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Hate, Fear, and Hubris…

Posted on: April 20, 2016

My life is one big exercise in connecting the dots.  Can’t help it, that’s just the way I’m wired.  I’m always looking forTrump Sanders data points where trends can be sussed out from the shadows.  This primary season is a treasure trove of such data points.  Here’s the conclusion presented:  Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are running the same campaign.

The data points don’t include the campaign slogans – Trump’s slogan of “Making America White Again, One Deportation at a Time,” or Sanders’ slogan of “America: Here – pull my finger.”

The similarity doesn’t revolve around hair – the “thermonuclear comb over” versus the “great rat’s nest migration.”

Likewise, you can’t plot a data trend from policy positions.  If either of these men venture beyond stock stump speeches they know absolutely nothing as is evidenced by the Sanders New York Daily News interview and, well, every time Trump opens his mouth.

There’s no hint of evidence in their early careers because Trump didn’t have to work due to his father’s money and Bernie just didn’t work until he was 41.

But, there is one thing paramount and central to both their campaigns.


Cartoon 2It’s hate focused on different groups, but it is hate nonetheless.  Trump engenders hate against “otherness”.  Sanders’ hate focuses on economics – not character, but characteristics.

Both Trump’s and Sanders’ hate also have geographic focuses – one at the border and the other, Wall Street.

Both their hate springs from fear and ignorance.  The fear arises from falling on the wrong side of a zero sum game and the ignorance stems from failing to realize flourishing in this life isn’t bound up in facile equations.

Both Trump and Sanders possess a vindictive streak about a mile wide running through their souls.  The subtext of their campaigns is that people should be hurt and hurt badly enough to teach them who’s the boss.  In other words, they both would let someone drown to teach them they should have taken swimming lessons.

Trump believes eleven million families must be shredded in order to satisfy the vindictiveness of his hordes of angry, fearful know-nothings.  In 2008, Sanders proudly voted to send the economy into an irreversibly dangerous free fall toward depression in order to maintain his “absolutist” theory of no compromise.Midsummer Nightmare

Both these men have a theory that government exists for the meting out of pain to those who fall outside their narrow philosophical parameters – not empowerment, but ostracism. I’ve been waiting for one or both of them to come up with a new use for Gitmo – either as a deportation station or a new government getaway for errant Wall Streeters.

Along with the hate and the fear, the other and most consistent data point is the total and absolute hubris with which they both conduct themselves.  Their hubris seems to be its own siren song and the only one they hear.  They fail to appreciate that hubris and equanimity are incompatible.

The absolutism with which they see the world – the cocksure conceit in the way they brook no divergence of opinion belies a lack of leadership temperament.  Entertaining no other opinion is fine for worlds too small for egos other than their own.  We don’t live in such a world.

Hillary laughing in the middle of a crowdIt is amazing that both Trump and Sanders have identical reactions when defeated.  Their reaction to losing: The system is flawed and it is rigged.  They are all too eager to don the bonnet of victimization.  It seems to fit them all too well.

The answers in the Trump and Sanders data points are simple: Haters always gonna hate, the fearful always shrink, and those enamored with themselves are too busy for others.  The antidote for hate, fear, and hubris is forgiveness, but the weak can never forgive.

Trump and Sanders will never be burdened with understanding or exhibiting forgiveness.

They would do well to learn from Hillary’s strength.



82 Responses to "Hate, Fear, and Hubris…"

Yes, the parallels are getting harder and harder to avoid, aren’t they? Bernie’s base is white and male…so is Trump’s. They’re all afraid of being marginalized by women and non-whites, and they show it in their uninformed, hateful comments on social media.

For example…some idiot on Fuzzy’s Facebook page started whining yesterday about Hillary breaking the law by campaigning outside polling places. I told him that I saw no Hillary people, but three Sanders people outside the school where I voted yesterday, and thanks for playing! This moron then claimed that no one could criticize Hillary because it’s sexist, but poor Bernie was open to criticism because he’s a man. Never mind that I just stated facts that didn’t flatter his love object! And then he petulantly said he’d unfollow Fuzzy and unfriend because Fuzzy’s feed was an echo chamber. Of course, Bernie’s cultists aren’t guilty of groupthink at all, and neither are Trump’s. /sarcasm

From BNR: Is Tad Devine starting to connect to reality? Oh please, let it be so:

@1, when I go around the BernieBro hives, it is laughable at just how woefully uneducated they are to history. For them, history started about 5 minutes ago when Bernie stumbled out and made his announcement. Prior to that nothing existed for these people. And what is really sad, I bet not 10% of them voted in the midterm elections.

@2, Bernie will stay in this thing until the last drunk falls. He won’t get out until the Convention and even then it will be after some kind of attention grabbing kerfuffle. This is a guy who has craved the adulation he is now getting. He’s tasted it and he likes it a little too much.

@2, Frodo Devine was just on Mrs. Alan Greenspan’s show. It’s safe to say his momentary flirtation with reality is over and he has reverted to his stasis mode of being untethered. He promptly put on his victimization bonnet and declared that Hillary was being mean to them. His biggest complaint was that voters who weren’t registered Democrats couldn’t vote in the Democratic primaries. When reminded that PA, MD, CT are closed primaries, he said something amazing, “They aren’t as closed as NY was because NY was a really closed primary.” His point was how easy or difficult it is for someone to wake up and decide, “Today, I’m a Democrat.” Go figure.

@4 – So is he saying he’ll find ways to cheat, the way they did with their $23 million of unsourced funding? Or is he just saying that the registration guidelines are less stringent in PA, MD and CT?

Poor sad creature. He may be closer to Gollum than Frodo at this point…”My precious!”

Excellent post, Prolix! Lots of people have noticed there’s a similarity between the two campaigns, but you point out exactly what it is.

@5, yes, we may rename him to Gollum Devine. His point was he doesn’t like the way Democrats vote for the Democratic nominee. He wants other voters to be able to vote so the Democratic nominee doesn’t look so, well, Democratic. You know, more like Bernie.

With Devine’s firm collecting $800,000 last month, there is a great impetus to continue the crazy.

@6, Annie, how’s my buddy today?

Harriett Tubman is going on the $20 bill.

About damn time!

@9 – That’s awesome!!!! Wowie zowie.

@9: I was just going to mention that. That’s doubly great news.

“They aren’t as closed as NY was because NY was a really closed primary.”

Sort of like saying “a little bit pregnant” ?

@4: I am so effing tired of them crying about Hillary being “mean” or “don’t alienate the young’uns” and other such blather, yet their minions or the candidate himself can go out and imply she’s a whore and she’s unqualified or has questionable judgement.

This is a great piece Prolix. I actually had not thought that much about the similarities between their two campaigns.

@14, thank you Fredster, that is so nice, I appreciate it.

I just read a WaPo article titled What Does Bernie Want (now that he’s not gonna be the nominee).

Yes he’s gonna bargain and plead and cajole and yes he’ll probably get a prime-time speech which I won’t be watching. However, I would also suggest Bernie think about this: What are you going to do without the Democratic party? You caucus with the Dems so you can be associated with one of the major parties. Instead, are you going to caucus with the Repubs? I doubt it. Face it Bernie: you need the Dems as much as they may need you.

Hello all. What a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

And another great post to boot!

@17, doesn’t the day seem better GAgal — I’m still in that NY state of mind.

The problem with Trump and Sanders is they’re hatin’ on the wrong people. Last I recall, it wasn’t immigrants, Muslims and Wall Street making the laws. Call out the obstructionists in DC, not the “establishment”. That would be the Tea Party, who won by running as outsiders.

@20, here’s one for you that I didn’t put into the post, but when you come down to it, how is Bernie and Bros any different than the Tea Party. They are pure. They are absolutist. They won’t compromise. They believe they are superior. They believe somehow they are victims — that is one I’ve never been able to understand — white, middle class, primarily male, employed or retired — where’s the victimhood kick in?

So how would Bernie’s revolution be any different than the opposite side of the Tea Party? Perhaps they could shoot spitballs at one another across the aisle.

I hope young women who are Bernie supporters will recognize this in their mothers and grandmothers.

GAgal, excellent article.

But where was the author during the 2008 primary season?

Shinners, still effin’ gloating ad celebrating our girl’s NY victory. The tide has turned and get some of Hillary’s Preparation H -> for that Bern.

You’re not registered as a Democrat and cound’t votein New York? Oh well….You should’ve put your name on on that voter registration ballot as a Democrat, the shiny diamond wedding band ensemble.

DEMOCRATS voting for Democrats. I loved, loved, LOVED seeing Mayor David Dinkins!!! Love him so much!! Senator Kristen Gillibrand, Gov. Cuomo, Jr. (I remember his daddy, Gov. Mario Cuomo, a great Democrat!) and all the great Big TENT Democrats coalesce and become unified in our common strengths, yet we respect all and remain true to ourselves. Isn’t that a wonderful thing? I believe in that United States of America. This is what Democrats are about.

OK, going to post Hillary’s full speech again, yes, we have to….then a song I was singing to those 21st century Naderites. You want it? Put a ring/name on that voter card, aka ring on it.

And for those “independents:”

@23 Luna, I don’t know, but it sounds like she was a Hillary supporter then, too. I think she meant she didn’t relate that sexism against Hillary to her mother until now and finally realized her mother’s choices were not what she thought they were for all those years.

I have wasted a few glorious hours today checking out sites I’ve avoided for months! It was worth every minute of it! 🙂

Luna@23: I did a google on Bogart and she may not have even been active in politics in 2008.

SM: I swear, I wish you could work up a little enthusiasm, ya know? 😆

I truly hope this has them quaking in their sheets and hoods in Raleigh and Jackson but somehow I doubt it will.

For anyone who hasn’t seen Samantha Bee’s Bernie focus group:

@29 Isn’t it pathetic that we’ve come to that?

#28 @ Fredster, this was one of Chatblu’s video posts, so YEAH. 21st leaders coming for building nations, and Hillary’s building a nation with powerful smart people to bring solutions to this mess. GO HILLZ:

GAgal@31: Perhaps our State Dept. should put the same advisory on its website.

Oh dear gawd! Watching the repeat of Maddow and she’s kvetching about New Yawk and its voting process and corrupt legislature.

Welp enough of Maddow cuz she’s gonna have Tad the Divine on next.

I’m sure there’s a documentary on English cheese or something else I can switch to. o_O

Just a reminder, but Susan Sarandon’s new movie comes out April 29th. The movie is Mother’s Day. I just saw her on Larry Wilmore’s show. I wanted to see what she would say. She didn’t disappoint.

I threw curse words at the teevee that I didn’t know I knew. I embarrassed myself.

A synopsis:

She started on her regular stuff, but went so far as calling Hillary a liar and a sellout you couldn’t trust. Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. Democrats are sellouts. Progressives are the only people you can trust and have good ideas. Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. Blah, blah, blah. She was high and in her ultimate condescending smugness. Fracking, $15/hr, blah, blah, blah. Hillary must beg for Bernie’s people to come to her. Won’t make a difference because these people believe in what they are doing. JFK said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” Bernie was our peaceful revolution. Bring on the revolution. So what, vote for Trump and blow it up.

Boycott that movie!

We are almost there, so here’s a closing song, hopefully we’l be dancing soon:

Fredster, love you always, we are almost there 🙂

SM: Hugs to you! 🙂

Prolix@36: I suppose it hasn’t dawned on Sarandon that when the revolution comes, her estimated net worth of $50-60 million isn’t exactly going to put her in with the proletariat. They’ll be coming for her too.

I hope her movie does every bit as well as The Banger Sisters did.

Oh, and did Wilmore have anything to say about her rant?

Okay, since SM is posting leggy videos (and I missed the weekend music post) I have to do this.

Sarandon’s got hers. She’ll be OK regardless. And regardless of her money she’s a low-info voter who thinks she’s a liberal (or “progressive” since they’re scared of the l-word) but doesn’t bother to check out Sanders’ claims and the slander about Hillary.

@39 & 41, that type of self-awareness doesn’t seem to be a part of her existence or at least it wasn’t tonight. She was as high as a weather balloon on steroids. It was 4/20 after all.

Luna, exactly right about being a low information voter who condescends and pontificates as if she is, well, let me see, a cross between Ralph Nader and Bernie Sanders.

Wilmore didn’t have much to say. She hogged the attention along with Mike Yard, the comedian who is on there all the time. Sarandon and Yard wouldn’t have passed a 5th grade civics exam even if they cheated off one another. Rory Albanese tried to rein them in, but they were having none of it. Sarandon went on her rant about Hillary being unworthy and selling fracking all over the world, blah, blah, blah… Yard was actually the one who first said, “Blow it up!”

Luna@41: If she were to check out Sanders’ claims or attempt to, her mind would shut down and she’s refuse to believe any of it.

About Sarandon:

During the 2000 election, Sarandon supported Ralph Nader’s run for president, serving as a co-chair of the National Steering Committee of Nader 2000.[41] During the 2004 election campaign, she withheld support for Nader’s bid, being among several “Nader Raiders” who urged Nader to drop out and his voters offer their support for Democratic Party candidate John Kerry.[42] After the 2004 election, Sarandon called for US elections to be monitored by international entities.

So it’s okay for Kerry to vote for “war”, but not Hillary. She and Robbins were John Edwards supporters in 2008. That didn’t work out well, either.

@44, glad you reminded me GAgal, she riffed on Hillary voting for the war. What she said wasn’t anywhere close to the truth, but she made a production of it.

Prolix I actually had to google those two names. I had never heard of either of them before.

I always forget about Larry Wilmore’s show. I need to try to catch it.

GAgal don’t try to use logic when you mention Sarandon. The two do not mix.

If anyone is interested in getting their BP up at this time of night, Comedy Central reruns Larry Wilmore at 2:00 a.m. It is also replayed in the morning at 9:00 a.m.

In any event, just boycott her movie.

@46, Mike Yard is actually really funny, but tonight’s episode places me in the “not a fan” category. He was so ill-informed and pretty much ranted against all things Democratic — he was a perfect example of a hater of the game and the players. He said he couldn’t tell the difference between a Democrat and a Republican — no difference.

@48: Thanks for that info. I”ll try to catch it shortly. It comes on at 1 CST which is a half-hour from now.

@50, take something, like scotch or Xanax beforehand. It might make it more palatable.

@51: If it gets too bad I’ll switch it to Hunters on SyFy.

@49 — The last time a lot of people thought there was no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans, we were cursed with Shrub, who made the difference very clear on day 1.

@53: Amen to that.

I did watch the Wilmore show. About 5 minutes of Sarandon and Mike Yard was enough. Click.

@ annie, I’m not likely to click on a website that starts with “feral”. Can you give us a synopsis please?

annie, never mind me. I need to drop out for a few days. I’m pet sitting my sister’s two English bulldogs and a one-eyed yellow Tabby. Life is good and I’ll shut up now!

Hey GAGal, I clicked and it’s safe. I will.say there are a lot of figures cited that aren’t sourced, but the premise is interesting: Bernie’s campaign finances are a mess. His expenses and debt are much higher than his collateral, and the SEC has questioned a large chunk of it. So,.he doesn’t, in fact, have enough money to stay in the race indefinitely, as the pundits are claiming.

Yet another reason why Bernie is unqualified to be President: he can’t even manage his own budget. I guess that’s Jane’s department too, like the taxes. Man! She’s a busy gal. 😄

SM77 – thank you as always for the uplift and remembering Chatblu with your videos. I am still in denial, I think.

@55, Certainly the part about the FEC sending letters, 3 so far, pointing out large amounts of questionable campaign contributions is correct, from what I’ve seen from sources with references to the documents. Good point about the expensive huge venues. He regularly outspends Hillary in states he’s lost (the ones with closed primaries).

Heh. I think he should be left to pay back his campaign debts himself. All his enthusiastic young supporters can do that.

Prince has died!

Thanks annie and madamab! I feel kind of bad for Bernie. His campaign people have done him a terrible disservice. They’re not very good at MATH! (or arithmetic as Bernie calls it)

I see conservative heads are exploding over Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. They are so predictable!

@64 – LOL! Idiots. Heaven forbid the slave-owning white man should be relegated to the back of the bill!

Prince has died, Prolix?! WTF. I don’t think he was even 50?!

I see he was 57. What a tragedy. He was an incredibly talented person.

GAgal, here’s a motto from that website: unleashing the hounds of truth

It is a legit site. I saw SophieCt liked the article.

Also, they mentioned this:

And don’t forget the $1.6 million for the one-day vacation in the Vatican that backfired.

That Vatican trip paid for by his campaign is not an allowable campaign expense. The FEC will disallow it and he’ll be on the hook for it.

Prolix mentioned that the other day, that it was not an allowable expense.

Completely in shock about Prince’s death. He was still relatively so young.

mb said: I am still in denial, I think.

I’m kind of in that boat also. I still have her email addy, her home address and phone number in my phone. I just can’t take them out right now.

@69 – Nope, that is staying for a while.

@70: Yep-yep. Not hurting a thing to stay in there.

GAgal, sorry I didn’t say what the link was about. I agree that its better if we do say something about who & what the link is. We took laker to the ER again last night & got home in the wee hours again, & I was just online for a brief break. He didn’t have a seizure again, thank goodness. The poor kid was supposed to have been the cinematographer today for a college film shoot, but there is no way he will make it. He is so drugged up. Hubs took him down there to give his paperwork (lighting and camera setups) to the director and producer. I doubt if he’ll be strong enough to do the shoot though, it will run for hours. Poor kid.

Anyway, we are stunned about Prince. It sounds like he might have had a heart attack. A plane he was on had to make an unscheduled stop for a medical emergency for him a week or so ago.

I also miss chat a lot, although I didn’t know her as well as you guys. Its normal to keep her info. I still have my late step sons and he died several years ago. As MB says, doesn’t hurt to keep it. I do have chats email. I got some emails from her over the years and we exchanged a couple of online “cards.” Dear chat.

@72: Oh NO annie!!! I am sooo sad to hear that about Laker. 😦
I don’t know anything really about seizures but it may take him some time for his body to get used to the medicine or they may have to change it. I hope he’s able to be on the mend soon.

annie, no problem. I made the mistake of clicking a link somewhere else the other day, and was sorry I did!

Poor Laker. I hate that he’s missing out on something that sounds so cool.

Yay, it’s raining! The pollen is washing away in little yellow streams. Ahh… deep breath.

@72, oh no. So sorry Annie. I know he’s bummed about missing his shoot not to mention being worn out. There’s nothing more wearing and emotionally draining than being caught in an ER for hours on end. Please get some rest. Let Laker know we are thinking about him and beaming good energy his way.

Sorry everyone. I just threw the “Prince has died,” comment and then had to leave without being able to put a link up. I know it was a little too cryptic and totally out of character for my usual prolixity.

Amazingly, laker has not called yet for us to pick him up yet, so hopefully he’s participating in the shoot. I haven’t called him, cuz I don’t want to interrupt him at a critical moment. So hopefully he is feeling better. I have been reading lots of epilepsy blogs and gotten lots of good info of stuff we can do (besides the drugs hes on).

The next set of primaries look good for Hillary.

I’ve heard the South is beautiful in the Spring, but sympathize about the pollen!

@79, Annie, let’s hope Laker is having a great shoot and he’s not too tired when he gets home. Tell him hi and howdy.

The pollen is wretched this spring. Horrible, awful, disgusting!

There’s a column in the Sunday paper down here written by a colorful attorney. The column is pure satire and he can come up with some great lines. Last Sunday this was one:

The pollen this Spring has been terrible. It is so bad that in trailer parks all over eastern KY people are turning their methamphetamine back into Sudafed.

Annie, fingers crossed for Laker!!!

@80, LOL! The Northeast has finally exploded into spring. When we go out and leave the car outside, it’s dusted with yellow pollen in less than an hour. The trees are blooming as hard as they can after a cold, wet March and April. Hubby is coughing like crazy.

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