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LIVE BLOG: New York Primary

Posted on: April 19, 2016

Good evening Widdershins.Hillary laughing in the middle of a crowd

Let’s gather around the googling machines and live blog the victorious results of the Noo Yawk Primary.

Yale Graduate, Activist Children’s lawyer, First Lady of Arkansas, First Female Law Partner of Rose Law firm, First Lady of the United States, U.S. Senator, Secretary of State, and grandmother Hillary Clinton is on the ballot.

Bernie Sanders is also running.  First finding employment at age 41, in the intervening thirty-three years he has passed three pieces of legislation, two of which named post offices.  Tonight we are likely to witness what a world-class class sore loser looks like courtesy of Sanders’ hobbits, Bilbo Weaver and Frodo Devine — not only hating the game, but all its players.

So sit back, hoist a glass or two of your favorite grog, and let your inner snark roll.

Happy to have you with us this evening.  Thank you for being here.




144 Responses to "LIVE BLOG: New York Primary"

“Bernie Sanders is also running. First finding employment at age 41, in the intervening thirty-three years he has passed three pieces of legislation, two of which named post offices. Tonight we are likely to witness what a world-class class sore loser looks like courtesy of Sanders’ hobbits, Bilbo Weaver and Frodo Devine — not only hating the game, but all its players.”


I just want to know what was Bernie’s life in between the time he was involved in the University of Chicago’s civil rights movement and when he was elected mayor of Burlington, VT.

Like, I cannot find any data other than him writing these awful, sexist , sicko, perverted essays on female puberty and rape fantasies.

I’m sure the GOP knows damn well and they are going to release “the Bernie Missing Years” footage faster than Jane can find their taxes..

I love the Sanders bio! I am sitting here fulminating with excitement. GOOOOO HILLAREEEEE!

@1, SM, the story of those Bernie years are filed right next to Obama’s Columbia years.

@2, I am getting excited too. Even the commentators are waking up and saying, “What is that old fart doing?”

Don’t you think that we should appropriate the Obamabot slogan from 2008?

Why doesn’t that old bast*rd just quit?

The pundits seem to be having fun tonight. I wonder if they’ll stick to their regular routine – call the race for Hillary, then immediately pivot to the Republican race and talk about Trump the rest of the night. Maybe they’ll be kind enough to air her victory speech.

@4 – WWTOBQ?! For short. I should do a graphic like I had in 2008!

Bernie is so worried about Independents who aren’t allowed to vote in the Democratic Primary. Would that he exhibited such concern for the “southern” voters who voted in southern primaries. Perhaps we should conduct a primary system of lily-white caucuses where anyone over 30 years old were tased if they requested a ballot.

@6, Perfect!

While we wait to hear results and in honor of Hillary dancing merengue in Washington Heights, here’s a merengue dancing YELLOW DAWG! She’s amazing! Hoping all of our yellow dawg voters in New Yawk voted for the REAL DEMOCRAT:

SM! Best thing I’ve seen all week! That dog was having a blast!

GAGal, just wanted to break the anxiousness I feel. Comedic relief always help.

This dancing doggie did all the TV shows in Latin America and in the US on Univision and Telemundo. I just thought about that yellow dog quote and the 3 brain cells I have left said “MERENGUE DANCING YELLOW DAWG,” woof!

They are already calling the race for Trump, and claiming that Hillary and Sanders are “neck and neck” based on the exit polls…4% already for her but it’s “too close to call.” BULLSH*T.

Apparently no one is interested in reporting how the 30 – 65 age group voted. It’s only about 18-29 and over 65.

Oh whoops…ACTUAL numbers are 60% to 40% in favor of Hillary.

Agree, MadamaB! I don’t exactly trust exit polls in large states. Too big to count out. I can imagine there are people still in line that got there before voting closed.

Maybe CNN is playing safe after the Arizona fiasco?

Too close to call is now Hillary ahead by 20 points… uh huh.

Now it’s 25 points! Let that hold!!

@9, Love the dancing “yeller dawg”!

#7 @ Prolix, somebody out there with more time has to do a “Single Ladies” parody video.

Beyoncé would represent the Democratic party, and the chorus would sing “If you want to vote, you should’ve put your name on it!”

I like to go with the state board of elections websites, here’s NY (keep refreshing):

@19, Love it!

DA BRONX at 70% Hillary!!!

@20, Tweet Beyonce — she might do it. You can be credited as a producer.

Nice link SM77! There is not even one district being won by Bernie. There’s one that’s close…

@25 – That one isn’t even going for Bernie…Hillary is still winning. 😀

@25, MB, I just trashed that comment of mine since she just took the lead in Staten Island.

🙂 Prolix! I don’t have a Twitter to tweet, but doing a Hillary deep cackle laugh at these “independent Naderites” trying to vote and can’t.

Our girl still has a 20% lead :)!

UGH, Drumpf and his rug are talking.

Hillary is carrying the Bronx and Harlem by 50%.

Carl Icahn’t supports Drumpf?? Not surprised.

I think Drumpf is more than a little bit gay for Carl Icahn.

One of the Trump daughters-in-law looks like she just sucked on a big old lemon.

H I L L A R Y!

Rachel just choked out that Hillary has won New Yawk State. Of course she had to state the obvious that the Dem primary is proportional.
Duh Rachel!

Bronx, Livingston, New York, Queens, Richmond, Schenectady ahead for HILLZ!

CNN still on Trump , not called for Hill yet

Trump Trump Trump… It’s all about the Trump. Just like I said. CNN finally calls for Hillary.

And the crowd goes wild!! Yeeeesssss! Hillary!

@36: They are now.


Empire State building DARK blue for Hillary!

Dana Bash “But at his point, give her her due. She won… Thanks, Dana! WE WILL!!

Exit polls – WTF?! She won by 20%!!!!

Exit polls do nothing but provide filler for the talking heads. There is no science to the exit polling. The methodology is, “Hey you, did you vote yet?”

Brian Wms. asking “where are the younger voters going to go?”. And Chris Matthews bringing in Elizabeth Warren for some strange reason.

LMAO at the Bernie campaign and ALL the pundits who, for the last two weeks, has said if Hillary doesn’t win by 10, then it’s really a loss and an embarrassment for her. Who’s embarrassed now? HAHAHAHAH!!!!

She’s up by almost 200,000 votes!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOO

What I like is the honest politician who has integrity in all that he says and does — take Bernie for instance who just this morning said he would win NY. I guess 20% is close enough for a socialist.

Rachel babbling about crowd size. Uh – oh…okay and bitching about the registration and voting process in NY State. If the young’uns dont know what the process is that’s just too freakin’ bad.

Rachel excusing Bernie’s loss because of closed primary. Still LMAO.

Honestly these brogressives are worse than the Obots. They are so completely enthralled with their candidate, they have no ability to connect with reality.

Time to quit, Bernie. Amazing how people are saying Cruz should drop out, but are completely silent on the topic of Sanders!

What the living hell do Democrats have to do to get these independent morons to understand that we, as a party, have a RIGHT to choose our candidate to represent our party???

Here is a breakdown of the delegate allocation. It is a work in progress as the votes come in so refresh is your friend.

John King translation: only white people voted for Bernie.

Hillary about to speak!!!

Will anyone actually show her victory speech?

In the words of Good Will Hunting, “Bernie, how do you like Big Apples? ‘Cause they don’t seem to agree with you.”

NY State still at 60% ahead :)!!!

Nate Cohn: “To be fair to Bernie: Clinton is basically only winning in the southern part of New York.” He-he.

#55 @ MB, and when do these morons understand this is not the Democratic base? And the base will not vote for non-Democrat???

Logic is something that fail these idiots.

She did it! Thank You New York! Cuz I’m Happy……

Rachel dreaming about remaining votes to come in… could it end up a single digit win? Steve K – umm, nope.

Hey MsMass! Welcome to the victory party. For you….

@60 jules, hilarious! Clinton won the South again!

@63: I”m sorry but someone just needs to bitch-slap Maddow into reality.

Okay, I guess I’m cranky, happy, but cranky. I’m tired, oh so tired, of hearing about Bernie’s crowds in NYC. Here’s the scoop talking idjits — bands, free concerts, plenty of herb, nice weather, and most importantly — a subway system. 20,000 people can quite easily be at every rally with little more than one of Bernie’s subway tokens.

Why can’t CNN talk about that closed primaries are for registered voters and you have to do your homework before class is in session.

chuckles saying Bernie can win the ideological war for the future of the party? Really? A 75 year old??

Wow. Van Jones actually said something I agree with – the political contest is OVER. It’s time for Bernie to grow up and show some character..

@60, good one Jules.

@70, was someone squeezing one of Van’s nipple clamps at the time?

@62, hiya MsMass, thanks for stopping by on a big night!

@72: No it was the cattle prod attached to a couple of things further down.

#72, it was probably me. As much as I can’t stand what he says, he is so gorgeous.


YAY!!! HILLZ playing Alicia’s version of NY!

Ah-uuu..Hills saying “this one’s personal”. S-L-A-P!

Van Jones said (referring to young voters disappointment) “It’s hard to un curdle (?) that milk.” WTF? I got news for you, Van. Bernie was the one who curdled that milk, not Hillary you idiot. Begala tried to set him straight.

@75, okay SM, he’s yours, but keep him muzzled.

Hubby and I are crying. It’s so amazing to see her win here where we live!

“This is what this is supposed to be about…actually HELPING PEOPLE!!!” GO HILL-A-REEE!

10 million votes!!!! BOOM!!! We the people are speaking and have spoken. SHE is the one we want.

#80 @ Prolix, LMAO!!! I’ll try to stuff with leftovers from the fridge. Or I can get earplugs :).

Preach it Sister Hillary!

You know, I see a LOT of younger people behind Hillary. They’re not white though…I guess they don’t count. :-p

AMEN, she walks the walk! Thank you, NY. Thank you Democrats :)!

#86 @ MB, yes because we don’t know any better. Here’s a middle finger salute for the morons who dismiss us.

This is such a positive, uplifting speech. She’s crushing it!

@88 – YES!!! You are all the future of our country.

I want to go to Mikey’s ice cream shop :)!!

AMEN, bring it back to Democratic principles and icons – Robert Kennedy :)!

Shoutouts to the downticket Dems, this is why she’s our party leader!

And nail Bernie into the wall with gun reform. GO’HEAD HILLZ.

Dana claims Hillary has gotten so much better as a candidate because of Bernie. That’s going to be the narrative now. I guess it’s better than “OMG HILLARY’S GOING TO LOOOOOSE!”

OMG, is that Mayor David Dinkins?? AW!!!

Can’t stand that MSNBC has Mrs. Alann Greenspan with Hillz. Can’t stand that woman! And now Kornacke has Jeff Weaver there! Grrrrr!!

Yes, SM77! That was David Dinkins. I think every Democrat that was ever elected in New York was on that stage!

Now MSNBC has Bilbo Weaver on the air making excuses as to how Bernie can win. That is beyond the pale! His plan — ahh, lots of states, lots of delegates!

That’s what’s called DEMOCRATS in action! I love our Big Tent and we need to keep it that way.

Time to get ready for bed! Awesome night for all of us. Congratulations everyone!

Shinners, it’s been a great nnight. Hopinh Chatblu is smiling from the beyond at HIllary’s NY win.

Good night and thank you NY!

That SOB Weaver has, in essence, just said, “Bernie is going to contest the convention because Bernie can win.” He just said he won’t endorse Hillary and will try and flip the delegates all through the summer until the convention.

I guess we have our answer about what this is all about.

Night MB and SM.

NY: Who has the right experience? Hillary 90%

What a grand night! And Bernie took a plane back to Vermont.

@105, Luna, he had to make sure and postmark his tax returns.

This from a Politico story:

When he landed Sanders told local Vermont reporters that he was coming back to Burlington “to get recharged and take a day off.” He also said he still believed he has a path to victory and that he expected to do well in the next set of states.

Read more:

@102: Well here’s a flip for you Jeff.

……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
……….”…\………. _.•´

@108, that’s pretty amazing!

@109 I typed all of that out.

Actually I had that saved in Word and just copied/pasted.

….Or as more euphemistically put:

Sanders was returning to Vermont on Wednesday for a meeting with his advisers, which is likely to consider what kind of campaign he wants to keep running as the mathematical route to the nomination looks narrower and narrower.

@107 LOL!

“Doing well” means they are open caucus states and he’ll win everyone except middle- and older-aged white men, white women, and people of color.

CNN had something a few minutes ago about a spokesperson for Clinton talking about Bernie running a negative campaign and some other stuff. The talking heads were tut-tutting saying wasn’t that terrible especially in light of Hillary’s great speech earlier.

Did anyone catch that?

@108, credit to Mouse over at SD.

@115: Oh I like that!

Fredster, no, I didn’t. It was probably a Hillary staffer saying Bernie’s not focused on party unity, and getting spun 180 by the media.

I noticed both Bernie and Cruz were in PA tonight instead of NY. I’ve also noticed Bernie tends to win states that Cruz wins. Nothing creepy about that… I guess.

And credit to Sophie over at Upp’s.

From all of us, Bernie, to you!

@GAGal, guns, keep the wimmins a couple steps behind, Trump’s NATO ideas….Bernie has a few things in common with the Rs.

Hillary got more votes, by herself, than the three Repubs did combined.

Proxlix, that bodes well for the GE!

Luna@117, hope CNN does something with that again.

Switched over to MSNBS for a minute only to see Andrea spouting off some nonsense. Since she’s their foreign affairs correspondent I suggest they send her to, oh, Romania or some place like that. It’s foreign enough. LOL!

Fredster, maybe it’s this?

“The voters have spoken,” said Eric Jotkoff, a Democratic consultant who worked on Clinton’s 2008 campaign. “Now that it is basically mathematically impossible for Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination, it is time for our party to come together in support of Hillary Clinton.” “My hope is that after New York it becomes clear to everyone that Secretary Clinton will be the nominee,” the ally continued.

On the heels of Clinton’s decisive win in the Empire State, Brad Bannon, a Democratic strategist said Sanders has moved from “implausible to impossible” territory for winning the nomination.

“His campaign is starting to remind me of a big Hollywood disaster movie where you’re expected to ignore reality and suspend disbelief,” Bannon said. “At some point, you can’t suspend disbelief anymore.”

@124: I don’t think that was it Luna. The one I partially heard was a lot more “forceful” shall we say.

I’ll try to search around to see if I can find it.

@115, love that! Was that anonymouse? She rocks!

One of my favorite movies coming on, The Lion in Winter. Peter O’Toole and Katherine Hepburn. Can’t get much better than this.


WARNING: Do not watch without first meditating or taking BP meds!

This is video of Bilbo Weaver, just after NY was called for Hillary, appearing live on set of MSNBC saying Sanders would spend the summer up until the convention trying to flip delegates. Be sure and catch his math. It consists of, “Ahhhh, there are states with delegates. Some are big states. Others are not as big. We think we will do well in all of them.”

It looks like the delegate breakdown is Hillary gets 139 and Sandcrab gets 108. Gross pickup is 31 — more than anyone projected.

H I L L A R Y!

Prolix, no BP meds required. Weaver was played for a fool there. Maybe he will wake up some day and finally get it. He’s still 0 for 0 and always will be. Loser.

@128: It’s simple: I want him destroyed politically.

Just to put everything in perspective — Bernie is complaining about some 125,000 people being turned away from voting in NY. They were turned away for a variety of reasons, but they all boiled down to, they weren’t properly registered.

If you give Bernie every single vote in the 125,000 — every vote, Hillary still wins by about 200,000 votes. Bernie take your whine and eat some of that Wesscotsin cheese.

@130, GAgal, I agree. That clip will follow him the rest of his life, but he’s probably getting rich off this little campaign at an illegal $27 at a time.

@132: I caught part of a segment with Tweety talking to the MSNBC…I guess, millennial reporters who have been involved in the campaigns and primaries. This one guy said the voters he talked to said they thought it wasn’t fair that they couldn’t vote in the primary, registering to vote so long ahead of time, yadda, yadda. Tweety said “It’s simple: register to vote and choose a party.”. The young guy spluttered “but they say that’s not faiiirrrr”. Isn’t that awful? They can’t have what they want..right then and now. Such a pity.

I’m so happy Hillary had a big night. Bernie and his creeps are insufferable. Can’t wait til they bow out.

Very funny comments btw! Wish I could have been here the whole night. Anyway, have to get up early, so catch you all tomorrow! Fredster, enjoy Lion in Winter. Amazing movie!

Bilbo Weaver gets a little help in demonstrating Sandcrab’s path to the nomination.

Weaver explanation

Probably hell. It’s his last stand. 0 for 0. He’s done.

@135: Get some rest annie. Hope Laker does okay tomorrow.

@138: It says that article was written 7 hours ago. I did see Bernie talking after he got back to VT and he was still talking about continuing on.

Yeah, I thought it was strange he went back to Vermont tonight. But I am skeptical of this post. It looks fake. And too good to be true. 😦

@annie: Until I hear him say it, I’m not buying it.

It’s not surprising Bernie went home to Vermont tonight. Good for him. He just wants to sleep in his own bed. No one can argue with that.

I wish that HuffPo story were true. It makes Bernie seem like a reasonable person instead of a narcissistic, reality-free crank. Let’s see what happens.

@134 – Honestly, Bernie’s supporters seem to be constantly complaining that they’re victims. Most of them are white. They seem to be pissed off at the “Establishment.” Doesn’t this sound like the supporters of another narcissistic, reality-free crank in this race?

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