sanders coming up on CNN. This ought to be good.

@153, I bet Jane had low scores in those Miller Analogies Tests.

If speech transcripts are to tax returns then what is to repeated, slobbering idiotic statements?

Jane, the answer requires the use of a mirror and a drool rag.

@159: Hahahahahahahaaaa!!

Poor Bernie still doesn’t get it about primaries.

“I am proud that we were able to win a resounding victory tonight in Rhode Island, the one state with an open primary where independents had a say in the outcome. Democrats should recognize that the ticket with the best chance of winning this November must attract support from independents as well as Democrats. I am proud of my campaign’s record in that regard.

@!59, Prolix, slayer of logic and law! Kill the stupidz!

OK, having a woman power moment This resonates with the sorry patients of a Berning Bum. the great goddess Serena killing haters with her swagger dance moves, just like she does in tennis?? Sorry, but not really:

Good night my lovely Shinners! May we live 2 C the dawn.

Night SM.

Nite SM! It’s been fun!

This has been a really great night. Glad everyone was able to come by and contribute.

Bill Press has got a bad case of the sads and looks like someone just yanked out his catheter.

I missed Bernie’s statement. Judging by the talking heads, he’s going to push on through to the convention and insist he have a say in the platform. As much as I would LOVE to see $15 min wage, living in a rural area like I do, I see a lot of problems with it. In GA the fed minimum wage is 7.25. Even spread over five years, that’s almost doubling it. I don’t know the answer, but he shouldn’t force Hillary to make promises that are not possible to keep. That’s his schtick, not hers. Congress will never go that far that fast.

I’m getting sick of Bernie insinuating Hillary has no plans on climate change, criminal justice reform, Citizens United, etc. At all his rallies he basically says he’s the only one who’s raising these issues. Bull.

Mrs. Tweety was beaten. She came in third behind by the state senator and the guy who spent $12 million of his own money.

@168, Cal-Berkley just announced today that they were terminating 500 hourly workers because of the $15/hr increase. That is why Hillary’s plan is better. A graduated scale going up over time. There is not the elasticity in the economy right now to swallow that large of an increase all at once.

@170: Poor Mrs. Tweety. Well! Moving on…anyone know how the MD Senate race turned out?

@172, Chris van Hollen defeated Edwards. She was getting lots of static by her constituents saying she had not been attentive to their needs and wouldn’t return phone calls or emails. In her concession speech she spent 13 minutes excoriating the state Democratic Party. She called the state party out for not supporting her. Trouble was, both she and van Hollen were pretty much rock stars when it came to traditional Democratic ideals.

Looks like Katie McGinty beat Joe Sestak in PA. That is a really good win.

@172 & 168: The $15 rate would just throw the service industry in nola into convulsions. And gawd knows the cost of living there has jumped tremendously post-Katrina but that would just not work there. It would have to be done gradually.

@173: Yeah, that was a difficult one to choose one or the other.

@171 if our economy was booming, $15 min wage might have some traction, but we’re not there yet.

@177: Even with a great economy I still think doubling the rate all at one time is just too much of a shock to the economy.

What a great night! I can’t wait to see how many MILLION votes and how many delegates she is ahead now! The fact is, Hillary WON the NOMINATION tonight!! April 26, 2016!! Oh happy day!!

@180: Somebody tell Bernie, Jeff and Tad. LOL!!

‘Nite all! Ah, I can smell victory!

Bernie really, really, needs to read Hillary’s platform. She’s already got detailed plans (and plenty of past accomplishments) for all the issues he’s shouting about. We need dreamers, and we need doers. Hillary does both. Sanders is still stuck on dreaming and doesn’t understand he needs to do more than that. He’d better go home and prep for his primary season.

Ditto what GAgal says, What a great night! I’m so excited! Sorry I couldn’t join you guys earlier, had to work tonight. I enjoyed reading your comments though. I wish Bernie & trolls would just knock off now. There is no reason to continue. It’s o v a h.

I’m listening to the first whip-poor-will of the season out my window right now! It’s funny, every year when they start, they have to “practice” a little before they get it right.

LMAO I don’t know how I missed this today. Sounds like some conspiracy Tim Robbins cooked up. Hillary people cyber attack pro-Bernie FB sites with porn… HAHAHAHAHA!! But..but..but they have EYE witness reports!

@185: I believe they did it themselves. I don’t put anything past those f*ckwads.

Fredster, it made me laugh so hard tears flowed! Ahhh… more pollen washed away. Every little bit counts. Oh and did I mention that Hillary won the nomination last night ? Yeah, I think I DID!!

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