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Weekend music – not so laid back

Posted on: April 23, 2016



Good Saturday and weekend to you Widdershins.  And nooooo, this weekend we will not be cleansing our palettes, we will not be laid back, we will not be mellow. We will not be listening to Vivaldi Trio Sonatas this weekend. The reasons for this are the trio of @sswipes consisting of Bernie, Tad Deviant and Jeff Weaver.  Honestly, if I had them lined up and tied up with a stack of dungballs beside me I don’t know which of them I would start throwing at first.

So what’s the reason(s) Fredster is riled up?  It’s “the speeches”!  I am totally over hearing about “the speeches”.  Tweety had Jeff Weaver on tonight and Weaver went off on “the speeches”.  Matthews asked him to name a policy, a piece of legislation on anything that Hillary had done that would have shown some kind of undue influence or other action that was based on the money she received from “the speeches”.  And Jeff Weaver could not name a thing.  Further, I wish someone in the media would point out just three things to these clowns about “the speeches”.

  • She was not a member of the Senate when she gave them
  • She was not Secretary of State when she gave them
  • She was a private citizen when she gave them

Now we aren’t going to go yelling and screaming out our windows.  Rather let’s vent musically.


(1)  Get Gone – Fiona Apple

(2) Your phones off the hook, But Your Not – X

(3) Break Stuff – Limp Bizkit

(4) Sh!tlist – L7 (title edited)

And for a more calm closing:
(5) You Don’t Own Me – Middler, Hawn and Keaton from First Wives Club

* * * * *

Okay Widdershins, what got your goat politically this week?  Was it Sanders, Weaver or Tad the Deviant?  Sarandon perhaps?  Vent through a musical selection or otherwise, below.  It’s completely open.




79 Responses to "Weekend music – not so laid back"

Fredster, I can say I would have never, ever, in this lifetime, have listened to Limp Bizkit’s “Breakin’ Stuff” had you not thought of this post. Most well done. While I listened, I thought I’d go with more great disappointment than anger.

And there’s always Bob Dylan, “Positively 4th Street.”

The lyrics are on point:

You got a lotta nerve
To say you are my friend
When I was down
You just stood there grinning

You got a lotta nerve
To say you got a helping hand to lend
You just want to be on
The side that’s winning

Prolix, when I was looking at different songs and played the Break Stuff, when I saw the sign at about 1:29-30 that read “I know Fred”, I thought yep this one goes in!

Then there’s Ugly Kid Joe’s “Everything About You.”

@4: I can work with that one.

Only because I said I wouldn’t here’s a Vivaldi Trio Sonata for two violins and continuo.

Aside from the domestic violence insinuation at the beginning, this pretty much sums up some days…

Not a song. For jules and Luna from the last thread, Hillary in RI 2008.

@7: I ran into that same issue when I was looking for songs for the post.

I don’t know if y’all like fireworks and air shows, but tonight is the largest North American fireworks show in Louisville to kick off Derby Festival. It is pretty amazing and it is synchronized to music. Right now the air show is going on, but you can see a live stream of both the air show and later tonight 9:00 p.m. the fireworks.

Here’s the link:

Right now they have a Navy team with frogmen jumping into the Ohio River.

@10: Thanks Prolix! I’ll check that out.

Warning – contains the word “revolution”. 🙂 And it gets loud.

@12: I liked that!

Here’s the website for Thunder. It’s a great night weather-wise. They may make a run at attendance records of 750,000 +.

Johnny Manziel: There’s always a job somewhere.

Today I was at a memorial service for a veteran who passed from lung cancer. He got a beautiful military honors tribute.

PRINCE died this Thursday.

Cousin’s husband died this past Sunday.

Old friend from high school overdosed a couple of weeks ago.

Chatblu died on the day that my best friend’s mom,

As of 2016, I hate, hate hate the month of April.

Speaking of Prince, he wrote a deathly prophetic song on his 1986 album Parade. The song is called “Sometimes it snows in April.”

Please, c’mon May flowers, I can’t stand this April rain/snow/death crap:

Oh crap, they disabled the embedding, please delete #17, you can click on the video to see it on Youtube. Sorry, didn’t know.

Thunder doesn’t start until 9:30, but they are live streaming now.

SM, that’s awful. April has not been kind to you this year. Looking forward to a better month of May!

Prolix, those fireworks were impressive!

@20, I don’t know if there’s an estimate on attendance yet. It is amazing how they bring three quarters of a million people down to the Riverfront and then get them out so fast. Some years the interstates, I-64, I-65, and I-71 all come to a standstill to watch them. Pretty amazing.

@16, welcome to the I hate April Club. For many of us, April has been a month of loss. It seems this year April has taken an unusually hard toll. I’m sorry for all your losses. Your friends around here understand. Let us know how we can support you. For now — how about hugs {{{SM}}}.

Prolix that fireworks show was fantastic! I really liked the ones that cascaded off the side of the bridge. I’ve never seen a show go on that long before!

On attendance I think I heard one person say around 750,000.

Yep, April has been a fairly shitty month.

@23, when Thunder began, the Daddy of Thunder who has since died, had two rules. Every sequence had to be equivalent to a finale. The other rule, don’t drag it out. Thirty minutes from start to finish has always been the rule.

Now they close the interstates, all three go through downtown Louisville, and they close the Ohio River to barge traffic for the day. They park barges loaded with fireworks up and down the riverfront that are choreographed along with the bridges and shore fireworks.

@24: Fredster, 2016 has, so far, been a pretty shitty year.
But I think and hope it’ll improve.

@23, the cascading waterfalls are kinda a signature of the shows. For years they experimented with different colors of waterfalls, red, orange, blue, gold, but white is always the favorite. Might explain Obama’s poll ratings in the state.

Sweet Sue, I wasn’t going to go that far, but, okay.

Prolix said: Might explain Obama’s poll ratings in the state.

ROTFL!! I would have thought either the red or gold would be good too but…

They have two fireworks shows on the river in Nola – one at New Years and one on the 4th of July. (I don’t think they do one on Lundi Gras) They use two barges in the Miss. Don’t know if they could do the cascading waterfall off the bridges there but it would be great to see.

First, it was turnout. Then it was closed primaries. Then it was non-caucus states. Then it was voter registration. Then it was too conservative voters. Then it was those Southern states. Then it was who was voting in the Southern states.

Now, well now it is the fault of poor people that Bernie is losing. He will say this in the morning in a recorded interview on Chatting with Chuckles your meeting of the oppressed.

Bernie just can’t catch a break — everyone is out to get him. If he didn’t have Secret Service protection, he would have already been diagnosed as a paranoid.

@31: I saw that! It was from another site but the same thing. It’s the poor people’s fault!!

“I think we have done, had some success with lower income people. But in America today, the last election in 2014, 80 percent of poor people did not vote,” he said.

Well Bernie, don’t use numbers from a mid-term election dude! Those have historically been bad years.

@8, GAGal: Thank you!!

“Poor” Bernie. If the lowest 1/10 of 1 percent of the poor people in this country knew of you, they would vote for HILLARY, you idiot.

@33 jules, thanks for reminding me!

@34, He has a never-ending stream of excuses that have no basis in reality. It’s pitiful.

SM77, that Prince song was amazing. You have gone through it this year, my dear, and I sympathize and empathize.

Just remember, good things happen in April too…Bernie was completely rebuffed in New York and his star is on the decline. He should be blown out again on Tuesday. She’s so very close!! I know it’s not a personal milestone, but maybe it helps to think of something happy when the snows threaten?

P.S. That comment about poor people is as condescending as his remarks about Southern states. He really is an arrogant SOB.

#19 and #37, hugs back to you, it’s just been a crappy month. But you’re right, MB, we did have several victories on the HRC side :).

Found a gem of an interview with former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox. After telling the world that he should pay for his effing wall, here’s another recent observation he made about Bernie Sanders. What Vicente Fox said is EXACTLY what I’ve said about Bernie—except that Fox says it more eloquently :):

“In Latin America, we have a century of experience of suffering from messianic, populist leaders that have broken our economies, that have brought poverty into all of Latin America,” he said in response to a question about Sanders during an interview with Mother Jones this week. “Yes, I’m talking here about the Hugo Chávezes, the Evo Moraleses, the Kirchners in Argentina, the Peróns in Argentina, and so many of those populists that we’ve had in Latin America.”

Yes, Fox is definitely center-right in the political spectrum, but he hates the Repub nominees equally:

In the same interview, Fox continued his assault on Trump and the candidate’s plan to get Mexico to pay for a border wall, calling the proposal “crazy,” “stupid,” and “ignorant.” “Trump, in his genes, is a dictator,” he said. “An absolute dictator. Dictators don’t show it until they sit in power. Look at Hitler, look at Napoleon.”

He also had choice words for Ted Cruz. “He’s as [bad] as Trump,” he said. “The same dogmatic, authoritarian, dramatic way of thinking. That’s not the kind of leadership the United States needs, not even if it were at war.”

Fox urges the USA to choose Hillary:

Fox backs Hillary Clinton in the race for the presidency, calling her “the only one that has the mature thinking that has high experience in government and how the world works, how diplomacy works, and how the economy works.” He also described her husband as “a very, very successful president.”

MSNBC’s Joy Reid just told Chucky it’s time Bernie stops using excuses and accept the fact he’s losing because we don’t want him as our candidate.

Found this piece last night. Here’s an excerpt, it is pretty good on the way to treat the BernieBros and the sites who have profiteered off this primary. I particularly like the part about Bernie being “one of the least qualified Democratic nominees to ever run for president.”

The profiteering of progressivism is an unpardonable sin. These pro-Sanders sites chose to intentionally undermine the Democratic Party for the sole purpose of helping to promote themselves at one of the most critical junctions in our nation’s history. Rather than get behind, or at the very least avoid intentionally smearing, the most qualified Democratic candidate in a half-century, these sites opted instead to promote the insurgent candidate running on an untested, unproven, and unrealistic campaign platform. By propping up Bernie Sanders and simultaneously attacking Hillary Clinton, these sites provided additional fodder for a mainstream media bent upon creating a horse race when none existed. Had these sites been more objective in their coverage, the mainstream might have dismissed Sanders early on. Yet the more these sites continued to provide Sanders with glowing praise, the more the media saw him as a viable candidate. By combining forces, the mainstream media and these pro-Sanders sites were effectively able to monetize the candidacy of one of the least qualified Democratic nominees to ever run for president.

@41: Prolix, Salon is the worst offender; the articles by H A Goodman and others read like Onion parodies.
One of them was entitled, I swear, “Hillary’s big problem with African Americans.”
Salon was one of my go to sites; never again.

Hey Shiiners, just catching up with the news and I found a gem at CNN (rare, I know).

Here’s Ms. Hazel Price, longtime neighbor and friend of the Rodhams and talks about Hillary’s Scranton roots.

PLEASE see the video and look at how Hazel smacks down HillaryHaters. I love Hazel 🙂 !

Hoping this embeds, if not, try last link below:

Or use this link:

@40 – That’s EXACTLY right. If there were actually a revolution against the “Establishment,” who would be at the forefront? The 99%, right? The poor, non-whites, and women…yet none of them are supporting Bernie. Instead, the 99% are supporting the MOST revolutionary candidate in the race. We’ve had 43 old white men so far – electing another one is far from the sweeping change Sanders claims it is, and the 99% are smarter than he thinks they are. They’re supporting a REAL future we can believe in; the candidacy of the first woman with the likelihood of being POTUS…Hillary Clinton!.

There is nothing more likely to disrupt the Powers That Be than a female President. I’ll explain this more in Monday’s post.

Ugh, I think I am stuck in the Spammy Bodyguard zone, but let me try again.

#43, EGGS-sactly, There’s nothing historical or revolutionary about having our first woman president, who also happens to be the most qualified candiadte who has ever ran for president….AND who also got the most votes of any candidate. Nope. Move along. We have some more men to vote in office.

Tried to embed this video, but Spammy Sammy the bodyguard said no.

Please watch old Rodhm family friend Hazel Price talk about Hillary. EPic takedown at the end.

@42, Sue, me too. I used to go to Salon. There were some writers there who had a quirky way of looking at the world and I liked to read them, but like you, I have learned to live without them quite easily. Salon is now in the past.

Do you have any idea, other than the profiteering, why they went so ape crazy?

@38, Hear, hear!

@39, good read! Thanks SM!

I also gave up Salon some time ago. Also, Politico and fluffpo, unless someone links to a good post on one of them.

@50, I didn’t realize Fluffpo had gotten so bad. Of course, I never went there, but when I read that article about the sites that are so violative, I took a cruise through — it is DISGUSTING. They don’t even try to give the appearance of being balanced. From a marketing standpoint, the fickle nature of the Bernie demographic must really be valuable.

Prolix@41: Speaking of profiteering off progressives or whatever, take a look at this snapshot from Bernie’s quarterly FEC filing and the payments to Tad the Deviant’s company.

Yes, I had been going to fluffpo daily for news, but they are Bernie Central now. I wonder how the tone will change after the primary.

btw, that mother jones piece on Vicente Fox was a hoot. He’s dead on.

We had a lovely day at the beach yesterday. Went to my birthplace, Santa Monica, and Venice, and visited some of our favorite old haunts and I got a free facial at a new salon! April has been a rough month, plus now every year on Laker’s birthday, I will think of chat dying! (April 1st)

Fredster, I’ve noticed how desperately Deviant and Co are pushing for Bernie to continue. They want to continue getting their fat checks every month. As a lot of the moolah that has poured into Berns account is from rethugs, I bet his fundraising is going to start drying up soon. No way he raked in that much $ from poor college kids.

@52, I saw that — not a bad haul, $2.2 million for three months.

@53, glad y’all had a good day yesterday. Santa Monica and Venice are fun to people watch. They must lock up anyone who doesn’t score an 8 or above because everyone is beautiful or at least this ogre thought so on my visits.

Prolix, I tried your link in #57, but it kept jigging all over the place. I love fireworks. Hubs was just saying he would like to see Louisville someday and the Derby festivities.

I looked at another site at your fireworks and they do look amazing!

SM77 – I got you out of Spam jail!

My parents used to live in Pacific Palisades, Prolix. I heartily agree with your assessment of what they must do with those of us who aren’t tan, blonde and cellulite-free. I’m not sure how my friend and I made it onto the beach without getting removed by the Beauty Police, although she, at least, was tan and blonde. I met none of the requisite criteria. 😀

Annie, I hope you had a great time. It’s such lovely weather out there.

@58, Annie, tell Hubbs, can I call him Hubbs, that the spring meet at Churchill Downs around Derby time is a great time to visit. Weather is always nice, the flowers are in full bloom, the city has cleaned itself up for the Derby, and people don’t work for the two weeks before Derby. It is really an amazing time to visit. In fact, if you hit it right, you can catch races at Keeneland (prettier, old world track in Lexington) and also catch some races at Churchill Downs. It does take some planning though since catching a plane or a hotel is difficult around this time of year. If y’all are foodies, Louisville is a foodie town. Great restaurants. I know y’all are music lovers and the town has a great music underground and 4th Street Live which is amazing.

I sound like the Chamber of Commerce.

@61, MB, here’s my story. I was in La Jolla for a speaking gig. I scheduled an extra day on both ends to enjoy Torrey Pines where I was staying.

So it was Friday night and I went to the hot and happening place overlooking the ocean in La Jolla. I got there about 6:00 before the crowd got there. By about 7:00 it was packed. I looked around and I was the Shrek. Randomly I spoke to three people before I skulked out as a beaten man.

Of the three people, one was a model, one was an actor, and the other was a fitness instructor. And there I was, someone who never met a carb I didn’t love. So I got some pasta and went back to the hotel and chowed down as an ogre should.

the most qualified Democratic candidate in a half-century

Hill, yes!

#52, the revolution costs money, especially those who have to all the water-carrying to the media. LMAO. Oh please.

Deviant devine knows this is his last chance at making any big bucks, so there’s the catch. Who else is going to hire him after this campaignn? Even he knows the writing is on the wall on this one.

This is what the Weaseal Weaver and Deviant Devine are doing, taking the money and run:

I can third or fourth that about the beautiful people in SoCal. I was at a plain sidewalk eatery in Santa Monica and every tenth person had just stepped out of a movie or off the pages of Vogue. Even *men* were gorgeous. Normally they work so hard to make themselves ugly, really goodlooking men are unheard of.

To be honest, even if I had the raw material I’m pretty sure I’m too lazy for all the work involved. I mean, just the tastefully combined casual clothes for a start. You’d have to shop intelligently. Then you’d have to think in the morning before you threw something on. I’d lose the plot before I was one tenth of the way.

But it sure was fun to watch.

When it’s all over and said and done, perhaps Jeff Weaver will go back to his comic book shop.

OMG, a comic book store. That explains a lot.

GAgal@65; See? They’re all in some kind of fantasy world.

@69, that’s it, exactly!

@66, LOL, I’m right there with you Quixote. Here’s something I don’t understand — the clothes of those folks never wrinkle. Did you notice? Their clothes never wrinkle. It is just like they walked out of an Abercrombie magazine, if the Abercrombie models wore clothes.

@67, Jeff Weaver and Kevin Smith sittin’ in a tree…

The thing with Devine is he runs that media firm and he *does* have other clients.

Devine runs a Democratic media consulting firm that’s been hired by a number of mainstream politicians, like Sen. Jack Reed, and mainstream liberal organizations, like Mayors Against Illegal Guns. These clients presumably don’t want Sanders to try burning down the Democratic machine by taking the nomination to the convention.

From here:

You’re right, Prolix! Their clothes don’t wrinkle. I hadn’t consciously noticed that, but how do they *do* that? 😯

On a more serious note, I see that Cruz and Kasich are going to try to get out of each others’ way in the next few states in the hope that one or the other of them can win (and take all) instead of The Donald.

Hmmm. I don’t know whether Trump or Cruz makes me physically iller. They’re both so hideous. Quandaries, quandaries.

@75, Q, I’ve always had a theory. Now this is gonna sound crazy, but I think they are so hot, they are steamy and their steaminess keeps their clothes from wrinkling from the inside out. Now, I don’t have any empirical data, but neither does Bernie for staying in the race.

@76, just an opinion here, but Cruz is scarier to me. He’s single-minded and smart. He will do anything to feed his need for approval and power. He has also run the smartest campaign by far. He is so personally abhorrent, the more people see him, the less they like him, but he drafted behind Trump until it was time to declare an internecine war. He has stayed on budget and marshaled his resources amazingly. And most important, he believes his crap. He is a believer in the craziness of the “Gold Standard”, “originalism in the Supreme Court”, climate denial, “the Middle East bringing the end times”, and all that Second Amendment crap. He would have sent us into default over the debt crisis and someone who plays politics with the world economy for personal aggrandizement is a scary human.

Well I like this news:

The only thing better would be if she did indeed get enough delegates Tuesday night to clinch the nomination.

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