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New York Debate Live Blog…

Posted on: April 14, 2016

Good evening Widdershinners!NY at night

It’s the Big Apple Rabble on CNN (Crabby News Network:  Motto — We are cheaper than in-patient psychiatric care for our commentators) where breaking wind often interrupts long stretches of Blitzer beard grooming.

Let’s see what kinds of acid flashbacks Bernie has tonight or maybe its just acid reflux, but either way the Sand Crab is going to have his wagging pincers out.  He has to do something YUGE before he flies away for his Vatican guided tour where he, and he alone, will discover The Da Vinci Code of 011 39 06 for three minutes on his Verizon telephone card.

See you then.



225 Responses to "New York Debate Live Blog…"

Hill – a REEEEEE! Nice pantsuit girl.

Sounds like the BernieBros’ debit cards didn’t have enough on them to get tickets tonight or UBER over to Brooklyn. The crowd is Hillary’s crowd.

Well, Bernie’s already doubling down on the “lack of judgement” meme. He sounds like he’s going to keel over.


I missed the intro. Had to get some household items done, the boxing gloves are on and YES! THANK YOU HILLARY!

She’s laughing at him!!! This is going to be a rout!

She brought up the Daily News article!!! She’s going for the jugular.

Judgement!?? Pres Obama and the state of NY has voted for her and NY Daily News interview, CORE JUDGEMENT??? LMAO! Eat him for lunch!

He’s not answering anything she said.

LOL here Bernie goes for his one-and-a-half trick pony. Not voting for Iraq and Wall Street. YAWN.

Bernie’s ears are going to bleed. His face is beet red.

Now she is taking him to school!!! She knows what’s in Dodd-Frank – unlike him.

REMIND THEM 8 years, the toughest 8 years New York has ever seen. NY Senator Clinton. bernie ran for the hills of Vermont. He couldn’t make it there.

He just interrupted Dana Bash. He’s such an *ss.

He doesn’t need Dodd-Frank? What, an angel is going to descend and make it happen?!

Dana Bash just slapped him.

Wonk them Hillz! And the Daily News said BERNIE is bust.

LMAO, his one trick pony is losing its saddle, WONK IT HILLZ!

Go’head Hillz! Explain how that one-trick pony runs!

Hillary has her fillet knife out. She is ready to debone Crusty the maple tree humper.

Sanders cannot name one decision she made that was affected by the money she received from banks.

Show how Hillary took money and was corrupt by Wall Street. The speech. The effin speech.

Hillz: THERE IS NO EXAMPLE. BOOM! Blam! Go home. Gave over.

Bernie needs to take his bed. Hope he can sleep on the way to Rome.

He is quivering on the floor!

Bernie’s trying to be sarcastic. It’s failing miserably. All he can do is say the same thing over and over again.

And then Hillz is going into how she’s fixes the problem. And Bernie goes back to breaking back the banks. And he showed us during the Daily News interview how he would do it. And he rode that one-trick pony until it broke a leg.

And he still he gets on it with no compassion.

Dana Bash, STFU. Ask Bernie to release his taxes beyond —YES!!! SHE WENT THERE !!! RELEASE YOUR TAX RETURNS!!

Oh go ahead Bernie. No one gives a sh*t about those speeches.

Bernie has never ever been a DEMOCRAT until this year. This is disgusting.

Wolfie is on top of those tax returns!!! Hahahahaha!

Thank you Wolf! Get them out of the filing cabinet.

And now he’s blaming his wife for the lack of tax returns! Good gawd!

Yeah, Jane has to be on MSNBC every hour on the hour. She can’t do the taxes and be on teevee at the same time.

I hate the fact that the DNC has allowed this non-Democrat to run. Never did anything for anyone in our party other than “caucus” for them in votes.


Great businesses like Ben and Jerry’s and Green Mountain Coffee. That’s it in BernieWorld.

When he’s not pushing her off the poodium, Jane’s busy looking for those taxes. Oh, it’s Jane’s fault. Yeah, sure.

Poodium. Yes, Typo. It stays.

She just can’t stop laughing at him. He’s just so ridiculous.

@35 – Best typo ever!!!

Between proctology and economics, Bernie is obviously more familiar with arseholes.

And notice that is some expensive gourmet coffee and ice cream… ???

Exactly Hillz, get the pragmatism going! SHUT HIM DOWN!!

Bernie is so full of Sh*T…she said she favors $15 an hour if it’s done intelligently.

“I introduced legislation…” and then what happened Bernie?

[cricket cricket]

Bernie doesn’t have a clue about basic economics.

I think he was trying to equivocate — he missed.

GO HILLZ, let them know that you are working with Gillibrand and Congress, nothing for any down ticket dems. Nothing.

Whoaaaaaa – she crushed him.

Bernie Sanders has nevereverdone anything.


In 1983 he said we should ban assault weapons. Therefore that means he didn’t vote the way she says he did.

Now he’s laughing and sneering at her. How totally presidential!!!

Oh, because guns in Vermont doesn’t mean like guns in NYC. Oh no, those Vermonters are so responsible with their guns. Why?

So Wall Street is bad, but guns are, eh, ok…BULL!

Can you imagine this *ssclown as President?

So reckless laws for guns are eh, ok…but stocks on Wall Street? OOOOH BAD.

Oooooooh! Did she just question his judgment?!!!! 😀

Uh who cares what Bernie said in 1983?! Good grief. What effect did this have on anything?!

Sanders: Just so there is no confusion because I’m confused enough as it is.

He can be the president of a crazy Fidel-Che-Sandiniista-worshipping planet. Not here.

Screw the rural gun BULLCRAP.

What in the hell do they want her to do about the Crime Bill? She wasn’t in elected office.

THANK YOU HILLARY for talking about system racism. But here’s Bernie that was in his lil hamlet of Vermont, talking about how much experience he has for this job.Of 350 million people!!!????

CNN is shutting her down, EFF THEM.

And they said she should apologize for it. Why? Is she the same person as her husband?!

The federal prison system only has 10% of the prisoners. The 90% are held in state prisons, yeah, I’d like to see Bernie negotiate with the Republican legislators about releasing prisoners. Just like everything else he says, it is crap on a cracker.

Bernie: I ran for Congress and lost a long time ago. This makes me a progressive hero. Vote for meeeeeeee!

Yeah – Bernie has such a history of working with other people to effect real change. I trust that he knows what he’s doing, don’t you?

Good gawd! this is going exactly how I expected. I missed the first 10 minutes and when I turned it on, they were booing Hillary. I assume they started off with “Wall Street” donations and SuperPACs. As if Hill is the first candidate to have a superPAC.

Bernie’s idea of working with others is pass the bong.

Bernie, maybe you should spend a little more time studying Dodd Frank and a little less time counting contributors on Hillary’s contributors list. Just sayin’.

There is nothing, nothing without federal, state and local politicins who depends on the head of the party. Hillary has done that job for decades! Where was Bernie raising money for Arthenia Joyner and Kathy Castor in Hillsborough County, Florida, LIKE HILLARY HAS..???? And how she’s done for countless downticket Dems!!!

QUESTION TO THE BERNIEbots. Where was your candidate raising money and helping our local and state Democrats???

40 lobbyists gave her money!!! OMG. Bring out the leg irons!

YES!!! Bring your foreign policy experience!!!

His comment about losing in ’88 because he supported an assault weapons ban, then later won after the NRA endorsed him was hilarious. He set himself up and Hillary took him down.

Easy to diagnose, but harder to do something. Great line.

KILLER: Easy to diagnose the problem, not easy to solve the problem. BOOOMM!!!!

Prolix, same thought but lost in typing 🙂

Hillary is not ideologically pure about fracking like Bernie. Of course he’s never tried to make any of these tough decisions…thank gawd, he never will!

GAGal, I only said I supported it because I wanted to win.

So Bernie claims she doesn’t understand what she’s doing, but he does. The best way to fix it is to yell at the fossil fuel companies!

She doesn’t take a back seat to Sanders’ legislation that won’t go forward!!! Oh snap!!!

The Pope!! He brought up the Pope! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

He doesn’t have a clue about what he’s saying. He’s losing it.

Does he not realize what the difference is between 1941 and today?!

I like a CNN debate with Anderson Cooper and MAYBE Wolf. The others, the wannabe superstars can stay home.

THEY ARE GIVING TOO MUCH TIME TO BERNIE. WTF. My stopwatch is blinging with him.

Finally, foreign policy.

Bernie’s Energy Policy: Rubbing sticks together while we sit around the campfire eating wild varmints.

Today the economic and political situation is completely different. I WISH we had the political capital for a new New Deal. We’re more likely to to get it with Hillary.

According to the New York TImes…..THEY ENDORSE HER OVER YOU. So shut up and sit down.

Okay, I get Bernie’s foreign policy: Send the big banks over to ISIS and let them fight it out.

OMG, the wagging of the effing finger.

Ohhhhhhhhh! He voted for the regime change!

He keeps saying that she’s confusing things…he’s the one that’s confused AND confusing.

BOOM!!! INCLUDING YOU, remember???

Unanimous means everybody Bernie, that includes you.

The No-Fly Zone will help Aleppo and other sieged cities get health and aid and food in there, WTF!!!???

She just schooled him! He doesn’t even know how the Secretary of State and the President work together. Jeezus Christmas.

UGH, Dana Bash. Cannot. She’s so pro-Bernie.

What is all over his jacket? Is that flop sweat or dandruff?

Bernie and Trump sittin’ in a tree…

HILLZ, go for helping NATO and our allies.

She’s so trying not to laugh at him. The Berniebros might smother her with Cheeto dust.

Bernie’s completely lost….

We have to stay in NATO. Just because Italy or Norway doesn’t come with the two baseballs they promised; that doesn’t mean we go home and kick everybody off….that is not how the USA does this. We are leaders of the free world.

And Bernie, come correct on Israel.

In Gaza there were NOT 10,000 wounded. That’s complete bullsh*t.

The audience keeps applauding Bernie at the oddest times – way before he makes his actual point. In their eagerness, they come off as stupid.

There’s no argument in treating the Palestinian people with dignity. Of course everyone deserves peace. But so does Israel.


@101, the BernieBros are just as clueless as their fur–less leader is.

GO HILLARY!!!!! No Israel does NOT do disproportionate attacks.

She did not evade the question!! WTF!!!???

Love the picture of NYC!

She’s is killing him on Israel.

Jeezus Bernie. This isn’t going anywhere. You don’t know anything. So embarrassing…

She’s been in the room with Abbas, Bernie. Go f*ck yourself.

AMEN!!! Describing the problem is easier than solving it….BOOOMMM!!! GO HOME. Four people in that meeting. You weren’t there. NOT YOU, BERNIE.

Can you believe the way he keeps gesticulating while she talks with that dumbstruck look on his face. This reminds me so much of my Dad when he was getting dementia.

Hillary has negotiated a two-state solution, but she and the US policy has said they won’t do it if a terrorist state is running Palestine. And yes, I effing agree with that.

@107, 108, we were just saying that!

Hubby just said Bernie sounds cantankerous and cranky. It would be fine if we were at his house at a Seder. 😀

Guys – I have got to give this up. It’s time to start getting ready for work tomorrow. Thank you for the fabulous snark!!!

LMAO!!! Madama B!!! I love it!! Uncle Bernie’s drank too much wine,Can we leave soon?

Hellouuuuuu! I’m sorry I am late to the debate. To be honest I took a nap that rolled over to major sleeping. (hangs head in shame)

Night MB!

Watching Bernie at these debates, it is like the “Airing of Grievances” at Festivus.

Bernie start talking about the death panels and withholding of treatment.

Bernie is not talking about the big secret in his health care plan

Bernie says one of his slogans, and his idiot fans scream at the top of their lungs. How can they not see and hear the astounding difference between these two people?

I wish Hillz would have just said “yes” on lifting the income cap on S.S.

Did Bernie just have a gas attack or poop his pants with that look on his face?

Is this the last debate?

@125: Before the NY election, yes. otherwise, who knows?

Go Hillary! I think she’s kicking his ass.

Hillary just knocked it out of the park with the Roe v. Wade bat!

Fredster, this is OT, but kinda funny. USC just hired Lynn Swann as their new Athletic Director!

Bernie has just declared nuclear war on those states south of the Mason Dixon Line.

Bernie is gonna take on governors over whatever…really? All of those red state guvs would wear that as a badge of honor.

Cmon cnn, don’t let him go into his f’ing stump speech. Cut his damn mic when he goes overboard.

Oh good question! Yes, why don’t you help democrats Bernie!

Bada boom — why can’t you raise money for Democrats Bernie?

Go get ’em Dana Besh on the downticket stuff.

OMG, HILLARY…WOMEN!!! Where are we talking about the women??? Screw independents! You have commitment problems? Start your own party.

Had to say goodnight to the kid, heat up some food for round 2,

Bernie, stop bullcrapping, you haven’t done crap for us.40 years!!! GO HOME. Jane is still looking for the taxes you said were in the file cabinet.

@135: That’s what I meant. Whatcha gonna do with all dat money after the election Bernie?

Good at the applause for Hillz.

From the South, to the North, to the East, to the West. POETRY!

I’m in favor of SOMEONE amputating that waving finger of Bernie.

omg, he’s insulting the south again!!!

Bernie probably forgets (and his supporters don’t know) that Bill won the states in the south twice!

Hey SM!!

Hillz to Bernie “Mine’s bigger than yours”.

Fredster :), hey you :)!

Why doesn’t someone just plain flat out say to that old turd, “When you snub your nose at Hillary winning the South, you are basically saying, “Black people voted for her and they don’t like me.”

@147, amen.

I’m glad they’re letting her make the last closing statement.

Prolix, his supporters have said it over and over again: Latinos and African-Americans and Women don’t know any better. How dare they vote against their best interest, since WE know more than them?

I don’t want revolution. I want SOLUTION.

What Bernie is saying, “He doesn’t have the moral fiber to say no to the moneyed interests.” Hillary does.

YES HILLARY, remind him that he was born there, but he never made it there.

Yay! Hillary has a standing O!

Hey SM!! (waves!)

Wonder if they will have peanuts in Coach on Bernie’s flight?

Bernie is going to take this to the Convention and make a floor flight.

I don’t want revolution. I want SOLUTION.

Exactly SM.

Prolix, you know that revolutionaries like Bernie only fly first class or private. The proletariat, after all, must be guided by a smarter person who obviously needs a more comfortable and leg-roomier seat.

SM, he probably couldn’t get that dangerous wagging finger through TSA screening.

@155: Well he’s going to make an ass out of himself and come away with nothing!

And then afterwards he’ll be sweeping out the Senate cloak room for his committee assignment. Oh and yes: he will get primaried.

Prolix, if that happens, it will be the most embarrassing defeat of any Democratic throw-down in history. If all goes well, our girl will win NY and PA, then CA. Then bring it on, Philly-style. Meet you on the floor and hoping Philly’s own Patti Labelle sings the Star-Spangled Banner.

I hope Jeff Weaver and Tad Devine both are audited by the IRS for the next 20 years.

@158: Well I can tell you where he can put that wagging fingah. 😉

@161 Not only audited but they find some hinky stuff too.

Prolix, he should put that finger in that file cabinet he has all those lost tax returns in…”transparency for thee, not for me” is such a revolutionary thing to do. Fidel does it all the time.

Bernie just can not stop himself from dissing the south. I guess he thinks it’s safe to do it because we’ve already voted. I know it’s way too early, but this poll shows Hillary beating Trump and Cruz in GEORGIA! Hey, a girl can dream can’t she?

Everyone is pretty much agreeing Hillary won.

SM, I bet Bernie has Fidel and Che spank magazines and he makes Jane dress in camo.

@167: Splutter! Glad I wasn’t drinking some of my Doctor Zero concoction of Coke Zero and Diet Dr. Pepper.

SM, let’s do a FOIA request for Bernie’s tax returns.

@166: Except for good ole Bill Press (before I switched channels). What the hell happened to him to become a BernieBro?

@165: GAgal, that would be amazing.

Congratulations to us — we passed 500 views tonight.

Tweety is saying it is over with. He’s finally figured out Bernie isn’t going to help his wife in MD.

167 @ Prolix: LMAO, but to be truly sincere, after that poodium shove Bernie did,(typo stays), I just feel bad for Jane. All this hard work just to get shoved…nope. Not a way to treat your wife, then to expect women to vote for you. Even rethuglican demagogues show respect and chivalry for their wives on camera.

Fredster @ 169, how do we do that? We need a lawyer, right? Oh, Prolix? Hey…how you’doin (in Wendy Williams voice).

I don’t want revolution. I want SOLUTION.


Ok my dear Shinners, I am passed bedtime I have to be up in 5 hours.Love to all and GO HILLZ!

I can’t remember which question now, but when Bernie said “She didn’t answer the question” I loved it when Wolf cut him off, repeated the question, repeated Hill’s first sentence and said “She answered the question. Let’s move on” Haha! Then Bern tried to weasel his way out of directly answering several times.

@174, Agreed. What people don’t seem to get about Bernie is that he’s not a nice person. He’s mean and crotchety. Reporters will say in no uncertain terms that he’s mean and short tempered. People act like he’s a teddy bear — he’s a cross old mean turd.

@172: Yay for us!

SM@175, probably tax returns wouldn’t be covered under FOIA but wouldn’t be embarrassing as hell to Bernie for someone to try that since Jane says the dog ate them or something.

Hey Luna. Good to see you.

{{{Hey Luna!}}} (waving!!!)

SM, go get some rest. Our gal did great tonight!

I’ve never seen Bernie except in still photos. We are a TV-free household. This time I had NYC public radio on, streaming the debate. Sanders is nothing but a scowling, finger-wagging, unPresidential guy always 2 seconds away from having a stroke! Plus all he says is “Wall Street, free, young people, yuuuuuge change, Wall Street.” Rolls his eyes and shrugs when Hillary is talking — what a juvenile.

Hillary could debate him in her sleep. (Probably does.) So glad this is the last one.

GAgal was that on raising the income limit on Soc. Sec.?

On CNN (Motto: Brazil Nuts are not just for Christmas any more) they are saying that Bernie’s answers about Hamas and Israel shows he has given up on New York.

Hiya, Fred & Prolix. I was live-bloggin’ over with the SkyDancerWhores. Now visiting around to chortle at everyone’s descriptions of the Berner fizzling away in frustration at Our Girl’s rapid-fire attacks.

Luna said: Plus all he says is “Wall Street, free, young people, yuuuuuge change, Wall Street.”

You just defined his entire campaign.

@178, GaGal, I thought it was awfully rich (teehee) of Sanders to accuse Hillary of not answering a question. He’s a champion non-answerer himself.

Unless you consider Wall Street, and free, and more blather about the problem, works as an answer.

@187: LOL!! Don’t refer to your blogging sisters that way!

@186, I agree. Bernie simply glowed with inexperience tonight, especially about foreign affairs.

Fredster, we are all proud HillaryWhores there!

@186: I heard those answers and I thought “Huh-wha? Did he just say that in NY?”

@192: oh okay (saying to himself “not gonna go there – not gonna go there”)

@185 fredster, that my have been it – her answer started with No, I… something. I get your point on her not saying outright that she thinks the cap should be raised. From my understanding, she thinks people making between 118,500 and 200,000 (or 250,000) should be cut some slack – maybe a kind of tiered system or something. But she said it was among other things that should be done. Her wonkiness is hard to relate in one minute of rebuttal. So many people aren’t interested in details, like she is. Or they just don’t have the patience.

@194, do go over there and check out BB’s earlier Thursday post. It’ll make sense.

(not trying to steal people, only explain)

GAgal@195: Yes I believe that was it – the Soc. Sec. thing. I’d like to know what she believes on the issue. She’s right there are a lot of suggestions out there on the Soc. Sec. issue. And you’re right, that’s not something you can do in a one word or one minute segment.

Luna@196: It’s not stealing folks. I try to go there and uppity’s place at least once a day.

NW Luna, you SkyDancers cracked me up, you shameless hussy!

Fredster, it’s kind of like when “teh gays” decided to take back the word queer and own it. We’re ALL #DemocraticWhores now!!!

@195, yes, she started to say “That is only one way to do it,” would be my guess. I loved how she wants to look at their non-wage income. That way people with money from huge stock market wins would have some of that go for Soc Sec. She thinks of lots of wonky ways to achieve a goal. Sanders only thinks of his stump-speech mantras.

@Fredster, me too. Luv all the diverse Hillary blogs.

I’m a proud HillaryManWhore and I might add, “I’m worth every cent of $15/hr and some weekend rates do apply.”

HillaryMen are the best men evah!

Her plan about raising the cap is very vague on her issues page.

Preserve Social Security for decades to come by asking the wealthiest to contribute more. Social Security must continue to guarantee dignity in retirement for future generations. Hillary understands that there is no way to accomplish that goal without asking the highest-income Americans to pay more, including options to tax some of their income above the current Social Security cap, and taxing some of their income not currently taken into account by the Social Security system.

She talks more about Medicare, costs of drugs, widows/low income needs for expansion, etc. SS could be so much stronger if not for Bush’s part D crap and our inability to negotiate drug prices. That needs to be done, period and would be a huge part of strengthening SS.

@199: But GAgal I try not to use the term very much (except for back-in-the-day) when I frequented certain types of bars and stuff. 😉
I used it a lot then.

Luna she did mention something about non-wage income or something like that.

The difference on the hourly wage is that Hillary understands the difference from a stump speech slogan and reality. There’s a difference between living in NYC and East Bumsuck North Dakota. Going to fifteen overnight won’t kill a business in NYC, but if it does there are other employers. It would kill jobs in East Bumsuck overnight, but a gradual increase is more acceptable.

She’s a policy wonk and she understands economics. Bernie understands neither.

@205 oh I never use it. It’s not mine to use!

@204: Thanks for the link GAgal.

@202: So do you offer an AARP discount? 😆

Fred, yes, I meant that but it wasn’t very clear. I mean I wasn’t very clear up above. Hillary is always clear except when the moderators talk over her or Sanders is yells over her.

@Luna-211: I get what you’re saying and Blitzer was very disingenuous to take an issue like that and try to make it a one word question.

Not really that late here on the Left Coast, but I’m trying to practice good sleep hygiene habits. ‘Nite all.

G’nite Luna.

I’ve got to wait another hour for The Vikings repeat.

Sleep well, Luna. Speaking of Luna, there was a yooooge Luna moth on my window last night. I’m lucky to see that once a year.

Okay, just to back up. This is the question Bernie said Hillary didn’t answer.

Q to Clinton: Are you seriously blaming Vermont and Sanders for NY’s gun violence?

Clinton: “of course, not.” Clinton says 33,000 a year get killed by guns. We have a problem and need someone who will stand up against the gun lobby. Says Sanders voted against Brady bill 5 times, told the Daily News that he doesn’t support the manufacturers being held accountable for Sandy Hook. Wants to know why we should hold Wall Street accountable and not gun manufacturers.

Sanders says Clinton didn’t answer the question. Blitzer says, yes, she did, but go ahead.

Sanders goes back to ’98 and said he lost an election because of his stance on guns, mentions his D-minus NRA rating and then adds that because he comes from a state that’s largely unregulated he’s best candidate to address the issue.

Clinton says, fact is, most of the guns that come to NY come from outside NY. Clinton talks about Sanders loss, but in the ’90 campaign he won, the NRA helped get him elected, then voted five times against Brady bill.

Thanks for that @216 GAgal.

@187, Luna, you’re so funny! LMAO!

So much good snark . . . so little time.

@219: LOL! We ended the party before you came back. 😦


I couldn’t watch the debate and be at my computer at the same time, so it’s been entertaining to read all your comments this morning.

Prolix – you just about made me choke on my coffee with the Airing of the Grievances and spank magazine comments. Good stuff, everyone.

I didn’t hear him give any specific details about plans he has formulated, unless I missed something.

And the optics of him getting so visibly agitated (red in the face, sweating, finger jabbing all over, contorted facial expressions) are just horrible for someone who wants to sit in the Oval Office. Hillary, by contrast, maintained her composure — except at certain key moments when she got worked up in a good way (on the gun issue, for example, which I found extremely powerful.) She also took notes on points that she wanted to make. I didn’t see him do that. Pen probably would have gone shooting into the audience if he had.

Is this the longest thread evah for the Widdershins? I didn’t watch the debate last night but I enjoyed reading what everybody else had to say about it!

Ga6th – It’s right up there in length…during the 2008 election we had some very high volume. 🙂

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