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Posted on: April 22, 2016

h/t Madamab

Good morning Widdershins.Doves

Those sounds you hear are doves crying.  Prince was a man entirely too talented to hang around too long – it just wouldn’t be cool. If your young adulthood was anything like mine, Prince supplied the soundtrack.  He was otherworldly talented.  That talent was called home.  We are fortunate to have shared this world for 57 years.

Your friend Prolix was full-blown stupid last night.  Eat up with the stupid he was because he watched Kristina van den Heuvel on Chris Hayes’ show.  It wasn’t an interview.  It was a Bernilogue delivered without interruption for an entire segment.  Hayes even attempted to interject with, “This is what I think,” and van den Heuvel barreled over him as if he was roller derby road kill.  Unpretty it was.  Anger-making at its zenith.

Distainful BernieThis is why.  I have grown oh so weary of the new parlor game, “What does Bernie want?”  I’m going to answer that question, but not right now.  So read on.

Conjecture revolves around the “revolution” Sanders incessantly yammers about.  People, like van den Heuvel (Her Family Crest:  Wealth has its own rewards of telling poor people what to think, feel, and desire) believe a 75-year old holds the future of the Democratic Party.  Well, here’s a news flash – less than a year’s membership won’t get you on the condo board much less co-opting a 224-year old political party.

Here’s an observation for those seeing Bernie as the future of the Democratic Party – smarter statements have come from a box of hair.  It might just be me, but I don’t believe anyone without support from African-Americans, Latinos, and those whose last birthday didn’t involve a kegerator, will take over the party.

A related issue continues to chafe my chinos and it is the continued whining over super-delegates.  Here’s something no news person seems capable of putting in the googling machine – the 712 super-delegates are baked into the requirement to get 2,383 delegates overall.  What does that mean?

There are 4,765 delegates (one over half is 2,383) elected or selected – this includes the 712 super-delegates.  The super-delegates are a part of the calculation – they are not establishment “free spaces”, but about 15% of the amount needed to secure the nomination.  So any inference otherwise is a use of mathematics to return the eyes of airheaded pundits to their normal glazed-over appearance.

America: Go ahead -- pull my finger...

America: Go ahead — pull my finger…

One last thing before I answer the question posed above.  The constant excuse of, “Well, Hillary stayed in until the end,” is as insightful as comparing an amoeba and a blue whale since they are both living things.  Here are the facts, and yes, they are stubborn things.

The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee of May 31, 2008, is seared upon this simple mind of mine.  Why?  The delegates were jimmied to reward Obama by slighting Hillary.  At the time there was only, O.N.L.Y., a sixty-five (65) delegate difference.  Remember?  I wish someone paid millions of dollars to yammer about such things on teevee would remember.

So what does Bernie want?  It’s a mélange as they say in the fancy restaurants.  Here are the main ingredients:

  1. He wants the Democratic Party to act as the Democratic Party has acted during the Obama years when faced with hard choices. That is:  Take the path of least resistance which is to excuse the door mat and assume the position.  The excuse is to back down and coddle the precious 18 – 29 year-old males.  A cohort where almost a third wasn’t eligible to vote in the last presidential election and the others, save for an anorexic sliver of them, failed to vote in the midterms.
  2. While supposition and I’ve seen nothing in behavior to counter it, Bernie, in his 1960s sexist sensibilities, can’t abide being beaten by a woman. On top of that, he expects the woman to apologize for interrupting his taste of the sweet, sweet juice of mass adulation.  How dare she?  In Bernie-world, the she devil must be punished and grovel appropriately.Hillary Clinton
  3. Finally, this is the big one no one will say aloud and why Bernie will stay in the race until the last drunk falls.  Bernie Sanders has always been an opportunistic, symbiotic political tapeworm.  He can’t help it, it’s what he is.  What Bernie wants is the wet dream of every conservodroid to come true; the empaneling of a grand jury and Hillary’s indictment on a trumped-up email charge.

Believing he is the only possible, acceptable alternative, Bernie and his hobbits Gollum Weaver and Frodo Devine can claim the nomination in a bloodless coup.  Bernie is betting against logic, reason, and most importantly, the law.  This time, the tapeworm is going hungry since there are no grounds whatsoever to bring any charges.  Everyone knows it, even conservatives.

Someone should tell Bernie.

Why Won’t The Old B*stard Just Quit?  Ring any 2008 bells?



53 Responses to "WWTOBJQ…"

Thank you, Prolix. I am not sure why people think Bernie deserves anything at all from the Democrats. He ran as one to take advantage of the brand name and raise a lot of money from the brogressives. It is not guaranteed at all that, once this is over, he will stay a “D.”

In fact, I will bet you right now that he won’t stay a “D” at all. Why? Because it takes work! He’s a lazy man at his core, remember that (no job till the age of 41?!?!?!?!). It means he has to support his Democratic colleagues, perhaps campaign for them, and *gasp* COMPROMISE. Hells no!

But say he stays an “I” – he could still be a leader, like Howard Dean, right? DFA?

Wrong! If he were to suddenly be a “progressive” leader, which implies moving a group of people towards a shared progressive goal, this would require him to take risks and actions, to shape strategies, plans and tactics, and to realistically assess his tactics and change them upon failure. Does this really sound like a profile of Bernie Sanders’ personality to you?

No, my prediction is that he will say that he will support Hillary and the others should too, that he’s learned a lot about the corrupt system and the corrupt Party, and slink back to Vermont as an “I,” never to be heard from again.

@1, I agree totally. He’ll put that “I” jersey back on by July 1st and any support of Hillary will be lip service. I just wonder if the “IP information sharing agreement” will require him to turn his email list over to the DNC. Of course any chance to enforce it legally can’t happen until after November so it makes it worthless to Hillary and the down ticket Dems.

The only thing the DNC has over him is retiring his debt. If his fundraising is as big a train wreck as everyone believes with tens of millions disallowable, that might be leverage. He’s also got a real problem if that Rome “mini-day-vacay” to stalk the Pope is disallowed. It was easily a million dollar plus day. If it is disallowed, it would be imputed income meaning he would owe not only the underlying amount of the trip — $1.6 million — he would owe the taxes on it which easily would be another $6-700,000 in total taxes. Holy taxable rate BatBernie!

Wonderful post, Prolix, especially this: Here’s an observation for those seeing Bernie as the future of the Democratic Party – smarter statements have come from a box of hair. It might just be me, but I don’t believe anyone without support from African-Americans, Latinos, and those whose last birthday didn’t involve a kegerator, will take over the party.

Howard Dean, though I dislike how he lost his backbone as DNC chair during Obama’s candidacy, got a number of good things accomplished as governor — far more than Sanders has gotten done in his many years in Congress. And Dean is a SD for Hillary now.

5/31/2008 — I am still pissed off at the Rules Board actions that day to take away votes Hillary earned. And let’s not forget about the Convention later on, when state after state turned their coats and gave Hillary’s delegates to Obama.

Sanders — I say “Why Won’t That Stupid Dick Quit?” He can pay back his own campaign debt by pleading for $27 more from all of the deluded Berniebots.

@Sue —

those whose last birthday didn’t involve a kegerator


@3, thank you Sue.

I get so tired of all the focus being on the care, watering, and treatment of the precious 18-29 year olds who are like quadrennial cicadas. They have no interest in voting in the midterms where they could make a huge difference.

@4, Luna, I agree on Howard Dean, but this morning he must have had some synaptic flash since he said that Bernie was much more competitive than he (Dean) was. In essence saying Bernie couldn’t abide losing. I had already written the post, but without saying it, Dean endorsed the idea of No. 2 — Bernie being beaten by a woman.

I truly hope it eats at Bernie’s craw for years to come.

Prolix, brilliant as ever. This post should be in nyt or wapo, not the drivel they regularly serve up. Also, love the gif! I read somewhere that Bernie filed to run for his senate seat in VT in 2018, and he checked the “I” box. We all know he doesn’t give a crap about the democratic party. He probably shares Sarandon’s fondest hopes and desires that Trump wins and the entire world system falls apart. Billions of people broke and starving, no schools, no jobs, yeah, sounds good. Then that old weevil can take over the world. Gosh, I’m ranting.

Anyway, on twitter, people are urging Howard Dean to challenge Bernies senator seat. That would be a hoot!

I was extremely disappointed with the Matthew Yglesias piece at Vox.

Bernie Sanders is a fundraising juggernaut, and his performance on Tuesday night probably doesn’t change that.

Oh dear gawd! Yglesias knows…he knows! that the Sanders campaign has received those three FEC inquiries concerning his Karl Rove donors. The ones who went over the limit on donations, those 27,000 (my joke) hinky contributions from one part of D.C. and the rest.

I read that as much as he got in contributions, he was spending every cent in New York. As contributions slow down he won’t be able to keep that pace up.

And the movement? Get back to me next year on that one, m’kay?
By then the “movement” will probably consist of Bernie, Jane, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins.

As insanely angry as I was over 2008, I often wonder if Hillary is better off being president now than back then.

annie said:

He probably shares Sarandon’s fondest hopes and desires that Trump wins and the entire world system falls apart. Billions of people broke and starving, no schools, no jobs, yeah, sounds good

With her tens of millions she won’t affected in the least by it.

Prolix & socal — Howard Dean for Vt Senator against Bernie! I’ll donate to that!

Fredster — “fundraising juggernaut” Bwhahaha! Well, than he certainly can take care of his campaign debt and pay back those illegal …. ahem ….excess contributions from overexcited donors …. all by his little shouting self.

I saw this on Blue Nation Review and just reveled in it. Old political hand Cokie Roberts throws some cold water on #drunkmika in an attempt to sober her up about what Sanders is doing to the party.

I wish the MSNBC videos would embed but they just don’t work on wordpress.

So are Sanders’ supporters indeed going through the five stages of grief?

“It is over,” Lee Stonum, an avid Sanders supporter and public defender in Orange County, California, wrote on his Facebook page after the New York results were tallied. “I’m a little annoyed by the tone of the emails I’m now getting from the campaign that refuse to acknowledge this and claim there is still a path to the nomination. There is not.”

@13 – That video is great. I actually like what Plouffe said – that Sanders is a fraud! This must be upside-down week when I agree with Plouffe AND Dumb Hot Bald Guy That SM Likes.

P.S. #drunkmika seems not just drunk, but eat up with the dumb *ss, as Prolix almost said. 🙂

5/31/2008 — I am still pissed off at the Rules Board actions that day to take away votes Hillary earned. And let’s not forget about the Convention later on, when state after state turned their coats and gave Hillary’s delegates to Obama.

Me too. I voted for Hillary in the NJ primary and she won our state by about 10 percentage points. Then at the convention New Jersey gave every one of their delegates to Obama. I felt angry, powerless and disenfranchised. Also stubborn as hell and determined never to back down.

“Here’s an observation for those seeing Bernie as the future of the Democratic Party – smarter statements have come from a box of hair.”

I doubt it. I think your expectations for Drumpf are too high.


Hey Branjor!! Good to see you. I will never forget that day either. Disgusting. Maybe because Hillary was robbed in 2008, Sanders thinks he can rob her again in 2016?! Does he not realize he’s not the Party favorite by now?

Quixote – Hahaha!! You know Drumpf thinks global climate change is a Chinese conspiracy? As Bugs Bunny (like Drumpf, a cartoon with a Brooklyn accent) famously quipped, “What a maroon.”

Just switched it over to Tweety and who’s he have on? Jeff Weaver. Bleh.

@8, thanks so much Annie. I agree, Sen. Howard Dean sitting in the smelly Bernie seat would suit me just fine. I haven’t been a huge fan of Dean, but at this point I would contribute to anyone who ran against Bernie.

I’ve always thought Democrats have an esteem problem — why would the party allow someone who has never been a real friend to run as a Democrat? It’s like high school and getting hurt over and over again and then saying, “More please.”

@9, Fredster, I had the exact same reaction to the Vox piece. It just proves the point though, no one is critically analyzing what Bernie is doing to the party. When you put his liabilities up against what he will ask for — it is the same absolutism as the Tea Party — give me everything I want, then that isn’t enough, give me twice again more.

@10, karma has a way of righting the wrongs of history. In many ways the issues for Obama were baked into the economy. Hillary is going to have more leeway on her initiatives.

@15, MB, I agree 100%, I never thought I would be agreeing with David Plouffe about anything. Never say never.

@17, Branjor, great to see you. That 5/31/08 meeting still burns. It seems like yesterday in intensity.

@18, Quixote, LOL — I wonder if Drumpf keeps his hair in a box? And I admit, I’m not gonna be winning any John Wayne macho awards, but if I was spending two hours on my hair like Donald does, I certainly wouldn’t be telling people about it. No wonder he has to get up at 4:00 a.m. He’s tweeting while he’s under the dryer doing his hair.

I’m waiting for Weaver and Davine to do something monumentally stupid, like asking for another debate, so everyone can laugh in their face. Bernie is still out on the trail talking about Hill’s SuperPAC, speeches and transcripts. Apparently, he learned nothing from his NY loss.

With the FEC breathing down his neck to the tune of millions, continuing to spend donations on big events (and notice – no media is discussing this) is disgusting. He has the worst advisiors he could have and they should all be ashamed of themselves for their lack of ethics.

And another thing!(ha, nobody likes to hear me say that) The asshole thinks he can beat up on Hillary for the next two months, have a say on the platform, and expect the DNC to help pay his debt!!

@27, GAgal, speaking of bad advisors, here’s a good one.

Gollum Weaver, in one of his dozen daily interviews — there must be some little hobbit village in the back of these studios where he camps out during the day and hits on hobbit chicks — well, anyway, the interviewer was coming down pretty hard on him. The question was, “All the primaries except one are closed primaries, which ones will Sanders win?”

After humming and hawing, he said, “We think we have a good chance to win Rhode Island Tuesday.” To which the questioner replied, “Both counties?”

MSNBC has a Hillary special on right now.

@30, so far, I think it is pretty good, but we are just 15 minutes in.

@29 LOL! Is RI the open primary?

@32, nope, RI has a semi-closed primary (their fly is halfway up). I think the only one left that is open is North Dakota. A whopping 28 delegates. Giddy up there Bernie.

Anyone watching Chris Hayes? Every single sentence a lie about Hillary/Bernie raising money.

Stole this from Upps place. A couple of clips from a debate I missed, about the woman immigrant from Honduras whose husband had been deported. Also Hill’s answer on SS. Really good article but, I SO wish people would have sought out the truth about Hillary a looong time age.

Hi, madamab, good to see you too! 🙂

Hi, prolix, great post! 🙂

Shite! I missed the Hillary special. Hope they’ll do a repeat.

@39 Shite? Have you been watching Orphan Black?

@34, GAgal, instead of watching Chris Hayes I pulled off a fingernail and set my hair on fire, much less painful.

@40: Well I didn’t want to say shit.

@42, LOL.

@26: Prolix, John Wayne wore toupees for forty years: ten minutes and a glob of glue.

@44, LOL, Drumpf makes no bones about it taking two hours to get a head of fuzz and one extraordinarily long wisp of hair to look like that in a thermonuclear combover.

Don’t know why Susan Sarandon has eaten away at my last good nerve, but she has. Our friend Prof. Krugman calls her out. He calls it, “Sarandonizing Economics.”

And hiya Branjor!

@46: It bothers you because you know she’s more intelligent than she’s letting on and knows the “revolution” ain’t gonna happen.

@46 She married Tim Robbins. Gross.

@49, I don’t think they were ever married. I just think they lived together in pre-revolutionary bliss.

Just put up my Hillary sign! I love that bold, blue H.

Hillary is holding a rally in little RI today. So bummed I can’t go because of a previous commitment. Hillary’s ’08 rally here was fantastic, when she joked about the sky opening up and the world magically becoming perfect. 8 years later and the same joke would be fitting.

Hi, Fredster! Hi, NW Luna! 🙂

Jules, I’ve thought about that sky opening up and the world becomes … joke in connection with the Berniebot revolution too! Because movement! young! Heh. Except they don’t vote.

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