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Lazy Weekend Music – Miscellaneous Potpourri Edition

Posted on: April 16, 2016

musical notes2

a mixture of things, especially a musical or literary medley

A good weekend to you Widdershins! Good grief – what a week we have had.  And the same goes for our gal.  Bernie has questioned her “judgement” while he did finally, grudgingly admit that she was qualified to be President.  Coming from Sanders that was just oh so extra special, don’t you agree?  Jane Sanders explained to us that instead of reading a dry old transcript of Bernie’s words what we really needed to do was to hear them.  Uh…no thanks Jane; I’d rather hear a donkey bray.  And that fingah!  Well enough said about that.

So with that I’m going to suggest for our palate cleanser this week, a medley or potpourri of whatever musical selections you want as your cleanser that will remove the bad, bad Bernie taste we’ve had to endure this week.  Here are mine.

(1) A. Vivaldi – The Four Seasons – Spring (as Fredster goes achoo! )

(2) Beethoven – 6th Symphony – 1st Movement (still sort of springish sounding)

(3) Ray Charles – Hit The Road Jack (perhaps we’ll say this to Bernie after the New York primary)

(4) Preservation Hall Jazz Band – St. James Infirmary

(5) Ella Fitzgerald – Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

black-line divider-no-background-thAs you can see, this is a rather eclectic selection of songs so feel free to add whatever you wish in the comments that will cleanse your palate.  Or failing that, feel free to just add a comment.  This is a completely open thread.


43 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music – Miscellaneous Potpourri Edition"

Speaking of Da Fingah, Sady Doyle, that genius, had this:

What are the odds that Bernie Sanders will stop signaling imaginary plane landings with his hands and let this woman talk I’ve got 1/1000

Also (sniff) no Chat.

You did a great job on the selections, Fredster. Some of my favorites in there. I haven’t heard “Hit the road, Jack” in donkey’s years, but I think it’s going to be my theme song. At least for the next few months.

@2: I know what you mean about chat. But, one of us has to take the reins from her very capable hands and solider on. However, don’t compare me to her; I would fail miserably in the comparison.

This was below Sady’s tweet.

Ah, Vivaldi’s “Spring.” That’s what I need now.

@5: The pause that refreshes.

This song just makes me happy — always has, always will — as do my Widdershinner friends.

Okay, not exactly YUGEly great music, but quite entertaining. If “Hamilton” the musical and a Trump impersonator had a baby, this would be it. WARNING: Parts of the lyrics are definitely R rated.

@Prolix: That’s the best reason there is, because it makes you happy.

@8: That’s frightening! 😮

@10, they call it “HamilTrump!” I would have just left off the “il” and called it “HamTrump”.

Because I just like some Leon Redbone. (looong intro.)

Fredster, what a wonderful selection of songs. Chat would be proud of you! Am listening to the Preservation Hall one right now, and next the classical ones, which will be very soothing to us.

Well, we had a horrific day yesterday. In the afternoon, lakerwade had a massive Grand Mal seizure, poor guy. He knew it was coming, which is a blessing (I guess), and I was with him and called 911 when it started. So anyway, we were at the ER until late, and will have to take him to the neurologist on Mon. I think he will be fine and this will be controllable, but the bummer is, he’ll have to take drugs and won’t be able to drive for some time (he is really depressed about that).

Fredster, hubs says to tell you that today was the Trojans Spring practice game, and everyone is talking about the Trojans playing Alabama. We so hope our guys can win.

@14, Oh my — tell my buddy I will be beaming good thoughts and energy his way. I’m so sorry y’all had to go through this. I bet you are just t-totally worn out. Maybe with a little juggling of his meds, things will be under control. Get some rest.

I’m with Quixote. I think I’ll start singing Hit the Road Jack don’t come back no more no more every time I see Bernie.

Thanks Prolix! I told him and he smiled. He’s been sleeping on the couch all day.

Fredster, love the Ella Fitzgerald song. My parents loved that song and I think it was on one of their Doris Day albums. Also, my Dad went to Preservation Hall once.

@19, good that he’s sleeping. I imagine he’s exhausted and probably sore. So sorry he had to go through that.

@14, so sorry to hear that. Even the prophylactic meds can’t absolutely stop all seizures. Hope he’s better soon!

Hey annie! I watched the LSU spring practice and then later I went out to dinner with a friend and his wife. I told them about chat because one time she offered some info on a situation the friend had – just our typical chat.

I’m so sorry to hear about Laker! 😦 Tell him I’m wishing him well and as Prolix said, you get some rest too.

@16: Hey even if the Trojans don’t beat Bama but just come close then that pulls Bama down. And remember that they lost their defensive coordinator when the took the head coach job at Georgia. So maybe they’ll be weak on defense.

I haven’t even downloaded any schedules yet. I usually downloaded the helmet schedule for me and chat and every Friday I would create the tv schedule for us. My SEC football weekends are going to be different. 😥

annie when you have a chance please check your email. Thanks.

Annie, I’m so sorry about lakerwade. I hope you and your family are recovering from this. {{{Annie}}}

Missing chat so much. Great job, Fredster! You are also a fabulous DJ.

This just totally disgusts me with the Berniebrats (being kind there).

@26 – That’s repulsive. They are such a bunch of hateful little sh*ts.

@26, there’s a telling aspect that Daou overlooked. Last week the greasy jowled Jeff Weaver said, “Hillary has made a deal with the Devil.” There is a coordination here. It has been picked up by Trump calling Hillary “crooked” — if anyone thinks Bernie isn’t hurting the Democratic Party and Hillary in particular, as Pope Francis says, “they need to see a psychiatrist.”

@28: I wasn’t aware of Weaver saying that about Hilary. Yet they caution Hillary to “be nice” and not hurt the feelings of Sanders’ supporters. Jeff Weaver you have just hurt my feelings, I hope the IRS makes many visits to you.

B.B. had this info over at Skydancers about Bernie’s trip to Rome. It must be very nice to charter an entire Delta 767 for the trip to Rome. I wonder if they left it parked overnight on the tarmac?

After attacking rival Hillary Clinton for her stance on fossil fuels stepped on Thursday, Sanders stepped off the plane on Friday in Rome for the Vatican conference with his wife, ten family members, a group of campaign staff, Secret Service detail and members of the press.

With a range of 6,408 miles on a full tank of gas, it can be calculated that a 767 like Sanders’ flying 4,435 miles from New York to Rome uses approximately 16,596 gallons of fuel. The round-trip flight will use approximately 33,193 gallons.

And guess who paid for that little overnight jaunt?

Sanders, his wife Jane, their four children and grandchildren flew by private jet to Rome, all the campaign’s dime. Secret service and members of the press corps also went along for the ride.

So I wonder if he got the good Delta 767-ER, the one with the flat bed seats?

@30, I don’t think it is a legitimate campaign expense. This is the height of irony if it isn’t — Bernie dragging his wife and extended family to Rome in a luxurious chartered airplane, fed lobster with all the trimmings, to speak at a conference on income inequality and ministering to the poor and the trip being deemed imputed income to Bernie and everyone who went on the trip. If it is imputed as income, they would have to claim it on their taxes for 2016. A trip per person like this is worth about $8,500 in airfare alone. So in essence everyone on that plane just got a $10,000 raise on their taxes for next year and they owe taxes on it.

Bernie, these are the literal wages of the sin of egotism.

And here is another wonderful item I picked up on Friday on one of the talking head shows with a Bernie embed reporter. Someone asked about Bernie’s plane having “Eastern” painted on the side. Well, it is an old Eastern Airlines plane that is still flying and it is a plane that used to fly to Havana. An old socialist nut doesn’t roll too far on the tarmac.

@31: From what I read, I would agree with you on it not being a campaign expense. And that was certainly a lot of $23 (or whatever number they flout) donations going towards that.

And let’s not go into the carbon footprint they just exploded with that weekend getaway.

@32: Prolix I might call b.s. on that one:

Eastern ran out of money and was liquidated in 1991, although it’s possible because the 767-300 ER came out in 1982.

@34, yeah, Eastern went bankrupt, but that doesn’t mean the charter company ever repainted the plane. That was the point, it was an old Eastern plane that was still in service being chartered. This isn’t the plane they took to Rome, it is the domestic campaign plane that is the used Eastern plane. The plane they took to Rome was a Delta charter I think.

@35, here’s the story:

The plane was a Boeing 737-800 with seating for about 150 passengers, from Eastern Airlines, a carrier that ceased operations in 1991. The Miami Herald reported on May 28, “The well-known carrier with the hockey stick logo — a resurrection of the airline that called Miami home for decades — lifted off for its first revenue flight on Thursday afternoon.”

Some people might find Eastern to be an appropriate carrier for the Vermonter campaigning as a democratic socialist. The resurrected airline’s first scheduled flight on May 28 was from Miami to Havana, Cuba.

@35: Oh okay! I thought you meant the one to Rome.

I would definitely believe Eastern’s old planes are still in use.

A really good article on the primary systems. Of course, the BernieBros are likely to hold their breath and stomp their feet in a peepee dance. The article says in part:

The indisputable fact is that Sanders, despite his recent string of victories, has won a mere 42 percent of the Democratic primary popular vote, because his biggest triumphs have tended to be in low-turnout caucus states. Clinton’s popular margin over Sanders is massive: She has won 9.4 million votes to his 7 million. If the people’s will is supposed to be paramount, then Clinton is hands-down the front-runner. Moreover, it’s hard to imagine anybody winning the Democratic nomination without at least being competitive among African American voters, a key party constituency among which Sanders has routinely lost (by 38 points in Ohio, 59 points in Florida and 64 points in North Carolina). The talk that superdelegates will overturn the people’s will at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia is a red herring. Clinton is likely to win both the popular vote and the contest for pledged delegates, making her the democratically (and fairly) elected nominee of her party.

“fairly elected nominee!” Good article, Prolix. The wins in caucus states are relatively meaningless, since the caucus system is undemocratic, and the turnout in the low single-digit percentage of the state’s population.

@39, Luna, it has surprised me that no one has written about the simple fact, as always, the woman has had to work immeasurably harder than the man to win.

From the WaPo article, this part will drive people nuts:

This scheme prioritizes “the will of the people” while imposing checks and balances, taking into account issues such as a potential nominee’s electability and suitability as the party standard-bearer. The system is fair-minded and responsive to voters, activists and party officials alike.

I can hear the Berniebots screaming about “suitability”.

Fredster, the louder they scream, the less rational they are. “Suitability as the party standard-bearer” is absolutely what it’s all about.

I described Hillary as “an authentic Democrat” at my caucus, and got pounced on: “What do you mean by ‘an authentic Democrat?'” I pointed out how recently Bernie had jumped into the Democratic Party, and that he was at the same time running for re-election to the Senate as an Independent (Socialist) again. That actually shut them up for a bit — I think most of them hadn’t known Bernie was trying to have it both ways.

Luna said: That actually shut them up for a bit — I think most of them hadn’t known Bernie was trying to have it both ways.

Oh yeah he’s definitely going to try to keep his day job.

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