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Good morning Widdershins.  We were up late last night watching BerningBum reenact the Airing of Grievances.  You couldn’t see the Festivus Pole since it’s obviously what’s causing his Bum to Bern.Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Clinton listens to Sanders speak during a Democratic debate in New York

Our gal was glorious last night.  In the face of ill-mannered BernieBros and a wind gusting to 50 mph courtesy of the wiggle-waggle of Bernie’s digit, Hillary appropriately schooled the Bernout Sandcrab for whom time stopped in 1968.

There were times when his face was so red it was the color of the Square he so enjoyed on his honeymoon to Moscow.  As he repeatedly pointed out, the Democratic Party is just a means to an end, no need to raise money to help other candidates beyond signing his name to a letter, but he did sign his whole name!

Something along the lines of my Wednesday post became very apparent last night.  Bernie is more than just the other side of the coin/slug from Donald Trump; there are issues where he and the Orange-utan are simpatico.  When it comes to NATO – there’s not much of a difference between the two.  When it comes to infrastructure or trade or social security, they are two peas in a smelly pod.  And a big one last night, there is little sunlight between them as they survey the Middle East.

Hillary on the other hand is a realist.  She understands indubitably, “It’s not about revolution, it is about solutions,” and “Describing the problem is a lot easier than trying to solve it.”

Distainful BernieAnd if y’all will allow me a moment of personal preference, I do believe Bernie bumped his head the last time he became intimate with a maple tree.  If he sees himself beating anyone short of Satan in a general election his enlarged prostate is interfering with his depth perception.

For the past twenty-five years, Hillary has been the most investigated human on the planet.  There is no one who doesn’t know her or have an opinion of her.  And with all of that, she has been one of the most admired women on Earth.  This notoriety and respect despite every conservative and their dog having implicated her in some kind of conspiracy theory.

Then there’s Bernie.  Barely known on the national stage, he is someone who hasn’t had the first negative ad run against him.  If Frank Luntz and Karl Rove could convince America that John Kerry’s Purple Hearts didn’t exist, what do you think they could do to Bernie?   He would be demolished, eviscerated; there wouldn’t even be a greasy spot left.Bernie Red

I read this article last week.  It is one of the best to explain the benefits and beauty of living in a socialist country.  Sweden seems like a great place to live, but trouble is – Sweden doesn’t just have an income tax, it also has a value added tax (sales tax) of 25%.  There is a graduated reductive scale for things like food and health care, but on the whole, you are paying a quarter in tax for every dollar spent plus an income tax.

Just for a moment, imagine what Luntz or Rove would do to Bernie with that.  As my grandpa said, “You’d have to leave him in the smokehouse for a week and then tie a pork chop around his neck to even get the yellow dogs interested.”  And those are yellow dog Democrats.

What’s on your mind this morning?



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