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The morning after the night before…

Posted on: April 15, 2016

Good morning Widdershins.  We were up late last night watching BerningBum reenact the Airing of Grievances.  You couldn’t see the Festivus Pole since it’s obviously what’s causing his Bum to Bern.Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Clinton listens to Sanders speak during a Democratic debate in New York

Our gal was glorious last night.  In the face of ill-mannered BernieBros and a wind gusting to 50 mph courtesy of the wiggle-waggle of Bernie’s digit, Hillary appropriately schooled the Bernout Sandcrab for whom time stopped in 1968.

There were times when his face was so red it was the color of the Square he so enjoyed on his honeymoon to Moscow.  As he repeatedly pointed out, the Democratic Party is just a means to an end, no need to raise money to help other candidates beyond signing his name to a letter, but he did sign his whole name!

Something along the lines of my Wednesday post became very apparent last night.  Bernie is more than just the other side of the coin/slug from Donald Trump; there are issues where he and the Orange-utan are simpatico.  When it comes to NATO – there’s not much of a difference between the two.  When it comes to infrastructure or trade or social security, they are two peas in a smelly pod.  And a big one last night, there is little sunlight between them as they survey the Middle East.

Hillary on the other hand is a realist.  She understands indubitably, “It’s not about revolution, it is about solutions,” and “Describing the problem is a lot easier than trying to solve it.”

Distainful BernieAnd if y’all will allow me a moment of personal preference, I do believe Bernie bumped his head the last time he became intimate with a maple tree.  If he sees himself beating anyone short of Satan in a general election his enlarged prostate is interfering with his depth perception.

For the past twenty-five years, Hillary has been the most investigated human on the planet.  There is no one who doesn’t know her or have an opinion of her.  And with all of that, she has been one of the most admired women on Earth.  This notoriety and respect despite every conservative and their dog having implicated her in some kind of conspiracy theory.

Then there’s Bernie.  Barely known on the national stage, he is someone who hasn’t had the first negative ad run against him.  If Frank Luntz and Karl Rove could convince America that John Kerry’s Purple Hearts didn’t exist, what do you think they could do to Bernie?   He would be demolished, eviscerated; there wouldn’t even be a greasy spot left.Bernie Red

I read this article last week.  It is one of the best to explain the benefits and beauty of living in a socialist country.  Sweden seems like a great place to live, but trouble is – Sweden doesn’t just have an income tax, it also has a value added tax (sales tax) of 25%.  There is a graduated reductive scale for things like food and health care, but on the whole, you are paying a quarter in tax for every dollar spent plus an income tax.

Just for a moment, imagine what Luntz or Rove would do to Bernie with that.  As my grandpa said, “You’d have to leave him in the smokehouse for a week and then tie a pork chop around his neck to even get the yellow dogs interested.”  And those are yellow dog Democrats.

What’s on your mind this morning?



66 Responses to "The morning after the night before…"

Love it Prolix!

Here’s my take on everything that happened.

Bernie: Let me introduce myself by making up a bunch of BS about how I’m the only one telling the truth in this campaign, which in itself justifies my continuing to run a hopeless campaign and soaking my naive supporters for money that I won’t be returning. (By the way, my taxes are boring and it’s Jane’s fault I haven’t released them. Nothing to see, folks!) My ideological purity trumps three decades of solid liberal successes by Hillary, as well as any other issues besides my so-dead-it’s cremated hobby horse of blaming everything on trade agreements and “big banks.” We should go back to 1941 and pretend we can do what FDR did, with a completely Republican Congress, no Great Depression and no war, because I said so! So what if my proposals will grow government by 50% and cost $19 trillion?! They’re better than anything she proposes, because she’s part of the Establishment! Facts are stupid things, which is why I avoid them at all costs. By the way, Hillary agrees with everything Netanyahu says and Israel doesn’t have a right to defend itself any way it pleases. Hillary has to speak to AIPAC the way I want her to because I know everything about this issue, unlike the woman who has actually negotiated a cease-fire with Hamas. Oh, and I’m running as a corporate Democratic man-whore because I’m not one, and the Party I despise should give me the nomination I can’t win, or I will poop in my old-man panties and go home.

Hillary: If I were a man, I’d be the nominee already.

Brava, MadamaB!

@1, all righty then! Excellent! That is the Bernie decoder.

@1, wait a minute, you left out Wall Street! You need to stick Wall Street in there about 3-4 times, and Free! about 2 times. Also Young People! a couple of times, but leave out the gullible adjective in front of them.

@4 – Please feel free to add to my manifesto at your leisure!!! Many heads are better than one. 😀

@1: That’s great mb!

John Dingell probably summed up the feelings of a lot of people.


Also, it looks like our gal may have increased her lead in N.Y!

An NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist College poll shows her with a 17-point lead over Sanders in the Empire State ahead of Tuesday’s primary. Their poll last week put her up 14 points.

And…I found this interesting.

The Sienna College Poll, which has a long track record of surveying New York voters, found Clinton leading Sanders among Jewish voters 60%-38%. That’s almost as large as her lead among black voters, the poll found. Overall, she led 52%-42%, the poll found.

The NBC/Wall St. Journal/Marist poll found roughly the same breakdown, Clinton leading among Jews 65%-32%, part of an overall lead of 57%-40%. That poll pegged Jewish voters as likely to make up 16% of the electorate for the primary.

The Sienna poll also indicates that Sanders’ poor showing among New York’s Jewish voters is not a reaction to recent campaign controversies.

Heh, heh, heh. Not good Bernie, not good at all.

Prolix can you check the link for first negative ad run against him. Is that going to the correct article?

@11, the point I was trying to make is that there’s plenty to run negative ads about, but they haven’t been done yet. On his college plan, it is so half-baked, even college presidents say it’s a bad idea. What he has done is take a plan for small Vermont, tweak it, and say it is ready for prime time nationally. Imagine that in the hands of Karl Rove.

Here you go — if you want a job at Noah’s Ark, you are in luck, if you are a Christian.

To add to the manifesto – millionahs and billionahs and the top 1/10 of 1 percent!!

All this time screaming about breaking up the banks and then he says this:

SANDERS: The point is we have got to break them up so that they do not pose a systemic risk and so that we have a vibrant economy with a competitive financial system.

BASH: But Senator, you didn’t answer the specific question which is not just about breaking up the banks, but why allow the banks to do it themselves?

SANDERS: Because I’m not sure that the government should say is you are too big to fail. You’ve got to be a certain size. And, then the banks themselves can figure out what they want to sell off. I don’t know that it’s appropriate that the Department of Treasury to be making those decisions. What we need is to make sure that they are safe.

OMG. He thinks the banks will just break up themselves – no regulation required, huh.

@1, you nailed it MB! Funny and true. Prolix ditto for your post. I understand why the kids supporting berningbum don’t understand that he will be utterly destroyed by the rethug machine if he gets the nom, but the adults supporting him should know better. They’ve seen it. They know what the rethugs are capable of, no excuse for them to wear blinders now. And omg, there is so much juicy material to work with in berningbum’s case. Who the hell goes to Russia for their honeymoon?!? We went to Bermuda.

To use his smartass phrase he used on Hillary last night – yeah, Bernie, I’m sure when you tell the banks to break themselves up – they’ll be crushed

@12: Oh okay, got it now.

@15, thanks GAgal! I missed that one last night. I think we only saw the last half.

@13, omg. I hope they aren’t going to keep live animals confined in that thing.

annie asked: Who the hell goes to Russia for their honeymoon?!?

Why, two dyed-in-the-wool socialists. Not two Democratic-socialists, but socialists. Nuff said?

@13 Not long ago there was an ad in my paper looking for administrative help for a nonprofit. The only requirement they listed was you must be a born-again Christian. I so wanted to call and mess with their heads. What if I’m just a lowly Christian? What would I have to do to be born-again? Sin, then ask forgiveness? Poof! Born-again!

Fredster, it sounds like Jane has to kowtow to whatever Bernie dictates. He IS stuck in 1968.

Kentucky Kim should quit her job of persecuting gay people and go work for this outfit. She could play Noah’s wife. She already has the hair and wardrobe for it.

@20, Annie, it is nothing more than one big old petting zoo. Of course the dinosaurs will be animaltronics, but they are praying about that.

@24, Nope, KY Kim already has her next job lined up. It is guided tours to meet the Pope. She got BerningBum to think he could.

annie@24: I doubt the Ark and dino folks would pay her $80k a year like her clerk job pays. 😈

@22, I would like to hear that conversation. LOL — you would have someone renouncing their born-again status.

I love this:

BASH: Senator Sanders, you have consistently criticized Secretary Clinton for accepting money from Wall Street. Can you name one decision that she made as senator that shows that he favored banks because of the money she received?

SANDERS: Sure. Sure. The obvious decision is when the greed and recklessness and illegal behavior of wall street brought this country into the worst economic downturn since the Great Recession — the Great Depression of the ’30s, when millions of people lost their jobs, and their homes, and their life savings, the obvious response to that is that you’ve got a bunch of fraudulent operators and that they have got to be broken up.

That was my view way back, and I introduced legislation to do that. Now, Secretary Clinton was busy giving speeches to Goldman Sachs for $225,000 a speech.


SANDERS: So the problem response — the proper response in my view is we should break them up. And that’s what my legislation does.

CLINTON: Well, you can tell, Dana, he cannot come up with any example, because there is no example.

@15, GAgal, that is Hillary’s exact point. Berningbum has no clue what Dodd-Frank does. Each bank must have a “living will” on how they will dissolve themselves. Hillary is exactly right on this stuff — it isn’t the size, it is the risk involved with what you are doing. 2008 wouldn’t have happened if two things hadn’t happened: (1) Elimination of the capitalization requirements thanks to Bush’s gang of deregulators; and (2) Non-regulation of the shadow banking of AIG. AIG was writing literally trillions of dollars of coverage without any law or regulation telling them they couldn’t. It’s just this simple with AIG — robbers, thieves, and muggers could rob you with impunity if there weren’t laws to say you couldn’t rob people. That is AIG in a nutshell.

So this Berning-out guy thinks government should not be able to decide when companies are too big to fail? And he’s trusting the banks to police themselves down to a smaller size? Riiiiiight.

Because I’m not sure that the government should say is you are too big to fail. You’ve got to be a certain size. And, then the banks themselves can figure out what they want to sell off.

@31: But, but Luna…if Bernie sez it, it must be right, because…Bernie!

@31, Luna, it makes perfect sense in a world where flying unicorns poop rainbows. Of course, it is a world where drinking water is laced with hits of acid and just a smidgen of LSD. Not that I would know…

@32, Fredster, you just coined a new phrase for the BernieBeeBots:


@34: And it’s so descriptive of their critical and analytical thinking skills also.

Why it’s almost…preternatural. 😉

@29, he sounds insane. I think that Jane Sanders is dead wrong when she complained that “you miss the flavor” of Bernies words when you read them instead of watch him saying them. When you’re watching him, you miss what he’s actually saying because of all his drama. Sorry, Jane, but reading his actual words is the surest way to know what he is saying. And what he is saying is pure gibberish.

@36: Well said annie.

@36 annie, yeah gibberish, gobbledygook, jabberwocky and a little jibber-jabber thrown in for good measure!

Hello Shinners! What a night last night!

Prolix, great post, as usual! This so resonated last night; the Clinton Social Media unit needs to make memes off of these two salient points:

– “It’s not about revolution, it is about solutions,”
-“Describing the problem is a lot easier than trying to solve it.”

Just found this AWESOME clip of Hillary playing dominoes, Puertorican style, in East Harlem. The fact that she knew how to play this version shows how AWESOME she is:

MadamaB at #1, LMAO!!! Brilliant and on point!

And the way she won is what’s special, I think she won what is called a Capicua, meaning she got both ends of the domino chain. That’s an extra 25 points. How do I know? The man in the black jacket took her “ficha” (domino piece) and tried to tell her she won both ends, but the excitement drowned out his explanation.

Here’s some diaper rash for that BerningBum:

@41: SM, have never played dominoes but have watched people play. Never learned how.

@42: That stuff is good for more than diaper rashes. And the pharmacist who came up with the formula made a fortune off of the stuff.

Hi Fredster! Hope you are well and damn these allergies!

Dominoes have a variety of ways to play, but it’s really all math and the process of elimination. The Puertorican version is the same as Dominican version (my family’s heritage), but the Cuban on varies in that they play with 36 instead of 28 pieces. I don’t know the Chinese one, but Hillary knows them all (no surprise there!)

The way I learned is this way: the rule to win is to not have any pieces left in your hand, like the card game Uno. So Hillz not only won, but she won with a Capicua, which means that her last Domino piece had the numbers that matched either end of the chain. So if the domino chain had a 4 on one end and a 3 on the other, then her last remaining piece was a 4/3 domino piece.

IT’S ALWAYS THE MATH with Hillz :)!

@42, LOL — I love it!

@36, so Jane says, “You miss the flavor of his words,” — if I see crap, I know its crap, why would I want to be able to discriminate on the flavors?

@39, SM, I don’t know how to do those memes, but last night when Hillary said, “Describing the problem is a lot easier than trying to solve it,” I thought of Bernie sitting in a dinghy that was sinking and he’s sitting there saying, it’s leaking, while holding the plug in his hand.

Prolix, you need a meme generator:


@49, thank you, I’ll mess with this all night until I figure it out.

IT’S ALWAYS THE MATH with Hillz :)!

My worst skill. 😦

@47: Jane Sanders clearly enjoyed waaay too many Psilocybin mushrooms in her earlier life.

I just feel bad for Jane for some reason, she just seems like a Vermont version of Edith Bunker having to explain why her husband Archie acted like a jerk and how he didn’t really mean what he said, when he said, whatever he said.

Progressive groups disassociating with coalition who targeted Julian Castro…

Well, duh… Not only does Hillary have the most negative of all of them, she has the least positive. (that sounds funny – but true)

By the way, that clip of Hillary at the end of the Vox article is great. I turned it off when Bernie started talking. 🙂

Folks, sorry about the length of this, but it is well reasoned and pretty much puts a button on Bernie’s claim that those pesky southern states shouldn’t count.

It’s from Prof. Krugman. He’s not feeling the Bern.

But how can the Sanders’ campaign make the case that the party should defy the apparent will of its voters? By insisting that many of those voters shouldn’t count. Over the past week, Mr. Sanders has declared that Mrs. Clinton leads only because she has won in the “Deep South,” which is a “pretty conservative part of the country.” The tally so far, he says, “distorts reality” because it contains so many Southern states.

As it happens, this isn’t true — the calendar, which front-loaded some states very favorable to Mr. Sanders, hasn’t been a big factor in the race. But never mind. The big problem with this argument should be obvious. Mrs. Clinton didn’t win big in the South on the strength of conservative voters; she won by getting an overwhelming majority of black voters. This puts a different spin on things, doesn’t it?

Is it possible that Mr. Sanders doesn’t know this, that he imagines that Mrs. Clinton is riding a wave of support from old-fashioned Confederate-flag-waving Dixiecrats, as opposed to, let’s be blunt, the descendants of slaves? Maybe. He is not, as you may have noticed, a details guy.

It’s more likely, however, that he’s being deliberately misleading — and that his effort to delegitimize a big part of the Democratic electorate is a cynical ploy.

Who’s the target of this ploy? Not the superdelegates, surely. Think about it: Can you imagine Democratic Party insiders deciding to deny the nomination to the candidate who won the most votes, on the grounds that African-American voters don’t count as much as whites?

No, claims that Clinton wins in the South should be discounted are really aimed at misleading Sanders supporters, giving them an unrealistic view of the chances that their favorite can still win — and thereby keeping the flow of money and volunteers coming.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying that Mr. Sanders should drop out. He has the right to keep campaigning, in the hope either of pulling off huge upsets in the remaining primaries or of having influence at the convention. But trying to keep his campaign going by misleading his supporters is not O.K. And sneering at millions of voters is truly beyond the pale, especially for a progressive.

That’s a great article (with typical comments). I recall last night Bernie was asked about Hillary using the term “superpredator” back in the ’90s. He said, “Because it was a racist term, and everybody knew it was a racist term.” Then he had the nerve to diss AA voters in the ‘deep south’ for voting (like 80/20) for Hillary. Pffftt…

SM, your meme generator generated:

Bernie Meme

@58, GAgal, wonder if Bernie’s psychic premonition powers were on the fritz when he and a majority of the Black Caucus voted for the bill? Most people realize that hindsight is 20/20, since Bernie sees the world out his arse, he doesn’t know the difference.

@55, GAgal, that is a great article and had I had it last night I would have definitely put it in the post. Vox does a great job with stories like that.

SM77 – that video of her playing dominoes (Puerto Rican style!) WAS awesome!! She was totally into it!! How could anyone say she isn’t likeable???

Nice meme, Prolix!

As usual, Krugman nails it. How about this for a bumper sticker:

Bernie Sanders: No revolutions…just contributions.

Uh oh. Somebody let the Big Dawg out again. No jokes allowed! Can’t wait to see the spin on this.

Yay Facebook! Yay Twitter! Thanks for making my favorite blogs non existent!

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