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Activist Monday: She Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth

Posted on: April 18, 2016

Who Knew What She Would Become?

Good Monday, Widdershins, and I hope you had a good weekend. I’m still thinking about the debate last Thursday night. It left me feeling angry, shaken and in awe all at once. I kept asking myself, “Why? Why does Hillary Clinton do it?”

Here is this incredible, brilliant, driven woman, who has spent her entire life in public service. Her decades of effort have been rewarded by success beyond what most women can claim…and now, she has the most powerful job in the world within her grasp. So what, MadamaB, is your question about, you might ask? Isn’t the reason obvious?

Well, unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Women like Hillary don’t get to where they are without paying a price, and we all know what that is, don’t we? Overwhelming waves of unreasoning, implacable hatred, from both the VRWC and those who should be supporting her on the left…including women, to my outrage and disbelief. (What the f*ck are women who don’t support her thinking? Are they so stupid they think some man is going to understand their needs and issues better than Hillary? Or are they just too full of self-loathing to admit that they would prefer a woman?)

It’s demoralizing to see the negativity and condescension Hillary is subjected to, especially from Bernie Sanders, he of the ever-wagging finger and relentless character attacks. A man with her qualifications would already be the nominee – no man in his right mind would think to run against her. But because she’s a woman, not just one man, but three thought she would be vulnerable. Never mind that she was robbed in 2008, and it was clearly her turn to run; Bernie joined the Party he hated and mounted a primary campaign against her for President. I cannot emphasize enough how offensive and ludicrous this is…he is not remotely her equal, and anyone comparing their resumes factually can see that.

Well, it turns out I’m not the only one feeling like this. Over on Blue Nation Review, a like-minded woman wrote a beautiful open letter to Our Girl, here. This is the part that really spoke to me:

I don’t know how you’re holding up under the barrage of unjustified attacks that keep being thrown at you, under the smear and insinuation, the spin and the pressure…but I know it can’t be easy. To ‘keep your head when all around you are losing theirs’, to ‘rise up in spite of the ache’ takes so much grace, strength, and grit. Thankfully those are qualities you possess in abundance.I want you to know that I see you. I see your courage. I see your resilience. And I am not alone. You are loved Secretary Clinton. You are respected. You are appreciated and admired and valued. Millions of people say #ImWithHer because you inspire passion and loyalty.


If you read this, if it’s helpful…then the light gets in.

If instead of wrath we choose warmth.

If seething words are wasted and kind words multiply. Now that would be a revolution.

She took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you, Kori Dryhurst Coates. I hope Secretary Clinton does read your letter…perhaps we at TW can contribute our own.

This is an open thread.


68 Responses to "Activist Monday: She Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth"

MB, agree with you 100%, Hillary must have superhuman inner strength to deal with all of the crap that is slung at her. And the energy of 50 people. I don’t know how she does it.

Bernie Sanders is a huckster, out for himself, and doesn’t have half of her intellect. I think its misogyny, and rethug Clinton hate that is driving his campaign, not “revolution.” Also, I always thought Sarandon was a dipshit, and the other actresses that are supporting Barnie as well, but I am truly disappointed at Bonnie Raitt, a woman who broke the boundaries in her own career. What the hell is she thinking?

Socalannie, Just read about Lakerwade, hoping he’s ok and hoping you’re doing ok!! Hugs and healing!

Back to the thread, I read this and I rooted and hollered while reading it. I hope there’s many Kori’s out there that see through the BS (that pun is so intended, Bernie was even born with the initials to prove it!).

Lighter note, here’s another reason why we love our girl. I can’t see Bernie getting down like this. And Hillary has an open invite to any of my family’s party FOR LIFE!

Hillary in Washington Heights NYC dancing merengue:

Another note, what a gorgeous Hillary picture!

SM, Our Girl loves to party! 😀

Socal…to your point about the fact that the Democrats are NOT the ones who support Bernie… here’s an article about how persecuted the Independents feel because they don’t get to vote in the Democratic Party primary.

Listen guys, and I do mean GUYS, when Hillary is President she will nominate a Supreme Court justice who will overturn Citizens United. Then you can start your own d*mn Party and your voices can be heard. Till then, you’re SOL, my friends.

One of the things I find incredibly annoying is having open primaries. If these commitment-phobe jerks are so vested, then put a damn ring on it [doing my Beyoncé Single Ladies oh-oh-oh dance] and register as a Democrat!

Yet these whiny diaper-clad cry-babies are the ones that are doing the most damage.

But starting their own political party takes too much work, so they’d rather piss on ours. It’s like crashing a part you weren’t invited to, drink all the booze and complain about the hors d’oeurves.

part=party, oops!

Here’s another great Hillary moment from today in NYC on Charlemagne’s The Breakfast Club morning show on Power 105.1; it’s parts feel good humor, getting to know her backstory and some tough moments that Hillary addresses with honesty and great character.

Excellent post reminding us just how hard it is to run.

On the personal side, this stuff has to hurt Hillary. Not just the Bernie stuff, but dating back to the 70s and 80s. It has been a lifetime of facing meanness and vitriol. How does she have the inner strength to continue to face it? I know I couldn’t and I don’t think I know anyone who could. I’ve know some pretty successful politicians and none of them ever faced anything remotely similar to this lifelong onslaught waged at Hillary.

What people don’t appreciate, if she has this type of inner strength, she is a once in a generation President. This is the same type of grit and determination FDR had. Not since then have we had anyone approaching this internal fortitude. We are fortunate to have that chance.

“What people don’t appreciate, if she has this type of inner strength, she is a once in a generation President.”

Exactly. Or even two generations.

@8 and actually at all of ya:
I have sat and watched and listened to all of the b.s. that has been thrown at her and have said to myself: “Oh just get out of politics! You don’t need this stuff. You’ve earned your stripes so just go back to private life and enjoy the grandchildren.”.

Now thank goodness she doesn’t listen to me and she’s stayed in. I personally would not have been able to take it. It would have been a situation of calling a press conference and giving out a big “Eff you” to all of my attackers and detractors.

@8 and 9 – WORD.

I do love that picture of Hillary. She was, and is, a great-looking lady. Not that we care about that. 😉

Hillary is remarkable.
Looking at that picture and thinking about her brilliance and character, I can see why Bill Clinton asked Hillary Rodham to marry him, not once but three times.

mb@4: There was a similar article at The American Prospect complaining of the same thing.

Unchanged though, remains the fact that next week’s New York primaries will be closed, meaning that only registered Democrats and Republicans may vote in their respective parties’ contests. This means that the 3 million or so voters registered outside the two major parties will be effectively disenfranchised from Tuesday’s elections.


First-time voters have a bigger cushion: They had until March 25 to register and declare their party affiliations. But anyone banking on same-day registration, available in 11 other states, will be out of luck.

Sorry, but no Mr. Park. No one has been disenfranchised. It just means a person needed to read up and learn what the requirements are for voting in N.Y. state. These are party primaries. Therefore if you were interested in voting in these primaries you should have gotten off your asses and declared yourself as a member of either party and registered as such.

Further, this shows me these folks had no interest in their local elections because if they had, then they would have known what the requirements were to vote. And trust me my dear little millennial friends, those local elections affect your quality of life much more than this Presidential primary will. Sorry, no ribbon, trophy or certificate for you.

This is how common and venal this old fart is: Weaver released a letter today questioning the accounting between the DNC and Hillary’s campaign on the joint Democratic fundraising. In essence, Bernie has to deflect from his total dissing of the DNC and the abrogation of his commitment to fund raise for down ticket Democrats.

Just so happens, minutes after releasing the letter to the DNC, Weaver sends out a fundraising letter for Bernie that in part said:

“The Clinton campaign is bending campaign finance rules to their breaking point all so Wall Street fat cats and people like Alice Walton can contribute 130 times the legal limit to support her campaign. All to defeat us in the primary,” the email to supporters, signed by campaign manager Jeff Weaver, said.

At some point this, “I’ve never run a negative campaign,” crap has got to be called out for what it is — a freaking lie.

Jeff, you’d best be concerned about that charted 767 to Rome that y’all billed to the campaign. Just sayin’.

Oh and how many of those, ahem, $23 contributions did it take to pay for that jet? I’m sure that we the taxpayers paid for the costs of the S.S. detail that went with you.

Open threading here, I went down a Youtube chain and found this gem of an interview from Hillary on the Today show from April 1992…just amazing how resilient and forthcoming she always has been-and always will be.

Prolix @ 14: BS has raised more money than Hillary and outspent her by 3 to 1 and still can’t close the deal. Hmmmm…I wonder why??

Fredster, the average donation to Bernie is $27. The reason that is important is that 27 x 100 = 2700 which is the limit from individuals. FEC reports showed at one point. Also, Bernie’s campaign received over $1 million dollars in a very short time from these $27 donations – and they all came from the same IP address in DC. That’s someone using prepaid cards. (campaigns do not have to report names of individuals who donate less than $200 – that’s cumulative I believe.) Anyway it reeks of rat copulating at the least.

I recently saw a screen shot of a page from one of his FEC filings. A person named Barbara Balham (?) had donated at least 60 times in one day anywhere from 27 to 100 each time.

Bernie’s camp has this problem every time they report. This is old but I’ve read more recent, I just couldn’t bring it up quickly on Google. I don’t think his camp are doing what is required. He will have to return every dime. This is just a DEFLECTION because his own shit’s about to hit the fan because they have not complied.

Hmm… I don’t know what I was going to say after … FEC reports showed at one point.. But I’ll post it if I can think of it. 🙂

Thanks SM, for those 2 videos. I’m so impressed by Hillary back in ’92 talking about the challenges for modern women. I wish I could be half the dynamo that she is.

annie, hope Laker is on the mend. That must have been terrifying. Glad Hubby was close by.

Also, I agree with you @1 about Bernie not having half of Hillary’s intellect. That what he, his Bros and Republicans just can not stand. The smartest person in the room is a <emgirl and her name is Hillary Rodham Clinton! Double whammy!

18 @ GAgal: MATH!!! OMG, you hacked the code! I knew that Bernie couldn’t be funded by a bunch of millennials that are being supported by their parents. This is Rovian fundraising at its best. The fact that Bernie flaunts this at every turn on the mic is pitiful.

MsMass :), I’m sure you are already in your way.

SM, that Hillary video was great. It was very telling too. After she mentioned Bill had won 5 times in AR elections… “Until this campaign, no one had ever raised a question about his honesty, integrity or character.” Of course we saw some of this happen to Hillary in 2008, but this time is way over the top.

So, Dr Paul Song, of the “corporate democratic whore” fame, resigned as the head of the Courage Campaign today. I found something interesting in the comments about his sister-n-law Laura Ling. We know she was “rescued” from a North Korean prison by Bill Clinton, after negotiations by Madam Secretary Clinton’s State Department. I learned she named her child after Bill Clinton in gratitude.

On June 3, 2010, Ling gave birth to a girl, naming her Li Jefferson Clayton, in Burbank, California. Laura and her husband decided to name the baby Li, after Laura’s sister Lisa, and chose Jefferson since it was President Clinton’s middle name.

GAgal@18: Thanks for the info. I knew the amount was twenty-something.

@20: Hello and welcome MsMass! Hope we’ll be seeing you around here a lot. Make yourself comfortable.

I need to correct my post above about Bern’s campaign taking in $1 million from a single IP in DC. This was not where I first read this, but this article jogged my memory. (plus it’s a damn good piece)

Sanders has over $23 million in unsourced, potentially illegal campaign contributions that he has been unable to explain. He’s received three separate letters from the FEC questioning thousands contributions including identifying thousands in excess of $2,700 (the individual limit), and he had $10,465,912 in aggregated $35 donations all made on a single day from a single zip code in DC that cannot be explained (that would mean 299,026 donations were made on one day from that zip code, when DC’s entire population is about 660,000).

View story at

@28, that is an excellent piece of writing and research. If anyone votes for Bernie Sanders after reading that they need to get in line for Pope Francis’ psychiatrist.

@20, welcome MsMass. Howdy and hi. Come visit often and hang out.

GAgal@28: That’s a long read but well worth it.

Welcome MsMass!
And thanks GAgal &SM!

Over at Uppity’s there are a couple of lists of suspicious Bernie donations. They’re obviously pulling this complaint with the DNC about Hillary’s fundraising to deflect attention from their scammy, illegal “donations.”

The best part is when Bernie loses New York tomorrow by a land slide and Jeff Weaver and Tad Devine are 0 for 0. Never met an election they didn’t lose. I can’t wait!

@28, that is a great piece.

Hey annie! How’s our lakerwade doing?

GAgal, gobling’s wordpress site, that you also linked to just recently, either here or at Uppity’s, was the the first place where I saw the Sanders’ campaign financial weirdness mentioned.

My first reaction was like the Bernie supporters: “so his bookkeeping is crap, so he’s a revolutionary!, whaddya expect?” Although I did think it didn’t bode too well for his organizational skills. But if it was just carelessness on a background of purehearted fervor, then he would have cleaned it up as soon as it came to light.

Instead he seems be waving a finger at it and suing the DNC over Clinton!.

That’s not purity. That’s out and out corruption.

Great posts, everyone. Hi, MsMass. Thanks for stopping by, and please comment as often as you like!

I just loved that video of Hillary in 1992. It struck me how much more comfortable and outgoing she seemed with Katie Couric back then. The whirlwind of cr*p had just barely started – that BS soundbyte about staying home and baking cookies and having teas is still held against her TO THIS DAY.

As for Bernie, I posted on Facebook today that I can’t wait for him to go away, and that he is a liar and a fraud, and has gone from a hopeless case to a malevolent force. What the hell is wrong with this guy?! Hubby and I are doing my part by voting this afternoon for Our Girl in Noo Yawk. She maintains a double-digit lead, and Bernie has left the state and gone to Pennsylvania. He’ll tank there, too.

I’m reading “On Becoming Anti-Bernie” now. Reality has a distinct Hillary bias, I’ve found. 😉

Would that we would be so lucky to have someone like Hillary as POTUS every generation! I don’t know how she keeps on either, but that quality is exactly what we need. I believe she is one of those rare people for whom public service is its own reward.

Finally, an article detailing the woody Republicans have for Bernie:

“Republicans are being nice to Bernie Sanders because we like the thought of running against a socialist. But if he were to win the nomination the knives would come out for Bernie pretty quick,” said Ryan Williams, a former spokesman for 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s campaign. “There’s no mystery what the attack on him would be. Bernie Sanders is literally a card carrying socialist who honeymooned in the Soviet Union. There’d be hundreds of millions of dollars in Republican ads showing hammers and sickles and Soviet Union flags in front of Bernie Sanders.” Fifty percent of Americans say they would never vote for a socialist.

Madamab – I love your post and the Blue Nation piece you cite. Hillary’s resilience is remarkable. I read that when asked what she thought of Trump’s latest insults about her, Hillary said, “I can take care of myself. What I’m concerned about is how he goes after everybody else.” ( She has been a consistent defender of those less fortunate — not just in words, but in deeds.

@GAgal 28 – “On Becoming Anti-Bernie” is really well done. Thanks for posting that link.

@42 – Thank you! That quote is SO HILLARY. D*mn. I feel so privileged to be able to vote for her today!

@41: Was there ever a doubt that would be the Repub strategy if Sanders were the nominee?

I can see the picture now in “communist Red”, hammer and sickle and three busts of Lenin, Stalin and Bernie.

@41 – Tad Devine…does he actually believe this cr*p?!

Tad Devine, the chief strategist for Sanders’ campaign, said the Republicans who view the Vermont senator as easier prey are mistaken.
“They are wrong, as is demonstrated by almost every single poll,” Devine said in an interview in New York. “The Republicans are having a hard time understanding that America is ready for a political revolution. I think it’s so far from the way they think about the world that they’re having a hard time grasping it. Which is great for us—the more lead time we have to sneak up on them, the better.”

@45, Devine would have to stand on a step ladder in Marco boots to be considered a hack.

@37, he’s doing better, thanks. Been sleeping a lot. Back @ school tomorrow (I will be driving him).

Looking forward to seeing the results of NY Primary tonight! Apparently, Bernie sued NY to make it an open primary, he lost, but some of the freaks are telling the idiot bernbros to vote “provisional.” But, according to an Uppityite, provisionals are only for people who registered as Dem before the date (last Fall) but didn’t get their registration card. I bet a lot of nasty bros will try to vote anyway.

That Bloomberg quote is amazing. I mean, we knew it all along, but amazing to hear someone admit it.


We will be live blogging the results this evening. The post will go up at about 8:00 EDT/7:00 CDT. That’s when most of the teevee coverage begins.

Come join us.

@47, Annie, if Laker is feeling like it, maybe he can make a guest appearance for us to say hi and let him know we are thinking about him.

@47: Thanks for the info annie. If they changed his meds at the neuro’s office that might account for the sleeping. And, that sleep can be very healing.

So no wonder some folks want to keep Sanders in the race until the end.

Sometimes things happen that are just inexplicably good. This is one.

Just now on MSNBC (Motto: We put the “cheat” in the Cheetos for BernieBros,” Chuckles Todd was yammering with Tweety. Trying to build a narrative, Chuckles asked, “Don’t you think Sanders could take over the Democratic Party for the future?”

To which Tweety replied, “The guy turns 75 this year, what future?”

@53, I saw that on some of the feeds. When Sanders is with Devine, Bernie ought to wear a t-shirt that says, “I’m with the Whore.”

@54: I saw an article where Raul Castro said he wants to turn Cuba (Cuber in Bernie talk) over to someone “younger”. Sanders fits the bill – barely. So after the election let him and Jane make a move south.

@54 LOL! Did Chuckles chuckle at that? Surely he did.

@56: LOL! 🙂

GAgal, I hope he got embarrassed as hell and then closed his yap.

@45, Tad Devine: “the more lead time we have to sneak up on them, the better.”

So, that’s the Grand Plan. He’s had six?, seven? attempts already where he outmaneuvered the competition by losing, which means he’s converging on … 2040! No, no, wait, it doesn’t matter who wins in 2040. It’ll be 2060! Actually, 2080!

@58, he quickly ended the segment because I imagine there is corporate pressure to keep the demographic gold of the BernieBros actively engaged.

It was one of the those things where you do a double take and think, “Did I just hear that?”

@61, Quixote said, “where he outmaneuvered the competition by losing.”

LOL — that is gold right there!

quixote said: he’s converging on … 2040! No, no, wait, it doesn’t matter who wins in 2040. It’ll be 2060! Actually, 2080!

Oh good! I won’t be around.

Red letter day here — Steve Kornacki has bought, for the first time since kindergarten, a shirt that isn’t a button down. Too bad no one told him about collar stays as his lapels have taken wing and look like Sally Fields’ cornette in The Flying Nun.

C’mon New Yoroooooork!!!

New post upstairs.

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