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Good Saturday and weekend to you Widdershins.  And nooooo, this weekend we will not be cleansing our palettes, we will not be laid back, we will not be mellow. We will not be listening to Vivaldi Trio Sonatas this weekend. The reasons for this are the trio of @sswipes consisting of Bernie, Tad Deviant and Jeff Weaver.  Honestly, if I had them lined up and tied up with a stack of dungballs beside me I don’t know which of them I would start throwing at first.

So what’s the reason(s) Fredster is riled up?  It’s “the speeches”!  I am totally over hearing about “the speeches”.  Tweety had Jeff Weaver on tonight and Weaver went off on “the speeches”.  Matthews asked him to name a policy, a piece of legislation on anything that Hillary had done that would have shown some kind of undue influence or other action that was based on the money she received from “the speeches”.  And Jeff Weaver could not name a thing.  Further, I wish someone in the media would point out just three things to these clowns about “the speeches”.

  • She was not a member of the Senate when she gave them
  • She was not Secretary of State when she gave them
  • She was a private citizen when she gave them

Now we aren’t going to go yelling and screaming out our windows.  Rather let’s vent musically.


(1)  Get Gone – Fiona Apple

(2) Your phones off the hook, But Your Not – X

(3) Break Stuff – Limp Bizkit

(4) Sh!tlist – L7 (title edited)

And for a more calm closing:
(5) You Don’t Own Me – Middler, Hawn and Keaton from First Wives Club

* * * * *

Okay Widdershins, what got your goat politically this week?  Was it Sanders, Weaver or Tad the Deviant?  Sarandon perhaps?  Vent through a musical selection or otherwise, below.  It’s completely open.




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